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We are a server for all (allowed) ages on Discord to show off their beautiful original characters. A small roleplay section included. You can advertise your socials,servers or services there too!! Although we are not an NSFW-server as a whole, we do have NSFW features. Enjoy your stay! Perhaps you may find new friends too.
Of course we are going off the og events, all, if not most, but we will be adding more and may change some events up a bit. As this story is for anyone who wants to be Canon character or oc, its up to them, its a free choice. We will be keeping track of events in the announcements channels so people know where we are if they missed out on something. We do hope you have fun and enjoy our time in this rp.
Hello and welcome to the Ferncombe, a modern fantasy RP with original lore, playable quest lines and arcs, as well as cast characters to interact with for information! Choose from a wide range of playable races and create your characters. Join groups, gangs or cults, fight the government or aid in their goals and don’t lose track of the war raging in the west. Become a revolutionary rebel, military sniper, potion maker and everything in between!

This is a 333 site, so 18+ only please. Staff is happy to answer any questions you have.

We have a discord server as well as a forum site (

Our Discord is used for OOC plotting and character development, all lore and RP posts are located on the site.

We look forward to meeting lots of fun, creative writers and artists! We're not scary, so drop on in!
Story Summary:
This roleplay takes place at the same time as the original MHA universe, but in a different location. Namely Osaka, Japan where Hideki High is, one of the best schools in Japan besides U.A. and Shiketsu. The students enroll at Hideki High and are more or less removed from the action taking place in the anime. However, this doesn't mean they're safe. A powerful villain linked to All For One lurks in the shadows right under the noses of heroes, civilian, and even other villains alike. The students of Hideki High will be faced with the same war as the MHA cast...on a different front.
Welcome to a version of hopes peak Academy! Here you can participate in a killing game with canon characters or ocs. It takes place inside a school, and your only way to escape is to well...kill! There will be trials held and new motives available. The killing game will end when the mastermind is found in the final trial
✨Hello hellooooo ! I am the lovely owner of this server !! Just came to drop this because I would love for this server to blow up with as many people as possible !! I figured that if you’re just here to hangout then that’s alright !! No need to worry buddy. I also figured that roleplay is the best way to sometimes let out your emotions and creativity sooo !! Here we gooo !! ✨

💫 Hope you have a blast at your experience here !! And please do have fun ,,,, if you have any concerns please just ask me !💫
Welcome to Camp Jupiter! Hone your skills and defend the honor of the legion in this elite training camp for Roman demigods and legacies! Do you have what it takes to rise above your fellows and become a leader? Only time will tell.
- Create a demigod character or a legacy of any god of your choosing!
- An extensive list of different Roman gods!
- Always accepting suggestions to make our server better!
Welcome to Camp Jupiter, where heroes are forged... but how will your own story unfold?
A new Mother world. All your favorite enemies and locations from Mother 1, Earthbound, and Mother 3! Come and make your own PSI user and make groups with other people to take down the new Giygas!
Do you like to write- whether fanfiction or with your own original characters? Do you love to hurt your characters and think of creative disasters to befall them? This server is for all fans of hurt/comfort, whump and character abuse- so if that describes you, come and check us out! We've got writing resources, roleplay channels, 18+ sections, and the makings of a great community.
The Astral - a lost place for lost creatures

A land suspended in darkness, broken pieces of reality fit together to form an island rich of creatures from all places. Once a creature enters, they can almost never leave. Cities, religions, families have been built in here, along with a deep set history of conflict, wars and a critical society.

»»————-  ————-««
Welcome to TA ! We are a RP server that focuses primarily on para, but all styles are always welcome! We have over 50 RP rooms designed to give you a wide variety of spaces, as well as an existing lore line to give the place life. All characters are welcome, OCs, Egoes and more!

Active members and friendly staff~
Very few character restrictions!
A wilderness, Manor, and Two cities to RP in.
Various OOC rooms and VCs to interact and share ideas in
Mee6 levelling system!
Role Rewards to unlock more rooms!
Partnerships available!
Art is an avenue to the world.
This server is a relaxing spot for anyone interested in art. It is a quiet server, but being active is not discouraged.

- All forms of art are welcome (photography, literature, music, etc.)
- Anime/Manga enthusiasts are welcome -- hang out and chat about anything you've read or seen
- OC artists are encouraged to join -- we want to see your designs and stories
- Professionals, hobbyists, and beginners are all welcome -- come to give advice and/or come to seek help, we all want to help each other out.
- Artists can open commissions -- those on the server are encouraged to buy from them
- In addition to artists, anyone is welcome to join. Members are free to relax and chat as they like

"All of you are the future of this academy, the spark we need to show them all up! Your Ultimate Talents are that of a grand show, now go out there and give it all you got!"
It was just 3 minutes...
3 minutes was enough.
Those words the hostess spoke rebounded off the walls of your mind. It feels like just the other day you were selected as Ultimate [X] to perform in her show, along with others who shared similar skills. Standing in the circus tent as lights flickered, walls ruined from a massacre that happened right before your eyes. There was nothing that could stop it, bodies lying still on the ground, slumped over decorations and equipment. This wasn’t the performance you expected, but it’s the one you got.
The students were bound up via electrical wire, sending a jolt through it, enough to make them black out.

“Welcome to the show, you'll all be performing here for the rest of your life! Hahaha!”

Showtime Tragedy is a Danganronpa themed KG, which mainly focuses on students who hold abnormal or performance related talents. It holds some dark themes in it, so be advised, this isn't a game to take lightly.
But then again, what danganronpa game is ever lighthearted?

What this server holds:
- A caretaker, which students have the option to flirt with [though he will likely hit them]
- Original Characters [no canon characters, please]
- Cooperative Admins
Welcome all to the Marvel Fight for The Future server! In this server, you are welcome to play canon characters or your OCs ! ^^
For those who love the Marvel Universe/DC universe and their OCs, this server is for you! Our helpful staff team has set up this server just for those who's interests lie in telling their own stories in the world of the Avengers and the Justice League.
Our server offers :

- Original Character Friendly Server

- Friendly community and staff!

- Exclusive emojis

- Roleplay events

- : Hardly any Marvel characters taken

- No Character Trial needed just apply for canon charcters

- Bots for canon charcters

- :NSFW friendly

- :Memes

- Fun channels to use

We hope to see you soon!!

- The Staff
Welcome to tellius, a chill casual rp server based around fire emblem 9 and 10, path of radiance and Radiant dawn. We have many systems in place, it would be easier to check this place yourself and see if you like it. It should be mentioned this takes place after the events of tellius and everyone that was alive then has passed on
A group of teens, both humans and trolls alike, have just finished a session. They finally finished SBURB/SGRUB, their traumatizing moments are now finally over.
However, everything is not as it seems. They find themselves in a small, quaint neighborhood.
It seems the trolls remain looking like trolls, but everyone else seems to be human.
They find out that they still retain their God Tier powers, but everyone else have no powers, they're just normal, humans.
On top of all that, Imps, Ogres, and even Basilisks are appearing, threatening the small neighborhood and the close cities.
The teens must find out why everything is happening, how they retained their powers, and why Underlings are appearing.
(This is an OC only session, both Humans and Trolls are allowed)
!!Shiketsu High is now accepting applications!!
"UA to the East, Shiketsu to the West"
Shiketsu High is the one Hero Academy that can match up to U.A. High School in terms of prestige. It is the best school for heroes in training in the West as U.A. High is in the East. Teaching students the obligations of heroism as well as maintaining dignity at all times. Students are required to wear their uniforms hats while working because they must represent their school and always uphold Shiketsu's values.
But beneath this peace, a evil yet to truly take form, but one to soon unite. Petty crimes spring up every now and then. But it seems as though children with particular quirks are disappearing left and right ... and the black market rumbles with power more and more. Who could be pulling these strings, so well in fact, that there are undetected? And more importantly ... would this new generation be able to handle this?
✵ Accepting Heroes, Villains, Students, Faculty and more!!
✵ With an original plot that is to include all characters and give them the spotlight
✵ Literate Rp
✵ Events
✵ A wonderful welcoming community!
✵ And lovely staff
We're just starting out - so there so much room to grow! We hope you join Shiketsu High and the interesting story to be told!!
This server is mainly a Role-playing server, where anything goes, it's fantasy and you can use an OC or someother character from anywhere. This server can also just be a hangout place as well.
While the server is still small, I'm certain it could grow.
Hi! Thanks for checking this out, we may be new and small but I still hope we can grow and that you enjoy yourself in the world I made!

In the little world of Andas, live 13 races based on the Zodiacs. Andas was magical to say the least, granting those who lived powers of the elements. This would obviously cause some sort of divide but we can get to that later.

Fast forward a hundred or so years and the races have gathered, forming alliances and kingdoms. Making four major kingdoms to protect themselves from the monsters that lurk.

The story is yours, what do you choose to do with your magic?

This server features:
☆A Combat System dependent on rolls
☆Many RP channels
☆Bots to spend some time on
☆Staff that’s willing to help
☆Can Be story driven or casual, it depends on you.
☆Mechanics based on DnD and Monsters of the Week

Hope you enjoy it here in the little world of Andas!
The BNHA RP set in the outback. Become students of the Rippleberg University and set havoc to all you encounter. With a heavy focus on slice of life and rescue, this rp is guaranteed to spark your interest, and keep it alight.

And inside of it, do things in no other BNHA roleplay! Techniques such as fusion at your disposal, become the best hero imaginable!
Welcome to Calamity
We're a Multigenre Roleplay Server, heavily focused on plot and CRP.
Feel free to come over, have fun, or suggest any changes!
We have:
> Intense and Logical Roleplay
> General Chatting
> Sharing
> In-Depth Creation System
The reality was created by three beings: The Universal Creators, who represent the three base auras of existence: Armageddon, Divine, and Anti-Matter. A war broke out, and the very existence of all life in this reality was on the line, between the races of Calamity, and the Ninx. The war has ended with the Multiverse in tatters, and new threats lurk around every corner. Where do you lie in this conflict?

Grandview Academy is an boarding school for delinquents and misfits with magical abilities sent for rehabilitation.
These kids are here because they did something bad but not bad enough to land them in juvenile detention (so no murder or other heinous things).
The school itself is very mysterious in the sense of no one knows where it actually is. Parents drop off their kids at a bus stop and the Grandview bus driver takes them away to a land of pencil shavings and constantly broken bathrooms. Parents only here about this place and how great it is, but never actually see it for themselves.
A community for artists, writers, worldbuilders, and other creators of fiction to share their work and discuss their ideas!
- Strictly 13+ (16+ recommended)
- Phone-verified account required
- Intro required for access to server
- Calm, welcoming community
A simple place to post your anime and figure collections.
- Nendoroid
- Figma
- Gunpla / Gundam
- Pokemon Cards
- Monster High Dolls
- Bjd / Ball-Jointed Dolls
-gatcha rolls and gamers tags
-resin kits/garage-kits
- Anime
- Wifeus
No bombards of pings, very chill environment with some simple questions before getting a member role.
Do you have One Piece OCs, but has nowhere to talk about them? Well, that's your lucky day then! This server is very very small still (If you want to be a mod or smth like that I'm totally in for that lol), but hopefully it will grow more someday!

- Keep in mind that this isn't a RP server!
- This is a SFW and LGBT+ friendly space!
- Self-inserts and OC X Canon pairings are more than welcome! No cringe culture allowed in here.