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This is unlike the common DC roleplay chats, as DC:NF provides a VERY different lore & background. Having bridged off of a former chat, we are now reviving the story with this new one.

We simply ask to give it a try, don't expect to play Canon-Characters, rather... Join in and create your own custom. We are very open and willing to help balance out any/all characters. Only, please do try to cooperate with us.

We prefer to have Advanced and Literate Roleplayers, or those with background. But we are willing to help others learn! Despite any troll reviews, I do ask you to give it a quick try and not turn the other cheek, so quickly. Thank you for your time.
**I see you've stumbled upon this advertisement for our server!**

**DC-QMERP, which simply means Detective Comics - Queer Male Erotic Roleplay, is a place where you get to roleplay as canon DC characters in slice of life situations with some little to moderate story/plot.**

**Here you get to choose a character and you can RP to your heart's content! Some of the things we have to offer are:**

✔ NSFW Channels and OOC Channels
✔ A constantly updated and long list of available characters
✔ A reliable and active owner/admin
✔ Interviews and roleplay tests to check your proficiency in roleplaying
✔ Easy to follow and organized roleplay location channels
✔ Bots for everything! NSFW, Animal Pictures, and even Marriage!

Join us now and you can apply to become a staff member!
This Server mainly takes inspirations from Titans and The Dark Knight Trilogy as well as having a more realistic tone with the characters that are or will be in the server. This server allows you to choose a canon DC character or make an Original Character that can fit in. Though if you choose to make an original character for the server please don't make them overpowered or super mega strong. Characters like Superman or really any Kryptonians won't be as super strong as their comic counterparts but matching with their strengths and abilities from the DCAU. I hope you could join and engage in the fun stuff we have planned and if you're an amazing role-player this server might just be for you.
Disclaimer: (This is an RP for experienced RP'ers. No one-lining and basic grammatical knowledge).

(Looking for a Wonder Woman)

Everyone starts from somewhere. Here, you'll experience it all first-hand. Witness the rise of heroes and villains as they develop, becoming more proficient in combat and experiencing their own personal troubles along the way.

🌏 Join an ever-expanding universe of a colorful cast of heroes, villains, and those in-between it all.

👱👩 Create your own OC and create teams, build relationships with canon characters, and make enemies.

💪 Get into fights with other heroes and villains without any power-playing or meta-gaming.

📅 Monthly original events incorporating DC villains and heroes written by staff themselves!

📝 Once you try-out and are approved, you'll have full reigns over your character, meaning you can do whatever you want with them (within reason of course).
Is your life sad as fuck? Is your mundane everyday existence a nightmare of stress and horror? Would you much rather be someone else and run away from your sad, SAD issues? Do you just want to dual wield two flaming scythes, dismantle the government and have random bitches call you Captain Daddy? Well come on down to Young Justice RP (Codename Chronicles!). In here you can escape your fuckshit life and feel like a superhero for once! Unwind after a disastrous shift at work or an incredibly BORING day at school and just rp as someone far more attractive than you are in real life~~~~

What we have to offer

--A place that loves the DC heroes and the world they live in but detest Zack Snyder's (and Suicide Squad's) mishandling of our beloved DC heroes!

--Creative control over your Characters! Make your character as cool as you want! We will suspend disbelief for most everything!

-- We are welcoming to all rpers, new and experienced! If your new to rp our staff will assist you one on one to help you improve!

--Staff heavily scrutinizes Character submissions so that nobody with MCS (Main Character Syndrome) or Mary/Gary Sues can get in!

--Hero and Villain rp channels!

--Be able to join a vigilante group who believes in good but feel that the Justice League’s “no killing” policy causes more harm than good!

--GM staff that will ensure that there is always something going on in the city channels! From bank robberies to old people you can mug!

If any of these interest you then come on down to this super awesome wish fulfillment server!
A new DC Roleplay Discord!

You can join the server and see what's all going on.
( Trust me check the server out. It isn't setup like any other DC RP Discord server you know of. )

● SUPER organized categories & text channels.
● Plenty of chats; enough room to RP.
● OPTIONAL categories & plenty of locations.
● FREEROAM option included.
● ARCS with the option of suggestions.
● CANON characters only.
● ORIGINAL characters in the near future.
● CO-WRITER system.
● Advance roleplay.

This server is still under construction but you can come in and hangout. You don't have to roleplay to join the server. Note: There will be advance roleplay, character tryouts, co-writer system, and different arcs.
"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Everything is at is should be. The stage is set. Worlds will live, worlds will collide, worlds will die.......and the universe......will never be the same again..........."

Join a community of skilled, family-friendly writers and embark on a journey to explore the New Frontiers of DC.
RP group for NSFW superhero rp! Both DC and Marvel welcome, semi-lit and multiple versions of characters allowed.
The server is brand new and it's my first time making one, so please be patient while any little hiccups are ironed out.
A rp server based on the CW's Arrowverse! Ever wanted to roleplay as one of your favourite Arrowverse characters, but couldn't find a server for it? Well come on over and join us! We will accept any and all characters! We are a lovely community and we will welcome you with open arms!
Plenty of experienced roleplayers!

Roles for each show!

Now accepting characters from Lucifer!

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy our server!
Fan of DC comics? Well this is the server for you! here you can connect to other dc comics fans and discuss anything dc related such as tv shows and movies. We also have NSFW and RP channels as well.
A welcoming and friendly DC role-play sever with a multitude of open roles and an awesome staff! Make your favorite characters come to life in a plot-based DC Comics role-play! No OCs
An rp server based in the Arrowverse! Ever wanted to roleplay one of your favourite Arrowverse characters, but couldn't find a server for it? Well come on over and join us! We will accept any and all characters! We are a lovely community and we will welcome you with open arms!
When two universes collide they create one crossover. Here you are able to roleplay as your favourite DC or Marvel comic book characters in an adv literate roleplay environment.

We accept OCs and have an active mod team, while we're still relatively new we welcome everyone.
In this alternate universe, your favorite DC heroes and villains made their beginnings as kids instead of adults. With this in mind, there are few deviations from the main DC canon, and takes inspiration from the comics, movies, and TV shows.
I've recently created a DC Comics based roleplay, and it's still very much a work in progress. I'm not looking for a mass recruitment quite yet, but a few people that could help set things up and get the roleplays started. You may roleplay other comic characters from other universes as long as they are well integrated. If you're interested at all, I'd love to have you!
Fan of DC comics? Well this is the server for you! I have created a server specifically for DC comics so that DC fans can connect and communicate with each other. What do we offer?

We offer:
~ Entertainment
~ Roleplay
~ Memes
and much more!

Join DC Universe now here:
Fan of DC? Well, this is the server for you! I have created a discord server for specifically dc comics only. Here u can connect and meet other dc fans.
Join this fun roleplay where you can play all your favourite characters from young justice and teen titans!

The Main Justice League have gone out of commission. They went missing about 3 months ago. During this time smaller teams started to fight for who would be the best at leading, eventually, the two sidekicks groups decided that they could both be able to run everything peacefully. But will they be able to find out where the original league has gone?
In a world where supervillain is just another day job, and vigilantes enforce the law. A world where civilians are at risk every day. Each day more people take to the streets to destroy those who oppose them.

Welcome to the Official DC Comics RolePlay server! Here, you can become your favourite DC heroes, villains etc. of any choice. Here are the many things we offer on the server, and things you can do:
- A story driven Roleplay completely of your choice. Interact with others, or just do your thing by doing Solo RP posts.
- Getting bored of RP? Well, you can hang out and express yourself by hanging out in other chats where you can talk about games, movies and even paste some fan-art.

Be fearless of trolls, bullies etc. as we are a bully-free zone, and we are strictly against anything that is offensive, rude or abusive. So what are you waiting for? Join today and come apart of something extravagant! Happy RolePlaying!
Without DC Comics my life would have been very bad, DC Comics has helped me to get through difficult times and still does. This is a server that we discuss everything that is related to DC comics. We also like talking about film and series, doesn't need to be related with DC. If you want to make friends and talk with people so you forget your problems, join our server.