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(18+) Axo Pond is a supportive and friendly community that is looking for new members to join the family. Join us for the banter, memes, the occasional serious conversation and to have a good time.
Hello! Welcome to My Hero Roleplay! A discord server where you can make friends and roleplay. In this server we will have a structured, semi-literate or above roleplay based on the anime/manga series My Hero Academia! Here you can make your own MHA oc, then have them attend UA and make friends of their own! We also have many channels to chat about the series, share your interests and much more! We look forward to seeing you here and hope you join! Plus Ultra!
This server takes place in an alternate reality, no characters are the same and if they have similar names their stories and personalities are sure to be different.
This is an rp server suited to grow and build on itself though this loose plot!
We are also open to criticism and changes to the plot


Two hundred or so years ago, the world could've been classified as "normal". No one could run faster than a car, people had to work together to lift heavy things, and almost everything they were doing relied on the wonders of technology. Soon, however, a new change triggered within humans, giving them abilities that weren't quite like superpowers but did definitely change the way the world worked. Quirks, they were dubbed;
Soon everything changed. people ran at the speed of aeroplanes and could shut down skyscrapers with one punch yet- it's not like what people assumed super powers would be like.

Fast forward two hundered years and here we stand. UA high is above the law and standing by itself all around the world as the best hero teaching organisation in the world due to their... unorthodox methods.
currently the city of Tokyo is ruled and protected by three big factions ; maybe four if you count BSG.
these factions consist of UA (the ones above the law with their head Kiara Cyria), Kira industries (sponsoring UA and house of the past two nr. 1 heroes.) and lastly The Hassaki (an underground Yakuza group, ruling the city outskirts and having set up their own "laws").

• No cannon characters
• Limited to no cannon quirks
• Strict power system to prevent power play
• Engaging staff
• Staff written plot (other server members can help)
• Weekly (for the most part) events
• No main character(s)
• Bilitteracy : almost any level of rp competence is allowed
Do you have a hero oc? Would you like to play a hero oc? Well join right up at your own hero academia! It's not based on cannon MHA/BNHA plot so you dont even have to watch or read the anime and manga to play.
In this server humans are evolved to hone super human abilities known as Quirks. The most popular and high paying field of work is being a Hero. Therefore hero schools are established for those only with powerful quirks. 

This is common information for any MHA roleplayer yet what makes this server different is we offer a chance to play not only as students not only as heroes, but as any character you please.

The city of Sherdale is full of people with abilities and has many shops and business places. The city also houses all of the people who live within as well as the most prestigious hero school in america, Northview Hero Academy. NHA is a school for the best of the best, during its three-year course your character will learn how to be the greatest hero around, maybe even one day be no.1

Don't want to play a hero student you say? Well good thing there is a school for the many who can become heroes. The city of Sherdale has an elementary school to teach children what their quirks can do, a Jr. High to teach them about how things came to be as well as a high school to prepare them for their future in this society.

No matter what character you play there will always be a place in Sherdale for them to work, learn or grow. Whether it be Student, Villain, hero, or Civilian, there is no character limit except your imagination! 

The server has:
• Fun community.
• Freindly staff!
• Plenty of answers for your questions.
• Self assignable roles.
• All genre rp.
• Rp events!
• LGBTQ+ representation and acceptance.
• Nontoxic environment.
• Staff openings.

Banner link:
Invite link:
UA high school, for a very long time, was a place of safety. A place of hope. Up and coming heroes, fighting for justice and peace. It remained that way for a very long time, even past the beginning of the outbreak. Well guarded by heroes and students, it took a long time for zombies to breach its defenses. But the numbers eventually became overwhelming. It was only a matter of time before they made it onto the campus, turning more and more students. Zombies in movies were never able to use their quirks. But the real ones were different. They weren’t all intelligent the way humans were, but they were able to fight. They could use their quirks, and they were deadly. Every single one of them.

Come join the desolate world of my hero academia in the wake of a zombie apocalypse! OCs and canon characters are welcome! Roleplay as a normal human, an infected, or even someone that is immune! Pick a Faction, Gang, or a group of Raiders to join or fly solo in the world!

We look forward to having you!
U.A is the most prestigious school in japan. This is your chance to join. Become an aspiring student today and graduate to become one of the future Pro Heroes!!
We hope to see you at the finish line!!
Summary: The League of Villains are as vigilant as ever, with increasing numbers and tensions rising, both heroes and villains alike can feel the static in the air, however, this story is not pre-destined. In a world full of powers, organisations, factions and the inevitable power vacuum that is to come, anything can happen. The story is yours to wield, mould and shape. Influence the world around you. Independent villains have began to rise. U.A has accepted more students than any other year in history. In a time where good and bad will come to a pivotal point of struggle. All sides will need to fight, and gather their forces if they wish to emerge on top and allow the Genesis of the new world.

The only question remains... Who will you fight for?
What we offer!
| A friendly community |
| Claim characters from the show!! |
| Fun bots to use!! |
| Short wait on applications! |
| Free form story |
Welcome to My Hero Academia: New Forge! This is an OC based role play server set a few years in the future in Las Vegas. We’re new, but we are experienced literal role players who have a ton to offer! We have a Tupperbox, original lore, missionaries, and a reward system for how active you are in the server! We also offer different status’ for your OC, such as student, teacher, hero, anti-hero, vigilante and 3 different villain groups for your picking! Hope you find your home here at the Forge
Welcome to U.A. High School! This is a roleplaying server set in the world of My Hero Academia.

Our story takes place long after our canon stars, such as Midoriya and Bakugo, graduate. They currently exist as heroes somewhere out there in the world, leaving your character to begin their own journey. Players will have the opportunity to create their own story at the top Hero Academy of Japan while also immersing their character within a cast of all sorts of classmates! As the years progress, your character will be able to meet other protectors-in-training, develop their Quirk, participate in the Sports Festival, encounter Villains, and finally graduate U.A. as a full-fledged hero. Are you ready for your first day?

Plus Ultra!

[ This is a student character-based server. Players are currently unable to officially create their own Pro-Hero or Villain characters because of server plot. ]
Fortitua Academy; A Bright Future
In a world of quirk having super heroes, the balance of power and prosperity has greatly shifted. The once world powers are now struggling to keep up with the smaller, more quirk gifted countries possess. They have soared to the top in terms of heroics and technology. But one unexpected places reigns at the top... Ireland. Being home to the first ever hero school; Fortitua Academy. World famous, it attracts attention of all kind. From dreamy students, to pros wanting to pass on knowledge, to villains wanting to destroy it. What will your story be? Join us and find out!
✨ Reasons to Join ✨
• Dedicated staff who are well versed in the lore of the MHA world and are more than willing to assist you in anyway you need 🙌
• Brand new and just waiting for the new characters to shape and define the future of this world! 🏟
• 100+ roleplay channels to explore, and more will be added as the story progresses 🌏
• Entirely OC based, so no need to worry about being overshadowed by canon characters. ✨
• A fair system of balances. We recognize not all characters are equal in raw power. But we try to at least give everyone a chance if possible. As a result, the general power scale is a bit less than canon. ⚖
• Tons of events planned, active and regular cases, and generally just a whole host of things to do to make sure you're busy! 🐤
• A cool upgrade system that puts pressure on character progression over just strengthening characters because they showed up. 🕶
• Multiple Waifu bots to indulge in for our beloved Roleplayers 😉
• Really, why not? It's just one more slot on your server and we promise we'll make it worth it (money back guarantee!) 😁
Welcome to Heron Academy, in the great old state of Minnesota! This academy boasts itself as one of America's great hero schools. Come and join the students as they must go through school, and face the challenges that every hero must face when growing up.
This RP takes place in its own universe with the power system of quirks in place.
Come meet the staff who's had previous experience with my hero role plays.
There is NO canon characters in this world, it's all original. Create your OC! Whether it be a student, hero, villain, vigilante, or teacher, we have it all out there for you to create and enjoy!
Come see how we envision the world of quirks works in the United States! With a new city made just for the setting! Welcome to New Herman City, Minnesota. Coasting with Lake Superior, it's a city that's ever expanding through the RP.

Just come in and remember rule 1. Have fun!
Welcome to Yuu Ei Highschool! This Roleplay is based on the Boku No Hero Academia Manga/Anime!

The Roleplay is set after the passing of all of the Cannon Cast. Since the passing of the Cannon Cast, this leaves an open journey for YOU to be a Hero or a Villain or maybe even a Civilian?! This is your story! You decide what you make of it. You get to progress your story and live it the way you want it to be. So, get up and choose your pathway!

But, wait a minute! What do we have to offer to YOU!

╼───── ─────╾

-A Funny & Friendly Community that awaits NEW and EXPERIENCED Roleplayers to embark with us on this journey!
-Unique and Distinctive Roleplay Events Plus a Calendar dating all of those Soon-To-Come Events!
-A Mixed Posting Community that invites Semi Paragrahping, Normal Paragrahping, and Multi Paragraphing!

Join us! We may be just a Small Roleplay as of right now but we're hoping to kick start it off with you in it!

P L U S U L T R A!

╼───── ─────╾
------hello.welcome to kawasancho school of heroes------

We offer many different things that may interest you.

We offer:
Clubs (dnd club, art club, detective club, and writing club)
A currency bot
A friendly non judgemental environment
Monthly giveaways
Every 10 members there will also be a giveaway
And lots of roleplay opportunities!

You can explore many character possibilities and relationships with other characters.

An active server full of friendly people.

Many different events that take place in roleplay and out of roleplay.

You can ask any questions you wish and whoever is available at the time will answer.

-i hope you give our lovely little server a chance! See you on the flip side.-
Welcome to Starry Nights V2, A Revamped My Hero Academia Roleplay!

Our server aims to not only provide quality roleplay, but a close tight knit community. If that interests you at all, please come join!

We are OC only, semi literate to literate/multi paragraph, have unique lore, a welcoming and active community, weekly events, and a structured server plot.

Experience your OC's growth from year 1 to year 3, and beyond! We'd love to have you onboard, so take a look below to see if you are interested!

The city of Osaka, home to one of the most prestigious hero schools, is filled with mountains, forests, calm suburbs, and a sprawling downtown all in one. Students from far and wide apply to Kyo Academy’s entrance exam in hopes of furthering their hero careers. Who will you be, and how will you leave your impact on the world? Let's find out together!

🌟 Create, build, and develop your original characters at Starry Nights 🌟
◾ Active And Friendly Community - A Very Important Part Of Our Server
◽ Quick Approval
◾ Great Character Creating Support
◽ Developing Story, With Room For Flexibility
◾ Transparent and Open-Minded Staff
◽ Events And Planned Plot Progression
◾ Active VC

⭐Come and join in, see you there!⭐
A SFW and RP server dedicated to the My Hero Academia / Boku No Hero Academia fandom
You'll have to wait 5 minutes until you gain access to most channels upon joining, in the meantime please do read the rules!

We are very lenient and encourage creativity when it comes to character designs and quirks as long they are not OP or broken
We offer roleplays taking place in accordance with the anime's releases with several different channels with some (mostly optional) elements based on Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)
We also offer a past channel, RP and fighting practice channels ...And a non-canon void purely for chaos, memes and nothing too serious
Friendly - SFW - Mostly Active
Discussion - Art - Memes - (5) Bots
+50 Colors - Achievements - Levels
Canons - Original Character Friendly - Original Quirk Friendly
Holidays - Events
Years after Izuku midorya's career ended, the need for pro heros declined rapidly. Only a few now enrolling into UA as the years went by. Now however the spike in crime, making the need for pro heros skyrocket once again. Are you one of those brave pro heros in training? ((Join to rp or just hang out and make friends!!)
→ ۩ My Royal Hero Roleplay : Legacy Reborn ۩ ←


I~♤ :
⇒【👊】Dans un monde où 80% de la population à un pouvoir nommé alter, la lutte entre vilain et héros fait maintenant rage depuis quelques siècles. Au début, les justiciers etaient de simple bénévoles appelés vigilantes, mais ils sont ensuite devenus des héros diplomés et salariés.
En Angleterre, à Londres, la Royal Heroic Academy fut crée afin d'enseigner aux adolescents ambitieux l'héroïsme.
⇒【👑】La "RHA", érigée par la couronne, est une académie heroïque très luxueuse et profesionnelle, une grande partie des héros d'aujourd'hui ayant étudié là-bas. L'académie est donc divisée en deux classes, la A et la B. La classe A est plutot celles des élèves avec des alters puissants tandis que la B est celle avec des élèves dotés d'alter a potentiel, cependant, aucune des deux classes peut être "plus forte que l'autre" vu que les élèves évoluent constamment.
⇒【👹】Les meilleurs héros sont souvent dans la Royal Guard, une categorie de héros spécialement dirigée par la reine. Mais ce n'est pas pour autant que les vilains restent en retrait dans cette bataille. Auditor, qui livre une bataille avec la Royal Guard depuis déjà quelques années est toujours en vie et dirige une grande partie des vilains.

Choisirez vous le camp des héros afin de combattre le mal ou celui des vilains afin de semer le chaos ?

I~♢ : Ce rp vous propose :

⇒【👊】Un staff à l'écoute et compétent,

⇒【✍】Un roleplay de qualité,

⇒【🆕】Un tout nouveau lore, situé en Angleterre qui différe de l'œuvre original.
MHA : Japan!

Join our server with a great community , and active role-play! We love getting new members and we accept them into our community with love and our staff team is ready to help you out and get into the world of MHA: WORLD!


It is 2123 and there has been around 4 generations of quirk users. Quirks first started appearing in ChinChin, Japan with the first person who ever had a quirk having the ability to make things float by touching the object. The world was forever changed by the introduction of quirks into the political and social arena. For the first and second generation, many issues such as quirk marriages, quirk discrimination, and mutant healthcare were discussed. Society's progress halted for a solid 50 years before the Quirk Innovation Act(QIA) was made by the Japanese government to be inclusive towards Quirk Users in public utilities. By the third and fourth generation, most social problems according to quirks were solved although extreme mutations and other quirks can be still isolated socially. in 2100, a school specially made to grow a crop of students to fight quirk wielding evil doers, and the school initially accepted quirk users, and there was heavy corruption at the very beginning of the school many only the most powerful quirks would be let in, encouraging parents to quirk marry and try to make powerful children(basically quirk eugenics). In 2110, the European Union along with other major international organizations made involuntary quirk marriages illegal and ChinChin High for the first time started allow quirkless people into their rankings into support class. Interestingly right now, the social belief went from Quirk users being lower, to Quirkless humans being inferior across many parts of the world, and infant many parts of Africa and East Europe have had genocides and eugenics in order to make the population more "worthy". The world has many social and philosophical problems underlying, but the light that is hope is brighter than ever for the next generation to use to make the world a better place to live for everyone!
*New Server*
[Note: We are going to be a small server dedicated to those who want to focus on story writing, both individually and with others, by giving players the power to forge their own events and hooks. If you don't roleplay for the stories we create together, or expect others to do all your character's development, then this server will not be for you.]

GOAV's hold across the world is secure, and it is up to the organization to protect the world from the villains, and bring an end to their threat. As the new growing generation, it is now your turn to attend Mihara Academy; a hero school found on an island off the Japanese mainland, and overcome the trials ahead that stand in your way to becoming a pro hero!

You will be joining Class 1-A as a student that will take the reins of your own training, so that you can one day become the hero that you wish to become. Mihara Academy has all the technology you need to train any skills you may want to learn. Outside from the expected training, there will be plenty of slice-of-life to get to know your class mates; as well as occasional events to see how far you come.

What is your story? Come and join us, and we will do our best to allow you to unlock that potential!
《𝚆𝚎𝚕𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝚝𝚘 BNHA RP》
__It has been 12 years since Midoriya has graduated UA and become the No. 1 Hero.__
A New League of Villains has formed, a group of solo artists oftenly called the League of Tourture by some.

Eighty five Percent of the People born have these special powers called quirks.They can use them for good or evil. UA and many other hero schools are still accepting Students and more Heroes and Villains are born!
If you're not here for RP you can:
➼ Play with our bots
➼ Become and mod!
➼ And so much more!
So what are you waiting for? Join us already!
Hey! Welocome to My Lewd Academia, this server is an RP and ERP server where you can meet new people and play as your favorite My Hero Academia characters in mutliple RP channels

-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-What we have to offer.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-
-create your own character, either canon or your own OC
-25+ RP channels (more are in the way)
-friendly staff that will help you if you have problems crating your character or if someone is harassing you
-chating areas to hang out and talk without Roleplaying

Feel free to join and say hi, we're a new server but we'll do all in our power for you to have a good time here!
Hi! I'm Lad owner of this wonderful server! Do you like BNHA? Do you like Rp? Well we have both! When I say rp I mean Semi-Lit/Lit, and Chatroom to fill everyone's role playing desires! This is a very new server and I am currently looking for a few Mods/Admin to help me manage it. Hope you join!
Welcome to my, my hero academia server, my name is Jack Clover!~
Shiba is expecting new students for the new year (Oc's)
Every and any new quirk and people are allowed to the academy.
We have a lot of stuff in school, out in the town of japan and lots of places to hang with the new friends you'll make here! Come enroll before the entrance exam starts!
Also! this takes time after all the stuff in the show, so you can choose to be a new student, a new teacher, a new hero, or even a new villain.
Your choices and others can impact the stories direction so easily that maybe villains can overtake the city and put the heroes in hiding, or the heroes can keep order in the city, come join us and impact this stories direction. please-

some nsfw, but dont worry about it-
A bnha pirate au! Where you can choose just whose crew you’re part of; All might, Endeavor or All for one. A world of magic and pirates. With spies, runaway princes and even assassins

Canon characters only, with backstories you can create. And organized server with friendly mods/admins. A safe place where there’s no Homophobia or racism is allowed. We strive to make sure everyone is comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to just pop in and see if you like it! A semi-literate server, 15+ only server


The sea is vast, what lurks beneath is unknown. And yet it calls to you like a sirens song and you are more than happy to follow that sweet melody