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This server is a chill place for fans of visual novels to discuss them and hang out.
A fresh and new anime server that is searching for new members! come help us make this a great server!
Looking for a great place to roleplay or talk about Overlord? We're pretty chill and are open to humour. I love Overlord and, as most people do, want some good friends to talk to it about. Come check us out.
We are a new server form so we can find more novels and fan fiction writen by authors who don't get much attention
We allow NSFW novels and Manga
You don't have to write stories if you join!

Bienvenue dans le continent du Dou Qi, une terre peuplée de cultivateurs de Qi et d'artistes martiaux. Démontre ta force et gagne en puissance dans le server.
Le système de niveaux de ce server est influencé par le light novel de fantasy chinoise " battle through the heavens", que tu sois déjà dans le monde des novels ou non, soit le bienvenue dans ce monde !

Notre Bot personnalisé permet une immersion plus simple dans le RP !
Hello and welcome to Free Flow Writing, a community for all kinds of authors! After struggling to find a community that I felt comfortable sharing my work in I decided to create one myself. Many servers were either too casual, and I didn't feel like it was really a writing server, or it was too professional and I felt like my fan works wouldn't be welcome. I created Free Flow Writing (and Freaky Free Flow writing) to make that perfect mix of comfortable chillness and creative spark.
A writing server for professional and hobbyist writers to share their work and improve their craft.
Hello the Good People of Discord!
I am here to represent The Writer's Guild! It is a server dedicated to writer's who want to meet and talk to other writer's, improve their writing, get practical and constructive feedback on their work and do the same for other people. We also have spots open in the administrative staff. The Writer's Guild shall be eagerly waiting for all new members.
Authors Anonymous Forge is a writing community run by a small but dedicated community. Join us and help make this description better!
Hello,in this community you'll find a lot of people who like anime,manga and gaming so this server is for everyone! A giveaway is currently still on-going for 25$ , if you want to read the rules come by and join!