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A fairly new Discord server for writers and artists alike to have fun and connect with friends and fans outside of Wattpad.
Here you can advertise and find all kinds of books, as well as ask for advice from peers. Includes self-assigned roles with specific channels and different bots that keep things fun!
[Looking for mods & news team!]

Trying to meet fellow k-pop fans? Although we're still starting up, a handful of people already joined and are making this a fun place to be.

You can assign roles for almost every k-pop group and solo artist to show off who you stan! There are also channels for popular survival shows like Produce X101, Idol Producer, Under Nineteen and soon more. You can also show off how much of a girl- or boygroup stan you are and be up-to-date with all important k-pop news.

This is also a place where you can improve your English. Meet fellow fanfiction readers and writers here, promote your stories and services, find the best featured stories and more!

We're hoping you'll join to make this server a great and fun community to be in :)
Zapraszamy na polski discord, który zrzesza wattpadowiczów. Zapewniamy dobrą zabawę, mnóstwo spamu, memy i różne kanały tematyczne. Możesz dostać poradę pisarską, podyskutować o ulubionych grach i po prostu miło spędzić czas w gronie świetnych osób!

To tylko poczekalnia, następuje tam weryfikacja konta na wattpadzie!
A cultivation sect where members can discuss or recommend YAOI or BL related mangas, novels, artwork, etc.

We offer a variety of activities:
-Self-assignable roles
-Cultivation levels

WARNING: Note that this server focuses on BL, yaoi, danmei, so it's malexmale pairings.

Overall, we are a welcoming and *coughs* perverted server! Join and embark on a fun adventure with us!
Here you can share insights and be as crazy as you can be! We've got fun; such as Pokecord and leveling up, come join the fun and make new friends! Whether you're a writer, artist or just want to make connections, we're here! :P

Rules and introductions include; roles, bots/commands

Text Channels; homework help, recommendations and suggestions!

Writing includes; Character-creation + Cover art + Nanowrimo
Resources and word wars

Social, Meme and Spam channel

a pokemon channel, rp channel along with a cat channel for either cat pics and anything else!

Currently looking for helpers to help within the server!
Hello, welcome to The Adventurous Duo Fanserver. We’re here to support our good friend’s wattpad story and also have fun as a community. You can roleplay if you want to make your own adventurer, heck, you could even have your adventurer in he book if it’s good enough for it! We accept all people here and if the server gets too toxic just hit up an admin or the owner.
Welcome to SUGAR N SPICE WRITING where all writings here are made in their own unique way. Writers here have free range to make any type of writing, though of course it is for all ages! Let your imagination run free!
Join Wattpad and interact with fellow Wattpadders.
We are a lgbtq+ friendly community originating from Wattpad. We got a clean, organized server and a range of different channels and activies to do:

🎠 Readings, and writings channels for both originals and fanfictions. Sprint along with your fellow writers with Sprinto!

🎠 Art channel for digital and traditional artists alike.

🎠 Graphic channel for either amateur or professional graphic designers. Includes all type of graphics from realistic to anime.

🎠 Channels for roleplayers of all levels. Find a partner to rolelplay with or/and advertise your own roleplay group in our server with ease!

🎠 Misc. channels to discuss other kind of topics from memes, music, tv shows, and all fandom-related subjects.

🎠 Advertise your commisions in our commision channel. Not just for art only, but also writings, graphics, and other sort of stuff you could offered.

🎠 Giveaways that happened on random occassions with varying prizes such as deviantart points, free art, etc.

We are still looking for people to fill in our staff positions! Details on how to apply for the position and which positions that are available can be found in this link:
This is a server made for my Wattpad Account Redding234. You can come read my stories here. This Server has a link to my Trello page where you can read up on the updates of my server, you can advertise your Wattpad account and books. You can become a Follower of my Trello by sending in a invitation offer through the channel.

I M M O R T A L ' S G A T H E R I N G

Hello everyone,

You've been invited to join the Immortal's Gathering.
In this server we have a variety of fanfiction authors that you can talk to about their stories or for advice.
Although we do hangout and talk about random things from time to time, it sort of depends on how active the server is at the time of day(or night) your'e on.
You can check out all the authors that have joined the server in the #:clipboard:contents-page.
We also have an assortment of readers from all around the world that you can befriend in the chat.
Occasionally have a group game night (or day) where we play Cards Against Humanity or other online games together.
We also tend to get together and watch various tv shows, movies, and anime.

We also have cool features such as:

** Elected Staff **
** Voted Bans **
** Chill staff **
** Leveling system **
** Easy to follow rules **
** Self Roles to change your color **
** A ticket system for support and author applications **

Join us at:
The Creation Universe Server is for all things related to the story Creation that I am currently working on. Includes links to my Wattpad page where Creation --- Development and Vikkron are. Feedback is welcomed!
We talk about anime, gaming, and other stuff, we love to have fun here! We don't care if you are a human goat, as long as you know how to have fun the come on down, we just want to have fun. We even rp!
This is the server for Lina Flame, Wattpad writer.
This is a community of people who use Wattpad where we talk about not only writing, but anything else!
We will help you to promote your wattpad story. We are the most professional marketing service out there. We can help to increse views, votes and follows to make your story more successfull
Welcome to Writer’s Block! This server is for ironic fanfictions, writing help, art, and to just meet new people who share your passion!
I'm too lazy to give a nice description rn so: it's a server I started (my first one) even though I have been on discord for years. no haters, trolls can come bc fun. Fun social area for anime-lovers, kpop-lovers, wattpad-lovers xd and idk ig. The roles are all based on company jobs like newbs are Interns.
Hello, welcome to my Community Server for my Wattpad! I am Daiko. This server helps you keep track, or just read my Wattpad ‘books’!