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DCRP is a roleplaying server for the DC universe. Roleplay as your favourite DC characters, participate in DC-related roleplaying events and meet a friendly community! Invite:
This server takes inspiration from DC comics and other pieces of DC Media. There are loads of channels that are perfect for fun, detailed role play From the slums of Gotham to the bustling streets of Metropolis, travel through space or whatever comes to mind. And you can expect a fantastic community alongside fellow role players who share a common love for playing their favorite characters!

Our server offers:

✧Open for Partnerships.

✧Friendly and open staff who can help with problems and complaints!

✧DCEU and comic Discussions!


✧ Huge plot involving multiple teams and events to keep members interested!

✧LBGTQ+ friendly Server!

✧.. And much More!

✧So come on, come join the fun in this server!
Hello! Thank you for taking the time to look at our description! We need the following characters: Aquaman, Flash, Green Lanterns, Martain Manhunter, Hawkgirl, and etc! You are welcome to choose whomever you like! If they're open that is!❤

Today is the day, the day where all heroes come together and celebrate! Day justice! Today we celebrate the day the Justice League saved millions if not billions of lives. Today we show appreciation to the heroes who put their lives at stake to help the weak, Today is Justice Day!

Hello! Join DC Universe: Justice Day, today! And you'll meet fellow members who enjoy Roleplaying and Comics/games/movies/shows like you do! We are LGBTQ friendly, and we welcome any race with any background! Maybe you'll be able to roleplay your favorite character! Maybe you would like to practice roleplaying other characters, well this is the place! Join! But please read the rules before joining! This server is semi-literate. We prefer you to use paragraphs if possible in your roleplay, if you enjoy putting a little more effort in your posts, this is the place! It takes more than one to enjoy the server, so please stay active and participate in events! We are a canon server, but we also allow OC's! In the server we have the following bots:

Tatsumaki Bot
Rhythm 1 and 2
Dank Memer

If you recommend more bots and etc. Please ask the staff, or the owner. Me, to add a few bots that could help and please you and other fellow members! I hope you join and I hope you enjoy the server, Just give the server a try, I'm sure you'll like it!
This is a canon-divergent 18+ DC comics based roleplay where you can rewrite the history of the DC universe to be whatever you make it to be.

════ ⋆★⋆ ════

2020 was the year that Wonder Woman died. It was just the first of many losses that the Justice League faced.

2043 Bart Allen, the fourth Flash witnessed how the world became a living hell when the Gates of Hades were broken. So he went back. This was a world that was no longer worth saving so he vowed to stop the day that Diana would die.

He traveled back to 1983 in the hopes to change the sequence of events that lead to her death.

He tried to save her and gather up as many allies as he could and failed. So he tried again. And again. The third and final time is the charm, right? The timeline has been meddled with several times and our heroes and Earth are not like how we remember them to be.

It is the year 2020. Did we succeed this time?

════ ⋆★⋆ ════
When the Justice League vanished after responding to a distress call in deep space, a new generation of heroes has been forced to step up. Craft the stories of the next generation through literate role play with other skilled writers and enjoy an active and friendly community.
Welcome to Gotham After Dark, a roleplay server dedicated to all things DC. Here is what we offer as a server!

• Literate Roleplay (our style is multi-paragraph!)
• Events and developed storylines
• Open to alternate universe characters (as long as it is not a double)
• LGBTQ Positive space
• Friendly staff and supportive members. We're like a small family here and are always excited to welcome new members
A fully accessible and mold-able universe!

Canons Welcome with approval!

Delve right in to a community with accessible lore, and a mixture of canon and original characters. Be a vigilante stopping thieves in Gotham or an Apokoliptian general laying waste to Metropolis or anything in between!

Now Featuring a fully fledged RP Combat system!

All 18+ content is restricted behind appropriate roles that must be requested.
A Harley Quinn server, for Harley Quinn fans! Comics, movies, shows, etc. We got you covered like a jester covers herself with the cream of the very pie for Puddin'! Grab your mallets and beavers and hop on into the fun house!
· · ─── ·𖥸· ─── · ·
𝐃𝐂 𝐃𝐄𝐅𝐈𝐀𝐍𝐂𝐄 is a unique, free perspective on the DC Universe, created for the group’s custom world in the Multiverse! As a member of 𝐃𝐂 𝐃𝐄𝐅𝐈𝐀𝐍𝐂𝐄, you have the extensive freedom to explore and experiment with a character’s background.

★ We are a 𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐞 roleplay community.★ While we expect coherent writing and understanding of one's character, we are also passionate about improving ourselves and growing together in our writing!

Enjoy friendly and helpful staff, a lively community, thrilling plot-lines, and much more.

Many characters are still available since we're new and just starting. Come quickly and cement yourself into our history!
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Hello and Welcome! This is a fresh DC roleplay server! In our server you can choose to be any DC character or make your own character or both! Its new so lots of stuff is available and Staff is needed!
This server is dedicated to discussion of all DC topics including Films, TV, Games, Arkham & Comics. We are a friendly server looking for new members!
*To be accepted you must state your favorite DC quote for access!*
Heroes and Villains all have relationships. They form and break depending on what choices said characters make. It is up for you to decide the fate of your character and those around them. Alignments can change as well as people, what will happen?
This server has no timeline, different events and such will help form our own! Your character can be based on shows, movies, comics, or all sources! As long as it makes sense. Can't wait to see what happens!

Please don't be shy, come on down to check if a character you want to play is available!! :D The Mods are nice, everything is neatly informed, we'd love to have you! If you're having trouble having someone to roleplay with, a mod will create a character to help you ease into the server so you can stay involved! <333

What this server has to offer:
- Nice staff
- Bot fun
- Fun roleplay experiences via literate threads and fun group chats using Tupp! (More info on it can be found in the server!)
DC: Universe RP Info
The RP is set in it’s own custom Earth in the vast multiverse of DC. It’s own bubble.
The server is focused on creating OC’s/Stories within the DC universe from all corners of the mythos.
The RP covers multiple areas, such as Gotham and Metropolis. All characters can RP in their own city bubbles, move to others and etc.
Are you interested in a discord server for dc comics shows/series for fans? If you are this is the server for that. Talk about you favorite show/series e.g. Flash, Dc Legens of Tomorrow and much more! Share your interest join today and have a fun time :)
We're just your everyday DC server expect for our awesome name because let's be honest, every other server has the same recycled names. Not only do we have a cool and funny name but our staff are just as epic. We are a chill, new server that offers a wide range of characters (Anything DC pretty much) and a sh*t ton of channels to rp in. Don't let the member count scare you away, a lot of cool characters are still open to be claimed (Like Superman?!). So what's stopping you from joining? The link is right there VVVV
In a world full of villainy and evil tyrants, multiple generations of superheroes have risen to protect the globe from threats. These said threats range from small robberies to world domination. From the veteran Justice Society, to the amateur Young Justice, the day is always saved thanks to these courageous and valiant heroes. Together they carry...

What we offer:
-A story based and detailed RP,
-Plenty of open characters,
-A growing community,
-Bots (obviously),
And much more, so come on down and give it a go!
Hey there! Join us as your favorite character from the comic book canon of the DC Universe and interact with other experienced and kind roleplayers!
- No OCs allowed
- One paragraph submission written in-character required to join.
"official dc server for all dc comics related content including comics, TV shows, animation, movies and video games"
Welcome to DC rp for all!!
Here we allow just about any characters from the DC universe as well as original characters!
There is no set time-line or a certain earth so you can do whatever you desire!
DC Comics is a safe and enjoyable place that's accepting of everyone regardless of whether you're a fan or not. We do not solely discuss the works of DC Comics, we also have channels designated for other franchises and publishers. And of course, there's a RP section for Role-Players.
A new DC roleplay server! We do everything from events to slice of life stuff. We also have prompts for writing. We have a lot of characters open!
is a wonderful server full of great people and a lot of fun. Discussing about movies, comics, and everything else that is comic related. we are sure we won't allow harassment in our server. we will have a great time having a few laughs here and there. but mostly we come together to talk about our favorite characters in the comic book community :) PS: we are not apart of a RP community.
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a bad guy?
In “Gotham Rogues” you play as Batman’s enemies, from their perspective. But there is one major difference- Batman kills.

We are a semi-literate Roleplay server, and we would love to have you!