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A fun place with great people, we work as hard as we can to let everyone have fun, we are planning on having movie nights all the time, and we have therapy channels for when you need help, we have gaming channels for when you just wanna play games with others, we have merchandise, and best of all you CAN BECOME A FLAMINGO!!! so join now, and become one of us, one of us, ONE OF US!
We do giveaways,
Play games,
Have invite-rewards and much more!

10+ Invites • Fortnite Completely Random Account
20+ Invites • Fortnite 1+ Skin Account
30+ Invites • Fortnite 10+ Skin Account
40+ Invites • Fortnite STW Account
50+ Invites • Fortnite 20+ Skin Account
60+ Invites • 5 Minecraft | SFA Accounts [Premium]
70+ Invites • 2 Minercaft | FA Accounts [Premium]

There is a giveaway all the time so join right now!
[Current active giveaway - Summit Striker [Fortnite Account]

Currently the BEST and MOST voted Furry Server on Disboard!

Furry Servers start to get monotonous to you? Or get indulged in bad moderation or drama? Have nothing unique to show?
Well look no further! Check out Finn's Pub!

Finn's Pub is first and foremost a Furry server with a special care on quality, community engagement and activity.
But even then, Finn's Pub aims to be more than that. We're an accepting community. Not just within the Fandom, we mean for everyone! In general everyone is welcome, you just gotta be a cool chap! :)

Our main focus is on professional appearance and handling, while still staying true to our silly nature. Not just recieving, but also giving back to the community. Having unique things to show and offer. Creating a safe space to be in. And genuinely care for the server and its people.
Finn's Pub can be anything you want. A brand, a community, a family or just yet another furry server. But in the end it's only gonna be one thing: Us.


-:-- FEATURES -:--

-> Fully Transparent overview of Information, Changes and additions via a news channel.
-> Neatly packed and worded Information via informational channels and news.
-> Easy to set up optional roles via Reactions.
-> Verified and Controlled NSFW channels to comply to Discord TOS and Moral Code.

-> Specific Channels for Furry Art.
-> Roleplay Dedicated Channels.
-> A sweet and caring great share of fellow furs from around the world.

-> Various channels be it SFW or NSFW, and from various topics. All kinds of Media and Music.
-> Multiple channels for talking, should it get crowded.
-> Various Bots for the best possible experience.

-> A great region-based moderation team, usually there 24/7 and ready to help.
-> On the moderational side a thorough setup via logging to check on people.
-> Classic Rules while being very professional with its enforcement. We're all chill lads mate. ;D


A bot-driven welcoming system there to set you up with the basic roles in a personal and sympathetic manner. There to make people understand our basics, read the rules, and have their channels as they want them to be. Also a very good deterrent for quick raids and trolls!

Yeah we know, leveled roles may not be the most unique thing, but hey, fitting to our Pub theme we have multiple leveled roles based on drinks and beverage there to show your activity and reputation on our server! Also makes for a good competition kinda thing for those that enjoy it!

Yep, you heard that right. We've got a shop with it own activity-based currency over here. You gain Guild Points just by being active on the server, or participating in events or making us various favors like suggestions, reviews or similar.
This currency is linked to actual real world currency, and thus makes you able to buy real games, server goodies or even digital gift cards for Amazon, Steam and alike in our server shop. We reward you for your loyalty!
Check out what we offer! ->

Now, why don't ya just peek in yourself and see for yourself? The drinks are cooled and the Pub is waiting just for you! See you around! :)

NOTE: We're also more than cool with non-furry friends and happily welcome people of all kinds!

Our Patreon:

(Bases on Data of 51 Members)
Cheap and High quality Fortnite account shop!

- Galaxy skin accounts
- 10+ skin accounts
- 30+ skin accounts
- 25-50 skin accounts
- 50+ skin accounts
- 1.000 vBuck accounts
- and more to come!

invite rewards
and a great community!

>join now
Shrimpy events is a new-ish Event based mini-game server with shops, chatting, prizes and purchasable roles with our currency (Shrimps)
FORTNITE ACCOUNT MARKET - Discord Server For Selling Fortnite Accounts, You can sell, trade or buy an account as well. There are invite rewards as well!
We are kickass hosting we sell cads/mdts and intros and outros and bots hope u want to join
Looking for a discord server that has a ton of free game giveaways?! You're in the right place ;)
You can also make money from us! ( looking for staff, join if you feel like you can make a difference <3 )
Welcome to HeartAche The Community Server! Here you can lay back and talk with one another about whatever you want! Grab some snacks and a drink, lets all just relax and have an amazing time! Like every community server, we have Rules, so be prepared! 💖

HeartAche's Book of Forbidden Actions 👮🏻
⇻ Use all channels the way they are supposed to be used, read the topics!
⇻ Respect everyone in the server!
⇻ Only scream in the Ear Rape VC!
⇻ If you want to listen to music, do it in the Rythm VC, for the commands do those in #rythm-commands!
⇻ Don't make any dumb jokes about any serious topics, a few things here and there are fine but there is a line that shall not be crossed.
⇻ Enjoy yourself!

Prefixes 🤖
► Prefix for DISBOARD Bot is !disboard
► Prefix for Mee6 Bot is !
► Prefix for Rythm Bot is -
► Prefix for UnbelievaBoat bot is .
► Prefix for Welcomer is +
► Prefix for Giveaway bot is !g

Buy-Able Roles 🏆
Buy-Able Roles are roles that are higher than the average role but not too high to the point of giving other mod, you use money to get these roles.
» The Devastated: 10,000 Dollars.
» The Infected: 40,000 Dollars.
» The Shattered: 60,000 Dollars.
» The Tortured: 80,000 Dollars.
» The Collapsed: 95,000 Dollars.

We have a variety of channels here in HeartAche! Here is a list of them!
≈ General Channel💬
≈ Off-Topic Channel👌
≈ NSFW Channel🍆
≈ Pics and Videos Channel📸
≈ Store Channel💸
≈ Giveaway Channel🎉
There are some more channels but those are the most important ones, of course there is a Rules Channel, Announcements Channel, Welcoming Channel and Server Partnership Channel if you'd like to do any partnerships with us!

Giveaways :tada:
We do Giveaways every week in HeartAche! You can earn things like:
↬ Roles 🎉
↬ Money 🎉
↬ Privileges 🎉
↬ Access to other channels 🎉

There are some more channels but those are the most important ones, of course there is a Rules Channel, Announcements Channel, Welcoming Channel and Server Partnership Channel if you'd like to do any partnerships with us!

We truly hope you guy have an amazing time and everyone is always open for newcomers!

Thank you,

Server Owner,


P.S. This is just copied off the Rules And Info Channel of the server, so if you have read this here you can skip reading the rules when you join!
Welcome to CheaPlace!! A place for everyone to relax and make new friends.Check our shop and our services!! Join to our server and come to become a cool team!
The Wild Ones

➟ Giveaways!
➟ Amazing Community!
➟ Music Channel!
➟ Cool Bots
Welcome to the BBB, a Fallout76 commerce network for merchants and wanderers of the wastes keeping Capitalism alive no matter how many bombs the Reds drop.

LOOKING TO SELL OR SET UP SHOP? If your a Trader, Crafter or offer any other services, please come advertise your wares alongside other illustrious entrepreneurs.

LOOKING TO BUY? Shop among many reputable businesses with up to date spreadsheets and inventory list from some of the finest vendors in Appalachia.

Accounts For sale/Trading accounts (Netflix, spotify Premium, Fortnite accounts + WAY MORE)
It's pretty much a basic Roleplay Server, but the only thing it's lacking is You!
Welcome to Animal Shop!
Here are a few of many things you can do here!
→Hang out and find new friends!
→Buy animals and earn rewards!
→Buy ranks that get you more money!
→Work for money to buy things in the custom shop!
And much more!
Come join us here!
We are the cheapest and the securest alt shop out there! Looking for dirt cheap alts? Join today!
-What We have to offer-
-Cheap Cracked Accounts and the cheapest Gta Recoveries
-Great Staff
-Nsfw Channel
-Wonderful Members
and so much more!!!
The newest and most active marketplace/chat place for all the games out there! We also do many giveaways AND are recruiting staff! What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!
Fortnite Marketing server with a great friendly community!
#1 sʜᴏᴘ
#2 ɢᴀᴍᴇʀs
#3 ɢɪᴠᴇᴀᴡᴀʏs
#4 sᴇʟғ ʀᴏʟᴇs
#5 ᴅʀɪᴇɴᴅʟʏ sᴛᴀғғ
#6 ᴘᴇʀғᴇᴄᴛ ᴘʀᴏᴛᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ
Ashley Coffee's Shop
Hangout with your friends here!
No Strict Rules.
Looking for members to chat with!
We are a friendly community of star wars roleplayers! You can create your own faction, Character, And more! You can take over planets and upgrade them. Forge your own story today!