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welcome to friends, here you can have fun, meet new friends and advertise your server!
Welcome to RRTTTT
RRRTTT is a growing, casual server with several unique features that is Level 1 Boosted. Additionally, we host a large minecraft server that is similar to the server on YouTube Hermitcraft, so if you want to join us and enjoy a server like the Hermits do! Click the link, and build with us!
What do you get from our server?
╭━━━━━━━━WE HAVE━━━━━━━━╮
- active chat
- unique emojis
- gaming
- music channel & bot
- welcoming and friendly mods
- frequent gaming events
- minecraft server
- among us events
- nsfw channel
- self-assignable roles for colours, gender, location & gaming
Despite all of this! We have so much more coming in the future such as specific channels, events & so much more.

Make sure that you aren't kept in the dark -- join RRTTTT now to be part of a thriving, friendly community!

In this server we’re just community based and looking for nice people we are real chill and always down to play games with you we have nice and non toxic people just respect the rules and have fun
A Fun and Friendly Server for being social and/or playing games with our wonderful members! Our active members will surely give you a great time!

Here are a few Features:
• Choose your own roles
• Fun Social Chat channel
• Memes and Dark humour
• NSFW channel
• Nitro Boosted Music and Voice Chat Channels (for high quality audio)
• Anime/Hentai channel
A discord server for Minecraft bedrock edition players!

Join the server to find like-minded mcpe and bedrock edition players, and have fun on servers like HiveMC!
Join us as we race to the leaderboards!

+ Pretty good moderation, almost 0 spam pinging!
+ Nice and friendly members, willing to play mcpe!
+ Regular giveaways(dank memer coins and stuff!)
+ Bots
~ Dank Memer! (rob and heists are off)
~ Idle miner! (Minecraft inside discord!)
~ Aki! (Incase u bored)
+ Dedicated music channels and a couple of music bots, so you can have multiple parallel streams of music!
+ NSFW channel! (optional, You have to get a role to access it)
+ Self-promotion channel! (Want ppl to check out your YT channel or discord server? Just leave a link to it! | Joining and leaving just to promote isn't acceptable, pls don't do that.)

> 🪐 Vico's Gang 🪐

Bella, questo è il server discord dello streamer " VicoRollo " presso ⚜️⚜️ . Il server è aperto a tutti coloro che vogliono stringere amicizia, giocare, rilassarsi, ascoltare musica e molto altro!

⬇️ Qui sotto ti elencheremo tutto ciò che il server dispone ⬇️


[💬 - Canali Testuali e Vocali] ➥ Nei quali potrai scrivere e parlare con tutta la community di tantissimi argomenti e fare nuove amicizie!

🔹 Chat Varie.

🔹 Chat Meme.

🔹 Vocali Pubbliche e Private.


[🎵 - Canali Musicali] ➥ __Sono dei canali vocali dedicati ai bot musicali, con i quali potrai ascoltare tutta la musica che vuoi! (24/7)

🔸 Musica #1 (Rythm 1)

🔸 Musica #2 (Rythm 2)

🔸 Muisca #3 (Groovy)

🔸 Chill (24/7)


[🎉 - Giveaways] ➥ Effettueremo periodicamente dei giveaway con in palio tantissimi premi!

🎁 Premi esempio: Account Spotify Premium, Discord Nitro, etc...


[🤠 - Emoji e GIF] ➥ Tantissime emoji e GIF personalizzate utilizzabili da tutti i membri!

📌 Potete benissimo consigliarci emoji e GIF da aggiungere.


[🕹️ - Server Minecraft] ➥ Server minecraft incluso con tantissime modalità divertenti e rilassanti!

- 🔗 `IP` ( )


《 E molto altro ancora! 》

> ⚠️ Inoltre se entrerai diventerai troppo cool quindi ti conviene hehe. ⚠️

> ⏩Il server discord è Boostato al Livello 1 e presto riceverà il [♾️] Partner⏪
SMP and minigames server - an experience like no other
Java and bedrock 1.9 - 1.16.3
SMP and SkyWars with unique maps
More Minigames Soon!!
Friendly community, helpful staff, chill community
No Lag 60+ Gb ram server
Join Now!!

➢Hey du! Ich möchte dir meinen kleinen aber feinen Server vorstellen und dir ein paar Features auflisten, damit du dir aussuchen kannst on was für DICH drin ist!


➢:thinking: │Was können wir DIR bieten?

➢:gift: │Giveaways, wo du tolle Preise abstauben kannst!
➢:eyes: │Einen übersichtlichen Server!
➢:speech_balloon: │Ein nettes und hilfsbereite Community
➢:bell: │Selfroles damit DU nur das hören willst was du magst!
➢:trophy: │ Und tolle Spieleabende mit dir


➢:thumbsup: │Nun hast du einen kleinen Einblick bekommen wie es so bei uns ist, join gerne
und schau es dir kurz an! Es schadet nicht:)
➢:mag: │Aktive und Talkaktive User sind immer herzlich willkommen:)

Nouveau !
this is server for minecraft players.if you like minecraft come to take a look. :D .we give 1 VIP Rank this server every saturday.

Premium Minecraft server hosting, Discord Bots, VPS and Dedicated Machines- check out our available plans at !
A friendly active server with frequent nitro giveaways! An active community you can talk to, staff members you can rely on, and a great experience overall!
☀Sun MC🏝
⟩ What do we offer?
⟩ 😎 ⦚ Active Staff
⟩ 🔥 ⦚ Custom Color Roles
⟩ 🎭 ⦚ Economy ⟪Coming Soon⟫
⟩ 🔼 ⦚ Leveling System
⟩ 🎯 ⦚ Roleplay
⟩ 🚨 ⦚ Twitch Streams
⟩ 🌹 ⦚ SMP Server ⟪Maintence⟫
⟩ 🔔 ⦚ Join and enjoy!
Totalny chillout i tyle.
Dlaczego warto dołączyć.

- jest wysoki poziom konwersacji (bez kitu)

- ciekawe emotki

- żaby ( FROGS)

- dobra administracja

Więc mam nadzieję że cię przekonałem do dołączenia :D
This is Minecraft ManHunt (and other games), Dream Team style. Runners must defeat the enderdragon from nothing before the Hunters can kill them. You can choose what team to be on. Good luck!
🐼🐷MINECRAFT DUNGEONS 🐷🐼 Daily item raffles. Free gear. Looking for pros and noobs - we speed run and grind. Also own our own Minecraft realms. Java and Bedrock for discord members only!!

Fun a friendly atmosphere, lots of active and experienced players able to help new comers to the game and fun activities. 🎊👻
Salut! Te invităm pe THUNDER NATIØN! Serve-ul a fost creat acum aproximativ 3 luni și deja are peste 1000 de oameni pe el. Avem o mulțime de canale și grade foarte interesante și bine pus la punct! Avem măsuri de maximă siguranță pentru a preveni orice dezastru pe Server.

Dacă dorești să ne susții , îți poți pune tag-ul nostru ϟNumeノᵗʰ și îți poți chema prietenii pe Server. Join & Enjoy.
A chill place to be, a good place to be. No rob dank memer server, we host multiple Giveaways, events and heists every day