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A freshly vamped community-based server to help find cool lads to hang out with, and meet new people of interest! Fun and cool members for everyone to have some fun!
Лучший сервер для поиска напарников и общения! Свежие новости, приколы, мемы, музыка, конкурсы! И всё это на A-Community! Ждем😇
▪︎ Miłą administracje
▪︎Wystąpienie w filmach
▪︎Poznanie fajnych ziomków
▪︎Szukanie ludzi do gier
▪︎Autorskie BOTY
Przekonaj się sam i dołącz do nas ! GIF:
Heroes United is a friendly and active gaming community. It provides a spam free chat experience, allowing you to meet new people from around the world and make new friends.
GTA Online Connect is a discord for GTA 5 players with its own minecraft server. Today its a community server for every kind of chatting and gaming in general. The server evolved into a small international community of gamers. We're people from all over the world interested in gaming and chatting. If you're not playing GTA your welcome anyways, a lot of other games are played here too. Feel free to join and have a look at least c:
Hey wir sind ein relativ neuer Server!👍 Wir bieten :

-👆Server Eigenwerbung!
-💸Money System mit eigenem Bot!
-💎tolles Rang System
-🎉Aktive User
-😎Nettes Team
-🔥Nette User

🥳Joint jetzt! 😀
Hey my name is Dawgie and I am sell very cheap money drops and recoveries, just pop by if you want to say hi or are interested , i also host money drops from time to time👍
Hello sorry for bothering!

Would you like to join a awesome gta 5 server!

- Easy giveaways every day!
- best staff
- nitro drops
- free money!!
- we have self roles
- custom ranks
- awesome giveaways
- invite rewards
- trading channels for each consoles
- bodgan channels for each consoles
- awesome staff
- and all round a sick server
- friendly members

Come check us out and enjoy!!

MaryLand Life RP is a Xbox GTA RP server we have all branches of Emergency services and more to choose from we don’t however expect racial slurs or people disrespecting other members other than that our Community is a fun and welcoming one, we would be honoured if you would join us.
Hello and welcome to the family! We’re a group of funny ass folks, we game, chat, and hold movie nights occasionally. Join us and make a few friends!
Nouveau !
✔️Money drops up to 60 people in 2 different sessions.
✔️Zero Ban
✔️150+ members
✔️Paid Service starts from $1.5
✔️Cheap Modded accounts at $4
✔️1 Month Guarantee on recovery services
✔️Fastest Response
✔️Cheapest Recovery and Free/Paid Money Drops
✨Hi we're just a few people, trying to survive by sending memes, chatting and playing games. we might organize movie nights if we find a few people who are interested in them!✨ 18+ ONLY

🔅we got a poem channel where you can expand your creativity or just roast my friends (pls do)
🔅meme channel ofc
🔅rant-spam where you can vent as much as you possibly can (test your limits)
🔅NSFW section bc yall thirsty
🔅and random voice chat channels so you can chat with your friends or listen to Rythm Bot
🔅and more which you'll see IF YOU JOIN (aggressive marketing at its finest)

*dont be shy*

join us if u wanna survive

hello everyone, this server is the recruitment for our rp server we would love for you to join have fun but be a bit serious.
Here you can ask all you LSPDFR questions in the helpdesks, we have a good community and nice players. And also Fivem helpdesk and giveaways.
You also can Selfpromoot and get new friends.
We can't claim to be the best, as we aren't. But we are ever-evolving and hopefully aim to be one of the greats! But here are a few things we are proud of.

Friendly Community
99.99% Of our community is extremely friendly! We aim to create a space that is friendly and welcoming to all people!

Quality Servers
All our servers are fine coded to be the best that they can for the community. This includes weekly updates, and feedback from the community. Our goal is to listen to our community and stride to make a server around that.

All our staff aim to get a ticket responded to within the hour! In our eyes, a staff team that engages with the community actively and efficiently is the best way to go
Looking for the right car meet? You’ve just struck gold.

Welcome to ZeroSixty! We are a newly formed group with an interest and passion for automobiles.

PC | Based in the U.S.

We host:
- Car Meets
- Drag Races
- Drift Races
- Car Cruises
- Special Team Events
- Suggestions
And more!

Since we are still new, we are trying our best to improve our Discord, policies, and especially the car meets. The staff’s goal is to provide a fantastic experience for all drivers.

We hope to make everyone feel at home and to have fun!

“Whatever you do, just remember to hit the pedal.”

- ZeroSixty
Nouveau !
GTA 5 Online Recovery

- Limited time offer, 50% off all services!
- Extremely safe!
- Good Money Drops
- Modded Accounts & Recovery Services
- Invite Rewards

GTA 5 Recoveries is a Grand Theft Auto Online discord server, in this server you can participate in events & buy Money or RP Levels for your GTA Online account. More information on the server about the payments & FAQ.
Siemka tu Olsza i prezentuje wam nowy serwerek RP "LegendsRP [+13]"
który co niedawno powstał i poszukuje ludzi ;)
Start jest bliski, będziemy rozwijać serwer z dnia na dzień.
Co możemy zaoferować?
- Na pewno będą customowe auta
- WhiteList +13 (żeby każdy miał szanse zagrac razem z nami) :)
- Customowe ubrania
- Dobra optymalizacja
- Spoko skrypty
- Miła administracja
- Średnia ekonomia
- Otwarte rekrutacje na wszystkie frakcje
Serwer dopiero powstaję wiec jesli chcesz i zachęciłem cię tym k00zak opisem możesz wbić a kto wie może zostaniesz na dłużej :)
Nouveau !
3 Invites = 15 minutes (1m)
5 Invites = 30minutes ( 2.5m)
12 Invites = 45 minutes ( 4.5m)
20 Invites = 1 hour ( 6m )


1 boost = 25 minutes ( 2.5M )
2 boost = 45 minutes ( 4.5M )


May 29, 2020
An open-minded, fun and interactive community that's focused on gaming. We enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft. Our server is wholesome, welcoming and secure. We don't bite, come and join us today!
🕹 Wir sind PlexusLife, ein GTA V Roleplay Server! 🕹

🔶 Wir sind eine Community mit einem netten und humorvollem Team. Werde jetzt ein Teil der PlexusLife Community!

🔶 Wir bieten dir:
🔹 NSFW Channel (geregelt - sprich keine Pronografischen Inhalte etc.)
🔹 Meme Channel für deine lustigsten Memes!
🔹 Fragen und Antworten Channel für deine Fragen!
🔹 Offizielle Leaks vom GTA V Projekt
🔹 und vielleicht gibt es auch ab und zu Giveaways. Wer weiß 😛

✅ Komm jetzt und joine jetzt um eine einzigartige Community zum wachsen zu bringen! Wir freuen uns auf dich!