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In a world where supervillain is just another day job, and vigilantes enforce the law. A world where civilians are at risk every day. Each day more people take to the streets to destroy those who oppose them.

65 days ago
Welcome to the Official DC Comics RolePlay server! Here, you can become your favourite DC heroes, villains etc. of any choice. Here are the many things we offer on the server, and things you can do:
- A story driven Roleplay completely of your choice. Interact with others, or just do your thing by doing Solo RP posts.
- Getting bored of RP? Well, you can hang out and express yourself by hanging out in other chats where you can talk about games, movies and even paste some fan-art.

Be fearless of trolls, bullies etc. as we are a bully-free zone, and we are strictly against anything that is offensive, rude or abusive. So what are you waiting for? Join today and come apart of something extravagant! Happy RolePlaying!
74 days ago