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The United Tsardom is a fictional Balkan state that aims at bringing people together to have fun and do some roleplay! So if you have a good sense of humour, come on down, future citizen, to the Tsar's realm.
Hallo kameradens!

Willkommen to alternate Großgermanisches Reich, were you can talk about Germany in ww2 or even ww2 in general or even be part of the new German Empire. We have many things to offer such as:

- Join Wehrmacht or be a Bürger (Citizen)
- ranks
- Assignable roles, and 200< roles
- Talking to others
- Making some new friends
- Chill and cool people
- memes
- Be part of a Empire
- Many awards to get
- NO NSFW, friendly to almost all

Can't wait to see you come and join the group, and be part of reich!

Do you ever want to...
...become any nation from around the world?
...rage wars and conquer land with other nations?
...come together under an common alliance?
...Own the seas, build a galactic empire, or unify the world?
Politinations has all of that!
We are a country based roleplay server that emphasizes realism, and strategy.
We have a great community, great rp experiences, and best of all, an active chat!

Join now!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are currently not in a game right now, a new game will begin when more people join. Come quick and you will have an equal opportunity to pick a powerful nation :D
Congress of Nations is a unique roleplay world where players create their own nation servers and compete with eachother. It combines the aspects of both, Nation Roleplay and Governmental Roleplays into one big thing. If you enjoy both Nation Roleplays and Government Roleplays, then this server is for you.

**What we have to offer**

• 🌎 A unique roleplay experience since it combines the aspects of Nation and Government RP
•👥 The ability to create your own community
•🌈 Endless opportunities
•🌐 A small community
•📈 The ability to rise up in another nation

We are just starting out so it'd be greatly appreciated if you joined. Even if you would not like to become a nation leader, you can join a nation and rise up your ranks through there.
Hi! Welcome to New World Nations!

New World Nations is a brand new nation roleplay discord server where you choose a nation on the map and then you can roleplay as that nation, develop lore, make decisions, wage war, etc. It begins in 2020 and you can play any nation you want. Become a Super Nation and bend nations to your will.

Come and join a fun and small roleplay server with welcoming staff and a great community.
:scroll:Through The Ages:scroll:

Welcome to Through The Ages! We are a roleplay server based on the conquest of countries through history. Our members decide the fate of the world!

We offer an extensive roleplay experience featuring nice and helpful staff, interesting roleplay, An entertainment center, staff opportunities, and more!

We hope to see you in Through The Ages!
The Year is 1492 and a Brand New World in the West has been Discovered!
You Can pick a Nation in the year 1492,will be a colonial Power?, Maybe they will restore a Empire or will your Nation start in the New World and Reverse Colonise Europe?
Join to Find out
We are Looking for Staff and Active Members
Lookin for people who like old music like Rock and country from the 40s, 50s And 60s. (Mostly)
in tbte you control a nation and its military. its the far far future earth and its country's are gone. humanity is now in a new galaxy alongside alien species. however 4 powerful nations rule this galaxy now and very small nations sit under powered and controlled. but now a surge in new larger nations has begun and these nations are not controlled by the 4 powerful nations. now its your turn to join these new nations and live a life owning a nation un corrupted by the 4 main powerful ones.
Welcome to Imperial Duty
This is a custom nation RP where you can make your own fantasy race and set your own goal
Will you build a large colonial Empire?
Will your Economy Conquer the globe?
Will you make a Navy so large you will Rule the waves?
The Choice is yours
There is limited Space in the Map so hurry!

👋Welcome to Modern Nations RP!👋
🖐️What we offer🖐️
-meet new friends 👥
-funny bots 😁
-real world politics💼


Hey! Were looking for people from 130 Countries! It's a really fun server where you can make new friends learn new languages! There are many fun stuff like polls tournaments challenges etc!

Hey You! Welcome to my new Geopolitical server!

In this server you can Run an existing nation!
You wanna be a country that Bans Freedom of speach, Good for you! Go for it!

I truly hope you have fun here as we have been growing quickly, with people (irl) from The US, to The UK to Thailand and The Philippines!!!
A Mapping RP server. It is as simple as that. Don't know what Mapping is? Search Mapping on YouTube, you'll probably find out.
The world has been made anew, and there is land to conquer once again. In this Sci-Fi server, you make a country and attempt to rule.
This is a stupid fandom me and a couple other friends created by combining countryhumans and worms together,, join if you want to know more or if you want to meet a couple new people :)
Welcoming and friendly group for people to meet and chat with others who are farmers, country, involved in agriculture, or are from a rural area. (18+)
We are the Mongolian Peopel's Republic and we are a socialist nation. We are trying to get more people to join us so that we can help other nations' good causes. We believe in respecting everything and everyone. We accept all beliefs and ideologies. We are extremely friendly.We are part of the Warsaw Pact led by the USSR which has over 1000 members.

- A fully functional government system that you can partake in.
- Perhaps you may be interested in joining our glorious Mongolian People's Revolutionary Army?
- Political parties.
- Medals for showing utmost gratitude.
- Elections.
This server is a fun and exciting server on which you are able to create and play as a nation and decide the future of the world.

With our growing player base be sure to come and hop in.
Carthia is a micronation that is also experimenting with it's own political system and is always looking for new members.
Hi welcome to rexicco! we have alot of channels and more! We will see you there! *randomly waves*
Southern Cross is a new server is a new server for COUNTRY boys and girls alike tryna get it running looking for suggestions