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Crime and Injustice is a roleplay server set in the fictional Oregon city of Ravenwood, in a world not too different to that of Watchmen. After metas and other powered folk started appearing in the 1980s, the government decided to cover it up. Now it's happening again, and they're helpless to stop it in a digital age - for the most part. Occasionally, they send hunters after the worst of the worst. Be anything from a regular ol' civilian to a supervillain, or a vigilante, a government operative or a superhero, or even a meta hunter. It's your choice in Crime and Injustice: A Superhero RP!


We're not particularly bothered about how literate you are so long as you're not an awful human being and your rp is something closer to this:
Arsenal fired off a few more rounds of his G-18s before holstering them, letting out a sigh. "Hooboy, that was... certainly somethin'." He mumbled to himself.
than this:
im gna murder u!!! raaa *instakills no dodge no miss*
Hey all, this is a superhero RP, where you can create a character and roleplay with others in a school of super powered teens trying to find their place in the world.
**Slowly more people around the world are born with abilities and powers. Crime has gone up, and the governments everywhere have yet taken hold of the situation. Scientist are still trying to figure out the cause for the influx of this next stage of human. As for now, most governments have decided that the only course of action at the moment is the make using powers illegal in public spaces.

Soteria's School For Gifted Youth started off as a safe haven from those who didn't understand the ‘freaks’ with these strange abilities. It quickly became a school as most of those who were in need, were kids who ran or don’t understand the abilities they have. Some of these kids are those who even the government does not know what to do with them and sends them to school as a last resort. **

We are a growing RP group, always looking forward to meeting new members. Don't be shy!
Welcome to Mystic Academy! In this academy, you’ll be learning how to do an abundance of things with your power, from learning combat to studying the origins of your power. Every month you’ll learn more and more things about your power and eventually, you’ll be a master; but think, will it be a calm academy for gifted people or a place full of mystery, drama, and action. You decide...
Kisin's Institution of the Newly Possessed is a highschool roleplay about troubled teens given powers by cursed animals from the underworld. Hunted by angels and guardians of light, the teens are faced with two choices: die, or accept the protection of Lucifer, a fallen angel. The roleplay is somewhat satirical in nature, being purposely edgy, so expect cool epic fights with excessive violence as well as the typical shenanigans you might get from a bunch of teenagers given random superpowers. The occasional teen might be good, but a lot are going to be evil or emotionally volatile.

We're relaxed, but do expect some level of literacy in the roleplaying - at least a sentence or two. The server is run by me, and has been a pet project of mine for a small while. It's finally ready to see the world. It has a progression system of sorts, allowing the ability to increase how strong your power(s) are, or gain extra powers. But this is more of a side thing, a little bonus to let you feel like you're getting stronger. The main focus of the roleplay is on the large overarching plot.

In short, we have:
>Multiple channels for different locations.
>A points and shop system, where you can buy in character benefits. Points are accumulated from roleplaying. Bonus points are awarded for good writing.
>A rudimentary stat system to encourage character development and progression as well as supporting the writing.
>Efficient and effective auto-moderation.
>Designated writers to help GM and add to the world. You can join them if you wish.
>In-depth lore that's steadily being expanded.
>Various useful custom made commands to help assist the server.
>Fight Rules and a system for judging them to fairly decide the victor of in character disputes.

So, why not stop on by. Embrace your inner teenager and create the coolest edgiest character you can devise. Or, maybe try fleshing out a creation with a lot of depth to see how they flourish.

- Dabony#3976
👋Welcome to the Cities of Solstice! This is a BRAND NEW, kingdom based roleplay, where you can roleplay as an oc with special powers! You can join factions, become a literal god, make a character in one of the five classes, and much more!
There are three factions to choose from- the kind Maroliam, the vicious Skarak, and the lustrous capital of Solstice!

The factions lived together in harmony, trading and combating each other to sharpen their swords and gain experience.
But there was once a fourth faction, who dominated the cities of Solstice with an iron fist. But a strange force had swept the city, wiping out the dominating faction in a wave of uncontrollable fire.
The city of Solstice quickly snatched power at their downfall, using their great numbers to seal the force away for thousands of years.
But still, the force stirrs. Roused. Hungry for vengeance.

🌟What we Offer🌟
-Lots of different roles and unique powers to roleplay as!🔱
-Organized roleplay channels and active role players!✅
-A friendly, non-toxic environment, who will be there to support you!
-Rich and extensive lore!📖
-Many fun bots to play with, and a future currency system!📀
-And so much more!💕
We’re excited to see you here!
Welcome to the Battle Between Universities! You're in 담힌 City, the hub of education for the minority of the world's population with special abilities, dubbed "Influences" by the general population. Here, two rival campuses will face off in a multitude of competitions, all the while teaching its students and setting them up for future careers, regardless of whether or not they wish to apply their Influences in their fields or not.
Welcome to ✰ Homebound City!

A newly designed work-in-progress server that accepts all levels of roleplay, inexperienced or experienced. One of our settings takes place in a high school where individuals are trained to develop, control and promote prosperity. Another and the main setting is the city where rogues, hunters, and all kinds of different types of people walk about.

Our community offers the following:

• 300+ Zones to RP in (and more coming!)

• Character Approvals can be done either in the approval channel or in 2 Admin's dms!

• No character limit! Go wild with your imagination! There's a specific channel to where you can list your approved characters down.

• Active staff to monitor on the server and is willing to serve its members to its best.

• Color Roles~

• Random occurrences of disasters when RPing. (Admin controlled)

• Takes user suggestions seriously.

• Community takes part in crafting the lore of Homebound!

• Dorms / Apartments / Houses !

Our community is still developing and growing, so join now with you and your friends!
Welcome to The Warp Universe!
You may rp but also erp in some channels of the server. Every species is allowed, and we also make a lot of events, and are open to every suggestions !
So please, feel free to join us, we are an active community which love to meet new people!
The Warp Universe was created by Valentine Valhalk, The Warp Mother, and Drahk Valhalk, The Warp Father. The Universe is created up of, chunks from other realities that come and rarely go.

The Warp Mother And Father creates this place to be diverse, though, fights do happen. There are place to view and places to avoid from the forests of veluvia to the necromorph infested areas.

The inhabitants are often from different universes. Many people from tons of different timeline universe eras come here through. The inhabitants are often from different universes, unknown means to all but some is known to Valentine and her husband.

There is so much you can do here, you can start and have a family, or you may have a solo life. You can make new friends and you can make potential enemies, what ever your heart desires!
Welcome to Harmony Lab this a new Roleplay server so we’re hoping to get big soon.

The Year is 2150 and the recent discovery of monsters had shocked the world. Although they have integrated themselves into normal human lives they continue to harm human kind for their own needs. Countries started to take some of these monsters and started to experiment on them and collecting data so they can use for their military and such. Belgium did the same thing and captured a few monsters of different species and put them in a lab to be studied and researched for military purposes. Funded and kept quite by the government so the laboratory could work in peace without intrusion. The lab itself couldn’t be seen by drone or aircraft as it’s location was hidden deep in the forests of Belgium to avoid random people from finding the entrance. The Laboratory also makes the monsters wear a special collar to suppress there powers so there not dangerous and easy to contain.

We have a friendly staff who help with any questions
We have a wide verity of species to choose from
Like I said up top we are a new server and looking for fun and active members to have fun

-Staff Applications
-Fun Bots
-Active Staff
-revived (reset)
Aspya is a world none other than our own. This world is filled with magic, and mystery. There will be heartbreak and tears, sickness and death. But there will be friendships to be made, adventures to be had, and it’s all down to you. What will you do first? ・゚゚・。

The kingdom of Ulna, ruled by our king Hugo lll, is an extensive kingdom with lots of housing, markets and plenty of other areas for you to explore!

What are you waiting for? C’mon!
Welcome to Evalach Academy!
You may rp but also erp in some channels of the server. Every species is allowed, and you can play as a teacher, a student, and even a civilian with a job ! We also make a lot of events, and are open to every suggestions !
So please, feel free to join us, we are an active community which love to meet new people!
Based in the future around the year 2053 after a catastrophic event had occurred causing the planet earth as we know it to change, god’s, demigods and demons had suddenly became real no longer myth and legend started causing chaos though the planet.

It wasn’t after some wars and battles everything had settled down to normal all kinds of races and species had been born living together in harmony kind of as there were still some small skirmishes in regards to who rules the world, but at the moment it was run by a council organised by many races to keep the peace.

The Evalach Academy was one of many academies to be born just to cater for students who had and didn’t have abilities as normally they would be segregated. It was a disused flying fortress that had been anchored to the ground next to a small town were students would visit to get groceries or take a dip in the hot springs.

As the Academy is to help students advance in study, there is also a training center that is used for students who want to practise combat but at their own cost as the training center is full of real monsters, this is for the more advanced students that want to advance in combat and join the army.
👋Welcome to the School of Unfamiliar's, a school built for those in the world...and off...with special abilities.👋

This school sits in what some would call a multiverse. In the universe, the Veil is a magical blanket that covers up thing's that would seem paranormal to the human mind, or simply too much for humans to handle at once. However the Veil has collapsed after centuries of strain, and now all are exposed. The School of Unfamiliar's was built not long after, a safe haven meant to teach these kids and some adults to control their powers and protect one another. Now it leads the world in producing superheroes..and villain's... for the world(s)

In this server We offer
-Powers and Aliens from the DC world
-Powers and Aliens from the Marvel World
-Greek Demigods
-Egyptian Demigods
-Norse Demigods
And so much More!
This is a fledging roleplay server. It’s a world where some people have powers, but must conceal them to hide from the hunters who attempt to kill them.
Welcome Child of Man~

Virtuous Monastery is unique in the fact that it is a sister to an already successful server, where we will be working in unison with in terms of timeline and a number of events. We created this out of love for extended lore, self-sufficient roleplay, and a need that would only be satisfied by exploring the other half of this story we've created.

We invite people that can reflect this love and can show their appreciation with Para to Multi-Paragraph posts that focus on Character Development and display a strong understanding of grammar, spelling, and organic progression; But not extremely offended by those still learning, practising, and developing their style. Writers who aren't too hung up on the speed of the writing, but recognize and encourage quality of the stories that will be written. If you are as interested in where both the overall and personal stories end up, you will be perfectly welcomed here.

The staff has created an intricate and delicate playground for those who are like-minded in these same aspects but also encourage the incoming members to make their own personal stories by using our setting as a prompt. The objective is for the members to rely on each other primarily, bouncing off one another to create wholesome relationships, healthy rivalries, and most importantly interesting stories that give the server real life!!

St. Raphael will teach you patience, mercy, and kindness while St. Michael will always remind us that the evils must parish for the good of Man. If the checks and balances continue to deteriorate, Satan - Lord of Demons - will gain ground in whatever nefarious plans he has and that only spells out the destruction of the world. Your family will never be truly safe while The Prince of Darkness remains!! Michael needs your help to destroy The Root of all Evil and his minions: No matter the cost.

In short, we have:
>Multiple channels for different locations.
>A points and shop system, where you can buy in character benefits. Points are accumulated from roleplaying. Bonus points are awarded for good writing and participation in events.
>A rudimentary stat system to encourage character development and progression as well as supporting the writing.
>Efficient and effective auto-moderation.
>Designated writers to help GM and add to the world. You can join them if you wish.
>In-depth lore that's steadily being expanded.
>Various useful custom made commands to help assist the server.
>Fight Rules and a system for judging them to fairly decide the victor of in character disputes.

So, why not stop on by. Embrace your inner Paladin by creating a character Blessed by God and join the Holy Fight against Evil Incarnated!!
In the year 1963....A team of unlikely allies would join forces to stop a villainous being. However this would NOT be there last time together, the soon vattled other villans.....these hero"s where known as...**The Avengers.** This story has been retold many times in many one of them.

The year is 2030, the new avengers are seeking more superheroes and villains are growing we need your help to defeat them, join the avengers or help the villains
A new RolePlay sever
A high School for people with powers to train to use them. Everyone in this world was born with a power deep inside of their soul to be unlocked by training. Kings/Princes were the first to unlock. So a monarch is anyone trained to unlock and use that power deep inside themself. This school is ranked number 2 in all of America so, once a year students participate in trails with 2 other schools. The school does not discriminate for your goal even if you want to uses them... for bad , the goal of going to one of these schools is to go to a Monarch College so you can become a Monarch Knight someone who defends the people... like a hero
Dear Mr/Ms. [Surname],
We are pleased to inform you that you have been invited to attend Angelina’s School for the Strange.

Why have you received this letter?
Students who have been identified as Strange, Unusual or Gifted are invited to attend Angelina’s School for the Strange to learn how to use their abilities, and know that they are anything but alone. We praise ourselves for our diversity, attention to safety, and school spirits (not spirit, spirits). Angelina’s School for the Strange is the number one school for nurturing such students in a safe environment.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Yours sincerely,
Angelina Nicholi Morphus
Brand New Server
Array of Roleplay Locations (30+)
Specific NSFW Channels
Unlimited potential for Characters
Master List of Greek, Roman and Norse Gods for Reference
Make whatever character you'd like!
Simple Lore
Great Staff!
*16+ RP server*

Welcome to NOVIS!

We are glad you have come with us in order to learn how to control the abilities you were born with or have acquired over the years. You were chosen by us to follow our new and improved training program. At our facility, we will prepare you to become a model citizen of our beautiful society. This means you will be able to become a part of the society again you were taken away from.

At the end of our training program, we will promise you a few things:
• You will either be a part of your society again or you are offered a position here at our facility to use your abilities in order to
help out our society
• You will know exactly what kind of behavior is expected in our society
• You will control your abilities to make sure you won’t endanger the people around you anymore
• We will make sure once you go back to the society again, you will get a house and we will help you with finding a job to provide for
yourself and your family
• If you are offered a position here, we will offer you a house nearby the facility

The duration of the training program varies among our participants, also called the Chosen Ones. Since every Chosen One has a different background and different abilities, we cannot immediately determine how long your training will be. We want to ensure you have had enough training and are able to fully control your powers to make sure you will not be a danger to yourself and the people around anymore.

We hope you will enjoy your time here at NOVIS and we wish you good luck with following our training program.


NOVIS: The Facility for the Regulation of the Extraordinary and Supernatural Beings, is a dystopian RP server, where the people who are different from the 'Normal' people are stuck at a training program in order to keep the society safe.

The people who are picked by NOVIS are called 'The Chosen Ones'. They can be (partly) supernatural beings or they are basically humans with some extraordinary powers. NOVIS has seen the powers of the Chosen Ones and thereby, the Chosen Ones are forced to follow the training program of NOVIS.

The Chosen Ones are being trained and monitored by the 'Caretakers'. They run the program under Doctor Johnson's supervision. The Caretakers are either fully human or they have followed the training program themselves and were offered a job at NOVIS.

Feel free to take a look at the server and decide whether you would like to join or not :)
City of Superhumans

City of Superhumans is a server where you can become whatever superhuman you would like, whether that be a superhero or a supervillain. This server offers a wide range of possibilities for people who love superpowers and magic. (We are new, so if you want to help the server grow that would be nice.) We offer:

-A wide range of powers
-A simple character creation process, as long as you follow the rules.
-A place to have fun and satisfy your supernatural needs
-A nice and helping community
-A place to let your imagination run wild

Will you be join the City of Superhumans?
200 years after the events of Naruto, This Generation was called the fallen generation. The number of rouge and drop out ninja has increased dramatically. Smaller villages are being attacked and plundered by rouge ninja. The main villages are having a rough time getting everything under control. Some ninja from the 5 main villages decided to create their own village in hopes to help protect the citizens of the smaller villages with the help of the big 5 villages eventually becoming the 6 great villages. The Akatsuki are growing in numbers and strength, fallen clans that were killed off are returning to power, Rogue ninja and bandits alike are growing stronger and growing in larger numbers by the day do you have what it takes to help protect your village?
This role play server is based off multiple tribes, good and bad. Each has a different power some even allow people with none. Their is multiple different places to role and different ranks within the tribe! Of course, you don't NEED to be in a tribe as we also allow your character to not have a tribe! What's also different as the server isn't based in the past. Its actually in present! So there is cars, phones, guns, etc. So for those who don't want to be in a tribe you also have a whole town to explore! But be carefully to not venture to far into the woods where the tribes live...
When the cities collapsed, everyone thought that was the end. The disease had wiped out almost everyone. Many died, from that one illness. It came out of nowhere, suddenly people started just collapsing. No signs of sickness before. After thousands, hundreds, millions collapsed everyone expected the illness to spread. But no, it didn’t. The illness never arose again after that, though all cities seemed to collapse. The buildings remaining standing, but everyone in them being gone.

The year is 3020. The future. The cities were built to stand forever, the electricity staying on and the world remaining full even after all humans were gone. After the virus, this fact remained true. The virus became to be known as “The incident of the Sun.” Not many know what caused this incident, and it mostly still remains unknown to this day.
-- --
𝒲𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝒹𝑜 𝓌𝑒 𝑜𝒻𝒻𝑒𝓇?
- Semi-literate, to literate roleplay
- Several social channels, from just chatting to chaotic quotes
- We accept all people, as long as you follow the rules~
- NSFW Channels, RP and Casual
- Several bots, like but not limited to; Rythm, Yggdrasil, and Miki
- Worldbuilding channels
𝒲𝑒 𝒽𝑜𝓅𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒽𝒶𝓋𝑒 𝒶 𝓌𝑜𝓃𝒹𝑒𝓇𝒻𝓊𝓁 𝓉𝒾𝓂𝑒
The Alloes of Aldair is set in the world of Aldair, where people have a myriad of different abilities. In a world like this crime rates are very low. Why? Because heroes exist. Not only to fight the villains, but to ease the everyday citizen's mind. Many different institutions were ctreated to help combat this rising evil. But what happens when the villains make a school of their own?
(Although the primary focus of the server is it's schools, civilian type characters can be made.
Spectral Academy is a roleplay server dedicated to helping you express your artistic side when it comes to character creation. You can apply for almost any power you’d like here. We encourage you to be creative about it! Come roleplay with us!

Lore Synopsis: Magix has been seeping into the blood of mortals everywhere blessing them with untold powers--but this power came with a curse. Various illness and disease spread onto a once perfect human society. In 1958 a secret device, the Donome, was created. The device helped control the curse placed on the affected mortals, now known as MGs. Shortly after its creation, the device was placed in a school--known as Spectral Academy--to help MGs control their new found power.