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a fast growing ariana grande fan server, there's no nsfw or adult content to be found.
Come and chill with us in our cozy corner of the internet.

We have Chances / Places for RP! But it’s not the main and only focus.

We’re still growing so Mods and Admins are going to be searched for in the future!
This is a server dedicated to the fans of the YouTuber known as "CoryxKenshin".

We are wishing to gather the fans of him together into one community which we want to improve as we go along.

We are dedicated to become a non-toxic and friendly community, so, feel free to stop by.
Welcome to The roaring isle home to king saber and queen Holodox, the roaring isle is a safe haven for dragons similar to the hidden world. We are a HTTYD based fan-group with the intent of discussing HTTYD with other fellow fans of the series. Any and all are welcome as long as they follow the rules, if you do decide to drop by we hope you have a fun time and can’t wait to see you and chat. Password to the server is in the channel topic.
Welcome to the Echoes of Rebellion, an RP Server taking place during the Rise of the Empire. Sign on with the Imperial Army now to help make the Galaxy a safer place! Or join the Rebel Scum seeking to undermine our Emperor's great vision! Serious RP, LGBTQ+ friendly, limited force sensitive characters, grab a blaster and let's be real!
This is a fan server for the game, "Hatoful Boyfriend!" It's a place for fans of the game to come together, talk about their favorite birdie boys, share art, fan fictions, AUs, Headcannons, and just chat and have a good time! So feel free to enroll to St. Pegionation, and meet other birdies with a similar interest... Hot birds!
lvserelle's Fan Discord Server
**We started on 6/15/2019 & is growing every single day! Our server is based on lvserelle's Youtube Channel! You can do a lot of different things on our Server! Here's the following list of some things you can do!:**

**Apply for Moderator
Game Rooms
Fun Roles
Active Daily**

There is a lot more! You should come check us out!

Discord -
Enjoy watching Vanossgaming? Enjoy playing games? Love making friends who enjoy these things? Then this server is for you! VanossGaming is a very friendly server with helpful staff! We talk about games and many more! Fun bots are included! Best of all, we have game nights! That's right! Every Friday we try to satisfy our members by having a great game night.. what a great way to end a busy week! Come join the fun! Hope to see you there!
♡××Undertale fan server××♡
♡××Deltarune fan server××♡
~Undertale and Deltarune RP (and much more! Flaretale, underswap..)
~Daily updates
~Active owner
~Streamer function (If you're live, you ge the Streamer role and ads)
#(Server is not done yet, much more is coming)#
/Which way do you choose?\
>Genocide? Pacifist?<

Would you be interested in joining a new FiveM community? Here at CODE 3, we strive for excellence and professionalism every day. We want to create that “perfect” role play scene.We love creating new ways to make FiveM role play better. We are looking to fill positions and we care about every member and their opinions! Its going to be unique and fun experience for everyone. We also offer custom made skins, cars and much more. Here at Code 3, we have extremely dedicated members and an amazing administration & staff team that are ready to help you join. Applying is simple! Just read all rules and regulations, visit the website, and get accepted!

Things We Have To Offer
~ TeamSpeak 3 Servers
~ Four FiveM Servers
(One Economy! ^^)
~ Custom emergency vehicles
~ Custom vehicle skins
~ Custom civilian vehicles
~ Friendly Staff and Administration

What We Are Looking For
~ Dedicated members
~ Members for all departments!
~ Civilians with amazing RP skills

~ vMenu with permissions
~ Economy Server
~ Custom scripts

Who We Are
Code3 was founded by experienced roleplayers that wanted to create an amazing community, and that's exactly what they did. Code3 is also full of members with real life government, police, fire, and medical experience. We are here to try and be the best, and we need your help to accomplish our goal. We hope to see you in the Fan Server soon!!!
Fan made Community (TV show) discord server, feel free to join and socialize with other Community fans! :) (Server is still unfinished)
A fan group for the iconic Teen Idle, Primadonna singer Marina / Marina and the diamonds! She is one of the most underrated singers out there, you should listen to some of her music. You won't regret it, trust me <3

⁺.☆.⁺ we offer ⁺.☆.⁺

✰ daily qotd

✰ self-assignable roles

✰ friendly community

✰ birthday celebrations

✰ giveaways

✰ daily horoscopes

join now to join our family!
Hello there! Are you a BLACKPINK fan? Do you like K-pop? Well you're in the right place!
Welcome to BLIИKS! We are a fan server who are fans of the girl group BLACKPINK. We are a growing community who has a lot of potential and is very accepting of everybody!

What do we have?

- 30+ self assignable roles
- Events
- Multi-fandom community
- 50+ text channels
- Active members

And More!
Among us is a free game for Android and Windows. You play it by completing tasks or launching the murderers out and depleting them of oxygen. The murderers can sabotage, kill, and go through vents. The goal of this server is to bring people's attention to it, and have fun with people who already have it.
For all fans of Blame Society! Whether you prefer Welcome to the Basement or Beer and Board Games, all fans are welcome!
Hi! We're a small yet plucky server of people that just really like The Arcana and want to meet new people! Run by and for LGBTQ+ fans.
If you’re looking for a cool place to hang out and talk about My Hero Academia, this is the server for you! This is a no-RP server, but writers and artists are welcome!
This is a server for my fans from my Youtube Channel.

Welcome to My Hero Academia: Alternative! A public discord community made for fans and roleplayers alike! We have numerous things to offer, including:

•a great community designed for fans of all sorts to come together and socialize

•an OC only roleplay where you create your own characters! Give them their own unique designs, quirks, and most importantly, make their own great story! No two characters are to be alike.

•numerous channels, including a NSFW section and a meme section. We strive to appeal to all sorts of audiences, so go crazy with whatever you like!!!

•We have scheduled events for both fans and role players, it could be discussions about the latest chapters in the manga, or a roleplay event! Be sure to look out for those announcement notifications so you don't miss a single thing!

•a realistic take on the roleplay section on the server, as we have character statistics mechanics for ranking each character!

•etc, we have all that and then some! So feel free to join our jampacked server that's waiting to take you with open arms!
I am a new YouTuber and I am trying to grow big! I stream and record multiple things! Come and check us out! Join Twin Z City Today!