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Welcome to the United Kingdom of Sulani, a lush and thriving nation.

Initially a British colony that obtained independence through war, it is now an Eden on Earth. With a thriving nature and economy, it is the place to be in.

It has modern and efficient systems such as universities, hospitals, police forces and armed forces to allow the country to work seamlessly.

It is run democratically by a parliament and a government that is elected by its citizens, and by the Crown, the last remnant of the Governor, the ruler of colonization times that led the country to its freedom from foreign control.

Join the House of Commons and make laws, or the armed forces and keep the law and order intact, or lead your own business! The possibilities are endless!
A 1919 Server when ww1 has ended Russia is still in its civil war and germany is a republic join cause we have a friendly community and staff and also we have a couple of major nations open

The person below is infinite gay
Привет это довольно не обычный сервер. Здесь мы обыграем рп (Roleplay) и строим наше государство. Здесь есть король (Я) и эго советник (которого выбирают каждые три дня). У советника больше задач. Также есть работы. Шахтер, фермер, пчеловод, повар. Информация о них есть на нашем сервере. Также мы проводим рейды на другие сервера. Имеем генералов, министра обороны. Сейчас, мы не можем масштабно реализировать наши планы. По этому мы нуждаемся в активных участниках. Так что добро пожаловать. (В серваке есть бордель с хентаем кста)
Just one of many of the links between a real world group of servers, representing different countries. Join if you feel like you want to be a part of it, ig.
Welcome to Czecho Slovakian Socialist Union we provide shelter to any communist / Vítejte v Česko Slovenské socialistické unii poskytujeme přístřeší všem komunistickým.

We provide / Poskytujeme
----Ranking system / Systém hodností
----Medals / Medaile
----Many text channels / Mnoho textových kanálů
----Friendly community / Přátelská komunita
👋Welcome to Modern Nations RP!👋
🖐️What we offer🖐️
-meet new friends 👥
-funny bots 😁
-real world politics💼

This RP is built upon the US government and mirrors it's politics.There are states and cities to rp in and a easy to reach ranks for now.
Welcome to the glorious nation of Willville. We have da mula bots! and da music bots! We are a friendly community that might not always be online but some will. Many of our members also play games like PUBG or even ded gamez. JUST JOIN!
Hello! We are a realistic roleplay server, aimed at the modern era. When joining, register in #choose-nation, our staff is here to help you. For Major Countries, you need to fill out an application.

We just moved servers, and we are thriving right now. We are a developed, professional, and active server as of now. Keep in mind that we're a very realistic server, unrealism is not going to happen. At least in this server and it's current state.

There are some major nations that are open, so you might want to pick one for yourself before someone does. Experience a roleplay full of realism, geopolitics, tensions, we even have the UNSC and UNGA meetings. You can also propose resolutions to the United Nations. We use realistic measures so when one PSC member vetoes, it is a veto.

We will really appreciate it if you give the server a try.


This is a server where the solar system is a country, with the planets (and a few moons and Pluto) are all states, and there are elections for the government, there's an economy, and there will be some fun political stuff! (Not real politics, just server politics.) So come on down to this Sci-Fi Government!
The Swiss Confederation 🇨🇭
Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation is a server with many opportunities, you should join. We have:

🗳 Elections, political parties, and an organized government.

🔫 An Armed Forces to defend our server from other servers.

🎖Military and civilian awards

🤖 Fun bots

🏫 A University

💵 An economic system

👐 And many more things

Join the Swiss Confederation, you will have fun.
Hello there, the server you are looking at is the Republic of Turkey
-We have a military which is growing
-We got a mock republic government
-You can join and create political parties
-We have elections every now and then
- The owner of the server is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Join the great nation of Crete. Crete, instead of an island in Greece is now a Independent country!

You may or may not be wondering, what the don diddly fuck is this? Well I can tell you.
This is a Fascist server, now now don't disregard this yet. We offer many opportunities most servers don't and even if I am a dictator that doesn't mean I enforce strict policies. We need you to help us. For we have a great vision. We believe things such as Furries, SJWs, weird genders, Certain Feminists, Nazism and whatever else the people decide, should be eliminated. Let's face it these things are a problem and we need to rise up and eliminate these ridiculous things.
Now onto the server itself
We offer a variety of jobs
Allow you to make your own jobs
Ensure the happiness of the people
Allow the people vote on certain problems
As of typing this out, we have a 100% satisfied populace
Think we should improve on some things? Well go onto the suggestions channel and tell me and I will consider making that a reality
> 🍻 **Friendly • Non-toxic community**
> 🎚 __**Canadian Armed Forces**__ level ranking
> 🤖 Fun, useful & music bots
> 🌍 Non-english-talk channel provided • Auto-translate bot activable
> 🎉 **Regular events** • Regular polls • Announcements
> 📰 News system
> 🤝 Partnership
> 🌎 **WEBSITE**
Give it a try and join us, you may even like it there! 😉
🔗 Website:
🔗 Invite Link:
**~A new world is upon us! ~**
In this country roleplay server You are the leader of one of the many nations in this new world. **But this isn't like any other country roleplay server**. We have:

• An **in-depth** battle system, allowing you to control what you want your troops to do instead of a die, or choosing to use a die if you want to.

• A good **economy** system that only requires about 3 minutes to learn and doesn't require hours. Our economy system is also pretty realistic.

• **Treaties** for every occasion, such as trade treaties, military treaties, non-aggression treaties and any other treaty that you can think of.

• **Accurate troop movement**, making it easier to defend or claim what is rightfully yours!

• Player made **factions**.

• Call your allies to arms and **enter battles together**! You can have than 2 nations fighting in 1 battle you know?

• Rules that are as **detailed as possible but still simple**.

• Boost your **religion and culture** in other nations.

• And a lot of other things!

Build your economy and your army, forge treaties with other nations, create factions, wage war, colonise un-colonised land and expand your empire.
This is a relatively small server, so staff may not be able to register you upon joining. Please bear with us.

We are a simple nations rp server where you and others forge alliances, wage war, and create history.

For this season we are doing 1920 (monthy)

We also have memes.
Carthia is a micronation that is also experimenting with it's own political system and is always looking for new members.
Water and Blood is a kingdom roleplay server where you rule a Kingdom. It starts in the Year 1000. It takes elements from Europa Universalis IV and other games. You start by making your nation with our amazing template and posting it in submissions! This game has events like the protestant reformation, the great schism, Discover of the new world, and more! Join today and lead your kingdom to victory! (We are looking for staff aswell)
A Democratic nation that is set in a alternate earth where there are very few country's, StarLight is a capitalist country set in 1971 and is technologically superior then its neighbor's, in the country itself you can chat,get a job an earn money, and play games with others.
ℑ𝔪𝔭𝔢𝔯𝔦𝔲𝔪 𝔐𝔞𝔤𝔫𝔞𝔪
Populus. Patriam. Political.

Welcome to Imperium Magnum, a tropically friendly country roleplay server focused around countries and politics. 🌴

• Seasonal Ranks
• Community with a fresh, new start.
• Professional and Active owner.
• Over 200 available countries to role-play as, and many more companies to role-play!
• Role-play events such as attacks, news (international + national), 7 role-play channels as well as NSFW channels (18+), meme and media channels as well as chat channels.
• Staff are being recruited as of now.
• Community Suggestions,

and much more to come!

Server Formation Date: 19/10/2019
For any concerns, please DM our owner.

To gain access to our main roleplay channels, pick a country or company and wait to be reviewed by a staff member. Once you are accepted, you will be appropriately ranked. Spectator ranks are available if you wish to just spectate the roleplay. As a spectator you can also pick a country whenever you wish.

As a new server, we are still developing greatly. We are looking for support in our growth and YOU as a person can contribute today!

~Welcome, to Imperium Magnam.
Country Roleplay is a place where can you be a country and invade other people!

You can knock yourself out here!