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The year is 2184. Japan is under control of a government formed by All Might. Despite grounds in keeping the populace safe, it has become a government owned by corporations. They value your compliance, but you are not so willing to bend the knee. You belong to the nihilistic underground of Musutafu, partaking of all of life’s little pleasures until you inevitably meet your end. Will you fight back? Or fall victim to Plus Ultra?

Brand new server - still a work in progress!

20+ due to themes such as drug use, sexual content, gore, and similar content. Characters must be 18+ in the AU canon.
Looking for a mature, friendly audience to rp with? You've come to the right place.

BNHA: Year of the Hero is a BRAND NEW, friendly, 18+, literate community of dedicated and active rpers. We have the benefits of a calm atmosphere and a application format in place to ensure that literate and enthusiastic rpers can team up and have fun.

We are currently accepting OCs and Canon characters for our AU. Please be sure to read the rules, reach out to a mod, and start your adventure!
Hello! This is a My Hero Academia Roleplay! Here, you can;
-Submit your OC
-Spread dem memes
-Roleplay with others
-Make friends
And more! Join if you would like to participate!
*You may have to use this think if the button does not allow you to join:

Are you a literate role player looking for some roleplay? Well, here’s the place!

Things we have:
-friendly staff
-game nights
-high quality memes
-self roles
and much more!

We are BRAND NEW!!! So there are tons of canon characters open! We also accept ocs, so come on in!

Server is based off of season 3!

Can’t wait to see ya there!
Hello! And welcome to My Villain Academia! This is a My Hero Academia RP AU, and as you probably guessed.. Instead of heroes, It's a Villain Academy! Join to learn more!
Hey, y'all! I created this server because I want it to be a chill server for just talking and stuff. Our rules are generally pretty loose as long as you keep your nsfw stuff in the nsfw channels and you don't be an ass to others. I called this a mini-server because whenever I joined a big server it would always be really scary; I was worried I'd do something wrong. So, don't be nervous about that kind of thing. We're all pretty chill here~

We got a rp partner finder channel, nsfw and sfw art-sharing channels, a vent channel, general and nsfw chat channels, and, of course, a meme channel.

There is also a literate rp channel that shares connections with this server:
This channel goes alongside the My Hero Academia Literate Roleplay server as the more relaxed place that doesn't clutter the rp server.
After All for one being defeated by All might, Villains went into hiding and so the city was at peace while Deku and the rest become the Symbols of peace. But sadly the School of Hero's was shut down has there were no more Villains to fight, Only robbers or small law-breaking problems.

Or so they thought, Cause on March 15th 2020, A Villain was spotted killing a Pro Hero. This Villain was catch and said to be part of the new, And More dangerous League of Villains..Midnight Shadows. He also said the leader of this League of Villains, Her 'name' was Puppet Maker.

Deku knew he had to train a new Generation of Hero's and so he went to the other Hero's and asked who'd help train the next Generation, Only 4 Agreed to help and so they re-opened the School of Hero's to help and train new hero's to defend the weak and innocent!
Set in the BNHA universe but without any of the canon characters. You will play as a student who will grow to become an intern and eventually, as an npc, a pro hero.
This is a server for BNHA roleplay, obviously. We don't accept doubles, and, as of right now, we don't accept OCs. We are looking for people who are willing to be active.
Both Literate and Script styles are accepted here, so don't be shy! We accept anyone here. This server is semi-canon-compliant, and we don't expect everyone to roleplay the exact Canon version of their character! Join the server to see the rest of the rules, and receive your role depending on which character you choose!
EDIT 04/12/19: Please refrain from joining, and then immediately leaving. I'm sorry that my server is mildly inactive, we sleep and also there aren't a lot of people (obviously). It makes me go :/ when people join, only to leave right after.

While this is not technically an NSFW server, NSFW themes are allowed.
Based loosely on the world of BNHA, Prodigies of Musutafu is a literate roleplaying based server with over a year of history. Not only can you choose to attend UA and rise your way to hero status, there are also multiple other factions at play. Yakuza overpower parts of the city. A mysterious organization named Zenith is planting its foot in Japan. Villains, Vigilantes and Heroes all scramble to find their ways, their strengths, and stop their opponents.

How will you build your prodigy?

+ Heavily story based server with extremely frequent events!
+ OC creation and development, a chance to be creative!
+ A fun bubbly community!
+ Art sharing, bots, and memes!
17+ only, no OC's

We are a passionate and friendly group with character positions still open!
A unique setting with a story line, literate role-plays, and a welcoming community await you. Come check out our plot and if you're interested, we would love to have you.
An Roleplay server based on the universe of Boku no Hero Academia(aka. MHA).
Focusing on another (Suppose to be) Medieval Japan themed hero academy, Shinano Institute.

>Unique stat system.

>Multiple location to roleplay at.

>Less limits, be creative!

>Plot and story! Student? Villain? Hero? You can either play along with our plot or make your own!
Is been a long time since Izuku Midoriya inherited the One For All quirk, starting his journey to become a hero and the end of All Might's legacy. Now, ten years later, he fulfilled his dream of being the number one hero. The symbol of peace. His classmates (Most of them, at least) also managed to go very far in the hero business.

Most of the former U.A High School staff isn't involved with the institution anymore, after it was target of countless and harsh critics regarding its safety and teaching quality due to the incidents that have occured in the last decade. Now, under a new direction and a new name, Ultra U.A has high hopes of raising its reputation all the way to the top once again.

Even though years have passed, as long as there's good, evil will always be there to fight against it. A new generation of both heroes and villains is on the rise. We're just left to wonder who will triumph in the end.


✴️ Both OCs and canon characters avaliable!
✴️ Music bot!
✴️ Plenty of channels to RP in!
✴️ LGBT+ friendly!
✴️ Flexible, stateless quirk avaliation!
✴️ Literate server!

This server just got created, but it would be very good to have you! I hope you have a good time if you decide to join!
This is a casual texting-styled rp chat where you can easily interact with other characters! We allow for private descriptive roleplays and also private texting chats.

We strive for interactive and entertaining plot, with the text-style of the main chat being easily utilized to show off all of the dimensions of your chosen character!

We DO allow genderbends!
We're a groupchat based My Hero Academia roleplay. Descriptive roleplays are available at request, as well!

We're canon only, but have many available characters. Come take a look! 💖
- Almost All Canon Characters Open
- Literate RP
- Canon Verse and Au Rps
- Friendly Community
- Voice Chats
- Events Offered
- Nsfw RP Servers
- Music Channel
It has been 15 years since the graduation of the 1A we all know of, and it is time to train a new generation of heroes to rise. Join the students of UA as they train to become the best heroes possible.
We are an aged up roleplay, the main characters of the anime being 18 and freshman in college!

We are a literate server.

We are an 18+ server.

We are currently accepting OC’s and Canon characters from the My Hero Academia world.
One Justice is a literate 20+ roleplay server taking place during and around the end of season 3 of MHA! It includes ever-changing plots and chances to meet new friends with similar interests!

Join the fight as new villains arise!
Hangout with fellow students and pro-heroes!
Making sure you keep your grades up on top of it all....
•Tired but friendly creator and moderators, always willing to help and answer questions!
•Friendly community for ages 20 and up
•Relaxed out of character environment
•Extensive range of areas for roleplay! From casual text/online chat based interactions, to descriptive, longer length interactions in various places of Musutafu City!
•Ship friendly
•OC/Crossover friendly (CURRENTLY RESTRICTED)
•Server wide collaborations/votes on plots and events!
Boku No Hero Academia server where you can discuss the anime and manga. Note: There is a separate chat to roleplay.

Lax rules and an overall nice atmosphere.

Don't worry though, if you don't want to be apart of the roleplay, you won't even be able to see it! If you do want in on it though, keep in mind it's mostly memes and good times.

Looking to increase activity, but as long as you don't act like a child your activity will mostly be left alone unless it's TOO long.
Created on 3/29/2019, Crash! Is an all OC, 17+ roleplay server, taking place way before All Might and Nana. Join to look at plot!

-A mod in search for admins (who will be throughly quizzed) and always ready to listen to ideas
-A unique game that allows cheats in the rp if you play it right
- The ability to roleplay in a mature enviroment (17+)(3+ sentence replies)
- The ability to chose one of 3 different roles (with more coming soon!)
- The first 5 to join get the chance to have a 3rd OC
-A constantly updating game with a weather system, crime updates, and weekly panel (so you can input your ideas and I may fix issues!)
-10+ different channels to roleplay in, with private channels just for your role
- An inprogress total complete guide to the server (available April 5th)
-Randomized apartments to encourage interactions
-An unique storyline that will evolve and grow, until we reach 'canon'
- A seperate spam channel to post memes and interact OOC
-A fun Bnha/Mha roleplay to participate in!

We try and welcome everyone possible (LGBTQ+ and POC friendly) and invite you to join Crash!, the pre-canon server!