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Welcome to the Cracker Jackerz Den!!! Ever told yourself, "Hm i wanna join a group full of hormonal teenagers"? well, this is the place for you. We have multiple unique channels but they're not as unique as our members. Sit back, relax, and most importantly have fun
What we have to offer:
·GaMeR GirlS
·Horny E-Boys 😳(Aha..gorl)
·Dumb bitches
·Self Roles
·Rats 4 sale
·TikTok Freaks
·K-Pop Stans(Of all Kinds)
·And a bunch if Idiots who want more friends! Join now!
hey ppl this server will be for teen and here we will have fun,make new friends. It will fun to join,can chat to ppl,chat about games,memes,anime talks,etc. I will be looking for you to join
Nouveau !
Hello Welcome, what do we have??
We have......

◘ Dank Memer
◘ We are going to add more bots overtime
◘ Have some emojis To help POP the server
◘ Accepting Suggestions:white_check_mark:
◘ Want Something New added just make a suggestion and well look into and ADD IT

Doing Giveaways once we reach 50 members!
And Accepting More Mods at 75 And there going to be some much more coming soon SO join
an irregular server (AID) for short; is a multiplayer pvp game on roblox. AID is a game based off of a manga called Jojos bizarre adventure created by Araki. AID is a welcoming community and we hope to see you there.
Nouveau !
wolf fang fist is a small community that is trying to grow
And you can just have fun and chill we have

😎 Emojis
📜Staff application
👀nice staff
And More! join if you want
Hello! Welcome to Da Vinci Headquarters! We are a chill, nice and growing community.

What we offer:
- 💬A nice, active and friendly community

- 🎵Music bots like Rythm and Groovy

- 🎮Separate channels dedicated to games

-😄Many nice emojis

- 🆙️Leveling roles with unique permissions

- ❣Special perms for boosters

- 📢A self-promotion channel
Hello and welcome to the Hype House! We are a chill and fun server to hangout! Please, make yourself at home.
Originating from Ventrilo, Beatbox Talk made the next step to move to Discord in October of 2017, Beatbox Talk set out with a goal to reach new levels of the online beatboxing community. The server, now rebranded to Beatbox Community has over 25,000 members with many world renown professionals of the art. We host many battles a week ranging for solo and occasionally loop battles.
✰ ・ ⁺✦ * .
🏁 - Chill environment
🌙 - Low-mod ⋆ ⁺
💎 - Interactive bots . ✰
🎱 - Emotes *
🐤 - Join now! ⋆ ⁺ ・
. *     ⁺ . . ✦ ⁺
✰ . .
This is a fun dating server we do not allow +18 but if you still close to 18 you can join.
Were very care and work hard
Be kind & caring
le demon.

welcome to le demon! we are a k-pop server focused on supporting the k-rock band day6.

what we offer:
🍸 :: a safe space for anyone who joins! regardless if you like day6 or k-pop in general
📼 :: friendly staff in multiple timezones; there will almost always be 1 staff member on at all times.
🎞️ :: everyone here is accepted regardless of gender, sexuality, race, and religion.
🎥 :: free space to vent if needed. everyone here is willing to listen and even help!
💿 :: active chats with people talking all hours of the day.
🧟 :: an interesting aesthetic which will keep your eyes entertained whenever you enter the server.

• • • • •

server link:
recommended song:
server banner:
Are you ready to defend the stars? Well welcome to Star Guardian Galaxy! We are a small community of mainly League players, but that's not everything we do!
~Small but friendly community
~LGBT Friendly
~Star Guardians, duh
Welcome to moon juice . ゚✰
✧ we're a friendly chat server, formerly a anime/manga server. need a place to chill out and spend time? we're your ideal server (: ✧


✧₊chill staff
✧₊growing community
✧₊lots of popular bot games
✧₊several amazing emotes
✧₊open to partnerships
✧₊nsfw channels
✧₊anime/manga channels


✧₊a fun place to meet new people
✧₊1:1 male to female ratio
✧₊LGBT+ friendly
✧₊active Voice Channels to join
✧₊plenty of self-assignable roles, colors, etc
✧₊semi-toxic, be mature enough to handle it
✧₊looking for PMs

come chill with us ₊✧✰
⛓ 𝒪𝓊𝓇 𝐼𝓃𝓋𝒾𝓉𝑒 𝓉𝑜 𝓎𝑜𝓊!
A toxicity free wholesome environment with positive vibes to chill and pass time. Theres memes moosic, games, movie nights and a lot more. Meet lots of friends and have a gala time here!! Striving to create an active place and new people are super super welcome here, we are all from disboard! Its new and growing, be part of the og gang! So do give it a try, you wont regret going through the annoying captchas to come here :D
Nouveau !
- Join and meet new people!
- Enjoy and suggest new things to the server
- have fun with bots
- interact with a marketplace to sell your services.
- Ask questions, seek help for something, learn new tips and tricks.
Hey hey hey! So we are looking for crackheads to join our server. I don’t actually mean “crackheads”. We need some fun and we need some active members to keep our server alive.

Chaotic energy is welcome!

-Self-Assignable Roles
-Friendly Admins
-Bots (Mewbot too! *rip pokecord*)
-Fanfic/Editing Channels
-A *not so* Child Friendly Zone!
-Cards Against Hunamity
-More to Come!

13+ but all ages are welcome ig
We hope you join us and maybe even make some new friends along the way!

Also before you are completely accepted into the server you must wait a minute to receive your role.

(Please be advised that there are people who are adults or nearing legal age! This means that this server is mainly targeted towards 13+. People under the age of 13 are welcome but please contact us if you find something inappropriate. Profanity is used and there is also certain channels for things that may not be suitable for anyone under the age of 15. Channels in the No-No Zone are given to those with a specific role. To get access into this zone you must go through a “God/Goddess” or “Monarch”.)
:Heart_2: server speciality: :Heart_2:

:babish_dash3: sfw/non toxic
:babish_dash3: caring staff
:babish_dash3: lovely community

:sy_kawaiiMoonStar: rules :sy_kawaiiMoonStar:

:babish_dash3: follow discord terms/guidelines
:babish_dash3: no disrespect
:babish_dash3: no advertising
:babish_dash3: no racial slurs/homophobic content

:nitro: perks
:babish_dash3: custom emoji of choice
:babish_dash3: custom role DM owner
:babish_dash3: nitro booster role below trials
Hey there~ If you're reading this, please feel free to stop by and say hi :)

We're all super friendly and supportive community; if you're looking for a small place to chat with good company, this is the place for you ♥

♥ Ranking system
♥ Custom roles
♥ Funny emotes
♥ Support chats
♥ Fun bots and commands
♥ Wholesome people OwO

Welcome to the cafe and enjoy your stay~♥
The Kingdom is a community Discord server. The Kingdom has been an active server for nearly two years, filled with welcoming fun-loving people, and more:
Level up rewards for Activity roles (Tatsumaki support!)
Giftcard and Nitro giveaways each month.
An interactive casino with special obtainable roles.
Active and fair staff/moderation.
Gamenights in which the server plays games such as, Cards Against Humanity, and Jackbox Games.
Smash tournaments.
TheForsaken is a casual clan which includes a friendly environment, our main goal is to make friends, if you feel like making some friends be sure to check us out whether you're a clan member or not.
Dołącz do naszej małej grupki serverowej, a sprawimy, że już nigdy nie okiełznasz nudy!🥵🥵🥵

💙Na naszym discordowym serverze oferujemy💙
- miły i przyjazny czat
- swobodne rozmówki vc
- wyrozumiałą moderację
Nouveau !
❤ A chill community open for anyone to join~ Starting small and hoping to make it big. Come join us and let's talk anime and vibe to your favourite music! Hope to see you there~ ❤