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This is a relatively small server, so staff may not be able to register you upon joining. Please bear with us.

You start off at the edge of the nuclear age. The world tensions are rising, and you have a chance to push it over the edge, or preserve the peace. What will you choose?

We also have memes.
We are a nation-rp server based in the 1900s, where you pick a nation and recreate history with other players, make your own empire and manage your nation now! Join Today!
Discord simulation where you pick and run any nation in the world
This is Discord States! In this server you can choose/create your country and improve its GDP, Stability, Strength etc, join today if you're interested!

(This server is new so there's like 9 members make sure that you really want to join.)
Have you ever wanted to build a nation of your dreams? Have you ever wanted to interact with other nations? To make enemies and friends? Well, now you can! Introducing "Ultimate Custom World"!

Ultimate Custom World is where you don't have to play as a certain country, and instead, can play as any kind of country you choose! It can be a fictional country, or even a country straight out of the world's history! It's up to you! (Note that you will start out as a small country depending on what you plan, and it's not going to be the entire world under your control.) We have a healthy community, guards that are effective, and much more! So, then, what are you waiting for, commander? Get in the game!
We are a simple server with an in-depth roleplay plan, and all of your actions affect it! So come on in fast or you might miss out on a whole bunch of fun!
-No stats
-no serious rp
We are a server hoping to get more people.
We provide many things over the course of 4 categories
Good rules and information
A plot line
A rp channel for every hour of every day
A much more in-depth items
We are a server about war, economy, and politics.
Our server starts in 2000 and is meant to be a Sci-Fi server. Also for our lore, all your actions will affect it.
In the end there will be 10 different solar systems so you better hurry
You want temples? We got em!
Oh you're into conquering? We got you covered baby!
You want some puppets? EASY!
Ever wanted to RP as a country? Now you can in COUNTRY RP!
You can join this starter server to RP with startups everyday!
Photoshop (Or any other software used for editing) for the map!
Good RP and Historical accuracy.
And being a good sport!

Come join!

Here we rp countries in the united nations. The admins make events happen every once in a while
The Empires of Discord is a nation simulation roleplay server where the player creates their own nation, manages it how they like, fight wars for new lands, work with other players, and much more! Staff is currently needed and the server will be going live very soon!
The Countries Simulator is a deep economic and political simulator. To get started, you pick a country. You get to make choices and watch your nation develop politically, culturally, economically, and militarily. If you have ever wanted economics and political simulator deeper than just Hearts of Iron or Civilization you will love this. There are dozens of features that are all interlinked in many ways. All you need is an account on discord and google sheets. This game takes about 15-20 minutes a day. Build your Army, Navy, Air force. Be the first on Mars or the moons of Jupiter. Either become the global hedgemon or become a failed rump state through Spreadsheet.
a server where you can play as the leader of a country or a city and try to take over more land or work together with others to take over the world
This is a server about making or playing your own country. Small server so far.
Imagine A nation roleplay where the rp starts on the year one and goes to modern day, this roleplay will consist of you creating your OWN nation, creating your own culture,weapons,empires and more!
This server is basically a server where you can make a nation and build it up to become the strongest, all but stats is finished so feel free to rp! This server also includes a war aspect, trading, research, etc.
The year is 1904. The world is much different from how you knew it, and most nations don't exist. Make your own empire and get ready to rise.
Germany is taken. Our negative review was left by a shill from our competitor who was banned from here.