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※ Sorcerers, dragons of old, Knights and Kingdoms in feuds. War does loom on the horizon, yet no one would dare speak of it, when the peace has been going strong for near a thousand years. ※

※ In this setting, anyone could be anything. The few Kingdoms which governed the lands, they all are connected by one trivial fact: magic. It had nearly been wiped clean after the wars, the lands decimated and burned, all changing when the heroes of Musutafu came into the picture and saved the common folk from the monsters of the unknown reaches. ※

※ A wall was built. A strong one to keep the evil out. But it seems not all could be so easily veiled by simple peace. War was coming, the darkness too potent to be held forever. ※


♢ Fantasy Based RP Server ♢
♢ Detailed World to Explore ♢
♢ Create your own race or use mythical ones ♢
♢ 18+ ONLY - Proof Required ♢
♢ You can bring in any character from any fandom ♢
♢ OC's are allowed ♢
♢ Friendly Atmosphere ♢
♢ Mod staff is very helpful if you have questions! ♢
♢ We're all a little mad here ♢
- Almost All Canon Characters Open
- Literate RP
- Canon Verse and Au Rps
- Friendly Community
- Voice Chats
- Events Offered
- Nsfw RP Servers
- Music Channel
Become an OC or a character found in the canon of Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia. Rise above others and become a powerful force or fall in defeat. Enjoy a community which is willing to help and make a good, creative experience for you.

But, our old server got deleted, but we risen up again to bring it back and with new leadership.

Note: This follows the canon of BNHA RP: Enterprise prior to it's deletion.

In the anime U.A was a school to prepare heroes but now in this AU? It's a foundation to prepare for the apocalypse. Schools far and wide have been dreading this moment ever since the virus escaped. Hundreds of civilians have been turned into these creatures known as zombies.

Now it's U.A's time to shine. The students, pro heroes, and even staff will be having the battle of their life time in this AU. Many might be lost but that's the price you pay when you fight for what could be the very end of the world.
Looking for a literate and mature My Hero Academia Roleplay community? Well, this community is designed to help deliver that. We're pretty new, but we would be glad to have people on board to help us grow our community into something great!


Welcome to Anaheim, California! Where the beaches are gold and the waters are crystalline. It's a beautiful place to build up your OC's story from the ground up.

🔹 Design your own quirk and OC. Our creation process and meta is simplified and designed to be quick and easy, but also creates a power roof to prevent anything that would be ridiculously overpowered.

🔹 Friendly and active staff. They'll try to be there for you whenever you need them.

🔹 Literate roleplay! All that we ask for is skillful writing, proper grammar, correct spelling, and in general, considerably good roleplay. You don’t have to be Mark Twain or Shakespeare when it comes to roleplay. Just be literate. One-lining or low-effort roleplay is looked down upon and isn't accepted.

🔹 OCs only, no canon characters. 

🔹 True to source--we stick to the MHA canon as closely as possible.

🔹 A new setting--the USA.

🔹 Create your own story: Develop your OC's story in a new world with new people, a clean slate, per se. Will you be a student in Starseed High? A Pro Hero just trying to do some good for their community? Or will you be a powerful villain? The possibilities are limitless in a setting that's essentially your personal canvas!

We hope to see you around! ❤️️
Quick! Don't read this! Ha, you fell for our cunning scheme. Now you have been enticed by the enigmatic nature of our opening sentence....***just as planned***

**What is this server about?**
It's a RolePlay server Based on My Hero Academia (MHA) or Boku No Hero Academia (BNHA) Lore although focusing on our own unique Adventure

**What are the amazing things we possess**

💠 An Array Of Channels For You to RolePlay In
💬 ``Because who needs quality when you've got quantity?``

💠 Multiple Events Every Week
💬 ``Technically, one is mathematically the same as one tenth. Which means that an event every ten weeks is technically the same as several every week. Quick-maffs!``

💠 An Initial Charcter Limit Of Three ,But If You're Really Active You're Gonna Get More!
💬 ``You want more OCs, it'll cost ya.``||``And there's a lot we could ask from a pretty 'lil thing like you.``||

💠 In RolePlay Chat Channels For You To Text People In Roleplay Or Chat In A Group Chat!
💬 ``Because that's totally something an RP server needs to advertise. "Hey, come on down to our new store- we've got Things for you to buy in exchange for money. I know, we're so unique!"``

💠 Overall Friendly Staff Team And Members!
Set in the BNHA universe but without any of the canon characters. You will play as a student who will grow to become an intern and eventually, as an npc, a pro hero.
Become a hero student in Greystone High, become a hero, join the Scarlet Society, a villainous group intent on destroying the stability of society or even create a gang of your own.

Hero Students get a regular education alongside their heroic education.
(Available Roles: Student, Pro Hero, Vigilante, Villain, Police, Greystone Teachers)
This is a server for literate roleplayers and writers to come together and get creative! The server is still new, so things will be shifting around!

We offer:
- Friendly and helpful staff!
- Literate roleplay with many available characters!
- Self-assignable color roles!
- Many custom emojis!
- LGBTQ+ friendly!

Coming soon:
- Weekly writing prompts!
- Daily questions!
- Writing workshop!
- Server directed events!
17+ only, no OC's

A unique setting with a story line, literate role-plays with no one liners, and a welcoming community await you. Come check out our plot and if you're interested, we would love to have you.

Server live date: 18 Feb 2019
Heyo! I'm the owner of this server, this is a BNHA project i just had started out and I hope you can join in on the RP! Here we have

-Custom OC's
-Both Cannon Quirks and Custom Quirks
-Hopefully a friendly server in the future (qq

This again is a pretty new server, so drop some suggestions if you ever swing by, hope to see you there! uwu
Hello! And welcome to My Hero Academia! My Hero Academia is an Anime and Manga series made by Kohei Horikoshi.

In this universe 80% of the worlds population has what is known as a Quirk. A Quirk is like a superpower or ability. Due to this phenomenon, heroes have rised, and are now reality to those who dreamed of becoming one when they were little. But, with these heroes, there are also villains and other nasty people who abuse their Quirk for things like theft and murder.

This RP will take place in the world of superpowers, take place in the same city, where you can have your OC take the path of any of the following you desire.
(By the way, we are not accepting character forms until further notice. So if you're patient, you can be a spectator until other wise.)
Based loosely on the world of BNHA, Prodigies of Musutafu is a literate roleplaying based server with over a year of history. Not only can you choose to attend UA and rise your way to hero status, there are also multiple other factions at play. Yakuza overpower parts of the city. A mysterious organization named Zenith is planting its foot in Japan. Villains, Vigilantes and Heroes all scramble to find their ways, their strengths, and stop their opponents.

How will you build your prodigy?

+ Heavily story based server with extremely frequent events!
+ OC creation and development, a chance to be creative!
+ A fun bubbly community!
+ Art sharing, bots, and memes!
☆゚.・。゚ BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA ☆゚.・。゚ 一 ☆゚.・。゚

一 An alternate universe where the roles are swapped. Villains are heroes and heroes are villains.. but you get to choose! Will you switch sides or stay on the side you were?

一 ☆゚.・。゚ Our server is new but we welcome everyone and anyone! We are a 15+ server, which includes possible gore themes and violence so please keep that in mind. NSFW stuff is however not allowed, we do not allow any sexual themes in this server even if the characters are aged up.

Hello and welcome to our BNHA RP Hub! Here you can find a roleplay partner without all the hassle! You can make friends, utilize our bots and enjoy yourself without any pressure!
Join the fight between heroes and villains!
As evil rises in Toukawa, gangs and organizations threaten to throw off the balance of life as we know it.
Will you train to fight them or will you join the battle for chaos?

Welcome to Burning Time!
A plot based BNHA Server with Admins and Owners alike creating Villians and Heroes for you to fight, allowing for you to soar the ranks and become the Top Hero (Or Villain) you always wanted to be!

We offer Dice Rolling for Events, VOTW, and much more once we have more members.

So what are you waiting for? Join us!
We are a semi-literate server. We’re active everyday, even though we’re still small :3. Join our cult noww!!
In a medieval land, Hunters have come to start hunting downthose who were born as Monsters. But, chaos begins to occur and some of the monsters become stronger and much more violent.

In this server we have:


-Friendly Mods

-Fun places to chat outside of rp

-A safe place to meet people

We are a literate, selective, BNHA roleplay server. This AU is an aged-up one, meaning UA is a University instead of a high school, and all the canon characters of Class 1A are 18 years old.

You must have watched all 3 seasons of the anime to become a role player of this server. There is lots of character development that you will not know or understand should you not be caught up with the anime.

We are a multi-muse server, but you must start out with one character only to ensure you can keep up with threads and work well in a group roleplay setting.

We accept OC and canon characters, but OC bans will be put in place to make sure we keep the canon to OC ratio even.

Please ensure you read the rules immediately after joining.

We are all very friendly and look forward to meeting you!!!

Hi! In Casual BNHA Roleplay we well...Roleplay!
Our server is LGBQT+ friendly! Were a pretty small server so far, but we're hoping to grow!
The rules are as followed:
- Please don't do anything that a reasonable person might find offensive.
- You need permission to kill.
- Please don't be super over powered.
- No NSFW (18+)
Other than that you can be your OCs or a cannon character!
I'm pretty sure that's it but I hope you'll join!
MHA Unlimited lets you participate in the canon verse as a canon character or an OC! Even characters from other media are allowed, as long as they have an MHA verse! Don't forget to follow the rules, and we'll all get along just fine!
We are Birb Gang! A canon only roleplay server dedicated to the Shie Hassaikai, our lovely gangsta birbs. We will not be accepting OC's, but once all slots for the precepts are filled we will open slots up for those who would like to be Pops, Eri, or even a nameless underling.

彡We are a literate multi-paragraph to semi-literate server

彡We welcome all, from our roleplayers to community members wishing to take place in the OOC banter.

This should go without saying, but the entire server contains spoilers for the internship arc. Be forewarned.

We'd love to see you stop by as our server is still relatively new <3

A Monster VS Hunter Roleplay featuring your favourite BNHA Characters !
We do not accept OCs.