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Emoji World is a server dedicated to finding high quality global emotes and nitro emotes for all users to use. Feel free to chat with any of the members, use the channels at your leisure, and just have fun! There are events for special roles and privileges from time to time as well, so don't miss out!
We hope to expand and gain many new members along with new features, ranks, badges, and more! We hope you all join! Anyone is welcome!

Join 27k+ members at this super active server to meet new friends and just chill in. You also have access to our 3 global emotes!
Do you still want your Global Emotes? If yes, you've come to the right place. A lot of Global Emote servers have survived the Emote Apocalypse. We in this server work together to find these gems and share them with each other until their inevitable removal, come help us in this little project we are undertaking; you won't be disappointed.
Are you bored and you wanna Chill Out ? Come to Chill Out Place! English, Turkish, German and the friendly staff. Why are you waiting for? Join today!
This is a public community of gamers from all around the world. We're open minded and friendly. Make you're self at home and if you haven't joined, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!
Are you an artist looking to showcase your talent? Are you a producer looking to share your music or collaborate? Even if you're someone that simply enjoys music or looking to share and discover new artists, we're a server for all your needs.
Welcome to The Snakehole Lounge! We're a new 18+ community server looking to grow.
Plus size friendly & LGBTQ+ inclusive.

~ Active members and moderation team
~ Chill environment
~ NSFW channels (verification required)
~ Parks and Rec fans highly encouraged
This server gives your different servers that can give you global emotes. Sorry we do not promote servers that do not have global emotes.

What are global emotes?

I'm glad you asked. Global emotes are emotes that can express things emojis can't. Its simple. All you have to do is enter this server then find the channel global emotes. Then add a server to your discord a.k.a frogs dream world. Go there look for the emotes. Some don't require things like verification to get them. This is a server like that. Go there and type : or :gw and a list of global emotes the server has will pop up...
:cloud: Heavenly Realm :cloud:

Is a themed SFW server. It's purpose bring in new people and hopefully help include them into other partner/servers.

This server offers:
:star:Friendly and helpful members
:star:Voice chat events / karaoke
:star:Amusement Bots
:star:Shiritori game
:star:Music bots
:star:Global emotes list
:star:Anti-racism campaign
:star:Artists - welcome to share their art works and be treasured.
Hello Everyone this is a bran new sever about Dokkan Battle. I want this to grow and be the best it can be. You can also talk about anything else. I maybe in the future have NSFW channels it's all up to you, I am open to have what ever makes my members happy. :D
ad!setup #log #auto-partner Energy | Learn center |
Western Europe
Dokkan battle server for trading, selling and chsttimg
A fun server with 6 GLOBAL EMOTES that you can use without nitro!
Wir sind ein Counter Strike Global Offensive Clan und suchen noch gute Mitglieder :D

We are a Counter Strike Global Offensive Clan and are searching for good Players :D
A fun community with global emotes, giveaways, events, custom bots and so much more!
Hello and welcome to GeneralGamers. We were founded in 2017 with the purpose of bringing together the gaming world. We offer many features in our community
-Much More
Our community is growing fast and we want you to be apart of it.
A small discord community composed of gamers looking to grow. Bots, Roles, Anime, we have it. We also host communications for groups. We have multiple bots, and assign roles to what games or hobbies you own or do. So that way people that share your interests can find someone who also enjoys what they do. We don't judge everyone is welcome.
This is a server to list other servers with global emotes/mixer emotes.
Welcome to the Game Community!
We play formally Pubg and Overwatch, we also organize tournaments for our guests! Win those tournaments and win cool prizes!


We see you soon.....
A server to list other servers with Gamewisp global emotes and Mixer global emotes!
Ever needed friends to just hang out in a clan? Or have roles that are pretty chill? Or maybe just a friendly community to chat and meet new friends?

Well, I am happy to introduce Dangerous Devils!

Dangerous Devils is a community of friends, gamers, and more!

Our reach of people is global! We have people from Europe and North America!

We offer...

💬 Many Channels of Chatting and Voice
❤️ Welcoming Community
🤖 Almost 20 Bots for moderation and games!
📈 Stats on games you've played!
🎶 Music Voice Channel and a Music Bot!
📴 AFK Channel!
👮 Staff & Staff Applications!
🔷 Earn Custom Roles!
🌐 Other Language General Chat!
❓Question of the Day, Feedback, and FAQ!
👌 Meme Chats!
✖️ No NSFW Chat!
😀 A server for all ages!

So, what are you waiting for? We are waiting for you! Join now! :D
We got global emotes. The home for twitch youtube and mixer streamers game devs and everyday gamers are always Welcome join us the server for game lovers
This server is an English-Japanese-Other Languages exchange and gaming server. We value respect and excellence. Treats each other like family. Join our growing family.