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Дружелюбный сервер, где вы найдете все для развлечения и общения!
Looking for new friends like me? Join my server. I just play games and look at cursed images all day so why not share the best ones! NOT A DATING SERVER! I don't like anime, if you post it you get banned. Anti-vaxx memes are really funny.
A social team-based Boku No Hero Academia themed server with interactive bots, friendly people, and fun events.

:musical_note:We have music channels!:musical_note:

:heart:️A love birds Channel for anyone who has a lover, even if it’s food!:heart:️

:raised_hands::skin-tone-1:Come learn about others or introduce yourself!:raised_hands::skin-tone-1:

:iphone:Got any selfies? Good post them in here and show off your amazingness!:iphone:

:camera_with_flash:maybe your a great photographer, come show off your mad skills in media and pics!:camera_with_flash:

:muscle::skin-tone-1:Assign yourself a role and show others what your truely good at!:muscle::skin-tone-1:

:keyboard:️Do you like spamming but hate getting in trouble? Well here we have a spam channel so go nuts!:keyboard:️

:skull:If you like being toxic we have a chat for you! Go to toxic and go mad.:skull:

:busts_in_silhouette:Staff positions are available and we are always looking for more staff to help make our server great, why not apply?:busts_in_silhouette:

:speaking_head:Need advice, well we are always open to help you out just ask!:speaking_head:

We have so many more chats to be explored! Those we just some of them so why not come and enjoy the server and what’s really in store when you come. Hope you enjoy the server and make sure to have lots of fun!
Come join the Chill & Chat! A great place for everyone, with anything in mind! Gaming, anime, simple talking, you name it! We're always open to suggestions too! So, come on in and join our amazing community here in the Chill & Chat!
The Thot Patrol Mission

Established in 1096 A.D. during the Crusades, a group of men decided to band together in order to form a force so powerful over the globe, dedicated to keep men like you safe from the woman's awful sexual assaulting and cancerous Snapchat filters. Those first members began the Thot Patrol as we know it today, here we are now in 2018 still fighting the long battle against the rampant Thot population. It is us that keeps them at bay and protects the world from their thottery.

Welcome to the Thot Patrol gentleman.

"Where a Thot free world is a evil free world."
Ha! You expected something cool here?

Discord server where you can talk about anything,meet new people and play games together.

We have things like cookies,or ficus trees! Yee
Just a small server looking to grow for the sake of Valve games. Also there will be a second chat for my YT channel supporters to talk about stuff un-valve related.