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Gamer Bread Hangout
Members: 100+
Great Staff team
A load of friendly people and Chat Rooms to talk in
*Self assigned Roles!
Looking For Partners!!
Come down and join us
We swear you’ll have fun
looking to make it active come join us
this is the best discord to join and chat we need some people so please come
we accept anyone and we are trying to grow this server so we can be.. u know grown I guess.
We are still developing our server so somethings might be wonky and stuff but we'll take suggestions.
Awesomesauce is a place where cool people gather to socialize and have a genuine relaxed time, we are trying to grow our server and hope that you will help! Make friends and post your twitch in our twitch channel! Hope to meet you soon! Please be active!
ShadowRain Terraria server! Creative building, free items, PvP and much more!

~ Active server!
~ 650+ members
~ Voice & text channels for gaming, music and more
~ Level-based ranking system
~ Bot games - Pokémon, Trivia etc.
~ Awesome emotes
~ And much more!
gaming & meeting it's a place where you could find only nice , cool , & friendly people the server is clean without toxic also free roles & free ranks Enjoy <3 love & peace , autorank up , giveaway every week-end , gaming & drawing competition
A Place To Have Fun, Play Some Games, Make Friends, and More!
We are a very small community looking for members and staff, we host very often giveaways and contests. Join and help us to grow today!
This server is intended for people that I know IRL, somewhat close gamer friends, or people that I'm close with online. I'm a very understanding person so I'm not just gonna remove you if you say something that offends someone else. Over all this is hopefully going to turn into a community of friends/gamers that has fun doing random stuff I guess. Hope to see you join the family. I have it set as a NSFW server due to the fact that there are some NSFW channels and sometimes things slip in the non NSFW channels.
This is a youtubers channel. He has 1k suubs rn.
A roleplay server based on:
The year is 2089, you live in a cyberpunk city, the main color being blue. You are genetically made, your corpse was harvested and all your memories were removed. Dr. David and Dr. Allen created you, and this city is around twice the size of Rhode Island, and it has a blue fog lingering above it. It is incredibly futuristic, and complete with the police force being highly advanced droids that will search for, target, and kill anyone who stays outside of a building after sunset.
Flambouyant_GooseberryLast Friday at 9:44 PM
@everyone These genetically made humans are incredibly powerful, and have the following stats:
Punch force: 25000 Newtons
Kick force: 50000 Newtons
Jump Height: 6 Meters
Run Speed: 90mph (Also, 90mph reactions.)
Average IQ: 268
These can be increased with training.
Those are the normal human stats, imperfect humans have low mental states, but incredible stats. For example, one of the imperfect humans, Tempest, can run at mach 289, but is limited because these speeds would vaporize his body. (Note, this was an early character, and yours will not be this powerful without training).
Flambouyant_GooseberryLast Friday at 10:20 PM
Genepool humans are the normal humans, imperfect ones have special abilities.
Flambouyant_GooseberryYesterday at 8:49 AM
Note that if you are a genepool human, you have the stats shown above. If you are an imperfect one, you can make up your own ability, but you have a low mental state.
Also note that Scarlett, Tempest, and Scorch are OCs that were made long long long ago, and they are meant to be incredibly powerful. Do not put yourself on the same scale as them, they aren't a middle ground. To get to that scale you must train, resubmit your sheet, and have evidence of training.
Hello Welcome to THE GLOOP KINGDOM! (Gloop is an iniside joke and youll get it once you join) We are a brand new server! We have all kinda of channels and we will be adding more based on your input and what you want. :) This server doesn't really have a reason or theme other than for anyone who is anyone to just come and hang out and meet new people and make awesome friends. if you don't have a family? Then come right in and we'll be your family. We accept anyone for who they are no matter what. We hope to see you there!
Fun, friendly, and music! love anime? love anything really? Come join and invite your friends and fam! any question? DM me! Or DM to add stuff!!
A SFW server full of good staff and nice people!, Join and be ready for the roleplays!. Watch out **We're watching you**
Have you ever try to find a server that has similar people like u? well here's your chance becasue this is once-of-lifetime JOIN NOW!
This is a haongout server I made we are awesome people we love to talk and we would love to have you guys join us!
Hubristic Gaming Community has 600+ Members and we still growing! HGC is a friendly zone and no NSFW Content. We have creative and funny people to hang out with!
We are a Multiplatform Community with a big diversity of games.
HGC has staff who would be there 24/7 to provide help.
Bots are added to the server and different roles you can earn.
Always looking for a partnership.
Active members everywhere!

Hubristic Gaming Community Link:

The Hubristic Gaming Community
We are a friendly community that wants to help everybody out. We strive to give each other happiness and we can't do it without you! So come and join us!
We are a group who helps in partnerships and makeing friends 💓💕
Hei! nu vreau sa te retin mult, stiu, ai treaba
dar doar asculta la ce vreau sa iti zic.
Acest server este dedicat pentru o comunitate unita
- Avem multi Boti
- Suntem in development si facem serverul cat mai ok
- Suntem in cautare de Staff
- Avem un Cassino
- Facem giveawauri din cand in cand
- Si poate ne poti ajuta si pe noi doar intrand
- Invite rewards si giveawayuri cu conturi de Mc
Premium, Spotify si Fortnite. Doar gandeste-te putin, poti
ajuta lumea doar intrand,nu te oblig sau ceva, este
decizia ta daca ma pot baza pe tine sa intri.
Multumesc ca ai citit!
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