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We Design is a server where you can find designers and also advertise yourself. We also got a custom bot with a lot of features. Join now for more information!
Diverse is a Graphic Design server filled with various levels of designers.
Some are experienced, but some are new, it doesn't matter which level you fit in we're all one community!

Diverse is open to those who already know the basics of design and wish to learn more. Everyone is welcomed to join!

A list of common topics;
• Graphic design
• Illustration / art
• Typography
• General layout
The main aim of this community server is to keep small group of people with same interests, but different life stories to share together. We use completly reworked notification system that will notice you only if someone mention you with some important message. We do not want to abuse others. We hope that good discussion begins with no poke.
We are team of expreienced staff that will always help you and will keep chat clear without spam and bad content.
Our bots will never mention or spam you. We use only necessary amount of bots.
Ever wanted a CHEAP graphic/Custom art for yourself or a friend? Check out my website. I make :arrow_right: art for/gfxs, Link; My discord server also plays a big part in my website.⬅ ROLES GET DISCOUNTS ON PROFESSIONAL GFXS :fire: :partly_sunny: []
Design Dojo is a brand new server focused on art and design. Self-assignable roles corresponding to what type of artist you are. Come discuss and share your art as well as make new friends!
Hello Fellow Designer,

Before Effects is a design community focusing on all sorts of Designers from Graphic Designers, to VFX Artists & even Programmers or Developers. Here you can meet other designers like you, make friends or partners to collab with & even promote your own work.
Our server has a team of designers to finish what you need done. You can even join our team! Our logos do cost but it will be cheap. You won't regret joining our server!
Welcome to the Digital Arts discord server! This is a growing community of people interested in digital Arts (graphic design, Web development, writing, etc.). Here you can show off your work, sell your services, request for services, or just chat!
Come and join a new exciting server which brings together all types of creatives from graphic designers, video editors and photo editors to music artists, photographers and more such as YouTubers, streamers etc. Come and join now!
On this server you can share your passion for Graphic Design, art & Editing! We're a really close community! Share your work, get tips, or ask for help!
Geniş mizah ortamı, Eğlenceli sohbet ortamı, Tasarım istekleri , Genel Sorunlar vb.
A public discord marketplace for minecraft and all other games. We also offer development and graphic design.