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Cast your eyes to the horizon traveller; there is a castle over the way, beyond the river that divides the countryside.
Before you clear the woodland and survive the whispering trails the ever-vigilant Gatekeeper will sound off to announce your coming.

Should you be foolish enough to travel by night, do not stray from the path... lest you seek to lose your way and end your quest before dawn.

Delay until you are blessed by the rays of the morning sun and the guards will grant you the right to speak. After that, my traveling friend, your guess is as good as mine... but rumours of the sanctuary Castle Altricate provides may yet be true.

The castle is more ancient than any bone in the soil. Built millenia ago by a clan of vampires, only one still resides within its walls. That master vampire created an Elite clan of warriors, to rein in the monsters of the world and protect the lands.

Join us and be a part of the realm of knights and terrible beasts!

Will you find safe haven for all those of pure heart that wish to seek solace beyond the walls? Or will you join the warriors to fight back any blight on the lands?
Nouveau !
•〖𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔸𝕗𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕘𝕣𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕕𝕤〗•

There was 5 years spent in the war, the war between the superhumans and the humans that created them. When scientifically studied on and injected with a dna strand to see if they evolved to have powers, the test was a success. But when released into the world and when their children were born with the same gene, they started to understand their mistake. Generations later and having this gene was natural in almost half the population. Scared for their own lives, the humans tried killing the evolved and failed. When the great war ended, the winning side was the evolved who had wiped out every single human alive until they were the last living forms, all cities were leveled to the ground and with global warming, most of the oceans water dried up.

50 years later and the evolved have created civilizations sperate from each other with no laws or rules. The modern territory, the Death Zone, the Outskirts, the nature territory, the barbarian area, and the enchanted lands.

Three main groups have formed. RE (Red Execution) a group that has very powerful people who kill other evolved for fun, SS (Silent Souls) an elite assassin group who targets the RE, and the civilians.

-Tame powerful beasts and defeat massive monsters and battle players in this RTK (reason to kill) combat roleplay fantasy server!!

-Multiple abilities available as well as custom magical pets and no rules as to what you can do irp

-Staff applications are always open~

-14+ server
--We're a brand new server,always looking for rpers,so feel free to join. Remember to read the rules & lore before making your ocs--[This server is a wip & there will be more lores & rules in the future]
Asterin's 'summary' book
--Page .1

It was the 13th ce everything was going well. The people were happy, gods were happy, everyone was happy.
Everybody lived in harmony, no killing, no stealing, no hunting.It was a living paradise.
However, one day it all went down hill. A cult of unknown people caused chaos that agitated the gods to such an extent that they caused great havoc on all the land, killing countless lives in process.

There was no hope.
Everyone thought that they'll be killed by the wrath of the gods.
But out of nowhere an unknown entity made a safe spot, where the gods can't reach. Everyone who was left on this destroyed world travelled there as they found out it was a huge land covered by huge walls, the walls were so huge that not even the elf's eye can see it's end. They were supposed to be endless.

Believing all the life outside the walls has been eradicated the people resided inside the walls.
Everyone lived in harmony within the walls and allied against a common enemy The monsters. However, one day the monarch passed away, his four daughters fought against each other for the crown ultimately it was decided that they'll make different kingdoms and rule over them. Those kingdoms were:-Asterin, Caspian, Oryn,Therondia. It all went downhill since then. Multiple wars, mass bloodshed, Chaos everywhere.
Getting tired of the mass bloodshed a large group of people moved away from the kingdoms, they tried to escape the walls but it was unsuccessful, the walls were too big.

After all the life that has been eradicated outside the walls, remember. You're safe inside these walls.
Welcome! This is the real utopia of the dreams. New adventures and events are regularly organised here! Here you can create your own roleplay character! May it be a saiyan, a demon, a soul reaper, a pirate, an assassin, a ninja, anything you want! We also provide private PvP matches, tournaments, roleplay channels, chilling channels,Horde Mode Challenge and much more!
Different Roleplay threads are also introduced with different stories! Semi-lit to literate roleplayers are given membership in this server. We keep the server clean and follow rules! We also take your suggestions in plot makings and it is quite possible that we take your plot to make a roleplay thread on it!

Community Roleplay:
You are the chosen.....out of the glory you see a book standing out from the surrounding in your basement/attic/alley. You run your fingers on the Name..."The Dark Side" something entices you to open it. You do.....the image shows a beautiful castle standing on it's occurs to you how is it the Dark side?....And that's where it all starts....darkness surround you as the basement's door shuts closed making you unconscious and when you wake up you are in the castle with the usual clothes you were wearing which were very unusual in the world you were brought to because of that book....What brought you here? You with wonder discover that you are granted with 4 powers....What is happening....Why are you here....What waits for you in future? You were apparently warped to the royal #castles-entrance-room. Now explore this new world you know nothing about! Can you go back to your home back on earth? Who knows? Where can you find your unanswered questions?! Why are you in this beautiful castle while the book was named "The dark side"? Just explore!
An omegaverse server, with the following plot. (18+ only!)

In the year 2402 where magic exists and has been polished through modern technology. However, the ability to use magic is determined by genetics, limiting the number of magicians in existence. Following the Third World War, the world's superpowers shifted to these four nations: The United States of North America (USNA), New Soviet Union, the Great Asian Alliance, and United Kingdom. In UK, the magic community is informally governed by the ten master clans in lieu of the government. Due to the limited number of magicians, they are treated as a commodity and are forced to enter magic related schools and professions. Nine magic high schools exist in UK; they each specialize in different aspects of magic and are simply referred to by their numbers.

Hope to see you soon!
As night grows darker and the sun retreats, the moon rises, showering the town in a dim red light. This bizzarre town is the only one known for such a phenomenon, and from an outside perspective, the city is nothing more interesting than any other one, if you exclude the red moon. The city is protected by the Redwatch patrols. Welcome to RedWood City, where your life comes first, and the mysteries come second.
Hello, hopefully you'll join the server
We have:
Active Staff
A simple template
Friendly community
And a ton of rp channels!
If you have any questions, please ping @Big Boss (aka Gilk)
In a city named Redleaf there are people gifted with random powers, called "Divergents". Fire breath! Invisibility! or converting light to sound... Redleaf academy offers you a education about yourself and your powers so you might be one of the greatest heroes of all time, but remember; There are always another way... Dark and fearful... Which side you will be on?

- Old but still friendly server.
-Fun to RP channels.
-Quality Role-play.
-One liners ARE allowed, but over time you should increase the length of your RP actions.
- All Role-players are allowed.
-It'd be cool if you could make time to bump the server.
Świat Śródziemia RP

Zapraszamy do wspólnej gry w świecie Władcy Pierścieni z początków czwartej ery. Jest to serwer tekstowy do pisania, aby grać z nami wystarczy napisać kartę postaci. Mamy nadzieje, że zajrzysz do nas i zostaniesz z nami na dłużej w tej fantastycznej zabawie. Jeżeli jesteś fanem fantasy lub uwielbiasz książki o tej tematyce serdecznie ciebie powitamy, również zachęcamy nowych graczy, co nie wiedzą czym jest rozgrywka pisana rp.

Serwer zaoferuje wam:

👥 Miłą ekipę,
🤗 Pomocną Administrację,
🕵 Mistrzów Gry,
👑 Sporo Rang,
👸 Wiele ras między innymi: Ludzi, elfy, smoki, orków, enty, krasnoludy, hobbity.
🌏 Otwarty świat środziemia,
🌦️ Podróże, pogoda,
🐲Można grać znanymi postaciami z uniwersum lub stworzyć własną postać,
🔔 Częste rangowe konkursy,
😜 Luźną atmosferę,
🗻 Wiele lokacji znanych z uniwersum,
🎨 Arty zabawy, rozmowy, boty, kanały głosowe.
Noelind is an Active, Supportive and Friendly Pack/Canine Roleplay server!

It has:
-3 Packs to choose from
-Developed plot and backstory
-Custom hunting, fishing and gathering commands
-Lots of realism
-LGBTQ+ safe
-Wholesome, supportive community.
-Any canines, but nothing other than that! So no cats, but like huenas are fine.
-No powers or special gifts
-No Werewolves or shifting
❗️ Open to Partnerships ❗️
> Server Boosted

Reznor Haven is a dystopian future rp server. This rp takes place several years after Earth and the human race have been annihilated. Reznor Haven is a sanctuary for kids and teens who have evolved past humans. These kids learn how to fight and defend themselves from the ongoing wars and hostile creatures such as the Lost.
Outside of Reznor Haven is a wasteland of a world, filled with warlords battling for power, distorted and terrifying creatures, and with people just trying to pick through the rubble of their lives before The Raze.
*More in depth lore can be found in the server*

We Offer
[•] Flexible Literacy (3+ Lines usually)
[•] Solo, Partner, and Group RPs!!
[•] Constantly evolving lore, that members can even add onto!
[•] Member created mini-plot lines.
[•] Custom RP Channels
[•] Reaction Roles!!
[•] Custom Role Opportunities
[•] No OC limit
[•] Partnerships!
[•] We have 8 RP Categories with tons of places to explore!
[•] Lots of RP & Character Freedom
[•] Spots for important, high ranking characters still available
[•] Super cool Staff & Members
[•] Lots of OOC Channels including, places to share your art, talk about gaming, and show off pictures of your pets!!

(We are not associated with any fandom, book, tv show, movie, or otherwise. This server is an original universe with original characters.)

-Mama Hype
Moin moin,
Wer interesse an Pen and Paper hat ist bei uns herzlich willkommen!

Ob Spielleiter oder Spieler von Neuling bis Profi kann sich jeder gerne in unserer Community beteiligen.

Aktuell Laufen zwei Community Projekte mit dem Setting Fantasy und Sci fi Fantasy. Jeder kann mitmachen. ;)

Hier findet man aber auch andere Settings und Gruppen, sowie andere Hobby's wie Zeichnen, Cosplay, Musik oder Larp Gruppen.

Mit frischem Gruß
Owner MtoTheO

Icons made by Freepik from Flaticon
Hello there Konosuba fans! If you also happen to enjoy RP, we have a server you might be interested in!

A Konosuba RP Discord! We have a strong focus on continuity here, and want to make the world as believable as it can be!

What can you expect from us?
- We have a custom made stat and leveling system, to help guide character progression, complete with roles to indicate what class and race your character is.
- A well thought out skill system and class system, that both stays true to Konosuba and also expands on classes with new abilities.
- We're happy to work with people to help make their characters, and even custom abilities/spells that would fit into the world.
- An environment that levels up with its characters! As people get stronger, powerful enemies, and special events will start appearing.
- A hopefully believable world! You won't see 5 Kazuma's running around, there's a limit of one canon character RP'er at a time, and they're selected through application.
- Plenty of OOC channels to talk and hang out with everyone!
- A large variety of Konosuba themed emotes

Being born into poverty is never the way someone wants to start. Scraping for food, begging on the streets, hoping this day will not be your last. But there is hope: the Kingdom of Nazalair. There’s the Forest of Wonders, filled with witches, dragon people, and the fae folk, the Ocean of Dreams where sirens sing and mermaids swim. And then the Castle, where the Royal Family lives, protected day and night by Guards and Knights.

The Nazalair Kingdom is one of the oldest Kingdoms in the world and one of the largest, having grown immensely since it was founded. In the last few decades, the reach of the Kingdom has expanded to the forests and led to the discovery of dragons that lived within the forest. Recently however, the Royal Family has not made any public appearances, despite the constant threat of angry dragons roaming the skies above and whispers of war coming from other Kingdoms across the ocean, prompting noblemen and peasants alike to demand for words of reassurance from their rulers.
Rosaria is a literate roleplay server based around a "damsel-in-distress"-era fantasy world (of course, guys and others can totally be captured as well). The roleplay itself is very relaxed and slow-paced, with a drop-in drop-out feel for it, but don't let that stop you from doing longer storylines! The focus is on quality. In the future, there are even plans for some events.

In order to gain access to the server, you need to pass a brief writing task. An extract from a previous roleplay or piece you've written is acceptable, but we offer a few prompts if you need to write something new. Do note that the attitude to roleplay is semi-serious, and we also don't allow futa or furry characters (trans characters and catgirls and the like are totally fine though - animal ears and a tail are cool, but full-body fur just doesn't fit the world).

Naturally, we have channels to help you grow your writing ability, share art you've made, and, of course, to post relevant lewd hentai stuff.

Some of our fun features include:
> Many roleplay channels for different locations.
> A cosy community (that's 100% LGBTQ friendly!).
> Special channels for different bondage lewds.
> Experienced writers who will happily try to help you improve your ability.
> Lots of custom roles, including ones for your name colour.

We cater to all sorts of characters, be it a normal maid, or a demon with superpowers. Or maybe you'd rather take on the role of a "dungeon master", and write all sorts of kinky encounters for others. If any of this sounds like fun, come by and give us a look. We're always growing and adding new little things, so why not come on by!

Welcome to Castra Lands--a server full of places beyond your wildest dreams! Here you can have tea with a Troll, go for a walk with a Warlock, or pull off a heist with a Harpy! Create your own character to roleplay with and get ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime!

✧ we are a 13+, SFW, LGBTQ+ friendly server!
✧ this is a literate roleplay, which means responses are expected to be a minimum of three lines.
✧ there is a form to fill out for character applications, but it's short and sweet and only so we can get a feel for your character before we begin the roleplay! :)

Come join us and have some fun! We'll see you there :) <3
The world of Karak is a world full of fantasy, magic, and steampunk tech. Come RP and erp in a world full if diversity, fight in a tournament or court a princess. This is a newer server and still a little rough around the edges, if you have any advice upon joining feel free to contact an administrator.
Hi, I am Sinken and I'm personally inviting you to my server, its a roleplay server with its own lore and regions of the world. If you are bored or looking for a new server to join, this one is new, so I cant say it will be great or not, but I hope it does well.
~ A fun server with a plan to make a large community of individuals who enjoy RP in general. Whether that be as major or as a beginner, we welcome any level to come and participate, so don't be intimidated as long as you try your best. ~

Rules to be known before entering! (You can also refer to them in the #rules channel within the server!)

1. Don't be overly toxic or plain mean, we're here to enjoy ourselves and don't need a toxic clown ruining it.
2. Racism and Sexism are not allowed, to create a friendly environment, one must be friendly themselves. However, light sexism (if it involves a character or the RP itself), will be allowed. But anything major that carries outside of the RP will have severe punishments.
3. While the main topic of the RP is not sexual or anything like that, in-character relationships can and will always occur between two consenting individuals. Therefore, ERP (Erotic Roleplay) and other such things will be allowed if done lightly, however, there will not be full on orgies or anything like that. Take it to your rooms, which each character (as long as they're not outsiders) will receive a room. If you're planning on ERP or anything like that. Let @The Grand Master @The Grand Protector @The Council know before you do so. So we can put the "nsfw" tag on it and ensure those who don't want to see it or, legally can't, don't. In order to remotely get into any form of ERP, you are to ensure your character is 16+ as well as that there is no age gap between two characters that is more than 4 years.
4. You are required to be of 13+, as this is discord TOS, simple. Those who are not of the proper age will be promptly banned from the server.
5. Do not argue with the moderators, Co-owner, or myself. We're here to make decisions and ensure that the server itself runs smoothly as possible if you have a reasonable complaint, refer to the format and post in #suggestions
6. While there will be combat occasionally for events and such, mostly that sword or weapon of yours will be for show. There is a constant forcefield (not literally) that prevents character death, unless it's natural causes or due to an event.
7. Posting gore in general is prohibited upon Discord's TOS, keep nsfw content to #nsfw
Welcome to Site 122, an SCP Foundation Black Site located in [REDACTED] of the [REDACTED]. This site is a hotspot for a multitude of SCP entities which vary in their level of lethality.

[This is an SCP Fandom roleplay which has a mixture of canon and OC characters for all types of roleplay (one-liners or fully literate)]

This is a modern-day apocalypse/superpower styled roleplay server with a slant of prison life. We are a small but friendly community who are looking for both roleplayers and people to just hang out with, even if you've never heard of the SCP fandom before. We have multiple bots and are planning on adding more, so why don't you give it a try?
Original Fantasy RP

[ A fantasy RP including several kingdoms and roles in which you can be.]

Original & Iconic Story Tellings driven by members

Characters all created by members, all unique, all bringing greatness to the story.

Multiple special character roles open to be taken.

Multiple channels to RP in, large variety of places, personalised locations can be added also.

All OCs! We provide a template & assistance with making your OCs.

Accepting of all people, no hate and all love!

Mod/Admin spaces open.

Fight Threats, Become Them, or Act on your own accord.
The Nightmare Of Nightfall. A roleplay server based in the year 2022, where everything has gone to shit (to nobodies surprise)

#Play as a survivor, trying to get by
#Play as military forces, trying to regain control and keep civilians alive
#Play as one of the Night Stalkers, demons of the night that feed on any poor soul unfortunate enough to find themself outside after sunset

Grab your rusty pipe, load your assault rifle or sharpen your claws. It's open season, and everything is on the menu now.

(Warning: this is an 18+ erp and rp server. You must follow all rules and be 18+ in order to enter. If there is any suspicions you might be under aged, you will be removed IMMEDIATELY.)

This lovely server of ours is home to many talented and imaginative roleplayers like you! Immerse yourself in a fleshed out fantasy world and dive in to the diverse roles and characters that our members have created. We are run by a group of friendly, helpful, and fair admins that work hard to make this place as new person friendly and enforce the rules as fairly as possible.

We have all kinds of wonderful things here, including:
-Lore and world maps, allowing you to pick and choose the place of your origin
-Detailed descriptions of the towns and cities of the Zephyr Dominion, as well as channels dedicated to their surrounding environments
-A simple character creation template, with minimum screening required (we encourage characters that fit the setting, but it's not a requirement)
-Detailed rules to prevent any problems that may arise
-Talented and imaginative role players, perfect if you are looking for lewd erp, some action rp, drama, etc.
-A simple economy to start your own character's business and buy a house
-A bot that allows you to create up to 5 characters!
-A fun atmosphere where everyone is friendly and accepting of new people!

So if you are a talented roleplayer looking for a new server, then please! Come on in!

Now that I’ve got your attention, Welcome to 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒲𝑒𝑒𝓅𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝒮𝓉𝑜𝓇𝓂.

What we offer…

-·=»‡«=·-LGBT+ Community-·=»‡«=·-

-·=»‡«=·-Lore that will be expanded-·=»‡«=·-

-·=»‡«=·-Open race imagination-·=»‡«=·-

-·=»‡«=·-Friendly and outgoing community-·=»‡«=·-

-·=»‡«=·-We have dedicated staff that can help answer any questions and help with characters-·=»‡«=·-

-·=»‡«=·-Mafia Gangs Rivalling against each other, choose your side-·=»‡«=·-

-·=»‡«=·-We welcome ALL role players! New, Veteran, paragraph, casual·=»‡«=·-

-·=»‡«=·-Work your way up to potentially become Mafia leaders-·=»‡«=·-

-·=»‡«=·-We always welcome new suggestions to improve the server and expand the areas as we grow.-·=»‡«=·-

The year was 1953. Year when Valborough (Fictional) struggled to the core. For such harsh times, the true essence of human nature has shown its colours. Cruelty, greed, lust for power and fear of the unknown had taken to the streets. People profited from misery and death. The government could not only abide and watch as the powers of the street grew and grew, taking hold of many assets, but the biggest breach was found in the ways of science. With the street warfare evolving each passing day the gangs that ruled the streets now had to find new means to fight the opposition.

Yet again, the bad nature of humans prevailed… Madness for power ruled over the heart of people, nothing could stop the evolution of science, nothing could stop progress and all the prices that had to be paid for it. With the support of mafia overlords, the experiments they were testing were way ahead of their time and power, the science research facilities wanted to bend the laws of space and time itself, which is the one-way ticket to a devastating disaster.

What was once a race in progress between various gang families grew into a world-scale catastrophe. The thing that was summoned by bending the laws of our reality was too much to handle for the unruly and unprepared. With their doing a powerful magical storm of blood slowly surrounded the entirety of our world and drowned everything and everyone in their greediness… Life on Earth ceased to exist.

Yet, what might be first perceived as a natural disaster was truly a being with a mind of its own. Forcefully taken from its own realm, the storm decided to bring punishment on the people of this world. Taking all the souls it has gathered mixed with its power it created Earth anew. The entity added magical creatures, new landscapes, mythical beings, laws, and rules and lastly all the humans from the original world. New cities and towns, new states and lands grew from nowhere, full of creatures from folklore and fantasy that were never meant to exist. Magic filled the air, the seas and the grass on which people walk.

Additionally, everyone had their memories erased. There was no storm, no catastrophe and genocide. Things were always like this, things didn’t seem any different. The year is still unknown, but it was still Valborough. Still the Earth. Just different. Just Magical. All Technology and any trace of technology was completely erased. It was now a Medieval Dystopian Scenario.
Welcome to Meadow Escape! We are a growing community of roleplayers who are excited to open our doors to new players! We are a mix of roleplaying types from Semi-Lit to more casual styles! There is tons of areas to rp from, such as a futuristic city to a rural farming district and there is more in between! We hope to enlarge our server so everyone can have a quality roleplaying experience!