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Naruto: Clashing Fates is an rp server based on the Naruto series. It takes place 3 years after the 4th Great Ninja War. Since the server is still in development, joining now means you can get some exclusive perks, so come on and rp.
Welcome to Kanijo High! Based in central Tokyo, Kanijo High is one of the most popular public schools available! We accept everyone, and are excited to meet you at our school! [NOTE - SERVER IS NEW]
Salutations! This is a basic Roleplay Server with lots to offer. Fun, roleplay, games, music, and more! Come join!
City of Crossroads is a supernatural-themed (not the show!) roleplay group that allows both anime/manga/video game muses as well as original characters. For instance, you would be able to play a character like Squall Leonhart as a vampire, Sasuke Uchiha as a hunter, Katsuki Bakugou as a dark spirit--or come up with your own character entirely! We aim to create a warm, welcoming roleplay community that attempts to strike balance between creativity, literacy, and a relaxed writing environment.

★ Semi-literate to Literate
★ 18+ only due to dark/mature themes
★ Five muses per typist
★ Anime/manga/video game/original characters
★ Frequent community events including pairing events, game nights, and writing prompts
★ Established 5/6/2019

We'd love to have you come join us in the City of Crossroads!
Welcome to We’re UnOrdinary, an UnOrdinary RP Server! We’re fairly new and looking for actives who want to have fun and adventures! We have lots to offer, including...

- Active Staff - A Place for Everyone

- Royals - Power Equality! Even Staff Roll Power

- Custom Built Bot - Giveaways

- Professional Organization - A Friendly Community!

Tokyo Ghoul: Clover

Clover is a roleplay based off of the popular Anime and Manga series known as Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種 トーキョーグール).

The server consists of only Custom Characters and is not allowing canon characters or quinque, allowing for people to go on with creative ideas without needing to worry about it being taken already.

We have a variety of fun bots that our members can use when they're bored.

The choices of our roleplays can stir up new plots and activities of people to do, allowing for them to create their own organizations and squadrons.

Ultimate Anime Showdown

UAS is a crossover anime roleplay where characters from various anime meet to fight againast and along side eachother. From physical strength to cunning wits, there is a fight for everyone.

You will play as a character of your choice from mostly any anime you choose to compete against and along side other anime characters. A mysterious magic transported all the characters to an arena, and to figure out how to get to their home world, they must fight.
A my hero academia roleplay (mha rp) server
-also for a my hero academia game on roblox
-non canon universe
-no instakill quirks or city level characters
-active non-toxic community
-custom quirks allowed
-owner and admins active rpers
Hiya, this server is a Naruto Rp world. Here the canon characters never existed so a new story can be written. We are a very new server and are still editing things, organizing and trying to get new members.

Join now to get rp privileges and cool roles!
This is a server that we have worked hard on making that takes place in a version of Tokyo Ghoul without the canon characters. However; we have a thorough amount of traits and stats that will surely interest you as we strive to be hopefully one of your best server experiences. We are friendly and will answer any questions you have.

Join a wicked killing game, taking place within a twisted circus wonderland.

Also lmao don't join if u don't like aggressive shit posting
One day suddenly a big rift appeared. This big rift opened up portals to a bunch of different universes. Nobody knows why this happened or how but they had to adjusted to this new life style. So now people freely travel across the muti verse, Problem with this is not only did good people, hop in the rift but evil ones as well, which means that more threats have been opened in the universe and more groups of evil have allied together to cause chaos and crime. Will the good people come together to learning new techniques from each other getting stronger and try to overcome the evilness that have arrived in the universes or Will they go against eachother with more evil growing? Choose your fate and your path. It will effect everything. Enjoy!
You know Katawa shoujo? Well here is a roleplay of it....oh yeah... there is some unrelated stuff in here too....what do you expect?
We explain what katawa shoujo is in case you don't know.
Other than that, basic highschool Role play.
Update: so the server became weird, so imagine different races such as nekos that are all crippled and at Yamaku...yeah.
We’re a new up and coming discord server that’s made for rp’s and hope fully while expand
Hello there, and welcome to my disboard ! This server is a place where you can hang out and roleplay with many different people. We accept all people and also different rp styles. Hope you come and join this server! :)
Happening some time after the events of part 6, in a non-canon universe, a different rp will happen. Just starting so idk much to put here yet. You can create your own stand, fight with or against the main squad, level up to get more stand powers, and just have fun I guess.
Hello welcome to CLASS 3-E where all anime characters are in a highschool universe, you can be a student, or a teacher, you can also choose your own anime character! It is a very open and chill server, open to suggestions too! We're new so you're very welcomed to our server!
This is a server for BNHA roleplay, obviously. We don't accept doubles, and, as of right now, we don't accept OCs. We are looking for people who are willing to be active. We now accept crossovers from other anime!
Both Literate and Script styles are accepted here, so don't be shy! We accept anyone here. This server is semi-canon-compliant, and we don't expect everyone to roleplay the exact Canon version of their character! Join the server to see the rest of the rules, and receive your role depending on which character you choose!
EDIT 04/12/19: Please refrain from joining, and then immediately leaving. I'm sorry that my server is mildly inactive, we sleep and also there aren't a lot of people (obviously). It makes me go :/ when people join, only to leave right after.

While this is not technically an NSFW server, NSFW themes are allowed.

Hero's Devastation, inbound!

A BNHA Roleplay Server:

This is a server based off of the popular anime and manga, Boku no Hero Academia, or My Hero Academia.

The roleplay only allows for custom characters and also allows for the roleplayers to have their own organizations. You're of course even able to roleplay as a student!

Not feeling like going through the Academy or fighting crime? That's fine, we allow for you to become a villain or even roleplay as a normal civilian.

We have some bots which allow for our members to use some random and fun commands to use whenever you're bored or just want to have some fun.

Wanting to test your skills? Come check our void rp channel and challenge people to see who is better!

We'll add even more features as we go along, and we hope that you will come for the ride with us!
Welcome to Yukuyani High School! We're a small but promising server that welcomes everyone with open arms.

• Roleplay!

• Meet new people!

• Play with Bots!
Hello! Welcome to Kasvenchi City, a place where many secrets are told. But many secrets are found. (To remind you this Server is still being devolved)

This server has:
🌼 A Kind Community!
🌼 Fun bots!
🌼 Loving Staff!
🌼Fun Quests!

Kasvenchi, a place of everyone to get along, or thought they would get along? It's complicated. There are these beings called Kuru's apparently they're the monster's, and then we have your average Humans. But then they have...the Combined, where a Human and Kuru were Combined together, and made..well this. Although Kuru's are more of the fighting type, they still get along with Humans..kinda.
Custom OC's are allowed
Many areas to RP about
Mod spots are open
And many other sights to see!

When you join you'll find the best rp community and it makes me happy to see new people.

Just in case link expires:
Welcome to Luna Nova!
Ever wanted to attend one of the best magic schools around? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Recently we’ve opened our doors to not only girls, but boys too ever since the interest of magic went up. Start new friendships and adventures today!