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╭────╯🔥 Relax Society 🔥╰────╮
Salut! Iti voi prezenta comunitatea noastra! Avem o comunitate frumoasa si incercam sa aducem cat mai multe chestii noi si sa ne facem membrii sa se simta cat mai confortabil in comunitatea noastra!

Acesta este server-ul principal si este un server de social, unde ne cunoastem, socializam si ne simtim bine! Avem si cateva canale unde te poti juca cu prietenii tai! Iti voi mai spune cateva cuvinte:

🔥 Daca esti treaba acesta este server-ul potrivit pentru tine!
💯 Avem o multime de canale unde poti socializa!
🤖Avem bot personal!
📢 Organizam concursuri & giveaway-uri!
✉️ Invita cat mai multe persoane si vei avea parte de beneficii!
😂 Fun!
😯 Avem o varietate mare de emoji-uri custom!
🤩Te asteptam si pe tine!
Kingdom of Nerds is much more then a discord server. We are a movement that aims to create a more inclusive and accepting society for those considered outcasts by empowering them through mediums such as clubs and conventions in order to create a better tomorrow for both ourselves and for our children. So come join the discord hub of this movement and **HELP MAKE THIS WORLD BETTER** Everyone is welcome, and we want to see you here! Come one and all! Whether ye be Nerd, Geek, Gamer, Dork, Mad scientist, or knight in shining armor, you'll find a home here. We're open to any and all suggestions to make the Kingdom a better place. I hope to see you there!

***What we offer***
-Lots of self roles
-Channels to talk and hang out in.
-Plenty of fun bots to play with
-A mental health support section
-Server teams for competitive events
-A welcoming and loving community
So come join Kingdom of Nerds and help us become the best community out there!
Nuestro servidor de discord está dirigido a hacer amigos, y conocer gente.
Somos tolerantes con todo tipo de gente y comunidades.
Somos activos e intentamos mejorar el server constantemente.
Server for all things One Piece and Anime. Many fun personalities, games and bots present. Weekly events and more!
~family-friendly, sfw server that'd be happy to welcome you!~

°lots of interesting and funny channels to get to know others, have fun, talk, learn, simp, stan and many other!
°roles to meet your taste
°24/7 access to everything
°supervision through friendly staff all around the world
°many fun bots and functions for you to test

> join now! <
Welcome to our server(cult). Join for unrequested conversations about whatever, and see us bully our mods. We also support all of your bad decisions in life so we can talk about those too. talk or post about Gaming, Anime, Memes, Music, Vent or just banter with lonely members. But don’t join expecting a comfy server, you’re guaranteed to be bullied.
We have bots and a NSFW channel as well as a roleplay channel, and if you wanna vibe and just chill we got that too. If you like art, writing, etc, We have weekly contests!

We welcome you to our wonderful circus!
So this is a Furry server, we created this community for furries alike to make new friends and vibe! We have around 200 emojis for users to enjoy! This is the return of the “The Vibes” discord server due to it being deleted, we hope to re-establish it and create new memories for people all ages. We will revive it! Lets create a nice community!! LGBTQ+ friendly and anyone is welcome. If you have any questions or you want to help the server in any way, shape or form, please ask the staff! We are open to the communities ideas to help build our foundation. This server is basically a Democracy, you guys can vote in polls, and we can implement your ideas to the server! If you do join we hope you enjoy your stay, and have a great time! Just a quick disclaimer, there is lewd jokes and such so this server may be slightly nsfw but we don't tolerate nsfw content or images.

Bonjour à toi !

Tu cherches un serveur tranquille dans lequel tu pourrais te sentir bien ? Je crois que ce serveur est fait pour toi !

🔸 • La Galerie est avant tout un serveur communautaire dans lequel tu peux te détendre sans te prendre la tête !
🔸 • Tu peux y trouver des salons adaptés à tes besoin, et même demander à en rajouter un !
🔸 • Le staff est à l'écoute de tes questions, de tes besoins et de tes suggestions !
🔸 • La partie artistique du serveur référence une quinzaine d'arts, tu peux donc trouver ton bonheur parmi eux !
🖌️ • Présente nous tes dessins et peintures, digitaux ou traditionnels !
🎵 • Parle de musique et partage tes créations pour faire bouger le serveur !
🎨 • Trouve des graphistes ou d'autres artistes en fonction de tes besoins !

🔆 ✦ Exclusivité sur La Galerie : viens découvrir d'autres arts inédits, que tu ne trouveras nulle part ailleurs !
🎭 • Présente tes fiches et contextes de Roleplay !
🥘 • Tu es un gourmand ou fan de gastronomie ? Montre nous tes jolis plats !
🥻 • Tu aimes la mode et tout ce qui touche à la beauté ? Viens nous montrer ce que tu aimes porter !

Nous avons hâte de t'accueillir parmi nous, et espérons que tu trouveras ta place ici !
En este servidor podras hablar hasta cansarte, somo pro (LGTBIAQ+) tambien podras divertirte jugando a cazar tus personajes favoritos con mudae bot y haciendo muchas otras cosas como crear tu propia familia dentro del server. Esperamos que sea de su agrado y se diviertan lo maximo posible)
★ Dymensia ★

💬 ✦ Un serveur Communautaire actif en vocal et à l'écrit !
😀 ✦ Une communauté accueillante
🎮 ✦ Une catégorie pour les jeux vidéos
🏆 ✦ Des tournois avec du CashPrizee
🎉 ✦ De nombreuses animations et events
🤖 ✦ De supers bots tels que Mudae, Koya, etc...
🐼 ✦ Plein d'emojis pandas !
🎁 ✦ Des Drops et giveaways fréquents de NITRO


🌌 ✦ Vous voulez parler d'animes ? De jeux vidéo ? Et de votre meilleure raclette ?
★ Qu'attends tu ? Rejoins nous ! \🚀

🍪 En plus, on a des cookies !
No tienes amigos y quieres socializar?
Pues te presento *🌙La villa de culto🌙* .
es un servidor donde puedes Socializar y hablar sobre videojuegos,memes,etc.
En este server no hay toxicidad, Ademas pronto traeremos eventos muy buenos para divertirnos y pasarlo bien y si te interesa espero que la pases bien.(Si es formal la descripción es por que no sabíamos que poner)
(Buscamos gente activa)
Welcome to Kix Cereal 🥣

This server offers:

🥣 Chill Server

🥣 Tons of Memes

🥣 24/7 Radio Bot

🥣 Plenty of Fun Bots

🥣 Random Fun Stuff

🥣 Bot & Troll free

🥣 Level Reward System

🥣 Game Chats & Memes

🥣 Anime Chats & Memes

🥣 50 color roles & much more

NonToxic Server

Discord Server Promotion allowed in #server-ads only

Social Media Promotion allowed in #social-media only
Somos un server amigable y bonito, te daremos algunas razones para unirte.
1. Una nueva razón por la cual vivir
2. Un nuevo Dios en el cual creer
3. Una comunidad no toxica que te puede ayudar con los problemas de la vida
4. Apoyamos a los creadores como youtubers, dibujantes, artistas y cual sea tu pasión o pasa tiempo
5. El mejor youtuber que el mundo a visto
Así que únete pls, también tenemos server de minecraft, vc y among us. Todavía estamos empezando somos pequeños pero grandes de corazón.
sini join server kami santay aja main semua game member masih sedikit karna mmasih baru silahkan join dan have fun toxic boleh asal sewajarnya :))))))
Envy is a positive, fun community where members talk regularly and enjoy their time. We are striving to have an even bigger community and regularly do giveaways.
We're a newly formed commuity, don't expect a lot of chat. Just trying to form a chill community.
I don't really know what to put here so until I'm creative enough to come up with something we'd love for you to join us 🙏🕊️
Do you like Netflix? Do you like Discord? Do you like Discord AND Netflix? Then this is the server for you. We have so many things to offer so you can have the best Netflix and discord experience.
Some of the things we offer

• 2200+ members
• Self assignable roles
• Giveaways (including discord nitro giveaways)
• Many text and voice channels to chat about anything
• Hilarious memes
• MEE6 Premium
• Custom voice channel creator bot
• Fun interactive Bots
• Food Channel
• Server Events hosted by the staff team
• A leveling system
• Netflix Theory chat
• Netflix Recommendations chat
• Staff and mod apps
• Amazing server boosting perks

All of this and so much more. So why not come along and join Netflix Discord.
Here is the invite if you wanna join:
. . ⇢ welcome to tokyo's city! ˎˊ˗ ꒰ 🌃 ꒱
☔ Aesthetic Layout!
☁️ SFW and Non-Toxic Community!
🍬 City Themed!
🌱 Chat and Voice Channels!
⛩️ Available Partnerships and Affiliates!
💌 Self Promo Channels!
🎐 Available Terminals to Post Your Servers and Socials! With Pings!
🍓 Customize Your Roles!
🌸 Kind and Friendly Staff!
🍡 Looking for Staff, AMs, and PMs!
People da Madrugada é uma comunidade que tem o objetivo de juntar pessoas novas para fazerem novas amizades duradoras,para melhorar isso também disponibilizamos alguns recursos que de vão dar vantagem de conviveres aqui connosco , também sabemos que somos uma comunidade pequena que não tem impacto nenhum mas se cada um de vós ajudar sendo ativo no chat e tudo mais vai tudo se tornar mais fácil para o crescimento.
►🌍 Temos Muitos emojis
►💪🏽 Vagas para Staff

A place for you to chat about everything Formula 1, from your favourite driver, to live chat on raceday. We have everything you want (if there is something else you want then feel free to put it in #server-suggestions)