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An educational community where everyone from any culture/race/beliefs is welcome. Hangout with people from different culture. Learn, Practice & Master new or your desired language. Meet foreign people and make new friends from all over the world. Also offers: 150+ self assignable roles + Much more
Join, pick a country and you're good to go!
Engage in world wide diplomacy, build your GDP, experience natural disasters, engage in warfare... The choices are yours!

Ever participated in a Model UN only to find yourself severely restricted to only diplomacy? We fix that. Here you can truly run your country the way you see fit and take any decision that you wish
Welcome To Delete This!
gaming community and shitpost server.
languages 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇩🇪🇺🇦🇭🇺🇵🇱 and more available on request!
minimal rules, join for a fun time!
- A very TOLERABLE community that allows Drama, Toxic, Cursing, etc as long it stays on a certain line.
- A cool self-assignable role that allows you to pick and leave it anytime you want.
- A meme channel.
- Events and giveaways. ≧◉◡◉≦
- Many cool fun bots.
- Active and friendly members and staff.
- A game update channel where we tell you any updates of the game that you play.
- An organized server that even OCD people approved it.
- A selfie channel where you can post your picture/seeing other's picture.
- Channels for idols and fans.
- Multiple voice channel and music channel that you can have fun chilling out.
- Partnerships and all that related to it. ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

And so much more!
You're more than welcome to join! ★~(◠‿◕✿)
`P.s. We are searching for more members, staff, partnerships to join us! We need you!`(❁´◡`❁)
Salut, tu aime Fortnite, tu aime Discord ?

Alors Fortnite 2.0 est fait pour toi!!!

Un staff actif et à ton écoute,

Des membres actifs,

Des bots fun!

Plein de salon,

Des grades YouTube et VIP,

Si tu bave, alors clique sur ce lien!
Okaerinasai! It's a family-friendly server, a place to chill, and discuss your favorite manga/manhwa, anime and/or novel. Feel free to roam around and spam all the servants... *cough*.. i mean bots. WEEBS ARE OMNIPOTENT!!!

*Lots'a Weebs
*We play UNO,, CAH, D&D and more.
*A LOOOOOT OF VCs, even Karaoke.
*We have a S.O.S Hotline & Channel, helping people with their problems, dont worry it's private channel WINK WINK
*Art Channels
*Webnovel Authors
Riding kangaroos and taking names; bogans and commoners alike unite in this sever centered on and celebrating the land down under. *You do not need to be Australian to join
Must be summer cause you're here for the

Do you smell that? I think it's the sweet scent of our lovley server.

What Do We Have To Offer aYou I n ʙɩσѕѕσʍ?

Only The Best Of The Best For You Traveler Our server features are:

-Nsfw {We Know That's Why You Are Here Anyways uwu}
-Open And Welcoming Community
-Self Assigned Roles To Show Yourself Off With
-Events & Karoke
- Selfies Channel
-Vent Room
-Artwork Channel

ʙɩσѕѕσʍ was made for people all over to have a discord server to call home and wake up everyday excited to come to and talk in and make alot of friends in we are the most caring people you will ever meet so please stop by to check us out we will enjoy your visit traveler

[Owner: {@mallykally#9715}

[Link: {}

Shitposting group that holds both wholesome conversations and selective bullying.

Stuff you can find:

▹ An army of dutch people.

▹ A communist regime led by a capitalist pig.

▹ Lots of bots which you'll probably never use.

▹ The ugliest set of emojis you can imagine.

▹ Activity over quantity.

▹ Open door to suggestions & server versatility.

And much more!
Come join to get full access to our community!
You will profit on many things like:
-live notifications from your <3-channel of: TWITCH, YOUTUBE & Reddit
-steam trading
-share, what interesst you
and maaany more!

>Welcome To Anime Frontier

-Its a Anime & Gaming Server.
-The server has separate channels for every activities.
-Posting NSFW in public channels isnt allowed. We have separate channels for them.
-There are many custom roles and colour roles in the server.
-Server has reasonable rules and good team.
-Server has separate channels for Pokecord & narrator bots and has other bots like Owo, Mantaro, Senpai.
-There is a separate channel for languages other than English.
-Server has separate Art room, Author zone and Singing area For those who like to express themselves through it.
╭ ✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚╮
   .· ´Welcome to Curiousity server,
    we are all rather mad here...
        but then
    all the best people are ☆´¨) ¸.·¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·’* (¸.·’* (¸.·’* (¸.·’* ¨)

  Curiosity is owned and run by Alice
   & her very helpful moderators.
    It is a multi lingual server
     we accept everyone
      for who they are,
   regardless of their backgrounds.

   (Now despite that most, people
    still prefer to speak English,
      it is not compulsory)

     The server itself is
   Alice im wunderland themed
  and is always striving to improve.
The focus of this server is to discuss issues of political, economic and social affairs. We strive to maintain a certain level of standard in our discourse. High effort discourse is prioritized and welcomed.
GoodGamers.exe is a liberal international Discord server.
There isn't a main subject of the server. Everyone can find his place here, because the shape of GoodGamers.exe depends on the community.
The server is divided into the following sections depending on the language:
- Polski (Polish)
- English
- Türkçe (Turkish)
- toki pona
- Português (Portuguese)
- Русский (Russian)
- Français (French)
- Español (Spanish)
- Deutsch (German)

If your language is not on the list, join and suggest adding it.

We need people like you to make a server suitable for all people, regardless of nation, race, religion, views, age and language.
Hope to see you here!

IMPORTANT NOTE: To prevent spamming just after joining you will see only one chat, please inform there admins and owners about your arrival. Include a list of your languages also.
This is a place for all languages and cultures. We want to achieve exchange and improvement of language skills!
Get some help or talk with natives - everything is possible.
Our community is pretty new and a lot of languages need some native speakers!

C ya there! ;)
LTDI Community™ iși deschide porțile pe Discord!
- Ce poți găsi la noi pe server?
- Categorie de Gaming și Anime.
-Boți interactivi (ex. Sora & Yui)
- Giveaway-uri lunare & event-uri (ex. Simon Spune)
- Staff matur.

✨ A Description of Dazed Champs: ✨
Just a bunch of nice and useless people trying to make this server popular and active. Here is a list of some of the many things that we have and offer:
- Tons of fun bots (Mee6, Tatsumaki, Himebot, etc.)
- Giveaways
- Friendly Staff
- rules to make sure problems are avoided
- Moderation
- Self-assignable roles
- Fun text channels and voice channels
Instead of leaving like everyone else does, you could stay and give me ideas on how to improve this server and make it more appealing to you.
✨ I hope that if you do join, you decide to stay! ✨

NF Tournaments is an international tournament organization established in 2019 and based in Germany.
We try to host money and non-cash prize tournaments in Rocket League, Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch once a week.
Our focus is to give every player a professional environment to compete on.

FR : Bienvenue sur le Cocam'server !
Le Cocam'server et un serveur international et général ou le but et simplement partager et s'amuser.
Notre serveur propose plusieurs canaux :
- General (ou tout les joueurs de tout les pays)
- des canaux par langue (Anglais, Japonais, Français...)
- Des canaux de jeux
et bien d'autres choses...
N'hésitez pas a rejoindre le serveur si vous êtes intéressé !

EN : Welcome to the Cocam'server!
The Cocam' server is an international and general server where the goal is simply to share and have fun.
Our server offers several channels:
- General (or all players from all countries)
- channels by language (English, Japanese, French...)
- Game channels
and many other things...
Feel free to join the server if you are interested!
This server is focused on learning and talking about places from around the world.
WELCOME to Chill Universe! This is
the place for everyone to chill,
have fun and to enjoy!!
Soldiers of Cern is a gaming community of mmo robot and space strategy combat game players as well as a gaming community with a international fringe studies 'gamers lodge' with an actual degree system for participants.

Check us out there is a lot more to discover with more on the way. Our main game at this time is BattleTitans and Eve Echoes with other games available once you are in the Hq. Our server always adapts to meet the needs of our gamers.. :-) Movie Nights, Private, Fringe topic discussions in the Lodge and much more.

Also our original created Discord RPG: 'Endverse'....based on Endgame by James Frey.
Translator Bot for all languages. Have an idea? If it fits our vision for the community it will be added. Just have to see it to believe it. The Gamers Lodge is seperate from the main Community but you can choose how much of the Battalion you wish to see.
Welcome to The Internationale!

We are a community of people all around the world, where different Race/Cultures/Beliefs/Languages/Nationalities are welcome!

Hangout with people all around the world, with different cultures!

Or heck, maybe you can even learn a new language with native speakers!

You can meet foreign people and make new friends from all around the world!

We have a channel for every language that is available in this server! Both test and voice channels! If you have any ideas for a language, then feel free to let us know at the suggestions channel!

We hope you can join us here ^^