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An educational community where everyone from any culture/race/beliefs is welcome. Hangout with people from different culture. Learn, Practice & Master new or your desired language. Meet foreign people and make new friends from all over the world. Also offers: 150+ self assignable roles + Much more
Come here for support with anything technical. We can help with PCs, game problems, and much more. We are always looking for people who know their way around stuff like this. We have support for nearly 24 hours. Come and join us for help and maybe even stick around!
⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ Do not join this server if you have bad nerves. :P

Welcome to a funny place where strangers become your best friends. We enjoy talking about games, art, music and other things.
Our main languages are English and German. :)

We hope to see you there soon!
A place for LGBT+ people to make friends and hopefully more 💕!! The server is strictly SFW. We have friendly staff. Just join and have fun and see for yourself 😊
!!! We also do match making events, where you get matched with people of your preference whose preference you are as well !!! So join and participate~
Here is a server where if you are really looking for an online relationship, you can do so because all the people that are thirsty and beg people are NOT allowed. We have a music bot, a meme bot and yeah it's hopefully going to have some nice people who the fuck knows.
L4L (Looking For Love) is a dating hub Discord server, providing a simple way to connect with others and possibly meet someone special! This server is for users +17 only, fitting that quota you'll be highly welcomed into out community of emotions.
Join Team Galaxy EX
we have:
- Friendly Staff

- Great Bots

- Game channels/community

- Music

- Talk rooms

- Rank System

-International channels

- Staff Applications

- Custom Emoji

- Growing Community

- Your Own colored name (VIPs)

- LGBTQ Safe zone and role

- Advertisement/Self Promotion (with permission)

-Self Assigned roles

Small YouTube project where you can be JR admin and have your space to grow your channel.

What are you waiting for? Join NOW!
A very nice server for people (we have all kinds of different self assignable chats to be able to talk about gaming anime or just any other sort of thing that you find intressting. There is room for everyone😊
The Third Universal Theory is a server for Gaddafists, but other ideologies are welcomed! We are open to debating people who don't support Gaddafi or know about him or his ideology.
Evonix is an "international-multi-gaming-community". Probably a Community & Clan Hybrid.

Evonix was founded by three important Persons in early 2018. First Evonix were a Community called “ZLOEmu Community” which was dedicated to the ZLOEmulator Project by ZLOFENIX. After many Months of great Help and Fun, we decided to close down the Community and building an own Community for Gaming. This Community was known as Evonix Gaminghub. The Goal is fun and Entertainment thru Games and Chatting. The Community is not based on a specific Game, the Players play what they want, when they want. Also Evonix has some own Gameservers for some Games. You dont have any engagements in the Community, you are free to join or even leave. Now Evonix reworked into Community or just simply Evonix.
This server is still in progress because we are updating the server a little bit, So take the chance to be a member of T.I.D.S The International Discord Server.
Dieser Server ist für Deutsche und Englische Gamer. Mit dem Server möchte ich deutsche und Englische Gamer Verbinden.

This is the server where people from all over the world can unite and exchange their native cultures to each other. From compelling ethnic folklore and wise sayings to practicing or picking up a whole new language, make yourself at home by conversing with your native tongue or even hone your skills by conversing in the language you are learning!
Hello there, yes... you over here! - Have you heard of ''Game Planet''? - No, alright, let me introduce you!
We are a small and growing community for gamers! - Our goal is to gather players around and provide a amazing simple, easy, fun and quick connection between other gamers, we are a non-profit community who offers giveaways for nothing and just wants to have fun!

▬▬ We have some goodies in our server, too! ▬▬

|| Self assignable roles!
|| Friendly staff and often applications.
|| Alerts for Steam discounts via our RSS Feed!
|| Giveaways from time to time.
|| Active community members and staff! (150+)
|| Custom commands to make your stay even more fun!
|| Regularly improvements to our server!
||NSFW channels and bots for your needs! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
||Three kind of partnerships available!
|| We have roles for creators! (Streamers, Youtubers, Developers, Partners)
|| Level-up system. The more you talk the higher level you will reach!

Don't you believe this message? - Check it yourself! :D
The Official Indie comic and game development teams server. Come meet with all the developers and engage in the growing community status!
Do you want to get to know new people from all around the world? Awesome! We too! Hop on this server and you will be able to meet people from countries you probably didn't even know existed! we have a bunch of bots that make your experience as good as it can get!
We are also always trying to improve. So leave your suggestions on the server!
We have friendly staff, lots of international channels depending on the continent you are or want to meet people from.
This server hosts the International Internet Users Union (IIUU); a union of users and a digital country. We serve the role of holding moderators and administrators on the Internet in check whenever they abuse their powers against users. We do this for the sake of defending user rights to free speech, free love, and freedom from abuse of power. We do this by means of argumentation, documentation, and propagation against willful unethical moderation/administration. We serve the role of forming familial bonds among users for the sake of promoting love and eliminating loneliness. We serve the role of promoting the Internet as a true haven of free speech for the sake of honest personal understanding among all users. We do not hack; free speech is the only weapon we need. We do not raid; we propagate our message throughout the Internet instead. We fully comply with Discord Terms of Service and reasonable Discord Developer requests.
Currently only 3-men server, but we wish to grow bigger.

Startup server looking for members. We are aiming at languages. Anything related to languages. Our community could work together to translate games, movies, videos (YouTube for example) to help those with little English knowledge or no knowledge at all. Besides translating, we've thought if the community is lingually diverse enough, members could learn and teach their languages from and to those who want to.

Apart from these, join if you just want to have fun and chill. :)
Welcome to osu! International! This server's purpose is to bring osu! players from some countries in Europe where everyone can have fun regardless of language!
We got memes, NSFW(For 18+ only), gamers, active voice chat 24/7, music, art, photography, all the bells n whistles. come join, make friends, shitpost. Just come hang out
Helpful and friendly Multi-Gaming community to always be there for you! Weekly Group Activities and Tournaments! Game Nights, Movie nights, Karaoke Party, Drawing events & more! We're like a Family, We're the Synners!
International server to share and discuss everything nsfw.
The official International Gaming Lobby Discord Server is looking for admins and moderators. We provide a diverse community with players from all over the globe, who are all potentially your next gaming partner! If you want to apply, join our discord and read the latest announcement on how to apply.