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Human technology has advanced, any dreams or nightmares can become reality. Or in other words; you can be the ones that haunt you, or you can be the perfect angel you’ve always wanted to be.

「OOC Rules」
1. Follow Discord's TOS.
2. Be respectful to everyone.
3. Nsfw and spamming is prohibited in this server.
4. Overall, be nice, don't be a butt.
5. No racist, transphobic or homophobic slurs and sexist comments.
6. Don't roleplay in OOC channels.
7. Use all channels correctly.
Vigilant League: Reforged is a superhero roleplay server based in the fictional city of Jomsburg after a massive outbreak of human mutations. In the timeline of AV0001 after the discovery of an unknown vault which seemed to be connected to the multiverse, reports of superhuman abilities began to rise with a rapid speed. The roleplay takes place in the centre of the action, Matlock. The city most affected by the vault, only a year after the beginning of the meta-human era, multiple factions rise to fame.

Vigilant League is the hero organization assembled by the company responsible of the Vault; the heroes have sworn to protect citizens from outer world threats and meta human criminals, but are all heroes like they seem?

The server is moderated by friendly, skilled roleplayers that aim to allow you creative freedom with your character. The universe is friendly to all types of characters of any orgins and it follows both an open experience for casual roleplayers and optional story arcs to participate in and become stronger. The variety of factions allow your character to pursue their goal with the help of others, or you can be your own anti-hero, a neutral force, or a solo villain.
A fun undertale rp server
-friendly staff
-all your favourite locations
-have a oc? Feel free to drop it here. If not? Feel free to use a cannon or a AU monster
Greetings fellow Legionnaires. TQL are looking for people just like you! We are a border and city orientated group, serving as the protection and operation units of our border and city.

We offer:

- Several divisions including a sword division and an elite gun fighting division. Most of these are still in development.

- A friendly and active community.

- A wide variety of events to keep you entertained. These include music nights, game nights, combat tainings and many more.

- A range of entertainment bots so you always have something to do.

- And many more!

We need:

- More officers to boost our event count.

- Active members to attend these events.

- Gun scripters. We already have a gun modeller.

- Funding to open our divisions quicker.

We hope to see you soon! If you need any help, feel free to contact me on discord at 9Tailed Twiztr |Padster089|#7897

Roblox Group link:!/about
Hey! Shinobi Universe is a server for people who are interested in Naruto but anyone who likes anime can join as well! You can create your own Shinobi and talk with other people with similar interests! If you haven't completely watched Naruto, don't worry! People who have just started watching have joined! People who are currently watching it have joined! We do our best to avoid spoilers. So what are you waiting for? Come join Shinobi Universe!
Welcome to RedLineRP, Redline is a new FiveM server that is dedicated to roleplay. We have many unique features that you will not see on anyother server. Here are some of our features.


Custom Cars:
Our Development team works on adding Custom Cars each day. We have over 400+ custom cars and plan to add more in the future.

Our server has no lag, as we have a lot of space for the server. We also have DDOS protection so you never have to worry about the server going down.

Apart from our weed field in Sandy, we have it so at a store, you can buy cannabis seeds and plant cannabis anywhere that has soil, which is all over the map. We also have it so you can steal peoples cannabis if you find their plants. We also plan on adding more drugs to the server sometime soon.

We don’t experience any VDM or RDM yet, and if it were to happen in the future, when we get more members, we have active staff who can easily stop it and then revive you.

We have an anti-cheat that will stop all hackers that enter the server, so no one is able to mod and spawn stuff in and etc.

We have times where there is 20+ people on the server, but we want to get to the point where we can get that as our minimum player count. Our discord server has 100+ members, but is extremely active, and very friendly.


- Los Santos Police Department
- Emergency Service
- SWAT Unit


We look forward to see you all on the server, as we have made such an awesome server, and we can’t wait to share it to you all. We are also looking for more EMS and LSPD, so if you are interested, message an admin and they will help you out.
Αυяσяαѕ ¢ιту, тнє ρℓα¢є ωнєяє тнє яєѕт σf нυмαиιту яєѕι∂єѕ. Αfтєя α ωαя ωнι¢н тσяє υρ тнє ωσяℓ∂, Αυяσяαѕ ¢ιту ωαѕ ¢яєαтє∂ тσ ѕανє ωнαт ωαѕ ℓєfт, αи∂ иσω, Αυяσяαѕ ¢ιту ιѕ тнє σиℓуѕαfє ρℓα¢є σи Єαятн.
Come join and have some fun! If it seems at all interesting, I recommend joining and reading the rules, lore, and other stuff! I won't be putting much here, so you'll just have to come and find out yourself!
Sky Fantasy CATHARSIS.
Steampunk Fantasy-themed Roleplay Server.
In a world forged by titans above the clouds, the wheel of fate will continue marching towards conflict and mayhem as the hearts of humans desire the power of the Gods!

Explore several flying islands in a original world filled with mysteries and rich lore alongside many optional activities and ERP sections!

Do you just wanna get to roleplaying instantly without making yet another profile? We have an Adoption center where you can pick a pre-made one to play as!

♡ Erotic Roleplay Sections, Jobs and Friendly Staff! ♡

♤Places to hang out and meet people, battle monsters, various Proficiencies and lots of Places to explore and factions to interact with!♤

□Friendly Staff ready to assist you! □
In this world, we follow under one rule: Keep your heads on.

There are the Devotees, the Rebels, and the Renegades. Which path will you take? Will you submit to the king or follow your own laws?
This server is LGBTQ+ friendly!
We have Tupperbox, Kajiwoto, and Rythm, and many more fun bots!
We're very lore centric and have multiple roleplay channels for each and every one of your characters to roleplay with.
We're more than happy to receive constructive criticism. If anyone, even a mod, is out of line when in a situation, please direct it to the owner and we'll talk it through fairly.
Unfortunately, we've become a bit quiet so we're more than welcome to have you to bring back that chaos!
We have a custom rewards list where you can level up through Mee6 and acquire them through chatting and roleplaying!
We're fucking chaotic (to an extent).
☆OasisMoon is a fun little server with great members~ You can get to know people, talk about anime, join clubs, events, giveaways, and view so much precious hentai ~ (hentai for days) ~
We have a roleplay channel aswell for people who enjoy roleplaying
And of course we also have a lot of NSFW content for you lewdies out there! ☆

🎊nitro giveaways,
🕹Bots - nsfw bots and bots used for fun!
🔞NSFW content - We have a large variety of hentai channels for our members to post in!
And over 40 Self roles to choose from!

This is a server for roleplaying Voltron: Legendary Defender. When you join, please enjoy yourselves but be aware that there are rules, just like every other server. It is currently still in development so I duly apologise if some of the roles seem to be quite restrictive. I do hope that anyone who joins will be an individual who is interested in roleplaying this show as the beloved characters and, please, do not come here to troll, no one appreciates that.

- First and foremost, respect your fellow members, even if you may question their intelligence. (I do this lots but I keep it to myself)
- Do not join just to self promote, because that's not what this place is for
- Discuss in the correct channels, please don't make the staff constantly remind you
- Do no roleplay in #just-talk
- Politics in real life shall never be discussed so keep any current events out of this server. You will get a warning if you do
- No spamming or trolling, that will lead to instant banning
- No disrespecting the staff (anyone under @Galaxy Garrison)
- No flaming or nonconstructive criticism (So basically insulting is not tolerated)
- Do not lie about your age. There will be channels that are 18+ in the future. You think it's stupid, but it's necessary, *I apologise*. (Laws)
- This also means, keep swearing to the minimal at best or just use quiznak and its variations, thanks
- Please be self aware and take it to DMs if you're having a one-on-one with someone in the server
**- Three warnings for any violation to any of these regulations and it is a ban**

I hope whoever notices this server will like it here. Shameless plug.
(I'd have the language as English (UK) but then I remember that I shouldn't because of anyone in the US.)
This server allows people to rp in the Naruto universe! This takes place while Boruto is at the academy at the moment. Cannon ocs are allowed here but only a few amount at the moment.
"Killers and creatures are known to be horrible monsters, but what if they had a social networks for themselves and normal humans? They lied in order to get more people and now it's a popular site and no one truly knows what's going on."
A horror roleplay, come and rp as your favorite character from horror,
be it finel girl or a slasher!
We welcome ocs and Canons
Always United - Never Divided! The Motto we were founded upon 15 years ago that started our Tight Knit community!

We are a group that focuses on Community, and Literate Role-play in our OC multiverse.
We are not a Furry or Wolf Focused RP server.
The server name is just a reflection of our Community goals.

Ran by a long standing dedicated team!
More info go to our website -
╰─ - ♡ ✎ bts rp index ˊˎ-

↷ ⋯ one of the biggest and friendliest bts rp servers on discord!
↷ ⋯ active and helpful staff!
↷ ⋯ over 70+ channels for every purpose & 75+ self-roles!

· · ────♡──── · ·

❥ 𝙬𝙝𝙤 𝙬𝙚 𝙖𝙧𝙚:

↷ ⋯ the index is a bts-centric role-play server dedicated to helping our members find fun and exciting new rp partners, group rps, and more!

┊ ┊

❥ 𝙬𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙬𝙚 𝙤𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙧:

↷ ⋯ an rp request channel designed to help you find that special someone!
↷ ⋯ an rp sample-sharing and critique channel for you to show off your skills or receive some tips!
↷ ⋯ a channel for sharing your favorite fanfics, or possibly some that you made yourself!
↷ ⋯ a channel for posting aus and plot ideas!
↷ ⋯ 75+ and counting self-assignable roles!
↷ ⋯ other fun, purchasable roles with the jennie bot!
↷ ⋯ a friendly, welcoming community!
↷ ⋯ partnership opportunities!

─ and much, much more!

┊ ┊

╰─ - ♡ ✎ we would love to meet you and be your friend! anyone interested is welcome here 💖
Everire is both the name of the nation that players start in, and the defacto name of the planet as a whole. Most arrive within a small, mystical grove near the nation with no way of returning to their homes, while select others may be native to Everire. Regardless of origin, the adventurer's guild welcomes all and provides accommodations as it's members seek to unravel the secrets of these strange and foreign lands.
Homie! We need you, yes you.. To join Team Skull! We provide a lot of things such as..
-Numerous Bots
-Neatly Organized
-Nice Community
-And a lot more
Nouveau !
In a world where magic is outcasted, come down to one of the only safe spaces around. Come and stretch your wings, pull your pranks, hide from the sun, and enjoy some drinks with friends. Welcome to Lynton Café, where everyone is accepted for who they are.

Lynton Café is always growing. We love to add new things, whether it be an entirely new location, or new species. We want to give our members new things to play with.

So come on down! We've got:
->Plenty of fun channels
->An interesting lore
->Monthly polls for more species
->A modern fantasy setting

So come on down to Lynton Café!
We are a FiveM Server that runs off of GTA. This is a RolePlay Server and we offer over 200+ add on vehicles and clothing. We have custom map addons. We also have active and white list LEO officers. This is 100% free to play and you do not need to donate. Join Now! To have the best time of you're life :slight_smile:
Nouveau !
Welcome to Anti-Simps!

We are a friendly community looking to make some friends. However, we do not allow Simps as they are not people of true gender equality. We have bots like Dankmemer, OwO, MafiaBot and Myuu. We also have some fun channels, like a Roleplay chat and a One Word Story channel. So if you are looking to make some friends and have some fun, please consider joining our cause today.
Empire State RP is an up and coming FiveM server looking to provide one of the best RP experiences on the platform. Empire State put’s serious emphasis on fairness, civility, equality, and inclusiveness while providing an extremely supportive staff team that is exceptionally close to the community that is always willing to listen and change based on what they’ve heard. We have a growing development team to provide support to our player base and we aim to keep a enjoyable amount of role play, serious enough but not overbearing and create a pleasant and immersive FiveM experience. We have exceptionally easy applications and we are always looking for community members in every department, and we have a seamlessly interactive Discord server to help get you started on your journey with us. Here are some of the other services we provide :

:oncoming_automobile: Multiple Custom Vehicles

:oncoming_automobile: Multiple Bagged Custom Vehicles

:iphone: vMenu

:evergreen_tree: Area of Play (AOP)

:house_with_garden: Custom locations

:necktie: EUP

:lock: Civilian and LEO ranks

:police_officer: Active staff

:newspaper: Vehicle Scripts

:gear: RocketCAD

Age limit is 13+
Welcome to Kink Corner!
Explore your needs, whether you're here for roleplay, hentai, or just kinky conversation. All fetishes are welcome here, and all kinds of tastes, allowing for all of our unique personalities to come together and give something to enjoy and savor at every turn.

We welcome you, but in this slutty sanctum, all members will follow the ooc ground rules of this sacred temple.
•This is an 18+ server; this is a prerequisite to join if you are proceeding onward.
•Be nice, and respectful.
•There will be no kink shaming or harassing other members, including paying mind to opened or closed DMs.
•Please refrain from misusing the channels, or spamming.
We bring you today a world of twists and turns, ever expanding and with the provided opportunity to let you make your own impact on the realm that you find sitting within the various other servers you see.
This my friends, is the Legacy of Mevedan! A server set in an alternate reality yet possessing all elements of medieval high fantasy, and with a touch of sandbox possibilities to let you have as much fun as possible, within sensible limits of course.
I shall list what various specifications we sell to you:

- Semi-Literate RP with a short post length minimum & no worry for punctuation; we let you build up at your own pace with help from both staff and members.

- A unique setting within somewhere familiar! Set in the Baltic Region of an alternate reality Earth, we play within a time of newfound peace after various wars that can easily tip in various ways by the influence of the players.

- A staff team with members active at all times ready and willing to help the best they can. Be it any confusion you have over approval, questions to ask for better understanding or just wanting to know more about the place; ask away, and we'll answer!

- A near infinite range of possibilities with characters and settings of all kinds to choose from! We accept any sort of race and any sort of power that fits within our rules, and we'll assist the best we can to balance if there's any problem regarding it.

- And finally, a huge amount of detailed lore and general description given through various ways to immerse our players in this unusual world, to let them taste the senses of fantasy as if they actually existed.

Much more is to be seen in this server, but this provides the general gist that we try to show off. If there's any interest, come along and join us as we seek to breathe some life into a realm of potential!