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Here you can buy Premium account
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»»————- ♡ ————-««
Hello! This is Ré nao Cafe, a cozy and welcoming server based on a cafe atmosphere.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
What we have to offer:
♡ We have tons of bots for you to mess around with.
♡ We have level based roles.
♡ A shop where you can buy different items including custom colors and custom roles.
♡ Looking for staff.
♡ Partnerships!
♡ A suggestion category where you can suggest things for the server, emotes, etc.
♡ Memes.
♡ Many activites!
♡ Birthdays!

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Join Jed's Server Development! Here you can find professional servers and common servers. You can even get your servers replicated here! How much does this great service cost? Nothing! Just invite people to get amazing servers with pre-configured bots, private chatrooms, and more!
We're the ERP coffee club! Come to our coffee shop (and hotel!), we have amazing staff, and we'll try our best to keep you satisfied! We feature 10 floors, (8 of which are accessible by all) to give everyone breathing space! We welcome you!
We are a server dedicated to bring you free things just by participating in our giveaways and raffles.
-What We have to offer-
-Cheap Cracked Accounts and the cheapest Gta Recoveries
-Great Staff
-Nsfw Channel
-Wonderful Members
Make sure to follow our rules :)
and so much more!!!
Vous en avez marre d'utiliser MEE6, Dyno, YagPdb... et d'avoir pleins de bots, et pleins de préfixes impossibles à retenir ?

Vous pouvez obtenir votre bot personnalisé pour seulement quelques euros !
Currently the BEST and MOST voted Furry Server on Disboard!
Don't mind a lower member count, we purge inactive Members.

Furry Servers start to get monotonous to you? Or get indulged in bad moderation or drama? Have nothing unique to show?
Well look no further! Check out Finn's Pub!

Finn's Pub is first and foremost a Furry server with a special care on quality, community engagement and activity.
But even then, Finn's Pub aims to be more than that. We're an accepting community. Not just within the Fandom, we mean for everyone! In general everyone is welcome, you just gotta be a cool chap! :)

Our main focus is on professional appearance and handling, while still staying true to our silly nature. Not just recieving, but also giving back to the community. Having unique things to show and offer. Creating a safe space to be in. And genuinely care for the server and its people.
Finn's Pub can be anything you want. A brand, a community, a family or just yet another furry server. But in the end it's only gonna be one thing: Us.


-:-- FEATURES -:--

-> Fully Transparent overview of Information, Changes and additions via a news channel.
-> Neatly packed and worded Information via informational channels and news.
-> Easy to set up optional roles via Reactions.
-> Verified and Controlled NSFW channels to comply to Discord TOS and Moral Code.

-> Specific Channels for Furry Art.
-> Roleplay Dedicated Channels.
-> A sweet and caring great share of fellow furs from around the world.

-> Various channels be it SFW or NSFW, and from various topics. All kinds of Media and Music.
-> Multiple channels for talking, should it get crowded.
-> Various Bots for the best possible experience.

-> A great region-based moderation team, usually there 24/7 and ready to help.
-> On the moderational side a thorough setup via logging to check on people.
-> Classic Rules while being very professional with its enforcement. We're all chill lads mate. ;D


A bot-driven welcoming system there to set you up with the basic roles in a personal and sympathetic manner. There to make people understand our basics, read the rules, and have their channels as they want them to be. Also a very good deterrent for quick raids and trolls!

Yeah we know, leveled roles may not be the most unique thing, but hey, fitting to our Pub theme we have multiple leveled roles based on drinks and beverage there to show your activity and reputation on our server! Also makes for a good competition kinda thing for those that enjoy it!

Yep, you heard that right. We've got a shop with it own activity-based currency over here. You gain Guild Points just by being active on the server, or participating in events or making us various favors like suggestions, reviews or similar.
This currency is linked to actual real world currency, and thus makes you able to buy real games, server goodies or even digital gift cards for Amazon, Steam and alike in our server shop. We reward you for your loyalty!
Check out what we offer! ->

Now, why don't ya just peek in yourself and see for yourself? The drinks are cooled and the Pub is waiting just for you! See you around! :)

NOTE: We're also more than cool with non-furry friends and happily welcome people of all kinds!

Our Patreon:

(Bases on Data of 68 Members)
🔥Fort's Shop🔥

Dominos Points
LoL Acc(s)
WWE Premium
Netflix Giftcards
سيرفر فابلوس شوب هو سيرفر للبيع و الشراء و الفله اتمني تشرفونا فيه
Shrimpy events is a new-ish Event based mini-game server with shops, chatting, prizes and purchasable roles with our currency (Shrimps)
Central Marketplace is a discord marketplace where you can buy and sell goods and services to the community.
great server with account giveaways chill discord group calls and competitions/1v1's for accounts very cheap shop linked.
join and dm Ed#3248 for a free spotify premium account as a welcome gift
<!> Yukiza, City of Mysteries & Magic <?>
Once upon time, an artifact fell from the sky. No one could miss it, for it had an emerald glow that equaled the light of a million stars. But, somehow, nobody had noticed. Except a man. Heinius Yukiza was his name, and he was one of the top scientists of Meliora. Almost immediately after the event, Heinius tracked down the artifact, and observed it in his very hands. The artifact was shaped to be a dragon, and it was continuously emitting soft bits of smoke from the nostrils. Then there was a button. It was on the head of the dragon, and was an ancient type of bronze. Heinius pressed the button, and felt his world spin. Then his world was gone.

**Looking For!;
Staff Members.
Active Members.

**We Have~**
[SOON] A Money System To Buy Homes, Items, And Much More!
A Full Lore Base Channel~
[SOON] A Complete Reaction Role Base.
This is a discord bot shop where you can purchase discord bots for low costs. A family community is being built here. Come join us what are you waiting for!
-dobra ekonomia
- ogarnięta administracja
- przyjemna atmosfera
- givewaye
- zagadki
A fun place with great people, we work as hard as we can to let everyone have fun, we are planning on having movie nights all the time, and we have therapy channels for when you need help, we have gaming channels for when you just wanna play games with others, we have merchandise, and best of all you CAN BECOME A FLAMINGO!!! so join now, and become one of us, one of us, ONE OF US!
Have you ever wanted to build an economy empire from scratch? Probably not, but now you can. Start off as a student, and work your way up to a high-class surgeon. (Server still W.I.P)
XeVo Zone is the place where you can find deals for digital services and goods! An autobuy shop with more products added frequently. We welcome all traders and sellers to visit us as we provide reseller opportunities for some services too.