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Hi Everyone! :) The International is a group of friendly, kinky, sexy people who basically chat about all sorts of stuff, and like to mostly flirt and get naughty when they’re so inclined. We’ve got themes, gifs, nudes, roleplaying and we do it all on discord. Hope to see you sometime.

Our goal is to help you meet fun people to flirt with and find ways to satisfy your thirst. All we ask is that you be nice to everyone.

- The International Management
A friendly server to chill out and have fun with friends. Meet new people from all over the world!
La meute cherche des loups pour combler ses rangs. Passe par notre territoire pour voir si tu t'y plais! Un serveur communautaire accueillant dans un environnement respectueux. Amis, étrangers ou même famille y sont les bienvenues. Que ce soit pour sociabiliser ou simplement pour avoir un coin dans lequel rester pour respirer. (Nous acceptons les partenariats) We also have english peeps, don’t be shy.
If you wanna vibe with some other highschoolers, come join. We are usually active. Featured channels we have are a vent channel, a homework channel, userphone channels and more. Also search up our discord server’s name for a surprise.
An educational community where everyone from any culture/race/beliefs is welcome. Hangout with people from different culture. Learn, Practice & Master new or your desired language. Meet foreign people and make new friends from all over the world. Also offers: 150+ self assignable roles + Much more
NOTE: This server is still in developement, so expect regularly updates.
You can support the team by leaving suggestions in the support channels.
Thank you!

Welcome to the inofficial Audiosurf Community Server! Here you can exchange your scores, upload your perfect or less perfect runs (by link), pick up some pro tips from experienced players or just talk and voice chat with other members. All members are nice and hosts very active. We're Always ready to help if anything goes wrong. You can be absolutely sure, it is definitely worth it! ^^
Chilldom, where u can chill with epic people who are not cringe and with who u can have a great laugh. We frequently host interactive games such as 'Got Talent', ' parties' and many other activities you can join and participate in. Chilldom is a place to be yourself.
A server dedicated for soloist IU. Have fun and chill with us and share your love to our Queen IU <3
------------ Syntax Nime Indonesia ----------

Server dimana Anime, Gamer, Youtuber,
& Masih Banyak lagi, dengan Full Bot Set.
No Drama, No Rusuh, Justice/Damai, & Aman Pastinya
Dimana Owner & admin Ramah kepada New Member
Active Voice
1k+ Member

Jika Berminat Silahkan Mampir, Ditunggu Ya!!!!
The focus of this server is to discuss issues of political, economic and social affairs. We strive to maintain a certain level of standard in our discourse. High effort discourse is prioritized and welcomed.

Soulmates is a server,a cozy place for the people living all around the world to come,join,conversate and make friends.

This server is a great place for you people to enjoy and talk freely and friendly to each other.Everyone here in this server is a family to us.
Hope you enjoy here.

1.Our goal is to have a Huge Family and Friendly Community.
2.Include the server in one of the best servers out there.
Are you looking for an active community where you can enjoy yourself and talk with a bunch of new people
daily without having to worry about usual discord toxicity? Are you tired of joining a server where it's hard to
be included in the chat? Why not join ours? At epiphany <3, we can help you find your perfect match & just a lot
more. We’ve got a wide variety of things you’ll love! We feature game nights, movie nights, giveaways, and
special events for everyone so they can feel welcome and at home.


Server Features
✧- Active Community
✧- Friendly Staff Members
✧- Bots
✧- Partnership

International Relations RP is a brand new roleplay server, where you select a country and play the part. The server is quite a fun time, and could use some new members! Join and check it out via the link below.
We have so much in this server!
Join our community, hangout with friends and talk there or play with other people or bots!
Talk trough other server thanks to 'Yggdrasil' bot!
We also have luxury channels and roles for some Twitch streamers, youtubers and vloggers.
And much more!
Join now and have fun!

We are a small but nice server. We want to achieve that many people from different countries or even from different continents are on one server and can write together. You can be on it.
This is a little server I made to meet new people, make friends and have fun all around. We’re usually active on VC and can stay there for hours. Many here play a whole variety of games. We also love to play online games like etc... A bit of role play for fun(not too srs), a couple of bots and very friendly people <3
ADG is your go-to place for aesthetic artwork of any kind! We are a community-driven, no bullshit, international server with language-specific channels created on request.
We are a small, friendly server with no strict rules and many active members. All members (from many different countries) get along well with each other and are open to other nationalities. We hope you will join us and play some games with us on evenings :)) (ps: we have a nsfw channel ;))
Come here for support with anything technical. We can help with PCs, game problems, and much more. We are always looking for people who know their way around stuff like this. We have support for nearly 24 hours. Come and join us for help and maybe even stick around!

This server is an International place for lewd lovers to come together and Stick around to gain friends and hang out in our many channels

Sit down relax and also finding ur dream girl/guy. We have many lewd bots, to use and have fun with. Almost 700 members here. Please check out our server!
✌Looking for a fun server? Active? Friendly people? Friends all over the world? Unique and tidy system?✌

Come over here! Everyone is welcome.
✪ We are an International discord server that is based in ASEAN (specifically Malaysia) ✪

✦ Unique system
✦ Community & Gaming based
✦ The girl and guy ratio is up to 2:1
✦ Free from toxic members!
✦ Multiple bot to accommodate your needs!
✦ Monthly Giveaways
✦ THE MOST LESS PING-ABLE server out there between all active server.
✦ Unique channel for Idol
✦ Exclusive Partnership
✦ Events every week!

And many mores! Come and join the fun with us! ASIA, EU, NA are all very welcome especially for those who are looking to live/travel in Malaysia!

🌐 Are you interested in learning a language? This is the server for you! Mundus (Latin for "The World") is an international language learning server where people from all around the world come together to help each other learn languages. 🌐

What Mundus provides:
🌐 Easy-to-access text and speech channels to practice your language.
🌐 Symbols and images so that even non-English speakers can understand it.
🌐 Active staff and organised moderation.
🌐 Judgement-free environment. Everyone makes mistakes, so why judge?

Join today! We can't wait to see you!
Join The Garden, an international friendly online space based on Discord created to make connections and to have a great time with people from all over the world.
- Active mods
- frequent voice chats
- text channel variety (memes, food, animal pics, free stuff, anime, etc.) video game streams with gaming channel
- self-assigned roles and much more!

We ask users to be 16+ and to abide by some basic rules to keep the space positive and friendly.
Hey! This server is an online international community with people from every country in the world where we gather around to chat show our cultures, etc! We have many fun stuff like polls, challenges , tournaments sometimes events! Over 20 language channels! And there are channels where you can post pictures from your country , food music , etc! Enjoy!