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Hey there! We are Cyber_Land and we had to create this new discord server, but for those who dont know us, we gather a lot of gamers from different games to talk to each other. We also have our own Minecraft Servers if you are into that, feel free to join!
Note: We have a verification channel, just before you can gain access to the main channels.

Hello everyone! We're an always evolving hangout/chill gaming server that also likes to do certain things on the side. For example: Minecraft, Warframe, Terraria and game nights (sometimes Live streams).

We do have a vanilla server for Minecraft, a clan for Warframe on PC, and a newly formed Terraria server (Master difficulty/Large). We're also very Anime, and Persona orientated.
Blackridge MC is a upcoming unique Post Apocalyptic Minecraft server based on the aftermath of a Nuclear War. With Clans, Quests, Guns, Massive Explorable Landscape, Treasures and More. More info coming on it soon. It will be a few months before it goes public but if you wanna follow development check out our discord.
Hello and Welcome to the vSyph Gaming discord server! Here we are a friendly community. vSyph gaming is ran by the supreme owner vSyph who is also a Youtuber, you can chat with vSyph give your video ideas to him chat with others and make new friends.
Elysian is a cozy, aesthetic server with a small, comforting community for users to share their ideas and meet new people. We have many channels with different topics to let you show your creations and express your thoughts to others.

› 〉 𝐰𝐞 𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫 ・✧˖°࿐„ ↴
a safe and friendly community
♡ * ·   ⊹ ˚ ·
active admins
voice channels
♡ . . *     *
aternos mc server (soon)
♡ ✧ ⋆ . ˚
and more to come!!
good morning, iam a big gay or idk and this server its full of shit, im just kidding this server its the best server in the world better than your friends, sorry for my english but this is the best server on discord bye.
We are a newly fresh community, that listens to players needs. We strive to make our server perfect with the best custom plugins. Our staff is friendly and we’ll be taught to respect all players. We are a growing community and will always have room for any player and each player will be treated fairly! Hopefully we see you soon! - Akimbocraft Owner, Junii
Hey there! Interested in joining our lovely wheat cult? Want to meet people who like Lunch Club, memes, minecraft, and anime? Here’s what we have to offer!

-An inclusive safe space for people of all kinds! We always accept furries, LGBTQI+, artists, memers, gamers, and etc. (We DO NOT tolerate racism, homophobes/transphobes, or negative people. As we are a safe place and want to ensure the well-being of our members.)
-Fun events
-Kind people!
-Venting/Confession Channel
-Art channel!
-Meme channels!
-Inclusive self roles!
-Fun bots!

We all look forward to seeing you!

Join here: https://discord.gg/32pEYmC
Just an all inclusive discord server to hang out and chill in. (16+)
We now have a minecraft server!
Общайся, играй, наслаждайся! Мой сервер был создан недавно, но надеюсь скоро обретёт популярность!
Oparia est l'un des plus gros serveur Publicitaire de France, alors viens tester le style propre et clean du Discord pour y mettre ta pub, et être vu par plein d'utilisateurs !
Créé le 29 juillet 2019, Minecraft Earth France est le centre de la communauté francophone de Minecraft Earth.

• Géré par des joueurs de Minecraft de longue date, vous y trouverez toutes les informations nécessaires sur Minecraft Earth ainsi que sur les futurs ajouts.

• Vous aurez aussi la possibilité de partager vos créations, de discuter du jeu dans un ambiance, douce et chaleureuse.
Grâce à notre équipe, nous essaierons de répondre au mieux à vos questions.

• Le serveur étant récent, nous espérons que vous nous aiderez à l'améliorer et à le faire connaitre en le partageant autour de vous ! Nous sommes aussi en train de créer notre site web !

Salut ! Aujourd'hui, je souhaiterais te présenter un serveur Multi-Gaming. Sur ce serveur, tu trouveras :

-⚔️Des Mini-Jeux (Pokémon, Loup Garou, un simulateur de caisses rocket league...) ⚔️

-🎮Des channels pour plein de jeux 🎮

-👮Un staff compétent et actif 👮

-📢Un channel pour faire ta pub 📢

N'hesitez pas à rejoindre, a bientôt 👋!
The Enatic Network is a young and youthful community that has a preference for open-ended and sandbox style games. At the moment, we possess a Garry's Mod jailbreak server and a supplementary Minecraft server with more to come in the future! To further engage our community, we host game nights weekly, so stick around and join us!
Alex's Community Server belongs to a Minecraft YouTuber named AlexOfficial, and has a friendly community, amazing staff, cool bots and levelling rewards. Even if you're not a fan of Minecraft or Alex's channel, stop by anyways.
Zapraszamy na serwer TownyTales!

Towny Tales jest geopolitycznym serwerem minecraft z rozbudowanymi dungeonami z prawdziwą mapą ziemi, pluginem Towny gdzie miasta i państwa konkurują ze sobą o władzę poprzez dyplomację i wojny. Zbuduj miasto, stwórz państwo i sojusze, zbieraj surowce, handluj i podbij cały świat !
Przypominamy o zbliżającym się konkursie, który odbędzie się na fanpegu i na grupie serwera !
Koniecznie dołącz do naszej grupy!
Koniecznie zaobserwuj i polub nasz fanpage !

Dołącz do nas i przekonaj się sam!
Work hard but always game harder. Come over and join the Offical Control And Conquer community!! CNC Welcomes you! This is an NA Server!
make friends make friends make friends make friends make friends make friends and also make friends
Welcome to CubTime; a child-friendly community with engaging gamemodes such as Survival, Creative, KitPvP, Skyblock, and more to come. With an active staff team and a booming community, we hope that you enjoy your experience here!

- Caring staff
- Fast-growing community
- Weekly events on our Server, Discord, and Forums
- Our custom bot
- A server you don't want to miss out on!

Forums: https://www.cubtime.com/
Discord: http://www.cubtime.com/discord
Server IP: play.cubtime.com
Come on down to castle coral! Where you can find freinds and chat with them You can also find squads duos and trios! So what are you waiting for mate? Dive in!
hi !!! so chillis is a new server so theres not many people but we still have a nice/fun community, a lot of bots, color roles and moreee so if u want join this server B)
Hey there we are PixelFrost the discord for a minecraft pixelmon server! We are early in development and could use players and staff. We have a community vibe and like to mess around, it would be a pleasure to have you!