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Hello! We are Loquacity Lounge🌙!

We are a global platform where anyone can be friends with anyone from all parts of the world. Also, gamers, travellers, artists, etc, everyone are welcome here!!

Please note that this is:
-🚫NOT a NSFW server
-‎🚫NOT a dating server
Chilldom, where u can chill with epic people who are not cringe and with who u can have a great laugh. We frequently host interactive games such as 'Got Talent', ' parties' and many other activities you can join and participate in. Chilldom is a place to be yourself.
FR : Bienvenue sur le Cocam'server !
Le Cocam'server et un serveur international et général ou le but et simplement partager et s'amuser.
Notre serveur propose plusieurs canaux :
- General (ou tout les joueurs de tout les pays)
- des canaux par langue (Anglais, Japonais, Français...)
- Des canaux de jeux
et bien d'autres choses...
N'hésitez pas a rejoindre le serveur si vous êtes intéressé !

EN : Welcome to the Cocam'server!
The Cocam' server is an international and general server where the goal is simply to share and have fun.
Our server offers several channels:
- General (or all players from all countries)
- channels by language (English, Japanese, French...)
- Game channels
and many other things...
Feel free to join the server if you are interested!
This server is brand new and is looking forward to growing. We are an international anime community.

What we have:
-Color roles
-Level up roles
-NSFW channel
-Fun bots to play with
-Really nice staffs
-Currently working on Pokecord

Still not convinced? No? Here's one thing to keep in mind. We like to have fun, talk, and make new friends in this server. However, toxicity and swearing is not allowed here. Since this is an international server, it has strict rules to keep the server as safe as possible.
An educational community where everyone from any culture/race/beliefs is welcome. Hangout with people from different culture. Learn, Practice & Master new or your desired language. Meet foreign people and make new friends from all over the world. Also offers: 150+ self assignable roles + Much more
✌Looking for a fun server? Active? Friendly people? Friends all over the world? Unique and tidy system?✌

Come over here! Everyone is welcome.
✪ We are an International discord server that is based in ASEAN (specifically Malaysia) ✪

✦ Unique system
✦ Community & Gaming based
✦ The girl and guy ratio is up to 2:1
✦ Free from toxic members!
✦ Multiple bot to accommodate your needs!
✦ Monthly Giveaways
✦ THE MOST LESS PING-ABLE server out there between all active server.
✦ Unique channel for Idol
✦ Exclusive Partnership
✦ Events every week!

And many mores! Come and join the fun with us! ASIA, EU, NA are all very welcome especially for those who are looking to live/travel in Malaysia!

A gaming community for everyone, it's still in development but you can help us improve!
ADG is your go-to place for aesthetic artwork of any kind! We are a community-driven, no bullshit, international server with language-specific channels created on request.
La meute cherche des loups pour combler ses rangs. Passe par notre territoire pour voir si tu t'y plais! Un serveur communautaire accueillant dans un environnement respectueux. Amis, étrangers ou même famille y sont les bienvenues. Que ce soit pour sociabiliser ou simplement pour avoir un coin dans lequel rester pour respirer. (Nous acceptons les partenariats)
Hi No Nut Asian here. (Not Asian)

IF you're Asian please do join our server. Even if you're not, feel free to join. Must be 14 or above, because we do NOT associate with faggots. Such as (childish behavior, stupid, brat & etc) and of course fake it till you make it ; ) . People here are a bit retarded but trust me, they are good people <33 We are also looking for active people to be staff. Join and you wont be able to leave!

Happy No Nut November :)
Hello! This is Star Wars: Infinite Time!
The top-class roleplaying server there is!
We're looking to expand our server with more new members, so feel free to join!
We offer respectful staff, and a fun experience!
Hello, come join my server! Their is a whole different of variety of games that so many people play! Everyone is so friendly and is so easy to make friends with.
Just come have a look. You dont have to stay if you don't wish too.
>Welcome To Anime Frontier

-Its a Anime & Gaming Server.
-The server has separate channels for every activities.
-Posting NSFW in public channels isnt allowed. We have separate channels for them.
-There are many custom roles and colour roles in the server.
-Server has reasonable rules and good team.
-Server has separate channels for Pokecord & narrator bots and has other bots like Owo, Mantaro, Senpai.
-There is a separate channel for languages other than English.
-Server has separate Art room, Author zone and Singing area For those who like to express themselves through it.
GoodGamers.exe is a liberal international Discord server.
There isn't the main subject of the server. Everyone can find their place here, because the shape of GoodGamers.exe depends on the community.
The server is divided into the following sections depending on the language:
- Polski (Polish)
- English
- Český (Czech)
- Türkçe (Turkish)
- toki pona
- Português (Portuguese)
- Русский (Russian)
- Français (French)
- Español (Spanish)
- Deutsch (German)

If your language is not on the list, join and suggest adding it.

We need people like you to make a server suitable for all people, regardless of nation, race, religion, views, age and language.
Hope to see you here!
Welcome to the Free Peoples Centrist Army , we are a group looking for members of any religion and nationality , we are fighting for freedom of any kind, so join now!
Hello everyone ✧٩(の❛ᴗ❛ の)۶
Freya is friendly Guild at avrora server & good community at Azur lane Fans. We have many source of Artist & have many veteran player. If you new & need help for playing this game, or maybe just need friends that can talk about this game
Then just Come and join us~
P.S. our guild is currently full,so stay tuned
For anyone who's playing azurlane feel free to join our discord channel
Hi Everyone! :) The International is a group of friendly, kinky, sexy people who basically chat about all sorts of stuff, and like to mostly flirt and get naughty when they’re so inclined. We’ve got themes, gifs, nudes, roleplaying and we do it all on discord. Hope to see you sometime.

Our goal is to help you meet fun people to flirt with and find ways to satisfy your thirst. All we ask is that you be nice to everyone.

- The International Management
The Multinational Server, a multicultural, multilingual place for anyone from anywhere to mingle and socialise!
*Dedicated languages channel to express your own mother tongue!
*Language students welcome! We try and help anyone who comes here with almost anything language related!
*Friendly community of mixed backrounds and cultures!
*Vast number of channel topics and bots!

Join today! We're always looking for more people to add to our melting pot of cultures and people!
✨ A Description of Social Weebs: ✨
Just a bunch of nice and useless people trying to make this server popular and active. Here is a list of some of the many things that we have and offer:
- Tons of fun bots (Mee6, Tatsumaki, Himebot, etc.)
- Giveaways
- Friendly Staff
- rules to make sure problems are avoided
- Moderation
- Self-assignable roles
- Fun text channels and voice channels
Instead of leaving like everyone else does, you could stay and give me ideas on how to improve this server and make it more appealing to you.
✨ I hope that if you do join, you decide to stay! ✨
The focus of this server is to discuss issues of political, economic and social affairs. We strive to maintain a certain level of standard in our discourse. High effort discourse is prioritized and welcomed.

HATRED is an international discord server created to socialize with people online, for the purpose of making new friends!

🟣⚫ » Simple and minimalist design.
🟣⚫ » Mature and experienced staff in moderating discord servers.
🟣⚫ » Leveling system.
🟣⚫ »


HATRED este un server international de Discord creat pentru a socializa cu persoane online, cu scopul de a va face prieteni noi!

🟣⚫ » Design simplu si minimalist.
🟣⚫ » Staff matur si experimentat in moderarea serverelor de discord.
🟣⚫ » Sistem de leveling.
🟣⚫ »