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A brand new, small RP centered in the Marvel Universe for people who like rping as popular Marvel characters. Help our rp grow by joining and claiming anyone from Captain America to Doctor Doom, join now for a shot at becoming a mod to an up and coming server!
Year: 2019
Place: Blackrock Bay, United States

Taking place six years after an event known as The Traveler's Prophecy, roughly 5 percent of the world's population has some form of super power. Some choose to hide them, viewing themselves as monsters. Others do nothing at all and live normal lives. However, for those truly willing to step into the fray, they embrace them. They become the icons of tomorrow as heroes- protectors of mankind. Or, they fall. With any light comes darkness. A natural balance to the world. These people, these villains, fight against order and what is right- for reasons only they know.

In the wake of the Traveler's Prophecy, certain key cities have sprung up around the United States as gathering points for those with super powers. Idyllic metropolises protected by the super-powered elite or hubs for the denizens of the underworld? Only time will tell. These are the tales of Blackrock Bay.
Welcome to Young Justice: A New Age! This is a ooc roleplay server for all the fans of the DC Comics show. This roleplay takes place after season 2. This is our own season 3 with our own characters. The story is that metahumans are popping up all over the globe for no explainable reason, yet. The Justice League has been sending these metahumans mostly to the Young Justice team to help train these future heroes. But some metas have becoke evil and work with villains What path will your meta choose?
Live in DC Worldwide as a superhero, a civilian or a villain! Original characters are welcome too, as long as they can fit into the plot. Talk to our administrative staff for recommendations on the character you might take up, post a character sheet for him/her. Once approved, you'll be able to view all the RP areas.

Novel formatting required.
Rating level PG-13 which includes some gore, light cussing and scenes of romance.
We are a server dedicated to Gotham! We rp and talk about the series!
We are a server about Marvel and DC, We roleplay a lot and talk about both companies We have serious and funny talks!
Hello and welcome! Here you can talk about Marvel, movies, comics, games, and more! Join our community today and help us grow!
JLUnited is a literate/advanced roleplaying group meant for those 18 years and up. Our plots and character creation are primarily focused on the forum, but we have a significant discord roleplaying area too. We can be considered an AU Marvel & DC roleplay, and we accept most canons as well as original characters!


Courage, Truth, Justice. A hero in the face of adversity is unmistakable for anything else. But when the world faces drastic and terrible changes, will heroes be enough? Can the champions of the world rise above and triumph in the face of insurmountable odds, or will they crumble under the force of their own differences? As darkness begins its march within and without, only time and Fate can truly tell.

JLUnited is an AU Marvel and DC Universe Roleplay. Worlds, times, and fates have collided, and a brave new world has emerged from the ashes of the old one. Play your favorite canon from any timeline or universe within DC or Marvel, from any point in their history, or plunge into the fray with an original character of your own. We have no word count, playby requirements, or activity checks, and many open canons! We also include roleplay on both our forum and in our more relaxed Discord Server.

Come join us today, and help shape this ever changing new universe-- breathe fantastic new life into it, or become a part of the bloody war against this world's corrupt. Whatever the choice, the fate of the JLUniverse is in your hands!
This is unlike the common DC roleplay chats, as DC:NF provides a VERY different lore & background. Having bridged off of a former chat, we are now reviving the story with this new one.

We simply ask to give it a try, don't expect to play Canon-Characters, rather... Join in and create your own custom. We are very open and willing to help balance out any/all characters. Only, please do try to cooperate with us.

We prefer to have Advanced and Literate Roleplayers, or those with background. But we are willing to help others learn! Despite any troll reviews, I do ask you to give it a quick try and not turn the other cheek, so quickly. Thank you for your time.
Welcome to DC Roleplay! We have an amazing level up system, daily quests and teams, amazing roleplay channels like Gotham and central city, and no complicated character forms! We also have NSFW, events, hobbies (part of the leveling system) that give you special abilities, and great members and staff! So go ahead and join this amazing roleplay today!
Roleplex is a Server with friendly members, friendly Staff and some Cool Features. In this RP Server you can be any Marvel or DC Character you want or even create Custom ones! We hope to see you soon!
Welcome to our roleplay server! This is based off of uru-Chan on Webtoon’s comic, UnOrdinary! If you know it, join us, if not, we have a detailed run-down of it :)
The continents were renamed for the sake of a boom of technological growth and a sprawling urban landscape that was ever growing. Pouver, being the most popular and absolute largest, encompassing most of what the US used to be. From 2031 to 2042 where we are now, it became a technological golden age.
So, who are you in this futuristic world of superheroes?
Over the past century, the human race has been manifesting superpowers known as "Quirks". With 80% of humankind now possessing some kind of Quirk, crime has been amplified to superhuman levels; but in turn, those who seek to use their Quirk to save lives and uphold justice can train to become an officially-licensed hero.

Our story takes place in the United States of America in the state of California at the seaside campus of Rising Tide Academy In the city of Megapolis. Rising Tide Academy is a fairly new school that accepts the best and brightest students around the country, even around the world if they wish to make the trip. Be you Hero or Villain, there is much to do within Megapolis.

Today, YOU can be a hero!

The server:
-Is new and growing, with moderators willing to work with the players for an all around enjoyable experience!
-Casual, inclusive style of RPing. All skill levels welcome!
-A growing cast of original characters from a variety of talented RPers and story tellers!
-Unique setting unexplored by the show's narrative, and even unexplored in the overarching lore!
-Fair and thoughtful rules that keep problem players out, so everybody has fun!

Once you enter the server, please read the the [Rules and Regulations] channel! If you have any questions, just ask one of the moderators and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!
Hope to see you guys there!

Be sure to read the rules as soon as you join and make a character! You won't see the rest of the Server unless you get the character approved first!
Welcome to My Hero Academia : Life Beyond! This is a MHA Roleplaying server founded 11/18/2018, dedicated to creating a fun and immersive environment that expands on the universe of MHA further! This roleplay is based 110 years after the events of MHA!
Welcome to the Marvel Universe RP server. We are a fun roleplay server based off of the Marvel Universe, both comics and movies. We accept both original characters and applications for canon characters.
A server for roleplaying about characters from the DC Universe. You can any superhero and/or supervillain that you desire. You'll have a good time when you join.
Marvel - New Begginings
💡😁A New Marvel RP Server!😁💡

Hey guys, choose many characters from the Marvel universe or make your own! Love y'all and read the lore! Also, honestly, I am not that high and happy all the time guys, Just a normal dude like you, unless youre a lady. Just gotta make y'all interested.

📕Lore📕 - A being who went by the name of Zed over looked every single Marvel Universe, including Earth-616... One day a war broke out and every universe had to fight one another. Zed got sick of it and destroyed all universe and snapped into the very deep void of space another cluster of universes that reached ten with a whole new system on how to keep them in check, the universes were VERY similar to the last ones because he had taken a strong liking to them. The universe the roleplay takes place is Earth-1, the new main Marvel Universe!

Take Note (Written on 11/27/18)
*Currently we need Cannon Characters, OCs will open later*
*The Avengers have not been founded yet, not until people play them*
*We love our roleplayers*

Features -
💡Many Characters to choose from
💡The ability to change a cannon characters background to an extent
💡Lists of events available for many characters
💡Loving community and owner
💡Many fun ooc chats
💡Suggestions on roleplaying and other things
💡Staff applications
💡NSFW Role
a my hero acedmia server preety fun make your own oc create your path and become a great hero/villian/viggilante
Set in a world where a meteorite shower hit the earth causing ordinary people to gain abilities beyond anyone's imagination, a new breed of villains rise up who are more powerful than the police can handle, which needs a generation of heroes to rise up to fight against them.
It all started in an alternate universe, when Doctor Octopus, retaking his mantle as Superior Octopus, along with his Sinister Six comprised of Mysterio, Rhino, Electro, Sandman, and Speed Demon, succeeded in exploding multiple weapons set up around the world, the weapons known as “venom bombs". A rather self-explainatory weapon, the venom bomb detonates to release the symbiote as a byproduct, potentially turning anyone within its blast radius into venom-like creature, lest they have the will to resist it. The symbiotes quickly overran the planet, and naturally began hunting those who would seek to oppose the symbiotic takeover, **the Resistance**, as well as slaughtering world leaders, both military and political. The Resistance, comprised of both former heroes and villains, they fight against their old allies or are forced to join. With this army of both civilian and superhuman symbiotes under his control, Superior Ock and the Sinister Six rose into power. Each member took a continent, as well as multiple powered symbiotes; Speed Demon took Australia, Sandman took Africa. Rhino took over South America, Mysterio chose to reign over Europe, and Electro was put in charge of Asia, leaving Doctor Octopus in charge of North America. Now, the heroes must rise up to take down the armies of symbiotes that flood the streets, take down the sinister despots one by one and restore order to a world conquered by... **The Venom Bomb**.
This server is a Marvel AU (We also allow DC Canons and OCs) in which you can make an OC, or claim a canon character! We allow heroes from Daredevil, to Iron Man, villains from some random thug, to Doc Doom. Also, we have a memes channel!
18+ Wanna have a saucy rp with Natasha Romanoff, The Black Widow? Join and post a request to get started!