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Welcome to Phoenix Academy, a prestigious school never seen by mortal eyes where children with magical abilities are trained. On your magical birthday, what power would you wish for? The choice is yours. Join now. Your school awaits you.
Welcome to EFORN ACADEMY OF WITCHCRAFT! You have just been accepted to your new begining. Come to the safe heaven an start your journey!
Welcome to Elfron Academy Of Witchcraft! We hope you enjoy your stay, along with the journey ahead of you. Be careful not to go into the Dark Forest...that has many consequences.
Enjoy your stay at the beautiful school castle, which is known for the best food, clubs, activities, and great teachers.

~ Yours truly,
Eforn’s Future Leaders of Wizardry
Dear Sir or Madame,

I am pleased to inform you that your child is hereby accepted to the prestigious Sir Ettlewoods Academy For The Magically Inclined. Please find enclosed a list of necessary books, class supplies, and uniform requirements. Term starts on 25th, Month Of Harvest, and we await your response by telegram or letter no later than the 20th, Month Of Earth. Your child will be boarding at one of our six Houses, and their caretakers will be one of our many excellent teachers, their families, and a team of specially chosen prefects. A school hand book shall be sent to you via postal mail soon. We hope to see your child at the start of this coming term!

*William of House Marlow.*
Master William of House Marlow
Sir Ettlewoods Academy For The Magically Inclined

Hello, and welcome to Sir Ettlewoods Academy For The Magically Inclined, or for short, simply Sir Ettlewoods. Here we hope to create a unique, adventurous enviroment for you and any character you may choose to make. Sir Ettlewoods exists in a completely invented world, with an in depth but simple to understand magic system, many countries and cultures for your character to come from, and a sprawling story of necromancy and dark summoned spirits that you may take part in as much or as little as you choose.

We are still a new server, so you have the chance to make an impact on the culture of this server and the world it takes place in.

If you are a fan of the Dishonored universe, Brandon Sandersons Mistborn, or the Grishaverse, then this is the server for you. I have taken inspiration from many sources, but I aimed to create a world similar to those three, eschewing the typically fantasy setting of a medieval period for a more industrial, Victorian setting instead.

If you do not wish to be a student or a teacher at the school, depending on what arcs we are involved with you may get a chance to be a character of any sort from around the world.

Whatever you choose, we hope to see you here at Sir Ettlewoods, and your company would be greatly appreciated. And if you do join, always remember the first tenet of Summoning. "Never bring up that which you cannot put down."
**Lore is currently in progress as it has been changed. We invite those to come and offer suggestions on how to improve the server!**

Hundreds of years ago, the world was peaceful and full of magic and life. People practiced magic and went about their lives as anyone would, that was until a corrupt person wielding a rare magic created the Pits of Darkness, 7 seemingly endless holes marring the surface of the planet. From these pits emerged the undead, trillions of wights and other undead poured out from the infinite depths of the pits. The world was quickly overun and divides. Very few Cities of the world were able to erect defenses against the undead before they were attacked. One auch city, Divinia, erected defenses of steel and magic. Within the confines of Divinia, a school to teach powerful magic users to combat the ever encroaching undead and ultimately, to seal the pits away. Many schools such as these exist across the world, all within the safe towns. Normal schools have a Student Council, these magic schools are ruled by a "Round Table" The strongest male and female students are the king and queen, The ace and Joker are next in line for King/Queen and are the 3rd and 4th strongest. The Jack is the 5th Strongest.
A couple hundred years ago, a school was built, no, a entire city. Up in the sky, away from humans who shunned us. They hated us because of our gifts, because of what we were born with and couldn't help.

But now, we have someone to thrive, somewhere to send your kids to control their powers. This The Fallen.
Dear Dragonet,
You are invited to join the prestigious ShadowHunter Academy.

If you wish to accept, click on the portal below to enter the front gates.

Happy learning!

__⏳_🔮_💎_❄️ ~' /\| |/\ '~❄️_💎_🔮_⏳___

___⏳_🔮_💎_❄️The Portal ❄️_💎_🔮_⏳___

__⏳_🔮_💎_❄️ ~' /\| |/\ '~❄️_💎_🔮_⏳___

~_-Headmistress M. Shuzen
This is a Roleplay Server in which students attend a magical school! It’s like an epic mix of Hogwarts, camp half blood, divergent and so much more! It’s pretty awesome.
Join a Roleplay community that actually cares. Make friends & run through a roleplay without issues. We have Waifu bot & Music bot as well. This will be a semi literate to literate chat. Some effort will need to be applied. 16 + server. Roleplay so far has been great we are very active! So come join!

This roleplay will take place in the city of Windhelm a city that has approximately 250,000 residents. This city is unique like any other it is said that this is the city where it snows year round for unexplained reasons. Some of the people believe that long ago an ice queen cursed this land so that it would snow year round to make people deal with the bitter cold. Not to say that all seasons do not exist in this roleplay, because they most certainly do. Just the weather is said to change rapidly here from hot to cold in almost an instant. This is a modern setting so the timeline or year would be 2019.
Welcome to heart academy! Join today and become a student or teacher at the school of magic Heart Academy!
Padris used to be a realm full of magic, wonders and beautiful mythical creatures. But now, it has been taken over by a seemingly unstoppable force of corruption, turning most of the living creatures on its lands into bloodthirsty beasts and has made survival nearly impossible. Every island on Padris is hostile, and the only way to combat against these dark forces is magic. Although, the magic users of Padris have been diminishing, and the sorcerers left couldn't possibly lead the fight on their own.

Which is why these remaining wizards founded Padrites- a prestigious magic school that teaches every sort of branch of the Padris magic arts. The school's goals are to train aspiring wizards to become powerful sorcerers, who will join the fight against the corruption upon graduation, and also preserve the magic of their realm. Because there are only a few in Padris who can preform the magical arts, they must find others who have magical capabilities elsewhere. Using dimensional magic, they have been able to come into contact with other worlds, which may have the students they are looking for. The staff now searches all sorts of different realms for students who have extraordinary magical capabilities, and would send invitations in the form of a golden scroll to anyone who is worthy.

And you have been invited.

If you would like a unique magic school roleplay experience, then this server is for you!
Padrites features:
-Possibilities for any type of character
-Quests of all sorts
-Competition between parties
-A friendly community
-A developed universe/school
-Many secrets to unravel
-And a ton more!
Come join us!

Note: You have to be able to roleplay at least semi-lit and be 14+ to join!
Exalaria is an academy magic school, where students learn to control their magic attracting unwanted attention, as the story unfolds exploring the world and uncovering a disastrous plot. Grow your characters, develop their powers and personal stories. Welcome to Academy of Exalaria!

-Develop your own story over the main plot of the server
-Make new friends and help develop each other's magic
```[★][Magic High School !][★]


<"This is Magic Academy!">```

```✵Mahou Academy

The academy for learning magic and your regular everyday subjects. The Location is Sapphire City, Leontius. It has a total of seven floors in all and is protected by a magic barrier that cannot be broken. The academy has a dorm building, where Corina, Sorana, and Indigo live. They have a cafeteria, a swimming pool, school lounge, convenience store, ect. The most famous place would be the training grounds, where every student hones their magic ability and their mana flow. The academy is run by Meledy Leon, the princess of Leontius.✵```

@everyone @here


``` ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃[★][FEATURES][★]▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃```


**【🛡 】▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬【🛡 】

🔷》👍 A Unique and Organized Server! 💯

🔷》clap A friendly community. relieved

🔷》😄 Meet new people and make friends in this server! 👋

🔷》 💖 A fun, friendly and none toxic environment where we treat @everyone with the respect.  🛡 ⚔

🔷》✅ Great Staff Team! You can even do the application to be one. ✅

🔷》❇ Ideal server for Roleplayers. 💯 😋

🔷》🏆 Alot of fun events! medal

🔷》💯 We got alot of things necessary for y'all! 🔥

🔷》👉 And there is much more! What are you waitin' for, come join us today, buddy! 🤗

Hello! Welcome to CPC’s Ministry of Magic. There is a School, Town, Shops, and loads of other areas for your character to explore!

We have our own character template sheet, that offers a variety of magical species for you to roleplay as! You can even roleplay as someone’s familiar!

Venture into different shops to buy wands, brooms, familiars, and sweets! These shops hold many quests you can do to earn gold! You can even adventure with your friends to mysterious places, far, far faraway from the town to do even bigger and tougher quests!

Consider joining today! -Ministers Cross, Phor, and Cooky
Dear Student In Question

I have Great Pleasure to inform you that you have been accepted into the great Phoenix Magic Academy, congratulations. The School has many resources and a large library for student and staff to reference. We have custom rooms depending on needs for students magic specifications, if you need such a room please submit a form. If you would like to spar with other students
we have a large stadium just for that, other rules will be elaborated when you get here to us. Welcome To Phoenix Magic Academy.

Your Principle Shepard
A friendly server with friendly mods. Join our server and read story explain you will understand everything.
To, Whom It May Concern

You have bee invites to attend Barthmos. This is because we have heard you have a gift, or a power that can be used to a full potential. You will be given a dorm to live in. There are pleasant students, and teachers. We hope for your arrival.

Sincerely, Owner of Barthmos

We Need Members! 😁

In this server you can create romance between characters, drama, and action! This server has over 20 places for your character to explore! You can also suggest locations and ideas to the server which the Owner might add For you to role play in! There will also be live events like quests, or parties!

👥Create Characters👥
🤝Friendly Community🤝
🔞NSFW Channel🔞
Come Join us and Role play your heart away.
Welcome to the Silvertongue University of Magic! Whether your a teacher looking to teach the next generation or a student looking to explore the arcane arts. The server is open to experienced and new roleplayers alike. I hope you check us out and I'll see you on campus!
The world is a bizarre place, as you know. People have developed these weird Marks and Powers, and this substance called Mana runs wild through the people. The tech industry is booming, and the titans leading them grab at control whenever they can. Cults march in the night, their experiments for darkness unknown but terrifying. People fight, people hate. Yet somehow, you keep hope. You use your Power responsibly, even if for chaos. And someone, somehow, sees the good in all of this, and the good in all of you. And that's why you were chosen.

#You Have Been Invited to Attend St. Zoelyn's Academy#

St. Zoelyn's Academy is like a magic school mixed in with futuristic tech, cult aspects, and bits of Soulmate AUs. We are a new, small server with only a few staff, and if you could give us a shot that'd be great!

You receive a letter on your bedside one evening, inviting you to attend a rigorous academy ready to hone your magic to fight against the tech giants and the cults. Will you become invested in friendship, power, corruption, chaos? All the choices are yours!

#We Have:#
1. Nice staff
2. Lore and events planned
3. Chats for memes and pics
4. Easy to complete character sheets
5. A relatively open world for you to develop an OC
6. A generally friendly and hopefully active environment.

#We Hope to See You All Very Soon!#
Enroll in Mahō Academy today!!
We're a welcoming server and would love for you to come and join!
We have staff, Alphas, and great people!!
So come on down!~
Welcome to Gromiara Academy, a school for the magical children and teachers combined.

The school holds many unknown secrts that you can learn or find out. The school is held accountable for keepingnsecrets from it’s students, but nobody had cared as long as they got their scholarship and learned how to use their powers.

Dig up the secrets for yourself, learn more about the truth in the roleplay, and have fun with others whilst doing so.

【 Secrecy of Many 】

30 years ago, an unknown outbreak had rose out and infected thousands of people. Some people had died whilst others lived to tell the story about the outbreak, and their powers.

Nobody knows how the outbreak was caused, nobody knew where the magical people had went when they had suddenly stopped using their magic for good or evil, and nobody knows what happened to the man who praised it all and had disappeared shortly after the bill was passed to ban all magic. This included magicals not being able to use the power they own.

In the current date, March 27th 2039, a school was built on the sacred lands of the magical life force from the gods themselves. The school held a purpose of teaching those hiding out or just being born with their powers and not learning or knowing how to control them at all to control their powers, their might, and their strengths. After the school had finished being built it was given the name Gromiara Academy.

Gromiara was a secret school, a nice and fun one at that. With many activities to learn and many things to do with your powers everything just felt normal right off the bat. The normality of the powers being used had started to fade however after the tragic and unknown cause of a student’s death. The student was pale, their eyes were a milky white, and their mouth seemed to hang open as if it was screaming to be saved. Headmistress Elise had investigated this matter for a bit and closed to school to prevent anymore possible deaths.

After months of the school’s closing, Headmistress Elise had finally opened up her school and welcomed all magicals to learn and create what they wanted. It finally felt safe and had a nice learning environment to it. She was happy that she could finally bring this secret school back, and welcome all new students or professors who are willing to teach or learn. Though many secrets were buried in the ground below, some may find them in the books inside of the library shelves.
Sotvol University is a school of magic.

This school offers many branches of magic, including necromancy.

There is also a small town right outside.
Just don't go looking in every nook and cranny.
A new fantasy roleplay that takes place at a well known school of magic. Submit your own characters each with their own unique form of magic. Check it out for more details. pls join.
Magic Academy! This server is a College for Magic users and magical creatures alike. We treat each other like family in here, so don't be afraid to come in and say hello, alright?

•OCs welcome! Don't hold yourself back.
•Fairytail and other anime characters are welcome.
•Otome game characters are welcome, including those of horror games.
•Creepypastas are welcome.
•Be kind and respectful to other Muse Admins.
•No NSFW channel.

We're here to have fun, make friends, and create new stories! Please, come share your world with us! ♥