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Welcome to BNHA QuirkSwap!

This is a brand new BNHA roleplaying server, where you can roleplay as your favourite character with a different quirk! You're free to be a villain, teacher or student!

Reasons to join:
-It's brand-new, so all your fav characters are up for grabs!
-An array of RP channels so you never have to worry about ongoing RPs and such
-OOC chats to make new friends~
-Mod applications are open, so you can make the server even more wonderful!

We accept all people regardless of your RP experience, so feel free to join us!
The first person to manifest a Quirk was a newborn baby in the city of Quig Quig, China, who had the ability to emanate light from their body. After that incident, many people around the world began to manifest different kinds of special abilities, though the cause of the phenomenon was unknown. Currently, 80% of the world population possesses a Quirk as the newer generations learn and master their quirks. Hundreds of Villeins and Heroes fight for their own causes to succeed in there current goals. In the year 2200, a campus is rebuilt to train and educate younger quirk users to become pro heroes. This High school is named U.A. High school a huge campus of quirk users with amazing abilities and different mindsets and goals.

Welcome to My Hero Academia: Generations RP Fairly Serious RP and we are looking for new members.
We Provide the Following
A Caring and a Helpful staff
Any Canon quirk usage however under safe hands
A Serious RP
Self assignable roles
A friendly community
And a Crack RP for the jokes
What are you waiting for now Join!!!
Plus ultra!

"The year is 2269 AD, 250 years after Quirks first emerged. The country, Germany. In this world, UA does not exist, and One for All does not either. All for One does, but the user has long since died. A hero calling himself the Symbol of Possibility, Flaire, stands where All Might does in canon, and Villains make up 10% of the world population. 90% of the polulace has a Quirk now, and hero schools are everywhere. However, the best one in the world is located on the dutch-german border and called Radiance Academy, RA for short. Often targeted by villains, this school is the one where Flaire himself teaches. Many students enroll here, hoping to be heroes. Few succeed, but those that do become the world's greatest. However, a new threat arises. the Villain Unison, a group of powerful villains with a leader none know the identity of, have emerged and threaten to crush RA. However, the world was not made aware of this. This RP follows the OCs that enrolled in RA, and the story of how a group of perfectly normal students lived their lives, unaware and defiant of the looming threat, as well as of how this threat was beaten back."

Welcome to MHA: Radiant Light, a friendly, open-ended My Hero Academia RP server set up by a good team of staff. We welcome anyone who takes RP seriously, and we keep our community non-toxic as best we can. We hope to see you join us at Radiance Academy!
~Thinking of join The Rats of Bnha?~
..Let me give you some reasons why you should..!..

1~ we are a lgbtq+ friendly server accepting of everyone!✨

2~ Our main theme isn’t Roleplay, if you want to just talk to fellow bnha fans or learn how to Roleplay there is always someone to talk to..!

3~ the staff are friendly people and are always open to talk to you!. Don’t be scared now XD

4~ need emotional support? We are here to help with are supportive venting channels!

5~ make ocs and have fun In the rp as long as you follow and read the rules everyone is happy!

6~ fun roleplay channels with easy oc templates and canon characters to pick !

Thank you for reading this long list now...what are you waiting for join!!!
We can’t wait to meet you!💕

A friendly Roleplaying community where you can become either a Student, Teacher, Villain or Hero. We have tailored it to suit the member’s needs, making setup as quick, simple and easy as possible.
Hiya! This is Boku no Hero Academia: Roses! We are a literate roleplay server with lots of available characters. We don't accept OC's, but you can be any canon character you wish! We have character rooms, an in-character group chat, and even a couple AU's! Come check us out!
The times have passed... Almost four-hundred years since the first appearance of such unusual powers we call quirks which have now reached our daily lives.

Although at first such powers had been overlooked it soon caught the governments eye that year by year the instances of such powers were made visible to the population as well. The discovery of the quirk’s nature halted the advancement of technology which would be crucial for humanity.

Over the years it came to be a usual occurrence which now humanity had to accept and co-exist with it. Of course, having more people manifest quirks slowly started creating more and more conflict. It seemed that such co-existence did not only do good, but it did bad as well.

Earth’s balance was later being fiddled from the evil, quirks had brought. The halted progress had to restart for it to reach equilibrium again and so real heroes were in the making. Hero training courses were being open from country to country in hopes of peace. Technology advancements were faster than ever and soon the world became a battlefield of an ongoing war. But people wondered would this war ever end or will it be never-ending.

It kept going 'n' going for centuries until the earth had reached its almost perfect quirk evolution. Statistics have shown that to this date the frequency of people having quirks had reached ninety-nine percent. So it begins, your adventure starts at year twenty-four hundred.
yes this is a big shitpost server.
yes this is a bnha main server, but some of our members aren’t so we just try and keep everything leveled so no one gets any funny ideas.
this was supposed to be a fanfic server, but obviously it’s not :,) bc we procrastinated too much and some members prefer memes to writing (which we all do).
🦀🦀Obama is gone🦀🦀 features basically anything you want.
haha you thought you would get something.
no but seriously join our server we want more friends :,(
This is a newer BNHA Roleplay server, ACADEMIA CULT! This server doesn't accept original characters at the moment, but there are some canon characters open for grabs. The roleplay takes place within the current events of the anime. From then on, fate is up to you.

There is no need to audition! Though we do plead that when roleplaying, you stay in character as much as possible.
We also stress that you type literate replies, one liners will not be tolerated.
Responses must be at least a paragraph long, if not, you will be warned. Three warnings and you'll be kicked, and invited back in after about a day.

> Literate, multi-paragraph roleplay
> A variety of neat bots
> Canon characters only
> LGBT+ friendly community
> Flexible roleplay

We hope to see you there!
.+ Welcome to My Hero Academia: Our Generation! +.

-> New Server
-> BnHA Minor RP Group (In hopes of gaining more active members!)
-> Semi to Advanced Literates!

A fun server for My Hero Academia fans alike! Please be aware we have a verification system for security reasons.

We got some cool roles

We got roleplaying uwu

We got people to chat with~

We have some fun bots to mess around with nothing too complicated~

Were always open to suggestions

We have simple rules that are easy to follow ^^ (seriously it takes a lot to get banned)

We have a Ranting/ Venting channel~!

We also have ships uwu

And last but not least a new and improved rp section of the server!

Were growing fast! So join now!

~Yours Truly
Calling all aspiring Heroes! Register now to join Upperton High and train under one of the best academies in the world to become Heroes!

Welcome to the United Kingdom Of Great Britain! Since the blossoming of Quirks around the world, the UK has become an important location for many new rising Heroes and Villains. Upperton High finds itself a proud academy that grooms terrific Heroes and is considered one of the best schools in the world!

((This RP is set roughly seven to eight years after Izuku enters UA.))
We are:
- A new, chill place to hang and RP
- Chilled staff
- Safe for LGBTQIA+ and all others
- Dedicated in world-building the My Hero Academia universe
- Literate, semi-literate, and detailed roleplays
- Helping out with OC’s!
- Canon and OC’s!
- So many memes
- All of London to explore and RP in!
- Heroes, students, Villains, teachers, and plenty of other roles!
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ shooting stars | bnha rp ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
We adore each and every one of our members, we have a wide variety of people in this server and we hope you'll join us!
✿ lgbt friendly!
✿ very active!
✿ brand new rp!
✿ canon characters still open!
✿ canon characters are open to rp!
✿ multi-quirks allowed!
✿ shooting stars is a boku no hero academia / my hero academia roleplay
targeted at those who just want to see what its like to be put into the world of BNHA,
we work our hardest to make sure the RP is enjoyable for everyone,
we'll have game nights, movie nights
and character QnA's weekly!
we have a friendly staff and we hope you come and join us,
we're open to new members, with classes like 1-A and 1-B
accepting OCS and canon characters!
We adore each and every one of our members, we have a wide variety of people in this server and we hope you'll join us
Come on down to BNHA/shining cosmos!

ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴅᴏ ᴡᴇ ɪɴᴄʟᴜᴅᴇ?
We include a range of things from Bots to roleplays. However if you’re not into roleplaying we have Waifubot and general OOC chats!
Choose a character, maybe your favourite? And boom you can embrace the character you can also meme out in memes! We also have an NSFW chat for those who are interested

ᴡʜᴀᴛ ᴀʀᴇ ᴡᴇ? ʜᴏᴡ ᴅᴏ ᴡᴇ ʀᴜɴ?
★ we are a canon only server! No OC’s
★ your opinions and suggestions are valued
★ many fun things to enjoy
★ friendly community
★many mods to help you!

If you like what you see why not come and meet us!
Heya! We’re a friendly MHA roleplay community that’s always open for new people!
This server takes place in an alternate universe, or timeline, of the original MHA story. UA has never existed, and is instead replaced by a school called Sakurasagi Academy. The canon characters don’t exist either, but instead, you can make your own unique OCS and give them various roles, ranging from students to heroes to menacing villains! There are also many events that you can join on.
This server has:

>A friendly and supportive community.

>LGBT+ are welcome here!

>A bunch of helpful and kind admins to help you out!

>A Bunch of freedom to create unique and interesting quirks, the admins will help you there.

>Fun bots like Tatsumaki, Miki, Etc!

>A cool variety of roleplayers!

>People you can make friends and interact with.
Come and join us today and help this cool community grow! We’re always welcoming role-players and new people into our server!~
Fumiyo High is a roleplay server based on the My Hero Academia community. We are a separated story that has nothing to do with any canon details and take pride in the system we take care of. Come join today to become a part of the peaceful roleplaying community of Fumiyo.
!!Shiketsu High is now accepting applications!!
"UA to the East, Shiketsu to the West"
Shiketsu High is the one Hero Academy that can match up to U.A. High School in terms of prestige. It is the best school for heroes in training in the West as U.A. High is in the East. Teaching students the obligations of heroism as well as maintaining dignity at all times. Students are required to wear their uniforms hats while working because they must represent their school and always uphold Shiketsu's values.
But beneath this peace, a evil yet to truly take form, but one to soon unite. Petty crimes spring up every now and then. But it seems as though children with particular quirks are disappearing left and right ... and the black market rumbles with power more and more. Who could be pulling these strings, so well in fact, that there are undetected? And more importantly ... would this new generation be able to handle this?
✵ Accepting Heroes, Villains, Students, Faculty and more!!
✵ With an original plot that is to include all characters and give them the spotlight
✵ Literate Rp
✵ Events
✵ A wonderful welcoming community!
✵ And lovely staff
We're just starting out - so there so much room to grow! We hope you join Shiketsu High and the interesting story to be told!!
Boku No Hero Academia RP is roleplay server based off the anime. You can roleplay as your favorite cannon character, or create an OC . While we offer cannon characters, most of our plot isn't cannon. Our staff is friendly and will answer questions without judgement. This server is relaxed and easy going. We welcome all level of roleplaying, so please join!!
17+ only, no OC's

A unique setting with a story line, literate role-plays with no one liners, and a welcoming community await you. Come check out our plot and if you're interested, we would love to have you.

Server live date: 18 Feb 2019
A roleplay server for My Hero Academia fans!

All ages are allowed

Read the rules when you join, and enjoy your time here!!
This is a new server that focuses around anime and manga.
We dabble into games, even having special roles for certain games in order to have game nights!
We have a wide range of channels and emotes.
We have certain channels for memes and shitposting, gaming, anime, cosplay, and even a little bit of NSFW.
We also have a few bots, one of them being a waifu russian roulette bot.
Very good server, please join if you like the big titty anime gfs. ;)
A canon, literate roleplay server for My Hero Academia! We're brand new and active, and all our members are very friendly and welcoming. Age limit is 15+.
A BNHA central RP server.
The 18+ is just so we don't have to worry about minors. Don't join if you're under 18.
It isn't a NSFW server, just don't want kids.
Do you watch My Hero Academia? Are you one of those rare few who actually really like Mineta Minoru and can't stand the hate around him? Come join us over here at the grapejuice fan server! We love our purple lord and saviour here and welcome anyone else who does too!