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Looking for creative writers to join our new story driven server!

Todoroki has been afflicted by a curse that has turned him into what he always hated; power hungry and fiercer than even his father.
Bakugou leads the Free Dragon Warriors, a powerful clan with dragon hybrids as their allies. He detests what Todoroki has become, but as his coronation as King comes closer, he fights for a way to free him of his curse.

Server live date 17 Feb 2019
Image credit to fiofuao on twitter
Hello and welcome to our BNHA roleplay server!
Here we have:
> Multiple ooc channels (even an NSFW one)
> An LGBTQ+ safe community. You will also be safe from other types of discrimination!
> Semi-lit roleplay
And much more!

It’s been 17 years since Deku has risen to the top and become the symbol of peace, making sure Japan was safe and protected from all types of harm, all the while keeping a bright and unwavering smile on his face. However, within the past couple of years, he’s been becoming weaker and weaker, much like All Might had during his last few years of service as a pro-hero.
It’s time for him to chose someone else to pass one for all onto, and he does, yet, the strange thing is is that it’s almost like history seems to be repeating itself. Events that have happened years and years ago are starting to come up and happen again, some not in the right order and even some in between them, which has us all wondering- will the symbol of peace fall once more? Or will he continue to reign without a problem?

We hope you can join!
If you want to rp bnha, you've come to the right place. Just come join the fun, ig.
Welcome to UA Acadamy! Taking place after the Anime/Manga, all the old Students have become Heroes. But as the old students have left, of course, new students must take their place. Be your OC Student, Teacher, or Hero. Or be one of the previous students, now Heroes. Come join and become the hero of your dreams!
A server to create MHA fanon OCs and develop them through interactions with other OC characters, as a Yuuei student! Have fun, make new friends and express your creativity!
ᴵᵗˢᵘᵈᵃᵗᵗᵉ ᴷⁱᵐⁱ ᴺⁱ ᵂᵃ ᵂᵃᵗᵃˢʰⁱ ᴳᵃ ᴵʳᵘ ᴷᵃʳᵃ
ᴵ ᵃᵐ ʰᵉʳᵉ ʷʰᵉⁿᵉᵛᵉʳ ʸᵒᵘ ⁿᵉᵉᵈ ᵐᵉ.
Hey there! Very very new BNHA server!
It's nothing too out of the ordinary. A slightly altered plot, but nothing too big! I'd love it if we got in some good roleplay stuff, for I think it would be fun!!

Come join in to get best characters before they're gone!!

(This sever does allow NSFW!!)
Welcome to Fictional Friendos! Join to check it out, stay as a friend!

We have,

- Self assignable roles and roles that you can request!
- Eco bot
- Friendly people on the server
- Lots of anime/webtoon lovers

And much more!

This is a safe place to make friends and chat! The owner and mods are always active and ready to talk. Don't be afraid to click on that button and join!
Hello, welcome to ✹ My Hero Fans ✹! This is a server made for My Hero Academia fans! Although it's My Hero Academia themed, anyone and anybody is invited to join! We welcome all the anime fans and hardcore weebs!
This server is looking for the following:
-passionate fans
-literate roleplayers
-people who want to show off their skills!

This server is brand new, which means that there are tons of characters available! You are able to make your own OC if you wish. Currently, we are not accepting OC villains.

Hope to see you there!
This is a MHA/BNHA RP server with lots of active and passionate members both in the RPs and in the OOC chats.

● We have both canon and AU RPs
● We allow NSFW RPs in restricted channels
● We do not allow OCs in RPs
● We have multiple bots, including pokecord in a separate channel and MEE6
● Anyone can start an RP or join any RP they want!
● We have themed RPs for character's birthdays, holidays and things alike

Hope you want to join our quaint little community!
Founded by a master samurai, decades before the first appearance of quirks, A single samurai house on the edge of the town dedicated training aspiring students in the way of samurai. Catching the interest of a businessman, whose son was also studying in Shinano Institute, Shinano began receiving donations in order to renovate and turn the once small house into a much larger and high-tech school designed as an ancient Japanese castle building, which would now be accepting a wider amount of students into its ranks. As the institute got more popular among the people, more companies supported them, eventually attaining the government’s support, whom wanted to preserve the the traditional Bushido and traditional way of sword making as the institute successfully recovered the art.

Many decades later, soon after the discovery of quirks and the rise of the hero’s age, hero schools such as UA started to appear, and the interest in the samurai and metal works began decreasing as the popularity of heroes rose more and more. In order to catch up with the present times, Shinano Institute began to research on quirks, school’s heroic and support courses, merging it with their original Samurai & Metal works courses, thus creating a unique hero and support course which can not be found elsewhere.

While it annually receives less funds and its popularity, it does not top that of UA or Shiketsu, Shinano Institute’s heroes are known to be on par with those from UA. Although it allows those without quirks without limiting them and being open & simple to enroll, it's also known that Shinano Institute does have high expulsion rate, resulting in only few selected ones being able to graduate. “The whole course is a test to one's ability and motivation to study, those who don't meet their expectations are to be expelled.”

ello, and if you’re reading this, we hope for you to consider joining this wonderful server. If you are a fan of BNHA, then you’d love this server. Even if you’re not of fan of it, and are just a normal fan of rping, you’d still have a great time.
We have a large amount of members, who all enjoy rping. You can make your own original character with your own original quirk. There are many different channels and locations for you to rp at. Also, don’t worry about being behind in the story, because no matter what, you’ll still be an important character in it. Almost everyone here is active in some way or another.
However, if you decide to join, then you’ll have to follow a set of rules. Some of which include no NSFW, nothing cannon(this includes both characters and quirks), and please do be respectful.
There are many staff members, all of which only want to make sure both yours and everybody else’s rp experience is fun. All of them are willing to help out if there’s any issues. The admins will be watching out for any rule breakers though, so just make sure to follow all of them.
The server is almost always having an event of some kind. It can be an internship arc, or even a timeskip. There’s always something for you to do here.
We hope you took the time to read this, and consider joining. You’ll be welcomed to it with open arms. In short, it’s great server with great people, and it can be made even greater if you join.
A groupchat based, canon only My Hero Academia RP. Most characters are still open; come in and have a good time!
We're a new roleplay community looking for casual, fun roleplayers. We are currently in the need for more canon characters at the moment, so be sure to join!
Welcome to the UA Hero Academy! Here, you will train to become awesome heroes, and defend people against villains! We are super excited for you to join us on your journey!

This server takes place as a kind of next-gen after the main series. The staff is... interesting... We are a small server now, but with time, we will grow! We are super excited for you to come roleplay with us! Join us~
U-Gay Academy is a queer-focused My Hero Academia community, but we are not queer exclusive! Our server welcomes all fans of BNHA, LGBT or not! We have channels devoted to fanart and fanfiction, character roles, and all kinds of BNHA related content! Come join a positive community with fellow lovers of the series, and climb the ranks from first years to third years! Even choose the path of hero or villain!

- Level up role system starting as first years, and ending as pro heroes or villains
- Additional roles for favorite characters
- Large, growing collection of memable MHA emotes
- Creative channels for art and fanfics
- Welcoming community full of friendly individuals
- NSFW role and channels
- Music bot for tunez
- Channels for character art, ships, manga/anime discussions, etc
- Lots of gayness
A fresh new take on the world of My Hero Academia. Set on a archipelago made by a wealthy man who sought to make his own nation. Adventure, and fun awaits you on the Archipelago of Heroes
The Story takes place in a alternative universe of the original Bnha , In this universe instead of heroes being loved and protecting people as the new profession it is villians , All the cannon heroes are now regular citizens and the villians have a high role in the community , Now that the villians rule , Presidents are no longer a thing and only villians have command , VA Is the School for the best of the best students that are trying to become villians , Alot of other villians went there like , The Hero Killer , Since there were barely ever heroes when heroes first came up the hero killer killed them swiftly , And others like Toga , This server is still new and we are hoping you give it a chance , If you have any questions ask Me im Mostly always here!
U.A. is the #1 ranked high school for heroics, canon, and ocs! You can role-play, meet new friends, or just talk about the series!

You will have a choice to be associated with Class 1-A or Class 1-B.

Upon choosing a class, you will receive one exclusive channel and voice channel away from the other class, being able to privately associate with your own classmates. You will also receive the RP, Fanart, Content Creation, and Music section as well as additional channels. We also accept affiliations.

Anyone can join. RP and Non RP members are all welcome! [Est. 2017]
we're a pretty cool discord server - here you can make friends, roleplay as your favorite bnha characters, or make your own. not to mention we have a staff team that is not overly sensitive - you can post whatever you like in our #dark-humor channel.
A fan made BNHA inspired roleplay server based around the idea of an alternate universe of the popular anime. We recommend you give it a shot. - Panda Prince
We're a Roleplay server that specialises in bringing you fun MHA content.
- Fun bots
- Variety of roleplayers
- Many roleplay channels
- Chill community
Welcome weebs to another BNHA Roleplay server. Probably not the first you've seen, but we're cool kids. Rather not just say what every other server already said, but we have what they have and probably better. Whether or not we're friendly is on you. Make friends or enemies, your choice. The staff won't abuse their powers, so you can talk as much trash about them as you want and they can't do anything. Also goes vice versa, so. Y'know. Rules and staff are pretty loose, so, yeah. Giveaways are a thing, which is cool.
Greetings! We are a new My Hero Academia roleplaying server presenting you with an interesting little twist (see plot below)!

Since we are new, we have a TON of open canon characters, including members from the League and students from other schools! We're a fun and literate roleplay server looking for people who are interested in contributing to a great roleplay environment! 

🔹This is a 16+ server
🔹We are a literate and multi paragraph server.
🔹SFW only, we have minors!
🔹We're NOT accepting oc's.
🔹As of now, the first big plot event is literally just around the corner!
🔹There are tons of canons available!


A Time Travel machine. In the hands of heroes and villains alike, a way to make up for past mistakes, to change the world completely. 

So, how to keep it out of the wrong hands? Good thing there's a school or two full of capable heroes and heroes in-training.

With romance, adventure and fun events in store, we hope you'll consider checking us out