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What if young Izuku Midoriya never had run into All Might? Would he have been as gifted? This server introduces the parallel timeline of Deku falling into the hands of villainy rather than becoming the Symbol Of Peace. It has been 6 years from which Izuku was denied from UA and has grown to become one of the most dangerous Super Villains across nations. With his association with the League Of Villains, Deku has lead Japan into a catastrophic ruin with UA now being nothing but a crater. Outbreaks of support in the League Of Villains fluctuate across the U.S. with multiple uprisings beginning to occur. It is up to you whether or not this continues.

My Hero Academia: Catalyst opens up a brand new exploration of roleplaying, providing a fresh new setting away from Japan. We seek competent and literate roleplay in which allows the members of our server to completely delve into the plot.


✔️ OC CREATIONS - We provide full assistance and aide with the creation of OC characters!

✔️ SOME CANON CHARACTERS - Due to the server's plot and lore, we include some Canon characters that can be claimed!

✔️ BRAND NEW SERVER - The server has just recently been created, allowing members to start fresh from the story with no awkward transitions or issues.

✔️ HELPFUL AND DEVOTED STAFF - The staff are more than happy to listen, guide, and aide all members within our community so the people may find joy in our server.

✔️ STRICT ROLEPLAY QUALITIES - MHA: Catalyst seek skillful literature and paragraph-based replies in roleplay. This gives a vast new world for roleplayers that seek something more immersive.

✔️ CAPTIVATING LORE - This lore our server introduces is an AU that brings the true light of another side of the whole MHA storyline in which the world is beginning to ride into chaos without a symbol of peace.

⟣Welcome, future heroes!⟢

We are Proto Roleplay: BNHA, an up and coming server based in an alternate timeline where all of the canon character within the Boku No Hero universe simply do not exist, allowing for a completely original plot and unique characters. We're a very welcoming community, and we're more than willing to offer a hand to anyone willing to join! We're always looking to expand our horizons and gain new members, so feel free to pop in and say hi!

We offer a comprehensive experience throughout the series, with everyone starting off as a fresh-faced college students! Will you be the savior of the world or will you be the scourge that tears down those who dare stand in the way of your reign? Only time will tell...
You know who it is, the official Pill Poppers of BNHA™.

This server is mostly for fanfiction writers, but you don't need to be one to join this hellhole.

You just want to chill and talk about how dumb All Might is? This is the motherfucking place.

You want to argue about who is the best character? Go ahead.

We have anything you've ever wished for. Maybe.

💊 Critique
💊 Reaction Roles
💊 Dark Humour
💊 Cookies
💊 Dumbass Owners and Admins
💊 Endless supply of cursing
💊 Your mums virginity
💊 Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam

this is just a chill, mature (16+) hangout server for fans of bnha. here you can meet other fans, make friends, share all of your creations and ideas, and plenty more. all the friends, memes, and general headassery with none of the discourse!
*LGBT+ and DID/introject friendly!

we look forward to having you <3
A story-line, multi-paragraph based Roleplay server looking for mature, able roleplayers. Student, Villain and Pro OCs are currently open!

We are actively looking for:
✿ Competent/Active Roleplayers ✿
✿ People devoted to the series ✿
✿ Friendly, kind people willing to grow with us ✿

Our server’s story takes place after the anime and has just begun the Internship Arc in the manga. Be warned that there will be spoilers.

We stress literacy in our server, as long as you keep to that and our few rules, you'll get along great with us! Choose from a canon or OC student in U.A.'s roster, pro heroes, villains, and more!
Hello there! Welcome to Rebirth, An alternate universe in the My Hero Academia anime! We are a small community that one day hopes to become a big one. Help us achieve our dream and make this server a place for MHA-lovers to enjoy!
In Rebirth, you can:

Create your own custom quirk or use an existing quirk..

Choose your own path, Hero, Villain, Anti-Hero, Vigilante, or Neutral..

Roleplay in several locations around Hosu City...

Participate in Server-wide events...

Enroll in U.A High School or join the League of Villains...

Chat with friendly people...

And so much more!

Features of the server:
📌Password Verification
📌Reaction Roles
📌Server Stat Tracker
📌Anti-Spam Filter
📌Music Channel
📌300+ Channels
📌Allowed ERP
📌Friendly Staff who will help you figure things out
📌A Battle Arena where you can fight against another character
📌Weekly Inactivity Kicks

We hope you will enjoy your time here! 😊

Looking for a fun, active, and custom BNHA roleplay server? Well, with My Hero Striking justice, that’s what we’ve done our best to create. With custom characters, a custom timeline, and the choice at even making a custom quirk (or choosing a canon one), the choice is completely yours. Whether you want to become a villain, a hero, or a vigilante, you decide. Have fun on my hero striking justice, where you’re bound to have a fun time, make new friends, and uh.... PLUS ULTRA!
You’re interested in joining? It’s rather new, so we’d love to have some new members and you’d be perfect for the server!

♡ Wonderful and friendly people!
☆ Oc only rp server!
♡ Many spaces to rp at with your mates!
☆ No need to rp if you don’t want to!
♡ Art, music, cosplays, stories, photographies, pets, memes and more!
☆ Some fun bots for your entertainment!
♡ LGBTQ+ Supportive space!

Here’s the link for you! We hope to see you on the server -
⊱ ────── {⋅. PLUS ULTRA! .⋅} ────── ⊰

America! A wonderful place with many new opportunities. Our lovely U.A students will be travelling to America for a creative learning experience! How will they fit into the American system since it's so unfamiliar to them? How will the language boundaries affect them? How will the American students and teachers take to having a large transfer of Japanese students? How will the characters original and canon get used to their new environment?

⊱ ────── {⋅. WHAT WE STRIVE FOR .⋅} ────── ⊰

BNHA: New Beginnings is a roleplay server that allows you the opportunity to grow and practice your writing with the help of writing coaches. We currently have three four coaches that are each experienced in different types and levels of writing. We strive to help you flesh out your original character and even canon characters! This server also is highly supportive of every type of writer. If you need help, we are the place for that!

Do you want to go PLUS ULTRA? If so, this is the server for you!

⊱ ────── {⋅. ABOUT THE SERVER .⋅} ────── ⊰

☼ Literate roleplay server. Want to enhance your writing ability? This is the place!
☼ Canon characters and original character friendly!
☼ Plenty of arcs and events planned!

☼ New server, plenty of characters to choose from!
☼ LGBTQ+ supportive


⊱ ────── {⋅. LINKS .⋅} ────── ⊰
Welcome to MHA-AU Roleplay!
In this server we deviated totally from the ongoing, dynamic, cannon that MHA has in order to have our own maleable adventure!
Although, not everything is off the table... you will be surprised!
Are you ready to give it a try?


This adventure takes place in a world different than the canon, as previously stated, in the city of New York. There is a constant battle between the forces of justice and evil for the control of the city, if not the entirety of society as we know it!
The ones that want to part take on the side of what is right and just, will most likely want to join the Outré Academy, a branch of a worldwide known French Academy, that offers a lot of work opportunities and prestige.
Where there is light, there are also shadows. Many people take a darker path, maybe because of need or simply were born that way? This has lead to powerful organizations to be created with the sole purpose of taking over and having pure domain of the ones below them.

What path will you choose?
-Hurry up! There are limited spots!


We offer and look for:
° Active members
° A community that can make you feel at home
°Original characters
Frecuent events!
This is a time where the demise of All Might is an dreadful reality, a result of the World’s Greatest Hero sacrificing himself to silence All for One with the hope that it would usher in an era of peace. That was fifty years ago, and countless heroes have come and gone, hoping to give the world a new SYMBOL, a new embodiment of peace and prosperity, but none have amounted to the legacy that All Might left behind.

Welcome to My Hero Academia: Revisited, a fresh / new multi-para, literate, OC exclusive community with a heavy emphasis on story progression and dynamics between characters. We aim to cultivate an active, engaging, and most importantly welcoming and friendly community with various personal subplots among our roster. Our server offers:

⚔️ A fresh / new server, meaning plenty of slots and Quirk ideas are open.
⚔️ An 18+ age rating, allowing us to explore heavier themes that may not usually be touched in the MHA canon.
⚔️A focus on literacy and multi-para roleplay. We hope to establish a high quality of writing with a flow that is both entertaining to read and participate in, with character development and progression being at the forefront.
⚔️ An OC exclusive storyline, giving you an opportunity to craft your own personal story in a setting we all love, with your own unique Quirk.
⚔️ A shift in focus from 1st years to 3rd years, allowing us to explore the dynamics of graduating and going down the path of becoming a full-fledged pro.
⚔️ A server that will listen to community feedback. Making this server the best it can possibly be will be a group effort, and we are always willing to hear any concerns you may have.

We hope that you stop by to check us out, we look forward to meeting you!

✤ Ever wanted to participate in a soulmate AU? Ever like the trope of not being able to see in color until you meet your soulmate? Never fear, for... we are here! ✤


In this server, we offer:
-- ⋆ Fun plot!
-- ⋆ Amazing staff members.
-- ⋆ Multi-paragraph literate roleplay!

Our application process is very smooth, small, and easy. Check us out, we promise we won't disappoint.

This is a new server! Opened on October 18th, 2019. ♡
An ongoing server with a lot of lovely members on it! This is a remake of our original U. A High server so it is quite inactive! Roleplay as OCS and Canon Characters! Form relationships and hey, if you want we even have NSFW and NSFW roleplay. We have a lot of kinds and welcoming staff, I'm sure this server will welcome you with open arms! We support all fandoms (except country humans that's some dumbass bs) and even if it's not bnha related, YES! You are allowed to talk about it don't worry.
Welcome to Age Of Heros. It is a roleplay server based on the anime "My Hero Academia".
Here you make the choice of good or evil. Go for the Hero Path and study at U.A training your self of becoming the best Hero, Or be a thug in the streets of Japan making trouble and becoming a Vilian mastermind, The choice is yours.
Here you can find:
- Canon OC story line and roleplay with the players you love from "My Hero Academia"
- "My Hero Academia" Community ready to roleplay.
- Hanging out in Social and making new friends.
- Daily events to keep everybody hyped.

Do you have what it takes? Do you want to take your chance of being the best hero of Japan, or the Most evil mastermind in the world? Then join today!

18+ ONLY.

A BNHA Kingdom AU rp discord server! Descriptive para rp only! No script. Quirks are a thing in this AU!

There are two kingdoms! Kingdom Yuuei and The Kingdom of Hellflame. King All Might and King Endeavor have been feuding for ages, and Endeavor has finally found a chance to strike, as All Might is growing weaker. Are you living in Yuuei or Hellflame? Are you a traitor to your kingdom? Or are you a rebel hiding in the walls, fighting for your own cause?
Hello there! Welcome to My Hero Academia: Polaris! We are a new OC oriented server that takes place in an alternate reality, where All for One kills Nana Shimura before she can pass One for All onto Toshinori Yagi, and the embers of One for All die alongside her. After this All for One promptly goes into hiding, but new threats begin to emerge from the darkness. We offer a wide range of excitable features and mechanics, so come on in and let’s have a look!

⭐ - An experienced server owner, who has run 7 successful servers in the past.

⭐ - We offer the option of claiming a canon quirk from the series, or a non-canon custom quirk of your own if you prefer! Just be descriptive!

⭐ - Classes are starting up soon once we get to about 20 members!

⭐ - Speaking of which, multiple schools! Choose between UA Academy, Ketsubutsu, and Shiketsu!

⭐ - A progressive and captivating plot and storyline scheduled to begin soon!

⭐ - Fun and inclusive events like sports festivals, villain attacks, and more!

⭐ - Over 450 channels! Wow!

⭐ - Become a student, hero, villain, vigilante, teacher, or even a citizen!

⭐ - Staff applications opening up soon!

⭐ - An LGBTQ+ friendly community, welcoming of all orientations!

⭐ - A fun environment with constructive criticism and help!

⭐ - Self-assignable roles designated on your preferred pronouns and your RP skills!

For fun, here’s a snippet of our lore!

“ Some believed that this was an opening. The Symbol of Peace and the Symbol of Fear both disappearing from their pedestals meant that they had a chance to become something bigger and make a name for themselves. The world was overrun by villains and criminals. But with the emergence of villainy, meant that heroes rose from the darkness. They began to combat the darkness, defeating villains left and right. They easily dismantled the Yakuza organization, and imprisoned thousands of superpowered criminals and gangsters. But the villains began to fight back, beginning a never-ending war between villains and heroes.”

Well, anyways, I hope you decide to come and join our fun server!

Howdy, this is my new roleplay server for Bnha.
It's set after many of the canon events from the manga.
Nothing has changed really, but things can because of the rp's that can happen here.
Any ship is allowed as long as it's legal.
I'm bad at explaining so hop on in and see what we've got!

Be nice and have fun!
Welcome to MHA: Rise!
We’re a growing bnha roleplay that’s always welcoming new members to our little community!
This server takes place in an alternate timeline to that of the original MHA timeline. None of the canon characters exist in this alternate universe, but rather, it is you who’s able to create unique characters and be apart of the plot. Ranging from being a student or staff member of the prestigious Sakuragi Hero Academy, well-known and famed pro-heroes, to malicious villains or casual, everyday civilians!
What we offer:

-A friendly, non-toxic, and overall chill community, with many people to make friends and chat with! 

-Emotes, Emotes, Emotes!~

-LGBT+ are welcome here!


-Admins and moderators to help you out.

-Freedom in creation unique and interesting quirks of your own, or even choosing from canon ones from the show itself!

-Fun bots like Tatsumaki, Miki, Mudae, Rhythm, and much more!

-Events and scenarios to join in on!

-Different courses to pick from! You aren’t prone to just being in the hero course, there’s also the support department and general!

-Going down your own path and creating your own story.

Come and join today and help our community grow! We’re always accepting new members into the server! We’ll see you there!
Hello, and welcome to My Hero: New Ventures! We’re a brand new discord rp based on the anime and manga, my hero academia. This server’s story takes place in the same year as the original BNHA story. However, this takes place in an alternate universe. There’s no canon quirks or characters here. While UA is still a thing, it doesn’t have much relevance in regards to the main story. Instead, this rp takes place in the US, and the state of Florida. It’s here where a school students wanting to become heroes can go to. They’ll have to work hard to make it to the top though. Will your character have what it takes to become Number 1?
Did somebody say vacation? Well, not quite!

As classes 1-A, 1-B, and 1-C transition into their second years, the students of U.A have a big surprise ahead of them! Heading into their first semester of the new school year, U.A staff has decided to send students on a foreign exchange adventure to the United States. San Francisco's prestigious hero school, A.I.H, has accepted U.A’s offer for the students to experience a semester (or two!) in an entirely different country.

The students have no idea what they’re getting themselves into, that’s for sure! They all will be turning a new leaf, and attempting to see what the “American Dream” is all about.


✰ LGBTQ+ friendly!

✰ Original Character and Canon Character friendly
✰ Plenty of Characters open!
✰ Lots of plot and arc to work with!

✰ Are you ready for America? ✰
Hiya!! Welcome to the Rose Garden!!!

-Full canon RP, so no OCs!!
-We have an in-character group chat and a large number of other out-of-character chats as well!
-We have a few AUs, and lots of different RP rooms!
-We have an auditions system, so don't worry about people who won't take it seriously!

Come join us!!
Welcome to Passione
The only place you will find the most beloved Jojo fans. However, we do like other anime such as Boku No Hero Academia, Naruto, And Dragon Ball.
We are not just a anime server however.
We are also beloved gamers.
We talk about video games.
We play them.
Even stream them.
We have fun minigames as well
Our general chat is one that is extremely chill and supportive.
For your pervy side, we have a hentai channel.
If its your taste.
Come to Passione
You wont regret it!
It's been 15 years since Deku got into UA. Deku is now the new symbol peace, and taking the path of All Might. The new generation of heroes is starting. As more villain crimes rise, so do more heroes. As these new heroes rise, what side will you take? The villainous side, or the hero side?

~ Join and become a hero, villain, or UA student!

~Tell your theories about the series!

~Reaction roles to chats to talk about your interests!

~Meet friends who have the same interests as you!
Welcome to U.A. High!
Go Beyond! Plus Ultra!


This follows after Season 3 in the Anime and the current chapter of the Manga. Kinda like a different universe. No need to be 100% canon!
This is kinda new! We are growing! We still need some TEACHERS, PROS, ETC. Even villains! You can have up to SIX characters! Ain't that awesome? Yeah!
You should join it! It will be fun!
OCs ARE allowed! Come on in!