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We are an anime server dedicated to My Hero Academia, Wether you read the manga or watch the anime we hope you love your time here!
Story Summary:
This roleplay takes place at the same time as the original MHA universe, but in a different location. Namely Osaka, Japan where Hideki High is, one of the best schools in Japan besides U.A. and Shiketsu. The students enroll at Hideki High and are more or less removed from the action taking place in the anime. However, this doesn't mean they're safe. A powerful villain linked to All For One lurks in the shadows right under the noses of heroes, civilian, and even other villains alike. The students of Hideki High will be faced with the same war as the MHA cast...on a different front.
A My hero academia roleplay!
We have just started out and would love members!
Come and join us! (We have cookies!)
My Hero Academia is a manga and anime where 80% of the world's population has a thing called a Quirk. A Quirk is basically your own personal superpower, with the years to come, this incredible phenomenon has become the new norm of the world. But now that they're common, superheroes are now reality to those who dreamed of becoming one since they were small. But, with these heroes, there are also villains and other nasty people who abuse their Quirk for things like theft and murder.

This RP will take place in the world of superpowers, take place in the same city, and you may also have the chance to roleplay as characters from the manga/anime, where you can have your OC take the path of any of the following you desire.
We're a very new server and hoping to have new people join! We have writer, artist and cosplayer role and also have fun bots to play around with. We do have a NSFW role for people who are 18+ and are into pervy stuff ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉). Hope to see you join!
The rp takes place in an alternative bnha world where no canon characters exist. There isn't much to say about the story or a plot since we want you to create your own story.
This is a My hero academia roleplay server,taking place in America. Join SA Highschool and become the best hero through proper training. Or go down the path of crime and blood and become the worst villain known to man?
Welcome to the UA Hero Academy! Here, you will train to become awesome heroes, and defend people against villains! We are super excited for you to join us on your journey!

This server takes place as a kind of next-gen after the main series. The staff is... interesting... We are a small server now, but with time, we will grow! We are super excited for you to come roleplay with us! Join us~
My hero Academia Official Roleplay Server!
Come join as a Canon Character, or even make your own OC.
Want to watch My Hero Academia? Check out or Funimationnow!
Welcome to a new generation of the BNHA(MHA) heroes of Hosu City! There are three hero schools you can attend, which include Ketsubutsu High, Shiketsu High, and U.A. High. (No duh) You all know the drill in the school's hero courses for the most part. Be sure to ask our staff for any further questions. Have fun, and be brave when facing villains! ^^;;
(Note: This is a new server, so please don't be harsh. Plus help is wanted. No help is NEEDED)
Come join our and roleplay with your very own OC at U.A High! It’s an amazing My Hero Academia community and friendly staff. Be a hero today!

You've always wanted to become a hero ever since you were a child. They were practically straight out of a comic book — selfless people in capes who fought villains and helped others in need, all for the good of humanity.

After months of studying and preparation, you took the entrance exam to enter the hero course for the prestigious school, U.A. A week after completing the entrance exam, you received the results of the exam, and faced crushing disappointment: You had failed the entrance exam. You managed to get into U.A., but was demoted to the General Studies course in Class 1-F. Soon, after a few months of hard, grueling work, you managed to barely get upgraded into UA's hero course from your original, and boring old class. Although being excited beyond compare, you find yourself in the rejects class. It consists of a few other students and a dinosaur for a homeroom teacher. This will be a strange, strange year.

Welcome to Class 2-Z!
A roleplay server for heroes, villains, and vigilantes alike. The server has friendly mods, interesting story, and characters to interact with.
We're just a server who wants people who enjoy the anime or you may not have even seen it to come together and have fun, we have a servers template and bots that help give roles that are listed
This a server where our OC's are roleplaying the incoming class of UA after the previous class (as in the anime) moves up a year. Come have fun!
The famous class of 1A have all successfully moved on to 2A and are now beginning their second year of UA High. All for One and Stain have escaped and the League of Villains is ever growing, causing chaos as they plan for their most deadly year yet. Pro heroes are falling more frequently than ever and heroes in training must rise to stop the violence.

That's where your characters come in. Since Deku's class has made a name for themselves, the next ones to enter UA will be closely watched by both friends... and foes.
Fair and unique Superhero/villain server with multiple daily users and constant updates
A place where you can roleplay in the My Hero Academia Universe, be a canon charater or orginal creation and start your own story.

*Oc's are allowed if you didn't catch that, haha.*
This is a my hero academia rp server in which you can make an original character and quirk and make your own story.
Chill server where we discuss and debate Anime and also talk about a whole bunch of other shizz.

Weebs come on down!