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NOTE: This is a HUB to reach Our Application for the Roleplay server. This is not an Open invite roleplay group.

In a new age of peace, everyone's beloved UA students are now living out their dreams as Pro Heroes! But for how long will it last?
Set six years in the future of canon events, Mufustafu Pro Heroics is a Discord based, 20+, story-driven, roleplay group! JOIN US TODAY!
Founded by a master samurai, decades before the first appearance of quirks, A single samurai house on the edge of the town dedicated training aspiring students in the way of samurai. Catching the interest of a businessman, whose son was also studying in Shinano Institute, Shinano began receiving donations in order to renovate and turn the once small house into a much larger and high-tech school designed as an ancient Japanese castle building, which would now be accepting a wider amount of students into its ranks. As the institute got more popular among the people, more companies supported them, eventually attaining the government’s support, whom wanted to preserve the the traditional Bushido and traditional way of sword making as the institute successfully recovered the art.

Many decades later, soon after the discovery of quirks and the rise of the hero’s age, hero schools such as UA started to appear, and the interest in the samurai and metal works began decreasing as the popularity of heroes rose more and more. In order to catch up with the present times, Shinano Institute began to research on quirks, school’s heroic and support courses, merging it with their original Samurai & Metal works courses, thus creating a unique hero and support course which can not be found elsewhere.

While it annually receives less funds and its popularity, it does not top that of UA or Shiketsu, Shinano Institute’s heroes are known to be on par with those from UA. Although it allows those without quirks without limiting them and being open & simple to enroll, it's also known that Shinano Institute does have high expulsion rate, resulting in only few selected ones being able to graduate. “The whole course is a test to one's ability and motivation to study, those who don't meet their expectations are to be expelled.”

BNHA Rp Server! Come join the fun! We’ll make sure you all feel welcomed and have fun and stuff! Wooooooo!

We have so many characters that need filling so please come join!
Welcome to our server!!
We run an rp group on here and on tumblr!! If your interested then come join us, ask the mods about rping a character you're interested in and we'll set you up. Or come chill and hang out, talk about bnha and other things here!
- Mod Rin

Stuff about Server
-We do allow nsfw here
-potting about to rp
-if you do rp, you are required to make a tumblr for your character
- If there is a ship that makes you uncomfortable please tell a mod and they'll figure something out.
-be respectful
we're glad you've decided to join!!

100 years has passed since the fall of All Might and a new generation of heroes is needed. Come join and become a student or a teacher, and begin to save the world.
This server is the BnHA Chat RP server! This is where you can join as a character just to text! This server also has a semi-lit section if you don't want to text and just RP!

The server itself is still very small and had just recently opened, so we encourage you to come in, even for a short visit! If you like what you see, then we ask you to come join us! Invite your friends to come join us too!

There are a few features to the server like a channel dedicated to the teachers interacting with each other, the students interacting with each other, etc etc! You can even join as a civilian like Eri, Inko, and Mitsuki!
welcome to on top of the world, or otw, a bnha alternate universe! here at otw, the story begins with a group of third year students at yuuei high. each and every one of them will be graduating after this year, meaning it’s their last chance to get their names out there. stakes are high as tension builds between the once united student body. cliques are forming, relationships blossoming before being completely destroyed, and the professors are at their wits end.

amidst the chaos, a league of fearsome villains are congregating. they have eyes and ears in the university, and they threaten to finally crawl out of the woodworks.

now, what will you do?

This is a SEMI-LITERATE+ role play server. Please refrain from joining if you’re a beginner!
A fun little BNHA RP, we are new and would love to find some, enthusiastic, and cool folks to RP with!
It's been three decades since the infamous class 1-A graduated from U.A. and became pros, saving the day whenever they're needed. As the years pass, each growing generation manifests more and more unique quirks. Anyone with the will to fight and a strong moral compass wants to become a hero and follow in the footsteps of their own heroes. But just as the rise of heroes appears, so does the rise of villains with just as many unique quirks.

The new school year started on April 1st of 2069, and with that, a new wave of 1st years joined as the previous years moves up a grade or graduated. Though this didn't stop the rise of villainy.
Merry Christmas everyone - and welcome to PLUS ULTRA ULTIMA!

PU+ is a MHA OC-only parallel universe for writers and artists. Today marks our first public opening! Come and check us out!!

Info Station:

Because we have an application process, this server is a guest lounge for prospective members to mingle and ask questions. Once accepted, you will be directed to our main RP server!
An RP hub for fans of BNHA!
Here you can meet other roleplayers, chat about BNHA, and advertise for certain RP prompts you're interested in recruiting for.
This server contains various message boards where you can advertise to start RPs - both 1-on-1 and group - based on whatever AU or prompt you want and find someone to come join you!
Join us and start RPing whatever wacky and wild adventures you want
Plus Ultra!

◆Welcome to Bureikou House - a home for villains to live with one another and grow in their most evil ways!◆
◆BNHA Villain OCs Only! - Vigilante/Antiheroes too!◆
◆No Age Limit◆
◆Mild Gore, Violence, Mildly Graphic Themes◆

◆See you there~◆!
The world is the same as in My Hero Academia/BNHA. Most of the population has quirks and use it everyday. However, it is flipped. Rather than the heroes reigning the world and fighting the bad guys, the villains are the ones at top. The good is now bad. Instead of being set in Mustafu, this roleplay will be in Aridamaki. A city near and busy like Tokyo. For this city, crime is it's definition. A day without crime would be a miracle. Usually it's the little things such as robberies, theft, and stalking. However, since the heroes started to rise up and fight back, war fills the streets. The villains are trying to maintain the chaos and produce more evil. While the heroes are trying to create a voice and gain order in the city again.

Akuyaku High School was created to form the best of the best villains. Will you join and graduate and cause more destruction? Or will you be one of the few heroes who still have the power to rise up? How about a vigilante who are more on the heroes side?
hi there, if your reading this, that means you must be a BNHA/MHA fan. well, we all are too. come join our cannon character RP server, meet new friends, share interests, and even rant to people.
NSFW servers are available.
This server is still under construction if you have ideas tell me and ill make you an admin.
Server setting up for success! Join us in the adventure of Fighting crime.
Plus Ultra!
(No canon characters. We're all shitlords but good writers. New and happy to help. Let's get Plus MotherF*cking ULTRA)

; 12 years ago the prior Hero Academy was nearly decimated by [Wrath], a Quirk User and member of crime organization [SIN].
; The year is 2170. [THA] is the new focal point for all hopeful heroes.
; The hero exam has just taken place at [THA] (Toyama Hero Academy).
; Grade 2 has just graduated to Grade 3, and so on.
; Where does your journey start?
Are you a [hero]?
Are you a [villain]?
Are you a [student], a [teacher]
Or are you a member of [SIN]?
this takes place 16 years after deku became a pro hero
you can be a cannon or non cannon character
if you have made a child of a certain ship ask an admin or me(the owner)
you are able to use that character so it isn't like someone has a tododeku child and someone has a bakudeku child well anyways remember have fun and PLUS ULTRA!