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The server where everything is pink! Emojis, roles, etc. Fun bot and a fun community
Yet another "safe place to chill" server. Take a look anyway -- we were created on 4-20 and have Jesus Christ and The Buddha as members ;-) We also have a lot of one-of-a-kind content but don't take our word for it, come check it out yourself!
To join you will have to register your approximate birth date and gender identity with our custom bot. Ask a member of our staff team if you have any issue.
✨Hello!! ^^ Good Vibes Inc. is a small, friendly server. ✨
The staff looks out for our members and try to help out in anyway we can! We currently have:
•Music Bots
•A Rant Channel
•Self-Assignable and Color Roles
•Helpful Staff
•Level System
•Pokémon Bot
•Welcoming and Friendly Community

Come and join us and we’ll welcome you with open arms! <3
We are a community server designed for people to just non-toxically just talk and socialize, We are here to meet new people, see fresh faces and make new friends.
Potato Land
Welcome to Potato Land!! Our dream is to have a community where we provide a fun and relaxing environment for all members.
We are offering:
- Friendly community
- Levelling up system which includes being a VIP
- Purchasable roles - with our own currency
- Gaming, anime and NSFW categories
- Self-assignable roles
- Music Channel
- Venting channel
- if you would like to become a member of the Potato Family to be sure to join us!

Looking for members to help grow this server

A new, family friendly, non-toxic, Kirby-themed general community server with a slight focus on health and sleep. Very accepting, humble, and welcoming users.
Severed Network
About us: Mainly a Gamers community that is welcome to @/everyone, whether you play games,watch tv shows and movies or you simply just want to chat and have fun.
We have:
🌀200+ Members, and growing!
🌀100+ messages every 24hrs.
🌀Tournaments and Leagues!
🌀A leveling system!
🌀A Role playing Center!
🌀Display your own art.
🌀A unique self-Assignable Role ocean
🌀Fun and entertaining bots.
🌀A very friendly community and a Mature based staff.
🌀A understandable Partnering Center.
A Non-Toxic, all-inclusive community whose goal is to create genuine relationships and provide a safe space for everyone.
Our server is a no BS, no toxicity and no racism server. We are building a friendly and active community, we strive to be a big and speedily growing server on Discord. The bots on our server are the best around, starting from BetterAntispam to Myuu (Pokemon bot). We hope to see you soon! ;)
welcome to lavender tea
my name is sawyer and this is my server, enjoy ;)
󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀
󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀
󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀
󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀
󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀
󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀

→╰☆lavender tea is a non-toxic chill server where chill people can be non-toxic ;))))))))))╰☆←
errybody here is friendly and they have good vibes bro (edited)

you can make dark humor jokes but don't hurt someone's feelings with these jokes
don't be toxic towards anyone especially staff pls
don't spam in caps
just like, don't spam pls ty
don't post links in the chat, links go into the #☀links-n-shit channel
keep swearing at a minimum
if the staff are aboosing their power just let me know(edited)
󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀󠀀󠀀 󠀀󠀀Yesterday at 3:50 PM

no earrape
no racism, sexism etc
try to speak in english pls
no mic earrape/spamming
no voice changers pls, ur voice is bootiful the way it is

Welcome to SuperLuv! We are a a non-toxic, LGBTQ+ friendly community. We love everyone and everything! Come join the fun! We have amazing staff, music channels, and easy to find channels!
🌹🐇 Welcome to Wonderland!! 🐇🌹

In this server we have:

💖 Non-toxic community and semi-strict moderation!
💖 Several channels, including 18+ NSFW!
💖 Karaoke channel!
💖 Our own economy!
💖 Optional pings, we will rarely use @everyone!

Everybody is welcome here (as long as you're 13+)!! Come on down the rabbit hole!
What’s up everyone wanna be apart of a growing family where you can find just about find someone to always play with on a wide variety of popular games such as RDR2 online, blops4, ark, battlefield5, forza4, the list goes on. We are Vertigo Gaming. We want to welcome you only if the below sounds like something for you.
1. Mature
2. Gamer
3. Good sense of humor
5. Active
If these 5 things sound like you. Hop in give us a chance, what does it hurt? Anyone not active for over a week will be removed, to maintain a active discord. Thank you for your time.
The Flowers
A fun, chill LGBTQ+ friendly server!What do we have to offer?

🌻 A wide range of custom color roles

🌻 A special corner for all of your interests so you can discuss and enjoy with other members

🌻 Weekly game nights and movie nights

🌻 Neat and organized so everything is easy to find

🌻 Voice chats for you and your friends to play games or hangout

🌻 Bots for you to assign your own role, level up, and play music
I hope you will have fun in this server and enjoy yourself!
A +13 chill non-toxic server meant for anyone who is shy, socially awkward, sensitive or nice. We are LGBT, anime and furry friendly :)
This server is based on a pretty new discord bot that's alot like Slotbot. In this server you can attend giveaways, meet friendly people, and so much more! Infinity X has so much to offer and it would be greatly appreciated if you joined!
[100+ Members] Trace Gaming (TCG) Is The Gaming Community To Connect Gamers! Stuff Like Events, Media/Competitive/Recruitment/Graphics Team, Ranks, Medals, And Much More! No Gamertag Change!

RECRUITER: TCG Wheezy (Please know this person for when you join so we can keep track of who recruited who)
-Comp/Media/Recruitment/Graphics/Events Team
-Ranking Structure
-People To Play With
-No Drama and No GT Change
-Message of The Week
-Member of The Month
-Weekly Recruiter
-Plenty More and More To Come!
-You Have A Voice!
Welcome to 👑MCPATDWFØB マクロス™
-» A server for everyone! we are filled with unique channels and, have a nontoxic community. we prevent our members from getting discriminated. We try out best to make our fellow members comfortable in our server and I hope you will too. So if you're looking for a server that has an almost every content this is the place.

⇛This is the Official Support Server of 5 Bots.
-The Official WWE Bot™:
-Band Trash Bot:
-Brendon Urie™:

⇛We NOW have clubs/squads you can join for double the fun here.

⇛100% Nontoxic. (Meaning, Friendly/Considerate Staff Team.)

⇛We have a venting channel for people who want to vent and we have a channel dedicated to getting support.

⇛Many channels for you to explore. (You can even join clubs/squads & request for a aesthetic icon for your pfp)

⇛We have a channel where it gives a full clear introduction of the server called: #about-us. so, if you're asking what the server is about? that's the channel to go to

⇛We also currently looking for partnership managers. And, award those who are willing to apply.

We are STILL constantly growing bit by bit. we are active at certain times and we make sure everyone is comfortable and somewhat satisfied here. so what you're waiting for? Join now today!! Links are below:

Autonomy Gaming Community is a brand new community which aims to branch out to all our fellow friends in E-sports and allow them to LFG, talk to their fellow gamers, and just enjoy themselves. We strive to allow friend creation and we are a very non-toxic community.
For adult (18+) people that want to talk & play. Goal is to have really tight small community that plays often and can talk openly about everything from meaning of life to what they ate yesterday.
✰ Are you looking for gaming friends/a non-toxic gaming server? look no further, this is the place. ✰

ღ【 Ϲҽղեɾɑӏ Ցɑʍíղց Տեɑեíօղ 】ღ

➻Road to 1,000 Members
➻This server is based upon gaming
➻We have invite events for rewards
➻Self-assignable roles
➻Non-toxic, active community
➻Strict moderation

Message @! Robert DM 2 Partner#4043 for partnerships
@everyone is welcome @here!
დ ⇓ join the family here! ⇓ დ
Join our server for art or just hanging out! With a friendly non-toxic community you can enjoy a community that supports everyone! Whether you want to talk about cuddles your pet bunny or just do something we got you covered! Join today in the artsy crusade!
**Hey you! Yes you! Do you want to be a Mythic? If yes, then join this server!**

The Mythics is a community server that is made last week. This server is looking for **active members** to **grow** and **expand our server.**

**Our Features:**
▪》A **chill, organized and welcoming community** you will surely love!
▪》**Non-toxic** and **friendly** people to meet!
▪》Up to 50+ **self-assignable roles** and many **leveling roles!**
▪》Currently finding some **active and trustworthy** staff.
▪》We have **server games and bot games** to keep you entertained!
▪》**Interesting channels** like Daily facts, meme of the week, economy and many more.

**Hope to see you there!**
Looking for a place with quality memes and cringe? Look no further cause you've just found it. The Booth is a perfect place for everyone where they can relax and just chat with people and chill out in voice chats! Come join us today!