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A multifandom server that primarily focuses on writing and general fandom talk.
Let your creativity flow with a community of writers dedicated to supporting each other and foster a sense community!
A nice place where you can share your writing with others, or just read some cool fiction. All abilities welcome, just a fun place to write and learn.
Creator's Guild

A relatively new server, this guild is a place for all kinds of creators:
- Artists
- Writers
- Original music creators
- Chefs
- And more!

What I have in mind is a community of people who create "things" in any form, and want to share them with other people.

There's no specific age limit or restriction, but just be aware that there is an NSFW category available to those who are 18+.

We have working bots!
- Fredboat
- Dyno
- Gaius
- Reminder
- Rhythm
- Unbelievaboat

(Also looking for staff, too. There's no formal application; if you want it you must be relatively active and trustworthy.)

Come join!

I M M O R T A L ' S G A T H E R I N G

Hello everyone,

You've been invited to join the Immortal's Gathering.
In this server we have a variety of fanfiction authors that you can talk to about their stories or for advice.
Although we do hangout and talk about random things from time to time, it sort of depends on how active the server is at the time of day(or night) your'e on.
You can check out all the authors that have joined the server in the #:clipboard:contents-page.
We also have an assortment of readers from all around the world that you can befriend in the chat.
Occasionally have a group game night (or day) where we play Cards Against Humanity or other online games together.
We also tend to get together and watch various tv shows, movies, and anime.

We also have cool features such as:

** Elected Staff **
** Voted Bans **
** Chill staff **
** Leveling system **
** Easy to follow rules **
** Self Roles to change your color **
** A ticket system for support and author applications **

Join us at:
Hey there! We're an LGBT+ friendly community of people who enjoy the arts! We are centered and focused around Writers, Artists, and Musicians but everyone is welcomed!
We're not keen on rules so just use common sense!
A server for photografhers, writers, artists and viewers. It's a very nice servers with a few bots~~
Writing Corner is a small group of writers that get together to write stories based on biweekly prompts and critique each other's work.

1. Be friendly and respectful towards other members.
2. No spamming, advertising, and/or posting links to other discord servers.
3. No NSFW or overly offensive content.
4. If you post fanart, please credit the artist.
5. If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, listen to them. Don't argue with them.
6. Keep all conversations in the relevant channels.
7. Discussions are allowed, but don't fight or start drama in the server. If you want to fight, then take it to PM.
8. You may curse, but please keep it to a minimum. A mod will warn you if you're cursing too much, and ignoring the warning will result in punishment.
9. All members must be 15 or older. No exceptions.