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(voici la description du premier admin et fais pas ton flemmard lis les deux descriptions sinon tu rates un truc de ouf)

Venez faire vivre le serveur !!!!
Nous sommes sympatiques et un peu fous, mais malgré ça, nous sommes sérieux donc les gamins ne sont pas les bienvenues sur ce serveur ;)

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer :)

Je vous pris d’agréer mes sincères salutations les plus distinguées.


(voici la description du deuxième admin)
MDR OK (si tu en est là dans ta lecture c'est que tu es un vrai et ramène ton popotin) pour être honnête avec toi le serveur il est archi dead mais si tu es cool mais que tu ne viens pas bah ça ne pourra pas changer du coup si tu es cool il faut que tu viennes T'AS COMPRIS !!!!! Voilà voilà
Ps : on est vraiment gentils (je suis très sérieux quand je te dis ça) à plus petit sale môme
Ps 2 : tu pourra choisir ta couleur parmi celles qui te sont proposées c'est trop le fun ça
Hello !

Un serveur sous le nom Myokaeri viens d'être créer ! (non je ne suis pas du tout fan d'astronomie e.e)
Là n'est pas là question, un serveur calme et paisible vient de naître.
Et toi, que recherche tu ? Une communauté chill ? Si oui, vient nous rencontrer.
Moi la fondatrice Isy serait ravie de t'accueillir.
Un système de rôle est présent pour te féliciter de venir sur le discord.
Divers salons à thème sont présent pour que tu puisses nous partager ton quotidien, tes plaisirs, bref ta p'tite vie !
Je recrute également un animateur, un modérateur et espère avoir une équipe d'intendant pour me soutenir.
Tu es intéréssé ? N'hésite pas et postule ! :3

A tout de suite !
msn messenger themed server i made while on a nostalgia trip lol. its a completely new community server where i hope people can make new friends and just have a good time!
Welcome to Elixir! 🧡🖤
This is a fun little server where you get to meet new friends and chill out in vc. We got everything a server needs and more except people who we would like to meet such as you! So why don't you come over and say hi? There's no harm in doing so.
Toi aussi tu cherches un serveur de dingos pour déconnecter le cerveau ?
Viens rigoler avec nous, on veut du rock'n roll dans ce serveur de possédés !
Welcome to Galactica!
We are a fairly new server but this is our programm!
Want to partner with a free server that gives you free members?

Then come to Galactica we are an awsome community server and we also are friendly, we have many things that we care about in our server such as:

• friendly people
• no NSFW
• 13-17 year old people
• following the rules

We do have different cool stuff in here like:

• many roles
• friendly and communicative people
• many bots to keep you entertained
• partnerships
• [Soon coming] Clubs!

Just join us now at:
Our server picture:
Hello! We are Loquacity Lounge🌙!

We are a global platform where anyone can be friends with anyone from all parts of the world. Also, gamers, travellers, artists, etc, everyone are welcome here!!

Please note that this is:
-🚫NOT a NSFW server
-‎🚫NOT a dating server
Night Vibes is a place to chill and hang out.
Each role is given to a person based on how active they are with the server.
You can self assign roles to yourself with neat titles and what not.
The only thing the we won't be lenient with is other server links outside our partnership.
So please join and help get this community growing.
Serwer Posiada :
~Miłą administrację;
~Różne Boty;
~Super Atmosferę;
~I wiele innych!
----You, yes, YOU! You are invited to Advert Awards™----

"What is Advert Awards™?" you might say. Advert Awards™ or AA is a new server where we give awards for those who advertise their server, bots, and others! You can both promote your server, and, WIN AWARDS!! Your server can also be rated by us by our Advert™ Star System if you advertise on our server!

Below are things we provide:

Color Roles
Dank Memer Bot
Family Friendly Server
Music Channel To Enjoy Your Favourite Tune
Many More!!

Join us now!

we welcome ALL users 👌 , ZERO ban policy ❌, M O D's are friendly and approachable ✌️☮️
Wassup Peeps? Its your boi Gosho tuning in to let you know of my server!
It's a community server but it's really whatever you want it to be.
Anyway we have over 320+ members and we're hungry for more...
looking for partners so if you are interested you can partner as well.
We have a positive and very friendly community and staff and assure you
that if you join we will not disappoint.So what're you waiting for?
just join the server and have fun and read the rules and make friends lmao this server is basically dead
Join this scuffed ass server we have memes and whatever kids like these days ok :) ok
This server is for the Thigh of mind, this server is not a NSFW server but is does have some NSFW elements. Join if you are a thigh man like us.
we had a "sex" tag on this server and people actually joined for sex lmao. guys join anyway bc we're cooler than everyone. if you join please stay don't leave, we'd have like 400 members if everyone that ever joined just stayed. ahahhaahahahahahahahaha
An awesome server for you to meet with new people! We try to improve it every day!

We have:

- A friendly community and caring staff group!
- Self advertising channels!
- Dank Memer, but rob and heist commands are disabled to save your coins!
- A lot of gaming and streaming channels!
- A Non-English channel for the ones who know English less!
- Many announcement channels for your interests!
- Fact of the day and interesting facts channels to learn new things!
- Three different music channels!
- And a partnership channel!

Join our server today!
Are you an introvert? Do you like memes? Are you of the memes yourself? Are you in fandoms? Do you like to draw or create of sorts? Do you just like to be weird in general? Well, Steampunkish is the place for you! We're all weird here, and kinda quiet, but we mean no harm! So please, join us in our adventures and it shall be a fun time!
The Private Generator is a server that allows you to generate accounts for different services you use, all for free!

Some of these services include:

- Disney+
- Hulu
- Crunchyroll
and more!

Not only that, but this server also includes:

- Bots such as GRiM and Dank Memer (more to be added)
- A talk zone.
- Self roles.

If this sounds like a server for you, please make sure to check it out and stay for a while!
Hope to see you there!

(Please note, none of these accounts are datamined or hacked)

No need for those invite for reward servers, just join this server and go ahead and generate!
The forest it the only place humankind has ever known. There is no one alive who knows what the world looks outside of the forest. Anyone who has tried to find a way out, has never come back.
In the early days of the forest civilization, all people ever did was try to get out. After they realized they couldn’t, they gave up -though people still do try to, and fail. After they gave up, they built a civilization. It first started out has a small village of huts made out of wood, but eventually it grew. They learned how to mine and thus- the age of stone began.
The age of stone is one of the most prominent ages in the forest civilization’s history. It’s the foundation of how it became what it is today. The age of stone was an important time, full of mining and finding out many new things; such as ores like coal and iron (later finding gold and diamond) and magic for a select few too.
Along with the stone age, small village started growing into a small kingdom. But along with change came conflict. Since the newfound kingdom was getting larger, there was the problem of who was to rule the kingdom, eventually, there were fights breaking out about who would be king. (or queen)
Eventually somebody stepped up to rule, their name was King Rowan Coliar. He was an important figure in history, as he, named the kingdom, Croix, founded the council, and many other things.
After the rule of King Rowan and during Queen Nessa’s rule, people didn’t like the way she ruled and some decided to split into different kingdoms. Creating Obasal, Zican and Phaya.
this is for people who either want to join a server for youtubers and find more videos to watch or for youtubers themselves to join and promote their videos and get more views and popularity to grow each and everyones channel and when you join please ping @Jaden or whatever his username is at the time which will always have a base of Jaden and tell him your YT name if you are a youtuber