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★︎Hello! We are a new My Hero Academia, Serious Role-Play community that takes place on the island of 'USA-J'. An artificial land mass created between the Japanese and American governments.

★︎USA-J is a new society that hosts a large quantity of both superhero and super-villain activity! This island is also host to U.A. High's branch school, known as "V.A. High", or "Valiance Academy"!

★︎An evil plot is brewing on the island, but what could it be? Somehow, it's linked to the students of V.A. High.

★︎We created this server with the goal to create an ideal, immersive and engaging Role-Play environment for all!

★︎This is what you can expect from our server!
-Helpful, friendly and fun staff!
-Server-Wide RP Events!
-An optional and easy to understand in depth combat system for those who enjoy high stakes battles!
-Original Characters!
-Serious RP!
-Open, occupational RP jobs (i.e. pro heroes and teachers!)
-Tests and Exams for students that can carry real weight in story-telling!
-Player-based plot!
-Literate & Semi-Literate RP!

★︎We hope you will come check us out!
*˚•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚ Welcome to GachaLife Highschool! ˚•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚*

• This server is meant for people who enjoy Lumine games!

• Here we provide the following and much more-
》Roleplay channels
• For you to make your dreams come true and express your creativity!
》General chatting
• For you to find new friends and talk to current ones!
》Bot channels
• For you to have fun and use our bots for entertainment!
• For you to talk to your friends verbally, you can also listen to music!

• Not to mention, our server-
》Is family friendly, containing NO ERP!
》Has well layed out channels and roles for you to obtain!
》Has rules which were well-written and thought out!
》Has friendly staff and many friends to meet!
》And plenty more!

• Cursing is allowed here
• Make sure to read the rules when you join!

● ☆ Enjoy Your Stay! ☆ ●
LOOKING FOR Staff (Ask about the Station Switchers role!)
This month's art prompt: Mob

Pecan is a strange dimension that sucks in a traps beings from all different universes in a single place. Most of them end up in the town of Pecan, although there's a ghost town and what looks to be an abandoned city... There's creatures from robotic animals to divine angels to normal humans. This server is like a slice of life, only... it needs more life. That's why we're looking for people. You can do literally whatever you want in Pecan from have a normal day to commit complete acts of anarchy! You can have more than one character and play as literally anything- a persona, yourself, a fan oc, a normal oc, a canon character- Whatever you want! You can also use whatever writing style you want!

Looking for more reasons?
Well we've got:
-art (monthly prompts available!)
-a place to openly promote yourself (ex: if you want to share your insta)
-a place to nerd out on fandoms
-dnd nerds (like everyone there likes it i promise, myself included) -weve even had furries
-an all ages environment
-so many robots dude
-scheming plots
-a place to chill in the vc
-multiple places to vent if you need
-somewhere you can spam the heck out of everyone if thats your thing
-an entire species of clowns, like seriously they arent human at all
HTF 2 Hello Despair FC was an Fan-made Discord Server that is mostly designed for HTF Fans around the World.

NSFW Channels and Fan Arts
Level Up System/Leveled Ranks
Multiple Currencies and Shopping
Game Communities that interests you like Trove, Roblox, Minecraft and More
Music Servers [Audio Channels] + Special Ones
Fan Arts either SFW or NSFW.
Roleplaying [Designed for Roleplayers]
Memes And Emojis
Several Bots to mess around!
And So Much More!
「 Naruto: Shinobi Chronicles !」
❝ Tap Tap..Testing Testing. Ehm.. Greetings, Welcome, Salutations. My name is Angel | 天から送られた (Long name right?) Anywhoosies I'd like to welcome you to my amazing one in a life time best naruto server ever server? Or something like that. Now you must ask yourself before you join, Are you man enough, cool enough, Strong enough, To take part in this amazing naruto adventure AU!. If you answered yes you're a BIG FAT LIAR. butthatsokay, The world will be full of jerks, liars, rogues, shinobi, villains and some annoying protaganist characters!. Heh... So are you ready to embark on your Shinobi Ch- ❞

Rando: So what do you that is "SOO" special compared to other role play ser-


Another Rando: You forgot to add the boring part of this whole thingy, Please do.


We offer....
I. We have giveaways for your character almost every week.

II. Our staff is friendly, speaking of staff, applications are always open!

III. We have custom roles, all you have to do is ask.

IV. It's a fun roleplay (You can make new friends).

V. Fair roleplay, we don't tolerate auto hitting.

❝So, that's a wrap folks, we'll see you all next time-❞

When only four major city's are left on the world and all are run by mega corporations, law is thrown out the window. The world outside of these city's is a desert wasteland filled with raiders and dangerous creatures. You are another person in this shitty world and the world's your oyster. Work for a mega corp as a security enforcer, be a pump in the red light districts, be a normal person, the sky's the limit!
Welcome to Slaughterhouse!
We offer:
-a friendly, chill community-
-Admin and Owner support-
-OC and Canon characters-
-Roleplay and Creepypasta Experts-
-Includes NSFW 14+ rooms, but is open to every age-
-A Classic, Slender's Mansion roleplay where characters can meet, interact, and have a good time!-
Hello and welcome to the Ferncombe, a modern fantasy RP with original lore, playable quest lines and arcs, as well as cast characters to interact with for information! Choose from a wide range of playable races and create your characters. Join groups, gangs or cults, fight the government or aid in their goals and don’t lose track of the war raging in the west. Become a revolutionary rebel, military sniper, potion maker and everything in between!

This is a 333 site, so 18+ only please. Staff is happy to answer any questions you have.

We have a discord server as well as a forum site (

Our Discord is used for OOC plotting and character development, all lore and RP posts are located on the site.

We look forward to meeting lots of fun, creative writers and artists! We're not scary, so drop on in!
This is an up and coming Bleach Roleplay server. The title, Bleach: War Of Kings, takes place during the time where Arrancar and Shinigami alike have to team up to erase the impeding Quincy threat. There will be betrayals, blood, heart break and many other trials and tribulations. Will you join the battle or establish a faction of your own? Welcome to Bleach: War Of Kings!
Hey~! Welcome to the Galactic Epiphany Roleplaying Server!

We're a loving and accepting community of SU fans who just wanna enjoy ourselves amidst the many hiatuses! We love seeing new faces bring in their gemsonas, but we do often have poofings, and we have had a few shatterings, so be careful!
We have over 50 custom emotes, edited by yours truly, and centered around SU (for the most part, hehe)

A channel checklist, for when you join~!:
~ #rules Rules, of course~!
~ #welcome This has a guide on how to start, as well as a summary of the RP canon's essential notes!
~ #general Here's where we chat casually bout life and such!
~ #introductions Here, you can write a brief description of yourself, or read ones from the various server members!
~ #oc-submissions and #auditions Here, you can create or claim a character to roleplay as! Be sure to get #approved before startin an RP, and inform @Blue Diamond when you are #approved using the proper template so you can be added to the #character-list!
~ #templates All the templates ya may need to fill out~!
~ #character-list Here, you can see all the Canon/OCs and who owns who!

Well, you've made it this far, might as well kick back, relax, and enjoy our humble little server! If you have any questions, check #welcome and #rules first, then head over to #qna and ask there! One of the lovely members, or one of the @Diamonds, will gladly try to help~!
Mineta owns the server, and is our White Diamond!
Remi is second highest, our Yellow Diamond!
Zephyr, yours truly, is third highest, Blue Diamond~!
Moon, our fourth highest, is Pink Diamond!
And currently, we have an additional mod, Karma!

Love y'all~! Stay wonderful~!!! ^u^ -Blue
Lore:The rp is set in an alternate timeline, on another Homeworld, where other Diamonds ruled it all. Black Diamond was one of the first diamonds to be created, however she was unfortunately shattered. Red was the second Diamond created, Mint, Gray, Fluorescent, Iris, Maroon, and lastly Orange.
This Steven universe rp server is fairly new.
You can rp as an earth gem, or a Homeworld gem. Make sure to have fun!
Nachdem die Katzen Jahrhunderte friedlich als ein Clan gelebt hatten, begannen die Jüngeren, der 4 Anführer sich mit den Älteren zu streiten und so kam es dazu das jeder den Clan des Panthers alleine führen wollte. Aus einem wurden 4 und die Katzen eines ehemaligen grossen Clans verteilten sich auf vier Territorien. Die vier Clans waren nun der Feuerclan, der Windclan, der Wasserclan und der Erdclan. Was mag das Schicksal wohl für diese Clans mit sich bringen?
Finde es heraus und schliesse dich einem der vier Clans an.
Welcome to RWBY RP: Divided! We are a growing roleplay server in the setting of the RWBY series created by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth. This is a non-canon roleplay so none of our favorite characters/factions (minus the kingdoms/academies) will be in the world and all the characters will be OCs.

We offer:
-Friendly community
-Helpful staff
-The chance to be a Maiden/Silver-Eyed Warrior
-Custom lore


We're a server for original characters, talking about them, sharing art of them--you name it!! We have a small RP section for them as well!
So feel free to come on and join in. Who knows, maybe you'll even make some friends!
We definitely hope you'll have a great time with us! *:・゚✧(ꈍᴗꈍ)✧・゚:*

Please note: This server is for 13-22yo's ONLY.


You’ve heard of it before. A lone flyer you stumbled across, a pamphlet handed to you by some nondescript stranger, a story when you were young, or a footnote of a conversation. Perhaps you’d never known it existed, but now you’re here, and suddenly, memories seem to appear in your mind, though you could have sworn the name unfamiliar.

Some people seek out the manor, needing a place to stay, a place to hide, a place to relax. A place to call home. They all find it here, somehow right in front of them, right beneath their feet when it wasn’t there before.

And others? Sought after. It knew what they needed before they did. It draws people in, relentless. You don’t have to know where you need to be. It’s here.

Wingwood Manor is set in a massive estate that exists between dimensions. It exists as a crossroads, for characters to come and go, be it as they please or not. The setup is to allow writers to use their original characters in a completely unmodified format, keeping their stories intact while still being able to interact with other characters. Fantasy, sci-fi, modern, historical-- any type of OC is welcome!

Our features:

🌼A 17+ server, not NSFW-centric, but does have an NSFW channel and roles for the adults. 

🌼RP is driven solely by those involved, so writing style and length is based off of how those in that particular thread wish to write.

🌼Daily OC questions for folks to answer and discuss.

🌼Multiple channels for individual RPs, but group RPs are welcome.

🌼An exclusively original content server to both avoid fandom-related confusion, and celebrate creativity and originality!

🌼Two active mods available to answer any questions

🌼No activity checks, but highly encourage replying to threads in a timely manner or they'll likely be dropped.

🌼Events that can be created and ran by members - not just moderators!
Come join Gamer Nation! We are a community of friendly and supportive people. We have a minecraft server and channels where you can share your art and/or OCs (also we have ToddBot). We’d love to have you :)!
Hai hai! We're a roleplay server dedicated to Persona 5, for both canon characters and original characters!

Multiple members can roleplay as one character so don't fret if the character you want is already assigned to another member!

We're pretty laid back and we have a wide range of members that roleplay in different lengths so feel free to join and rp as you'd like. :>
It is the year 2687. Humans have finally made advancements on space travel, due to the stage Earth is in. Earth has been reduced to ashes and rubble from the Great War of 2587, a war that has continued for a century. Now, humans have left only a small portion of their population back on Earth for 'fixing' Earth, and now the Space Odyssey has begun. Several planets have been discovered, and now the humans are ready to go to war against each other once again, with more weaponry designed for space travel.
This is a completely original server, so there are no canon characters. RP in space, or on a planet. Lots of technological advancements have been made, so come on down and rp like it's 2019! Make a human, alien, faction or even a planet!
Welcome to the Patronus Roleplay Server!

This server is mainly for hogwarts patronus OCs. Originated from the tag on Tik Tok.

18+ please
Welcome to a Hogwarts server specifically, for original characters to live out their own story in the wizarding world. Student, teacher, or perhaps other, is up for your choice. Please keep in mind that this is a literate roleplay, however, and more than three lines of dialogue is preferred. One liners are not allowed.

Our story takes place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in the year 2019. Though the heroes we know are long gone amongst their duties as adults in the world, a new group of young witches and wizards will take their place at Hogwarts. However, underneath the surface of the wizarding world’s victory, there are still some followers in the dark lord’s plans. New groups arise filled with the same hatred as their predecessors. Now, are you ready to dive into your own story? Find your role? Will you be content with staying to the side, or will you fight whatever evil comes your way?
A lost place for lost creatures...

Suspended in an empty realm, broken pieces of reality stolen from other words meld together here - merged piece by piece to form an island rich of life and flourishing nature.

The portal works its way through countless dimensions and timelines, picking people from different places to continue filling this world with life with little, ignorant and unhearing to the fact that the inhabitants it steals away want nothing more than to leave the inescapable cage they've been placed within.

Welcome to The Astral.

»»————-  ————-««
The Astral is a SFW Rp server that focuses primarily on para and multipara roleplay, but all styles are still welcome to come join! We have over 50 rooms designed to give everyone a wide variety of spaces to use and explore, as well as a rich lore to immerse the people here a little more with their surroundings!

We allow OCs, existing characters, and Egos, of almost any and all species!

We also have :
» Active members and friendly staff~
» Easy and simple character approval system!
» A wilderness, Manor, and Two cities to RP in!
» Various OOC rooms and VCs to interact and share ideas!
» We're looking for ParaPlayers!
» Mee6 levelling system! Unlock more and more channels as you progress!
» Partnerships available!

So if you're interested, please feel free to come in and look around!
Unordinary is a school where students of all kinds are welcomed, from fairies to giants. You can make your own character and make friends, roleplay with people and just have a great time in general!
The City of Ebonvale is a steampunk, supernatural/horror RP server inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft! It's an original universe created by it's owner. Any level of writing style or length is welcome, and those new to RP are also welcome!