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a fantasy rp school where all students have a superpower we call a move. this is a single move using an element, or a different magical feature. as you attend school, you'll learn a lot more about this power.
Welcome to Evalach Academy!
A high school, where you can roleplay as:
students or staff

We don't make problems about race's
You can claim your own dorm
ERP is allowed.

We are a small community but we are active and we hope to grow bigger!
We hope to see you soon!
Welcome to the Northlea Education Facility! Also known as NEF. The year is 2200 and the children of the future are needing to be educated. Of course, the typical maths, english, science and history stuff. Along side that though the school teaches the next generation on how to use their superpowers! Everyone is welcome to teach or learn
= = = Storyline
The server is a world full of people that cna utilize the forces of nature to protect themselves from mosters that appeared in our modern day. They now live on a man-made island and attend a special school to get ever stronger.

= = = What we have:
+ Staff Members
- A small, yet active staff team that is actively updated and has rules enforced on them.
- We are consistently willing to recruit new ones just in case

+ Roleplay Opportunities
- Plenty of channels and categories
- Many different areas
- Multiple factions and roles

+ Elements
- Being elementalists we have many elements to use
- From Flame to Magma, we have anything you can think of (And if we don't, you can ask for it to be added!)

Despair Academy is an action-packed RP server based on a sick plot. All characters are 'students' trapped in a school with no exits and no rules. Violence, gore, and deadly arguments are an everyday thing here. The dangers are plentiful, considering all characters have vicious and unique abilities to attack and defend with.
Oralchon is a world filled with magic and people that are able to use this power in the form of spells, artes, and many other ways.
Smerala, a continent in the west, is currently thriving because of a silk road that goes all the way to the far east, bringing exotic goods to the West.
However, conflicts like a war between two empires, one hating magicians and the other non-mages, a plundering horde from the steppes of the east, and the plotting chaos mages are a constant threat.

Then there is the Erkulum, a wizard academy in the country of Trastulla that teaches almost all types of magic and also started to accept students from the middle east not too long ago.
Rank up in various types of magic, learn a multitude of spells or artes and try to become a powerful wizard!

Who knows, maybe it will be Trastullian mages that help the world face off against its various threats?
Welcome ton Clover Academy of Magic, Made by yours truly, Foster!

-13 unique houses
-custom powers relating to the houses
-RP based community
-lgbtq+ friendly server
-custom emojis (in the future)

-and more!
“Sanctuary is often mistaken for an Institution, referred to as an asylum by civilians. This makes the fleshy mortals on the outside feel safer considering what resides within.
In truth, it is a Foundation, not only to contain and control the forces that seek to tear at fabricated reality, but to establish a safe setting for our residents to become members of society again, and perhaps even more…

Our residents… they’re unique. From the moment they were born they’ve had a mark on them, their every move watched. Only when a life changing event steered them into the arms of their watchers did they truly become the prophets of divine making.
We must adapt. They must adapt to the fate that has been unfairly thrusted upon them.

But perhaps our fates are up to the gods now?
After all, the residents bodies play host to the gods, play off their divine or not so divine abilities, living to fulfil the mission their gods set for them...

Let’s see how this goes, yes?”

✔️ Choose from any deity in the known world to be a herald of. Maybe even a couple of them. More info inside...
✔️ Or become staff and seek to control or embrace these newfound demi-gods. More info inside...
✔️ Set in moderately futuristic version of modern day society. Inspired by X-Men and the Avengers/Teen Titans.

What do we have to offer?

✔️ Creative freedom!
✔️ Friendly and drama-free staff
✔️ Active roleplayers
✔️ Consequences and rewards ic and ooc
✔️ Anti-raid
✔️ Drama and plot-twists
✔️ Incorporation of every member in the server, from suggestions to plots etc
A roleplay server that offers all kinds of adventure! Join this adventure to a still growing world with all kind of Monsters and Species. Includes up to 11 kingdoms! They all contain different types of species for both your enjoyment and benefits! Everyone is welcome!

Bots! Including Nekobot, Tatsumaki, four music bots and more!

A wonderful community that will be sure to greet and have fun with you!
Welcome to Sanhōkō!!!
This is a new server that was made a month ago at least so it will be extremely small so hopefully you'll stick around to see it's grow to a popular ones that are out there today. The server has a total of 31 members with 9 bots and 22 humans if you feel like you needed to know.

We offer
*Race selection
*Friendly Staff
*Friendly members for the most part
*And anything you feel like would make this place feel more like somewhere to be at.

Taste of the Lore
Life in this alternate realm of earth was the same as today but it being slightly different in time. World War II just ended between the human race for a few months now everyone suspected things would be more calm... but due to the deaths that were caused a more evil and deadly race came from the shadows.. or more to say from below. The Demons used the death's of the Humans to make more of their kind to attack the world above their's with the intent to take control of it, succeeding at first due to their overwhelming strength and surprise attack on them. Causing more death and destruction upon innocent lives, though with these the angels took this as a sign of war between them and the demons, using the innocent lives the Demon's took to raise their army to the same standards, attacking them from above. This action caused the first Race war between them.
In an attempt to create a united front for beings from various mythos to help them survive through this modern age of science and predominantly yet subtly Abrahamic belief, the major divine and semi-divine leaders of different pantheons agreed to help the Cross family establish an international academy and surrounding district which educates and houses a widely diverse population of persons from around the world. A peace has been established, but how long can it last? Join us in the Demigod & Legacy Academy to find out!
An academy made specifically for those with supernatural abilities!

What we offer for roleplay:
-An economy system that rewards students for improvement and effort!
-A ranking system from E - S, so you can climb to ranks of the academy!
-A measurement system used for measuring the power and potential of your characters!
-A lore that will be developed and updated with your actions!
-Events, a student council, clans, and more!

We've put in much effort to ensure the best experience possible, we hope to see you there!
this Is a server were poeple can have fun go to class battle with friends if your interested join
in this server people get to live In a city who have special abilitys there abilitys can vary from what ever you can come up with as long to op
this server includes:
-a academy
-a government
-personal housing
And we ask for creativity and just to have fun
╲⠀╲ ˚⠀╲ ╲
⠀ ╲⠀╲ ✿.˚ ⠀ ╲ 。 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
⠀⠀⠀ ❀⠀ ╲⠀⠀ ⊹ ⠀. ❀
⠀⠀⠀ ✦ ⠀⠀ ✿ ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ
↬ Laenielira ˊ- レーニエイラ !

───────────────── ·  ·  ·  ·  · ✦

A roleplay server that offers all kinds of fun! Join this server to experience a new kind of fantasy roleplay as it includes seven known kingdoms. They all contain different types of species for both your enjoyment and benefits! Everyone is welcome!

╭── :¨·.·¨:────────────────
╰─➤`·.. ❀ ; Here’s what we have to offer: ˊ˗

Friendly and helpful staff members that are there when you need them!

Bots! Including Nekobot, Tatsumaki, four music bots and more!

A wonderful community that will be sure to greet and have fun with you.

Art, rant, confessions, selfies, and more social channels!

Ten known kingdoms and an academy! Includes an economy which is currently work in progress but should be fully functioning soon!

╭─ A short excerpt from our lore:
╰───╮. . . . . . . . . .
│The war that was supposed
│to bring forth peace had an
│opposite effect. The seven
│kingdoms that once lived
│quietly caused tensions
│with one and another. Can
│peace be restored after this
│tragedy? What evil will
│sprout after the mess
│that was left behind?
Lore: The Blood Moon Academy was founded over 45 years ago by Honerva Sinclair, a safe haven for nonhumans, humans, and hybrids alike, the first integrated school to exist. 4 square miles of land have been provided for you to live, and learn the great willow tree the pride of the school stands at the center of it all. The school has seen many things in its years; war, depression, protesters, and famine. But it has survived and gone above and beyond making a proper safe haven for student and staff alike. Blood Moon Academy has an expansive learning archive with 4 buildings designated to the sciences, literature, maths, and magic’s, and two buildings for dorms, plus extra curricular activities are provided as well. So enjoy life at the academy, safe haven for all and shining star in the dark.

Here we welcome all to roleplay, chat, and overall have fun. We are a welcoming server with seasonal event's, along with fantastically accepting members, along with the freedom to roam and choose your own path and classes. So join in the fun and see how the academy treats you.

(please when joining take into account we are in the early stages of building the server, give it a chance and see how you like things in B.M.A)
Welcome to genesis! We are a WIP server looking for staff roles

(Although this is unneeded)
We have
-income system
-Fun bots
-Outter server chats
-Good staff
-Achivements and worthwhile to rewards!

Here's the lore
In the year 2157 earthlings have colonized most of the galaxy and for their next conquest they discovered an uninhabited planet that they named genesis. This planet was rich in materials and was earth like so of course they couldn't ditch it. But what they had in mind might've changes their mind before hand. After they made their departure from the colony ship. The inhabitants quickly colonized a continent of the planet. By 2165 the planet was fully colonized and to their contrary it was inhabited by strange creatures! But not all of it's history is good. The country of Kersuin declares nuclear war on Corwan. This devastated the land of the war field, including our rp locations. This left the land barren and both economies began to fall. Soon after that two armies arose. One hoping to unite the fallen countries and One striving to rule the land with a iron fist. These two militias are the Regalia and Strom detachment(WW2 reference if you get it). You are in the Regaliain army. Help us. With your qwerty and powers we can defeat the Strom detachment and bring back our mother countries! Together! For we are the Regalia. Planet's saviors, God's weapons.

Another disclaimer is that no. There are no cross country travel as it takes place in a patch of war land. Note also that everything is prone to change. Maybe in the near future I'll make a prequel rp that connects to this one about the Kersuin and Corwan war.

Academia is a roleplay in which you are set on an island in a fantasy world. You will be a citizen of the academy and explore all the corners of it as well as the wide world waiting. Shall you conquer and graduate? Or get consumed by it all?
Have you ever wondered if there was a place where one could go to be free from discrimination of ones social status. Welcome to United States, California, where the stage is set on a big town, hosting one of the biggest schools in the world, that accepts everyone, regardless of their social status. That being said, students still need to pass entry exams to actually get inside. This town is called Vrede, and it welcomes everybody. Vrede means ‘Peace’ in Dutch and is truly befitting of the name, as this place is very peaceful in terms of discrimination: Vrede was founded by a Dutch man, who immigrated here during World War 1, and wanted to create a place anyone can live in, he also created the school, Deronim Academy Which Accepted people regardless of their ethnicity or their social status. Since people's hidden talents were found when they were nurtured, this place soon became a great place which safely promised a heaven-land to those tormented by their social standing, but also providing a place for other people to come as well. It doesn’t matter if they were rich or poor, everyone is treated equally in the magnificent town of Vrede.
Maybe come down and take a look?
-Staff Team
Suchst du eine gute Ausbildung und neue Freunde? Dann hast du nun Glück, du wurdest nämlich in die Akademie der Vieren aufgenommen, die beste Akademie in dieser Dimension! :D

-ein deutscher Roleplay server
-nette Mitglieder
-sehr viel Spaß :D
You are no regular being. You are a lust being, you gain lust energy through sexual energy so you can keep your life going without problems. There are other ways of gaining this energy too. Watch your back when inside your the academy, danger is always around..
Welcome to the exotic academy.
-Academy Lore-

Long ago there was Demons and Angels… They all knew magic arts, they all hated each other. But of course, a demon and an angel fell in love. Soon after giving birth to a new race Halves, halves are half demon and half Angel. But neither liked it or thought it was theirs, so they cast it out into the world of Humans. The greater powers who created them didn't like that they had done that so it cursed them. The entire Demon race was cursed to only use One Type of Magic Each, The Angels were cursed to be forever bound to heaven, never being able to go to earth. Of course, Demons couldn't run free, so they had a building Constructed, 'The Academy’ to teach others how to use magic and how to use it properly. But some Demons were strong enough to use two Magics these were called sins. The Demons who could access any magic they want is Called a Deadly Sin, they can't die for they are cursed to walk the earth forever. But now the Academy is open to help those who want to use Magic…
»»——————Clearview Academy——————««

Clearview Academy was founded by Matthew Blossom in the year 1941. For years, it was passed down from generation to generation of the Blossom family. The academy was created to supply children in California with the ability to have a good education in a well-organized school. The academy, like most beginning establishments, started slow though as it grew so did the exam results. The results went from poor to overwhelmingly brilliant which brought in students from many different countries and nations as the academy payed for their flights.

What we Offer:
- Self roles
- Earnable roles
- Cliques and clubs!
- Bots for entertainment purposes.
- Friendly staff

What I Offer:
- Common sense
- RP Knowledge
- Your ability to have fun