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BNHA (Boko No Hero Academia), better known as MHA (My Hero Academia) is an anime/manga. BNHA is an anime about people born with powers called quirks, some people can be born without a quirk, but this is quite rare. It takes place at U.A. High, the elite school for those with quirks.

In this server you get a chance to create your own BNHA OC! (As well as play a canon character as you gain levels)

We have a friendly staff panel and community! Come RP with us!
Taking place about 8 years in the future, the now number one hero Deku created a small server to reconnect with his old friends, and the new UA students as well!

Student OCs are allowed, and please make sure to check out the channels in the Important category before rping!
Welcome to My Hero Academia: History Rewritten! This server is based off of the Anime, My Hero Academia. But with a twist. We allow OC making and also Canon Character claiming! We have fun bots, helpful staff, fun and nice members too! And we're just waiting for you to be one of them.
A server to create MHA fanon OCs and develop them through interactions with other OC characters, as a Yuuei student! Have fun, make new friends and express your creativity!
This is My Hero Academia Love, where we all join together to express our love of all things My Hero Academia! Join to gain access to a swell community, well moderated roleplay, and plenty of fanart! We love our MHA babies here!
Todoroki’s Village is a new roleplay Server based on the popular anime My Hero Academia. Create your own oc or roleplay as an existing character! We have custom emojis, plenty of memes, and art too! We are a new server and are looking for members. We are also looking to partner with other servers as well. Soo come and join Todoroki’s Village!
Welcome to a chat-based CANON server chat! this is not for OCs! This takes place after s3 to be respectful of those who haven't read the manga! Come join and check us out!
10 years have past and Deku is learning how to remain as number 1, while this is happening some new villains appear and make life worse, UA students aren't any better as they also get themselves into trouble. It seems as if everything from our lovely hero world has changed and now it feels like something will break out
In a world where hero society shuts the door on wannabe heroes once they choose their highschool, one school decides to open the doors for a second chance. Not UA. Not Shiketsu. Not the schools you would suspect. Roseland Academy, sitting in the depths of Yokohama, certainly befits the foreign mix nature of the city. Students looking for a second chance flock to seize it, and fresh eyed newbies join for the school's sizable reputation. And with the tunnel to success dimly lit, and the end result blinding, well-

Even the most gorgeous roses can sprout out of the mud.

Writers can test out their writing skills!
You can use the server to test out the nuances of your own characters!
Kind, supportive community!
A guaranteed, interesting story!
Great characters to interact with!

◆Welcome to Bureikou House - a home for villains to live with one another and grow in their most evil ways!◆
◆BNHA Villain OCs Only! - Vigilante/Antiheroes too!◆
◆No Age Limit◆
◆Mild Gore, Violence, Mildly Graphic Themes◆

◆See you there~◆!
Just a place where BNHA fans can hang out, talk, post art, roleplay, and all of the sorts. This may not be as popular as some others, but it would be nice if some people could help the server grow and thrive!
My Hero Academia: New York features the adventures of the original characters (OCs) in the city of Ithcona, New York. This server takes place in the United States of America, congruent to the timeline of My Hero Academia.

This server offers a variety of resources like a constantly updating guide to writing characters! To view our guide and use some of the content for character creation on other servers in the My Hero Academia community, take a look at this link:

Remember to have fun!
In this server, we are looking for:
-passionate MHA fans
-literate rpers
-and much more!

OCs are allowed!
This server is BRAND NEW so there are tons of available characters! This server takes place after season 3!

Come join!
A story-line based Roleplay server looking for mature, able Roleplayers. We're a server still in its infancy, so chances are what you're looking for is still available.
We are actively looking for:
✿ Competent/Active Roleplayers ✿
✿ People devoted to the series ✿
✿ Friendly, kind people willing to grow with us ✿
We stress literacy in our server, as long as you keep to that and our few rules, you'll get along great with us! Choose from a canon student in U.A.'s roster or feel free to create your own!

This takes place 10 years after Deku joined 1A. The Big 3 are now an official hero team after Eri returned Mirio to his normal state. Overhaul has been defeated by Eri and Eri is now at her first year of the hero course. Deku has became no.1 hero in a tied place with Bakugo. The no.2 hero is Mirio Togata with the rest of the students you love somewhere from 3-50. There has been very little threat other than a quirk which can delete people by looking at them although Eri has dealt with this. A new semester has began and the new first years have just passed there exams. Some in the hero course and some in support. All for one has been missing for over 7 years and no one knows his location. Suddenly after no contact from the villains in years a new league of villains forms with there leader and members being unknown. Principal Nezu is still in charge of UA although it has been said that this is his final 5 years of teaching before he retires. Inko has developed her quirk more to try of be more use to Deku. She now has a telekinesis type of ability as she only used to be able to lift small objects. Inko lives with deku but she is old enough to go to a retirement home. All might is on his last couple of years. Gran Torino has sadly passed away and will be remembered as All Mights tutor and friend. Hawks is surprisingly still in the hero business although this was mostly just to take internships. Tokoyami has became the no.3 similar to what hawks was. The teachers you know are all alive although retired and replaced with other teachers.
A Roleplaying server set in a universe based off the hit anime My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero). We're a fairly small and tightly knit community with active members looking to grow. Laughs and memes galore included. Come check us out!
Welcome to the world of Boku no Hero Academia!
Become a Pro Hero, student, or villain and explore the world of quirks!

Right now we are a small server, but I hope we can grow as a server and become heroes together!
This is a Boku No Hero Aademia(My Hero Academia) Roleplay server! You can rp as ur own OCs.
Have Fun and enjoy!
Thats a brand new original MHA server,we offer alot of things,please join and have fun
Heyo! Welcome to the My Hero Academy: London Roleplay! This is an alternate-universe RP, with nsfw themes. So beware children! You’ve been warned!

This is an OC server, meaning no canon characters are allowed!

A demo of the lore, maybe it will further your interest in our server:

The Covenant of Villains: A criminal organization headed and fronted in London. They want to spread fear far and wide to each corner of the city, and spread evil to every corner of the earth, each having their own reasons for setting out on such a painstakingly evil journey.

Extractors: A secret society with one goal in mind: Harness the power of quirks into consumable forms of energy. They want to corner a market of consumable quirks and profit off of it.

18K Triads, an ancient organization starts back in China, which took root during the 19th century in London after chinese immigrated there and managed to continue it's growth in racketeering and many other illicit activities regarding gambling and loansharking.

The Apocrita Society: A collection of demented scientists with a common goal of studying and continuing the teachings of Sir William the Great Esquire of 1869. Sir William was responsible for creating an almost invincible genetic enhancing antibody that causes the host to obtain augmented strength, not normally obtained by practical methods. He was later diminished by a rival scientist, and the notes were hidden away. After many generations, a fruition of new villainous scientists have found the notes Sir William made, and are replicating the serum on unlucky test subjects. They treat Sir William as a God, branding the failed experiments as "one step further to God's realm." They release these experiments into the city, to wreak havoc and show the world only a small portion of Sir William's ingeniousness.
The Hunters: A vigilante organization known as criminals to the general public, formed to do the duty of a hero while ignoring the restrictions of a pro hero and working outside the flawed system, they're goal is primarily to fight villains and save civilians.

OYA Org. Private Tech Institution: A group of scientists directly working under Koya Toshiro, the smartest man in the world. They engineer new tech for hero's ranging from vehicles, weapons, and armor suits. This is the most technologically advanced company in the world, they have tech superior to military grade weaponry.
Attention, all heroes!

Join a brand new adventure at Atlanta Hero Academy, based in the USA. Foil villainous plots, forge bonds, and become stronger as either a Student, Teacher or Hero.

However, heroism is not everyone's path. Perhaps this is your opportunity to become a villain and watch everyone squirm. What will be your choice?

An MHA AU. OC Submissions only.
In a world filled with Superpowers known as quirks, quirks are abilities that tend to be more science than magic and are superhuman abilities currently 94% of the world’s population possess You are a Person living on the island of Cyprus located around the Mediterranean.
The Year is 2117, The City of Cyprus was founded in 2023 only 3 years after quirks started popping up normally, It was founded by 11 people called the founders were some of the first people with quirks they made Cyprus for all people as the number of people with quirks was still low they founded the City as a place where everyone would come to live together a place where no one would be called a witch for being unique or shunned.
Over the Years Cyprus grew bigger and Bigger until the economic collapse of 2068 from which it was stuck before Jokyu Industries rose and pulled the city up, Cyprus quickly recovering and becoming the Most technologically advanced city in the world.
Currently, all is fine Jokyu is continuing their breakthroughs in science and each precinct continues to grow in culture heroes are made and so are villains, but recently there’s been a spike in missing and dead heroes no one knows as of why yet.
We're a canon-focused roleplay group looking for active and literate roleplayers! We have an application process to ensure quality roleplay!
The server is still relatively new, so most characters are available. Please check us out!