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__**The year is 2025.**__

The events of the Canon MHA have never occurred and the characters never existed.

We focus on U.A. in a alternate universe. All the principles of quirks apply and the League of villains still works in the shadows of professional heroes!

Join this years student body as they enter U.A. and work to become great and powerful heroes!
Will one of these promising students be the next hero #1 or will they fall to the dark side?

In the mean time enjoy the lush and beautiful urban Japan as a student of U.A. (Or as a villain)

Don’t forget to make friends and learn your about quirk!

Become a great hero!

Plus ultra!
The UA students are now in their 3rd year. The Paranormal Liberation Front was defeated, and the villains, put in a rehabilitation facility. Will they adapt and behave, or will chaos rule once again? And what about the soon-to-be pro heroes? How have they evolved, and how WILL they evolve? This is up to you to decide!

(Roleplay server, 3rd year AU, 18+ ONLY members AND muses, mostly text-based, friendly mods & members, LGBT-friendly, ocs NOT allowed yet for there are still a lot of characters available!)
A friendly Roleplaying community where you can become either a Student, Teacher, Villain or Hero. We have tailored it to suit the member’s needs, making setup as quick, simple and easy as possible.
Hello there, traveler! My name is TDG, and this is my server. Boasting 50+ members of this community, I would be glad to meet you!

BNHA:Villain Age is a server where we focus on the villain part (though we do welcome heroes to balance it out). We are an OC only server, and none of the canon characters exist in this server!
We offer...
-An active mod team
-A welcoming community!
-Everyone is welcome,
-We have custom emojis (if that is a good thing, I dunno.)

The Number one Hero, Voltage, is often seen fighting the Number one Villain, The Doctor. Come and see for yourself! Reminder. Just because we are villain focused, doesn't mean you can't make a student, teacher, or a pro hero! Even a vigilante is allowed! This is all about freedom, but consider this an AU, where the heroes lost in the long run.

(Meaning we want more friends)
Do you want a server where you can roleplay as your own MHA character in a unique spin on the MHA world? If so, this is the server for you! This sprouting server is hungry for new people to come and join us!
Are you looking for a chilled out, friendly MHA server?
Want to find a newer server so you can claim your favourite characters?
Do you love roleplay?
Well, this is the place for you!

This is a roleplay server based off of the popular anime series 'My Hero Academia', or 'Boku No Hero Academia'.
There is no specific plot to follow, however it's recommended you attend classes, or you might just get another lecture from Mr. Aizawa. Despite this, there are going to be events and attack from villains, so there'll be plenty to keep you busy!

Normal members get to have 2 canon characters and 4 OCs, whereas staff get 3 canon characters! No more than 1 canon character from Class 1A, though. The earlier you join the more chance you have of being asked to become staff!

So? Where does your path lie? Will you become a villain and wreck havoc and fear throughout the citizens, or fight against this force as a hero? The choice is yours!

Go beyond! Plus Ultra!
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊

go beyond plus ultra in our literate and lovely mha roleplay server! with partnership opportunities available, an active community and an excess of events, there is always something for everybody to enjoy! boasting a laidback and kind team of moderators here to lend a hand building characters and answering questions.

heroes not your thing? nothing's stopping you from going the way of a criminal! vigilantes are just as welcome. nobody's talking about the character that's caught your eye? been there, done that! join us in discussion about the ones left ignored.

────── « ♕ ʚ♡ɞ ♕ » ──────

› pretty, clean layout and original locations
› supportive environment and guidance on your writing
› frequent parties
› canon, flexible slice-of-life plot set just after the first part of season 4!
› one-lining prohibited
› spoiler-free talk outside of respective channels
› a ban on mineta, endeavor and overhaul
› rules against disturbing content and a safe place to make friends
Welcome to the Official My Hero Academia OC Roleplay Server (r/BNHA_OC_Characters)

The best and biggest place for you to RP your OC's (Not a canon server)

Plot and Timeline: You are the students of UA High, newly accepted and ready for anything, although there's an overhanging threat about to take place, robots are appearing, but they have quirk like powers?! New transfers from all over the globe in new hero classes?! A new Class 1-X for the best of the best?! Read the link below to see it all in detail!

AU: No Deku, All Might, AFO, A complete new set of heroes and new #1 villain and #1 symbol of peace.

We have:

- Roleplay with immense quality and character development in our non-canon-based BNHA server.

-An immersive Bounty and Popularity system, showing your hero and villains climbing the ranks and gaining fame for their actions, whether it be villainous or heroic!

- A combat mechanic system that allows for fair fights and an new revamped system for better more detailed fights! Active admins/mods/owners to help with getting your OC approved and keeping RP clean

- Every UA course is welcome, not just the hero course! We also have transfer Student courses for heroes all over the globe! And a Class 1-X for the best of the best!

- Easy to follow rules and clear instructions on how to take part in RP

- Events and a timeline that's started, we're having mini events throughout the weeks as well as somewhat following the events of canon, summer camp has just ended, a student was kidnapped!

We are looking for/have a low amount of:

General and Support students and Villains.
16 Years after the Climax between Class 1-A and The League of Villains, Musutafu has been peaceful with many of the students becoming Heroes themselves, whilst heroes retired and life went on.

Current Arc:
Now that the students (apart from a small group) have gained their quirk license, they can fight crime alongside heroes. But trouble seems to be brewing, as League of Villains and Liberation Army grow in power...

Second Chance offers:
- No point/progression based systems
- Easily accessible to new or old RPers
- Custom and Canon Quirks
- Plots which anyone can engage in!
. . . . . . 𝘉𝘰𝘬𝘶 𝘕𝘰 𝘝𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘢𝘪𝘯 𝘈𝘤𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘮𝘺 . . . . . .

You know the Hero Academy, right? Every heard about the Villain Academy?

This is where young villains come in, so they can learn how to be a villain! It’s top secret though! So shhhh....

. . . . . . 𝘉𝘰𝘬𝘶 𝘕𝘰 𝘝𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘢𝘪𝘯 𝘈𝘤𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘮𝘺 . . . . . .
Active Community. Quality RP. Original Lore, Intriguing Plot.

Welcome to Thunderous Fate, A MHA RP.

Our server aims to not only provide quality roleplay, but the best community you'll ever find.

If that interests you at all, please come join! We're also super active!

We are OC only with semi literate to literate/multi paragraph requirements, have unique lore, a welcoming and active community, weekly events, and a structured server plot.

Experience your OC's growth from year 1 to year 3, and beyond! We'd love to have you onboard, so take a look below to see if you are interested! We also stan BTS...

The city of Osaka, home to one of the most prestigious hero schools, is filled with mountains, forests, calm suburbs, and a sprawling downtown all in one. Students from far and wide apply to Kyo Academy’s entrance exam in hopes of furthering their hero careers.

That's not all though. Something is afoot. People are not who they say they are, and it's up to you to uncover just what exactly is happening. To change fate, and lead to a better future.
Mha future heros!

A server set 10 years after all mights retirement

All the canon characters have graduated and are heros now

We have and allow-
Canon submissions
Oc submissions
Original concepts
Canon list

Please stop by to check us out!
—this is an alternate universe to the original cannon my kohei horikoshi—
—you can make your own oc’s
—there is no cannon characters
—a big story ahead
—lots of things to do
—hopefully nice and future admins
—we can partner with other servers
—and much more
*Find more out in the server*
Notre serveur est un RP totalement accessible avec un BOT dédié au serveur, venez vivre votre aventure avec notre communauté !
"Heroes are going missing...and Villains are becoming more and more common. Heroes are struggling to keep up and the world is starting to fall into chaos from the inside out. Which side will you choose?"

- My Hero Alternate is a new server with a fresh look out into the world of quirks. Alternate is an entertaining, accepting and exciting roleplay server that includes all types of different opportunities for everyone to explore!
- With active and friendly staff members who are there to help and guide you through.
- We also want to create a good atmosphere and an entertaining experience for you, what's stopping you from at least having a look in?
- Including plenty of opportunities for character development for both your characters personality and traits, as well as quirk development.
- There are No Canon Character within this server! No one wants Mineta looking around, am I right?

Come and have a look around our server! After all, it's free!
Welcome to BNHA: Reborn! We're a role playing and chatting community striving to have fun and relax. we're a roleplaying server, set in a different reality. In this reality characters like Deku, All Might, Bakugou etc etc never existed. however it still is possible to obtain canon quirks, just ask one of our staff members (nicely). A few key points are:
- Friendly Staff Team (everyone is nice and willing to help)
- Friendly Community (We make sure everyone is kind)
- A Safe Space (For those who just want to relax and be themselves)
- Fun Roleplay (You don't need to be completely literate or long winded, just have fun!)
If you have any questions feel free to join and ask our staff team anything you want!
✨ Hello there! ✨
Welcome to... Epilogue: A BNHA Roleplay! This is a semi-literate to literate roleplay server for the manga/anime, My Hero Academia. This server is 20 years in the future, and based around the next generation of quirk users, villains, and heroes!

In this server, we offer:
•An active event system!
•Fun bot commands!
•Cool and helpful staff!
•An LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈 friendly community!
•Partner servers!
•Canon characters and OCs!
• OCs related to Canon characters!
• And a creative and fun RP experience!

✨ So, come on over and join in on the nerdiness we have to offer. And remember... Go Plus Ultra! ✨
BNHA: Equilibrium is a new server set in an AU of BNHA where the Villains made a deal with the Heroes to open their own school. Play as either a hero or Villain student.
What do we offer:

🔥Plot advancing events every fortnight. [Every week till quarantine is over]

🔥The ability to play as either a villain student or a hero student as well as full fledged heroes

🔥Teacher roles open to all

🔥Self roles for pings and literacy

🔥A warn system to deal with people playing unfairly
A fan of My Hero Academia / MHA? Join our new discord server!
- Reaction roles
- very organized server
- nitro boosted
- A LOT of MHA emojis
- endless memes
- separated spam chatroom
- leveling system
- 100% complete roleplay section
- very welcoming and including to new members
- very social and chatty
- Voice chat
- music bots
- fun bots to hug, kiss, slap, cuddle, roast your friends
- mini games
- self promotion
- arts advice, artworks feed, share your creations
- anime and manga conversation
- spoilers free (unless spoiler role)
- NSFW channels
- cosplay advices and social medias
- very active members
- off topics channels
- MUCH MUCH MORE! Try us out!

Our community is one of the most friendly out there. Created on the 18 march 2020, over 700+ members in less than a week, the word is spreading! Join our discord if you are seeking great conversations and lots of laugh! Don't be shy and get on the ride!
A friendly and
growing BNHA server! The server is completely finished, so you don't have to sit around and wait to get started. Just join, read the rules, verify yourself, make a character, wait to be accepted, and boom! ✨ (If you find anything we missed, check out the suggestions channel, we’ll fix it!) We’re always accepting new people, and would certainly like to meet more. Most canons are open, and OCs are aplenty. Come and join us, if you:
• Like roleplaying
• Want to talk about the series
• Want to meet new people
• Want to have a good time
• Want to rant about the series with people who’ll understand
• Or just want a bit of it all! ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
The admin team is small, but always there if you need something. If you don’t feel like roleplaying, feel free to select the spectating role, and chat it up with the other members. All are welcome!
That being said, we hope to see you there.
Out of the Dark Ages, where humanity was petrified of villains taking over everything, heroes emerged, driving them back into the darkness. To keep the legacies of heroes afloat, many schools across the globe were put into place by world governments, teaching the next generations how to fend for themselves, and society.

But you weren’t one of those people, were you? You thrived in that darkness that scared all of the others. You are, in effect a villain; were, rather. You didn’t get to live out your dreams, and at the ripe age of 17, arrested or caught doing whatever it was that got you in this situation. Now you face prison for possibly life, and a society that will turn its back on you.

But does it have to be this way? Maybe you can earn a second chance. Maybe you can apply to a school to gain a chance to get better in life. Maybe you can apply to... Akudama Villain Reformation School!

The school itself was based on an experimental American school which focused on rehabilitating and training villainous students to become heroic. This experiment was a startling success: 88% of the graduates were fully rehabilitated and became Pro Heroes. This led to the creation of four other schools similar in nature, scattered across the globe at key points to try and further rehabilitate those who walked a darker path in life. After being built out of a cathedral with government funds, the Akudama Villain Reformation School was launched. Veleda Shulz, a priestess hailing from Germany, was the one who offered to take up the mantle of the head Warden of the school, opening it up for the students in Japan as an opportunity to seek “redemption”.

We offer...

✨ Well-written, well structured roleplay, with an emphasis on literacy, good grammar and punctuation and overall excellency.

✨ Currently, many open slots for students to be filled in!

✨ Player-driven- particularly those playing students- plots! Remember, this is an action, coming of age, alternate universe, My Hero Academia story! We want our characters to be just as ambitious as our rpers, and come together to create a strong, memorable story!

✨ A fun and active community!

✨ An active staff team, who are more than happy to cooperate and listen to our members to create the best experience possible!

✨This server handles some dark and mature themes, so we have a minimum age 16+ for people being allowed into this server.

✨ Soon to be weekly events hosted by the various members of the server, all action oriented (because we all need a break from school life)

✨ An up and coming threat spawning from the shadows, threatening all of school life and society as we know it

✨ Unique introductions for new ocs, and second ocs to boot! (Also including heroes and potentially playable villains for second ocs down the line)
Virtues and Villains is our My Hero Academia Roleplay server.
(Anime/Manga Knowledge not required!!)
It is based loosely on the anime and is set in an alternative universe to the original, with new and unique heroes, villains, and Quirks.

You can play as a Student and work through the UA school year, or as a Hero or Teacher to help out the students and unravel the Villian organisation Helix.

Classic Stuff that everyone always says:
Cool mods.
Actually good organisation of RP.
Charamcter Arcs and Development.

Join, k thanks.
[All of 1-A and 1-B are claimable except Shoto, Katsuki, and Izuku as they are not in the rp! 1-B students are allowed to be in 1-A here!]
[In need of OC villain league members, 1-A students, and teachers!]
A future where superpowers and comic book heroes are a reality, the young must be taught that with great power comes great responsibility! Enter U.A Highschool, the greatest most prestigious high school on planet Earth, known for it's incredible yet strenuous hero courses, and giving rise to some of the world's top heroes, including the number one himself!

This server will follow every event of the manga/anime Boku No Hero Academia, the roleplay starting with their last day of Junior High/Middle School, then going straight into the Entry Exam!

In addition to this, in-between every major event we will host 1-A and 1-B grudge battles to fuel their rivalry!

[We as staff are EXTREMELY active and will be pushing forward the plot, we hope to see you here!]
My Gay Hero Academia is the server for all mighty ERP themed around BNHA. So if you enjoy roleplaying and BNHA please join !

🎒Active staff
🎒Many RP channels
🎒NSFW channels!
🎒Adults only!
🎒Self assignable roles
🎒Exclusive bot made just for MGHA server!