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Come learn the art of magic at Evercrest Academy today! Magic is slowly being replaced by science, so we need your help to show its worth and restore it!
30 minutes ago

Welcome to Aegis Academy
Why should you join us?:
o We're a new growing discord server that revolves around roleplay.
o Nothing too complicated.
o No over powered characters will get pass our bio checkers.
o Our staff members are quite fun to be around, and there are spots open so you can be part of the team.
o Upcoming events that'll keep you active.
o No complicated ranking systems, you can defeat your enemies using strategy.
o We have memes
o NSFW channels for those who'd like to ERP.
o Our staff actually enforces the rules.

What is Aegis Academy?:
o Aegis Academy is a roleplay server created by @Alice (Aegis/Alice) in an attempt to make a simple, but better roleplay server.
o Aegis Academy revolves around supernatural humanoid creatures, that were hunted, but now they've found a place to go.

What are you waiting for? Join us at Aegis Academy!
47 minutes ago
Heyo! Welcome to the My Hero Academy: London Roleplay! This is an alternate-universe RP, with nsfw themes. So beware children! You’ve been warned!

This is an OC server, meaning no canon characters are allowed!

A demo of the lore, maybe it will further your interest in our server:

The Covenant of Villains: A criminal organization headed and fronted in London. They want to spread fear far and wide to each corner of the city, and spread evil to every corner of the earth, each having their own reasons for setting out on such a painstakingly evil journey.

Extractors: A secret society with one goal in mind: Harness the power of quirks into consumable forms of energy. They want to corner a market of consumable quirks and profit off of it.

18K Triads, an ancient organization starts back in China, which took root during the 19th century in London after chinese immigrated there and managed to continue it's growth in racketeering and many other illicit activities regarding gambling and loansharking.

The Apocrita Society: A collection of demented scientists with a common goal of studying and continuing the teachings of Sir William the Great Esquire of 1869. Sir William was responsible for creating an almost invincible genetic enhancing antibody that causes the host to obtain augmented strength, not normally obtained by practical methods. He was later diminished by a rival scientist, and the notes were hidden away. After many generations, a fruition of new villainous scientists have found the notes Sir William made, and are replicating the serum on unlucky test subjects. They treat Sir William as a God, branding the failed experiments as "one step further to God's realm." They release these experiments into the city, to wreak havoc and show the world only a small portion of Sir William's ingeniousness.
The Hunters: A vigilante organization known as criminals to the general public, formed to do the duty of a hero while ignoring the restrictions of a pro hero and working outside the flawed system, they're goal is primarily to fight villains and save civilians.

OYA Org. Private Tech Institution: A group of scientists directly working under Koya Toshiro, the smartest man in the world. They engineer new tech for hero's ranging from vehicles, weapons, and armor suits. This is the most technologically advanced company in the world, they have tech superior to military grade weaponry.
2 hours ago
Roleplay Lore: "Unrealistic" They said. "Only a myth" they told us. The society was taught the mythical creatures were only in stories. Only in books. Only our imagination. Well, that was years ago. We have proven the world wrong. Or... have we?

Ah Pheonix Academy. A beautiful, rich, hidden academy. It was built years ago, but was always hidden from the world. Magic. Mythical creatures. All these things are being kept a secret. Why? Only one person knew. Only the person who created these "rules" knew. Though, he is now dead. The academy is now in the hands of Mistress, but we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let's start with how the world was years ago...

Earth... A beautiful place. A place of wondrous creatures. Where everyone was accepted. Two years after they established rules, a "safe society" as they told us, chaos came. People were fighting, stealing, killing. Why? For the one thing that everyone wants. Power. Now, people did have power. They were called "The Flame Phoenix". These were people who were able to summon a Flame Phoenix. A very rare thing people could do. They had the most magic. The most information. The most power. They enforced rules. They created a society for everyone.

Soon, after fighting, and fighting, and hiding in fear of being killed, we were safe. We chose to hide those with power. We chose to kill those who broke our rules. We chose everything. Including, where to put all these people with magic. That is where the academy comes. The academy was first meant to be a hide out for those who had powers. Soon, it became a place to learn how to control their magic. How to become more powerful.

The academy is now years old, yet, looks so new. New students are coming this year. You guys are coming this year. How will your story unfold? That is for you to decide. You can follow the rules the academy gives you or you can rebel against it. Until then, Welcome to Phoenix Academy.

Lgbtq+ Friendly
Friendly Staff
Non-Toxic server
Leveling System
15 hours ago
You are no normal human, you are what is known as a lust being, you have powers and the ability to use magic but these are both powered by sexual energy, an academy was created to help lust beings grow and evolve their powers through sexual conquest and acts of lust, this is that academy, now you are one of the few people that can help keep the lust beasts at bay

Welcome to lust academy
17 hours ago
Animu Academy was initially created for gamers, but as our little community began to grow we expanded to include anime fans, meme lovers, text chatters, and we are trying to reach every lil corner of the interwebz we all know and love. Whether you need a ranked duos partner, want some new anime suggestions, or just want to make some friends because you're a cringey potato, Animu Academy is for you! Mini-Disclosure: We are a non NSFW server, we like to play nice but it's still a lot of fun. Anyone is welcome to join! :3
1 days ago
Enter a land of magic and knowledge, a land which fate is shaped by you, a land where nothing is truly impossible. Attend Radiant Hearts Academy, RHA for short, and train with other powerful mages and knights training to join the Magical Knights, a group that's goal is protect those who can't protect themselves. Or if you rather detsory as opposed to protect then become a villain and start a war with people like you! Shape the magic itself with the option to create custom magic!
2 days ago
*In 1987 monster started showing up out of the blue,some good some bad. Humans and monsters could never get along there was an increase of violence around the world. Fast forward to 2010,there are monsters and humans everyone,so monsters even looked like humans and everyone started getting along until out of no where,people were getting killed from the shadows,the lakes,the sky’s,from underground. No one was safe so Then in 2018 monster only colleges were built to help monsters focus and learn and fight back against the evil monsters but in 2026 we built a shield around one of the 47 last city’s and it kept the monsters out but now in 2079 the villains are coming back, there finding a way through the shield and we need you help to fight them,or join them. What will you do?*
5 days ago
When the world was young humans and monsters lived apart in two different worlds that ran parallel to each other hearing stories and myths of one another. But never knowing the existence of one another was true until about fifty years ago that's when it happened a young mage from the monsters world found a book the book of worlds. This book had the power to let you view other worlds parallel to yours or even travel to those worlds. But the stories say that this mage used the book for a different purpose with the power from this book he merged the worlds together making them in separable. The reasons why he did this are unknown him and the book were no where to be found. But after this combining of the worlds there was obviously some tension between the monsters and humans they were both unknown to each other expect in stories. But in the fifty years after the combination they did realize that if they were to continue fighting then no one would come out the winner. So after settling their differences a man by the name of cyrus green came and suggested the idea of a school for monsters to learn to coexist together with the humans. Why he chose the small town of Flick water is unknown but some say it's because he knows the location of the book and resides in Flick water.

Hello thanks for checking out my server and reading through that entire thing it's a lot this server is still very very new so just warning it might be kinda slow at first but that's why i need you so feel free to come and join teachers wanted.
7 days ago
Welcome to The School For Stars! You have been accepted! Come on in
7 days ago
Welcome to Kobashigawa Academy for Superheroes, a small school in Japan set up to help superpowered teens learn how to use their abilities and become the world's best heroes. Whether you want to be a hero, sidekick, or villain, this Academy is perfect for you!
15 days ago
Hello and welcome to True Love Academy!
I'm your principal and host, Honey TrueLove!
Here at our brand new academy, we offer a fun and mostly safe environment for all of our human/humanoid students and staff. We have a cafe, a pool, a graveyard, lounge areas, on campus housing, and lots of other fun places to see!
We encourage our students and staff to experience friendship, love, rivalry, and murder here at TLA!
You heard me right; I said murder!
And if you want in on the action, I'll be hosting a "fun" little event once we reach 25 approved members. Yay!
So register for your classes today and try to avoid expulsion and death!
Have fun~!
25 days ago
In this year of 2918, the world has become peaceful. There are now 2 leading factions, the Techno-Souls, beings of iron and tungsten. These Techno-Souls are the apex of human creation, the apex of androids. And the Beasts, creatures of natural disasters and elemental prowess. They have both Human Skin and Beastly Fur.
26 days ago
Silver Lake Academy of Witchcraft has multiple classes, open dueling, and a whole castle grounds for you to explore! We are new but fully set up. Come join us and start your journey to becoming a master witch, mage, or wizard!
27 days ago
A starting funny Roleplay server that needs members and gives everyone a warm welcome. We are a organised Roleplay server and our staff members have experience with controlling server, helping people and making people feel like home.
28 days ago
Magic has been a term to entertain and to intrigue the audiences of many across the world. However, throughout the modern eras of technology and ideologies, magic has been called fake, and a lie. Magic has always existed. It's the happiness and creativity you are able to emit, and the talent one contains. Magicians who are able to control that energy are labeled as extinct, and nonexistent. That is far from the truth.

Before magic became truly exposed to that of the world, many powerful magicians created that of a haven for the many others alike who roamed the globe. The magicians sought refuge in the haven, and many decades later, became an entire other reality; the ethereality.

World War 3 was inevitable; it was bound to happen. With the help of the nuclear violence of America and Russia, the world had been ruined. Countries all over the world were in peril, and there were few to no signs of life. Not even the bunkers protected the believers. Lives had been lost, and the globe was covered in disease, death, and destruction.

The magicians from the ethereality returned to the original reality, viewing the state of the Earth in distress. Together, the mass of magicians restored the nature and essence of the world, yet restoring the magical energy of the world as well. The world is in the magician's hands, and no matter how big or how small, you are also one of them. The year is now 2089, and from now and furthermore, this is the golden age of the ethereality. Welcome to the official academy of magic, mystics, and enchantments, the Ethereality Academy.
29 days ago
The City of Infinity. The year is 2045, and they keep coming. Monsters, machines, villains; we thought those things were just fables, stories to scare and entertain....but we were wrong. In the beginning is was nothing a few soldiers couldn’t handle; but after 3 years, things started to get out of hand. People were being attacked out of the shadows, from the skies, under the ground you name it. Our cities’ college made quick use of their students and taught them all they needed to know about how to fight the monsters. But soon things started to change, the hostility levels, aggression levels, etc continued to progress so we built a wall. A wall so thick and with a good height that it would keep out the monsters and machines and keep our people safe....we’re safe for now; but how long until the wall breaks?
32 days ago
A yugioh academy roleplay. Come and join this roleplay
51 days ago
- Basis -

One day, suddenly a human child in Malaysia was born with cat ears, a tail, and somehow, the ability to grow claws throguh their nails, then growing longer and sharper. Slowly, more children were born liek this, and some people even formed this in their sleep, at first, people thought it was an epidemic, but science couldnt explain it, they seemed to be growing fine, better if anything, having enhanced senses and an enhanced body.

- Features -

- Fair Staff
- Friendly Community
- Helpful admins and mods
- Original Lore
- A Maid Cafe
- You guys control how the rp goes!
51 days ago
Welcome to Imaginative Academy! The academy that promotes the idea of having a wild and awesome imagination! We have a well on graduation system with the help of the MEE6 bot! It is owned by ItxMarch#6008 and she is very active, they are also hiring staff members at the moment, event Vice Principals! Yes we are! So, why are you reading this anyway? Go join Imaginative Academy and become a Vice Principal!
53 days ago
Our server provides actual learning to those who desires, join us and learn together.
55 days ago
The Magic Academy! One of the newest magic schools out there, and one day hopefully the biggest! We have many classes, like destruction, illusion, creation, etc.
59 days ago
In a world in the threat of extinction only a few brave souls stand up to the threat of an alien invasion from a war seaking species. Pilots that control giant Mech suits battle out their days fighting a enemy of immense strength. Join the fight against the Araganics and save human and demons from the war to come.
75 days ago