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》What do we have?
•A whole category of server types such as community, gaming, anime, etc.

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•A category for anyone who is in need of staff and a category for hiring!

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**We have a Partnership channel/category that you can look at for good partners that have partnered with us, plus there is a channel for partnership ads.**
share exploits,talk,advertise yours and enjoy meeting poeple that likes the same as you
This is a server mainly for Pokemon but we got chat's for other stuff!
For anyone
We do not approve NSFW
This is a Family Friendly server!
Phonos is a friendly EU gaming community with mature staff! We have a fun active chat full of great people. We feature a variety of games, giveaways and events.
Hey, y'all ! This is my sewer and I, the Rat, invite you to join my humble home. This sewer is owned by myself and my pals Giant and Lizzy! Please consider taking a yee-hawin gander at our land of joy and pensive cowboy emojis:
- We have an assortment of sewer tunnels (general channels) such as a simple general chat and more !
- We have entertainment pipes that include channels with various topics to talk about different subjects, from video games and music to astrology and anime (and more)! Plus, we're open to suggestions for new channels!
-We usually talk in vc quite often, and some of our server members even show off their singing! We also play games like Cards Against Humanity and Skribblio, and sometimes watch movies!
- An admin staff that cares about this server and will answer to any question or comments you have!
- We don't have super strict rules. As long as you follow discord's TOS and the rules we really don't care what you say (but Giant will be super duper angry if you're racist so watch out)!
-We are a brand new server and we are open to anything! Despite having only ~150 members, we still talk an average of 2k-5k messages per day!
Note: We're mostly US high school students, so certain times of the day may be inactive!

Thank you for taking the time to read this ! I hope you can take a gander at our beautiful, cozy and disgustingly rodent-filled sewer! Thanks!
A chill and friendly place for people who want to make friends or simply chill!
We have a variety of things we hope you enjoy!
As long as you follow our and discord’s guidelines and our rules, we will always love you!
We hope you will enjoy our little community!
What kind of server is this?
This is just a chill server for people to hang around and interact
Talk about anything really, as long as you keep it sfw in sfw channels and nsfw in nsfw channels
We roleplay, game together, watch anime, have fun and make new friends!
If you have any questions or problems, let us know
The roles will be school related~
Just a hangout a Brand new server where we all chill and flame the shit out of each other. If you can’t handle getting roasted don’t join 😈
Hi Welcome to the chillest server of discord,here we do giveaways talk,chill,Date and we have everything that you need . All are welcomed>3 😊
Welcome to the art dungeon! We're an active, social server meant for sharing and helping each other with art
-Writing, visual arts, and all other mediums are accepted.
-critique and nsfw channels are available.
-lots of friendly, active users.
-lots of skilled, helpful artists to help you learn and flex those art muscles.
-memes and shitposts are welcome!
This is a server where people can go to make friends and just have a good time hanging out! We are a new server so we don’t have much but we are always open to suggestions and help!
Visit our cozy and loving café where really friendly people reside. Honest and loyal people are our formula here.

☕It doesn't matter where you are from - We will welcome you with open arms. We have mild rules because we don't want to take away your freedom. Our community is running without toxic people to offer you the best experience. We appreciate every conversation.
The Demonic Realm, is a realm of demonic being that come to unite together as an army (or friends XD)
Welcome to GTrixs Community
| Gaming Channels / Chats
| Make new Friends
| Advertise almost everything
| A lot of free roles
| Fun bots and commands
| Music channels where you can talk with each other while listening to a song
| Multiple channels and friendly members
| No annoying slowmode
| Good staff and support
| Fast support
| Join and stay in the server, we really need people!
welcome to gaming community! this server strives to be the best hub for any type of gamers looking to meet new people to play with? go into one of the gamer chats! wanna just talk about games? go into the general page! want cools bots? request them! we take all ideas and are a fun (trying to be active) community!

join today!
most of the current members are childish but also kinda close, idk what to actually put because im new at this. But join if you wanna make friends or something
We hangout I guess. We don't do much but I do try to find what others enjoy in a server. If I can get started with people who would enjoy some roleplay in anyway they would like I would like to hear about it. The type of RP can be arranged and changed due to what people may enjoy.
I hope we can see you guys here.
. • ✩ Lost Paradise ✩ • .

This is a small discord server that aims to be calm and relaxing. This server is good for those wanting to make new friends and a relaxing place for all! We offer:

❧ Mental health support and vent channels!
❧ Music and voice chats!
❧ Friendly people and helpful staff!
❧ A warm and caring environment for all!
❧ Anime, gaming and movie channels!
❧ Self-assign roles and colours!
❧ And so much more!
We are a server that are all about fun u can talk as you like and we won’t stop you and if u wanna roast someone roast we don’t care just go for whatever you want.
A server dedicated to spilling tea about work. If youre coworker pissed you off, or your manager is being extremely unfair, or even if you have some awesome stories to share, come join! This is a community for those in the work field to come chat. Those unemployed are welcome too. We also have dedicated channels for anime, gaming, and different kinds of media, as well as a restricted and unrestricted chatroom! Come join!
Hey! Welcome to the Animal Lovers Club! This server is for everyone who either loves or owns animals of any kind! We accept everyone and we are a very friendly community with friendly staff! We hope to see you soon!
Hey! Welcome to e-sad༄ V2
e-sad༄ V2 is a fun server for edgy teens that love edgy stuff and are honestly just looking to make friends we are all really friendly and get along well so join the fun !! we will love you forever xoxo


-An active staff/chat
-Fun bots!
-A very respectful staff
-Peep and X fans
-Active VC’s
-Edgy e girls :)
-1:1 male to female ratio
-self assignable roles
-brand new server
✯ 𝘼 𝙇 𝙊 𝙉 𝙀 ✯

✞ do you ever feel... alone? cause i do, if you want to come here to chill and talk about anything and meet random people from all over, please don't hesitate to join. Looking for people who like to talk loads and are active.✞

☯ just looking to make some memories ☯