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Welcome to our server, in this server you can take on the role of a canon character or an oc! Below you will see what we offer:

-Unscripted OC and canon characters interaction within a customized story deviating from canon.
-Custom roleplays and plots with one main story that involves both canon and oc’s in an unscripted manner.
-Rules that regulate the server in a way balances can be as on par pros and cons wise as possible lessening power gaps.
-Locations based from the show and book.
-The periodic introduction of elements that are outside the box for the story design while maintaining the structure of RWBY to a degree.

Why would you not want to join? There’s available canon characters you can play and we also offer a dynamic roleplay experience that allows even canon characters and OC’s alike to develop and grow beyond the boundaries of RWBY’s canon which allows both OC’s and Canons to develop in an interesting way regardless of how events ocurred in the original RWBY Canon, going as far as allowing changes to canon characters that usually wouldn’t happen in rigid structure of RWBY’s plot as long as it does not deviate too much from the character’s core. Should you want a consistent Roleplay experience, we also have a main RP timeline if you don’t want to deal with the complications of rping different points in time of RWBY’s lore.
Hello everyone! Aye sir!! This a non-canon ship server for Fairytail. Everyone here is very kind and we will be happy to have you join us. We accept ocs/original characters. Erp is allowed but only members with that role will allowed to see that. ( must be 18 or older to access the erp ) but erp is not the main focus. We want to create fun memories together as we rp and make friends along the way! We are also allowing the idea to bring in edolas characters. You may be up to 3 or 4 characters. If you have any questions just let us know! We would love to have you!!
Douze ans après la guerre…
Le vie a repris son cours tranquille à Poudlard…
Mais sans que personne ne s’en doute…
Les forces noires œuvrent à nouveau dans l’ombre…
Rejoignez le monde à magique et battez-vous pour la cause qui vous semble la plus juste !
Au rendez-vous :

Des cours plus intéressants les uns que les autres !

Des duels à vous tenir hors d’haleine !

Une enivrante intrigue politique !
Rejoignez-nous et rencontrez un staff à l’écoute et un peu fou, des RP inoubliables en vocal et en textuel, un serveur actif, des nouveautés régulières et une communauté qui vous ressemble !
(J’en fais trop ? Peut-être un peu xD)
It's pretty new and yea, I hope you enjoy. Sorry I'm not giving enough description but ye
As our beloved class 1-A and 1-B have gone off to become heroes. A new group of students needs to fill their place. Whether it be a villain or student it's time to see what these young heroes got. Come, for this is your hero academia!

Updates: Students, Staff, and Villain Oc's needed.
Member Count: 33
Established after the mage rebellion of the 1950s, Fherrer’s Institute for Magical Offenders proclaims itself to be at the forefront of correcting magical delinquents. Truth be told, it does a rather stand up job, from those that have committed crimes, to those that exhibit dangerous magic that can harm others if not given the proper discipline. This institute is a prison, designed to keep younger, dangerous mages away from falling further into a downward spiral of trouble and to potentially learn more control of their abilities. Everything is on site and the institute itself is on an island off the coast of England, a sizable way away from civilisation, where it presents a challenge for even powerful mages to escape.

Fherrer’s Institute for Magical Offenders is a place of mystery. From its origins, to its head warden, to the various incidents that have occurred within its walls. I suppose all that matters is whether or not one can survive the rivals, the pressure from both times and the heady atmosphere that pervades the institute’s very existence.


Fherrer’s Institute is currently starting out, so that means a lot of spots are open! Lore is still being shaped and we’re looking to cultivate the playerbase with unique ideas and eager writers!

What we offer:
- Friendly and helpful staff!
- An interesting setting with deeper lore than meets the eye!
- Combat RP permitted in certain areas!
- The ability to grow and cultivate a reputation for your OC!
And much more!
Welcome to Ironreach academy, if you are interested in Roleplaying or evening just having fun this is the place for you, we are a fun and safe environment and are open to anyone and everyone, so come on in, check it out, have fun!

The Headmistress, Rachel Sutren is a mysterious woman, she is famed throughout the world due to her immense success with the school. But with great success comes great failure, one year a student named Ethan Rockan was training in the gymnasium, he had never like the school nor his parents for sending him there so he left the school running to the town where he started a small clan called the Hollows, a group of corrupt students hell bent on destroying the academy.

This is where your story begins, it starts with an email, a plain and simple Email from Rachel Sutren The head mistress telling you that you have been accepted by the academy, it gave you an address and a time to be there, if you went you would see an abandoned storage facility, with a black stretch limousine out front, as you stepped in you find yourself with other students as you are given books by a man in a suit and tie, blond hair slicked back and deep blue eyes, after a long ride you arrive at the gates to Ironreach where you are meted by 6 people the prefects for each house, they lead you to a large hall where you are sat down, and Rachel is on stage, she welcomes you to Ironreach and tells you the rules and expectations and after she is done she tells you to get your dorm keys and go and set yourself up before going to class.
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
Yugure High, located in Kyoto Japan, is among the top schools in the country. This roleplay follows the lives of Yugure High’s latest first-year students. You can choose to be enrolled in the hero, support, or even general studies course! Start your story today!
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
☁️┇Upstart semi-literate/literate MHA Universe Roleplay server!

☁️┇Tupperbox to enhance the quality of roleplays!

☁️┇Audition system to ensure that everyone does their best!

☁️┇Ooc-messaging channels to chill outside of roleplay (SFW/NSFW)

☁️┇Various location channels & roleplay events for you to participate in!

☁️┇Simple moderation and flexible staff to make your experience one of the best!
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
Study courses at Yugure High consist of hands-on training and combat, as well as in-seat learning. Roleplayers will have multiple opportunities to engage in plot-based roleplay scenarios while improving their own original characters in this MHA universe roleplay! We are always looking for new members, so please give Yugure High your best shot!
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━
You awaken on a floating island.. how did you get here? Why are you here? There's 15 other people and there's little places to be. You look around you and notice other islands floating around you too far to escape to and a field locking you in.. you feel this strange dread and all of a sudden, a man in a cloak smiles at you all. And explains this is a killing game in the Isles of Despair. What will you do? How will you survive? We will see in this dance of Hope and Despair. Welcome.. to the Isles of Despair.
(These are cowardly children. I’m not sure why you think these.. these CHILDREN can be worth the world. Worth the end of the world.)

Sixteen is the lucky number for Ultimate classes, and you are lucky to have been selected by one for the Ultimate Academy—Cape Coral—located off the coastlines of New York City, somewhere in the ocean. It’s the closest to civilization you’ll be, so surely it should be chilling.

(These “children” are the last hope. They’re Ultimates, at least, so surely they’re worth something.)

The island in the ocean seems worth it almost. Because you’re not in the ocean. Far from it. You’re not sure how you got here, or where *here* even is, but it’s dark and cold until you wake up.
•Zapraszamy wszystkich zainteresowanych role playem do nowego serwera fantasty, w którym możesz stworzyć własną postać i pisać jej historie•


Jest rok 2460, na świecie panuje wojna. Po śmierci, tak jak wszyscy bohaterowie walczący dla swojego kraju, trafiasz do zupełnie innego świata. Okazało się, że nie jesteś zwykłym człowiekiem, bo każda narodowość została inną rasą. Przez to wrogość i dawne konflikty wciąż pozostały. Z czasem coraz bardziej się pogłębiały. Wszyscy walczyli o teren. Były to inne walki, jakie do tej pory znali, bo okazało się, że trafili do średniowiecza.
Wkrótce Klanawertem zawładnął Glefrin, którego główną ambicją jest zdobycie wszystkich krain. Nie jest to dobry władca. Zamienił Klanawert w mroczną, pełną grozy krainę, w której wszystko jest ciemne i zniszczone. Sprzeciwienie się mu równa się ze śmiercią, a zna się na czarnej magii. Co gorsza, ma swoja armie zombie-robotów, ale również zwolenników, jak i przeciwników. Zwolennicy zamieszkali w Kanszibarze, zaś przeciwnicy uciekli na pozostałe krainy, głównie na kontynent o nazwie Flerbett. Królem Flerbett jest Mertrycy, zupełne przeciwieństwo złego Glefrina.
Wszyscy zadają sobie pytanie: co będzie dalej? Nikt nie wiedział, kto zwycięży. Wrogość pogłębia się coraz bardziej, chociaż wielu przestało już zwracać uwagę na rasy, zostawiając wojenną przeszłość w tyle.

The wall between dimensions is thinner than you think.

If there is one wall, then there must be a room.

If there is a room, then there must be something to occupy that room.

If there is a room, then there must be a way to leave that room.

Those things have left that room.

They walk among us.

Come discover how thin that wall is.
A strange figure stands before you, smoke exiting them only to fall to the floor, They let out a gentle chuckle before a magic door suddenly appears underneath you which then opens, at that moment you black out and awake in a place you have never seen before, buildings scattered all around in this upstart town. Welcome to the Point, a very unusual dimension that consists of an impossibly steep mountain, and a vast city built on top of as well as around the peak, those who fall off are never seen again once they plummet past the dark clouds below.
           ˚꒰ welcome to paradise ! ˚ˑ 💫 ͎·˚
-`,✎ lumthon city, a city originating on the islands. with the burst of people populating the city ever since the earliest of times, the city is now rich with many cultures and many sights for you to see ! although it may seem like a peaceful and calm city, there's some secrets or maybe criminals that are hiding themselves under this peaceful demeanor.
whatever side you find yourself on, whether it be stopping the criminals, being one of them yourself, or just watching from the sidelines, you obviously have a story waiting for you in this paradise! ‧₊٬٬𖧧
Welcome to the Illumiteria region! Home to magnificent creatures we call Pokémon. The region has 8 gyms, all eight which will help new trainers learn the basics and eventually be the best to conquer the region's champion! This land also keeps some secrets behind these lights and movies!
We are a new Pokémon Roleplay server, and we hope you have a great time here!
Hello, this is the Crimson College where we take your feeling to heart. This is a school where students can mingle, relax, and have some fun. In maybe more ways then one.
We offer here.

-Heavily Rp/Erp based server
-Friendly staff
-Welcoming environment
-Bot fun
-Detailed server currency system
-Created for both new roleplayers and more advanced roleplayers
-Self roles

Never be afraid to be yourself here!! We welcome you here to enjoy this new experience of story telling!
Hope to see you here soon!
Welcome to sinking despair! This is..
an oc only danganronpa killing game rp!
Come one, come all, and join on a cruise ship with around 15 other ultimates! Will you be able to make it out? Or will you..well, sink into despair! ( I'm sorry I had to-)
This server is a MHA roleplay! The story takes place 10 years after the current students graduated. Deku became the number one hero and some of the other students started teaching at UA. Aizawa became the principal.

This server is a completely safe community.

We offer:
-React roles
-OC templates
-Quirk templates
-Lots of roleplay channels
-Fun chats

Remember that suggestions for the server are always accepted. We hope you have fun :)

{Last Purge: May 26th, 2020}
{Member Activity: 6/10}

.............꧁Acacia Academy꧂............
......................1st Semester......................

Welcome to Acacia Academy! Yes yes, it's
another magical high school roleplay.

But what sets us apart is the fact that we
have no real plot, we just allow you to chillax.
Roleplay isn't meant to be boring and scripted,
it's meant to be fun and full of things from your

Also please don't be scared of
all the channels and pings, they'll
make your rp experience in Acacia
much more enjoyable :)

So, what can we offer???

◈ 11 Clubs for your OC(s) to join! They can
also create a club if it's approved by staff.
◈ Limitless creativity, as long as you don't
try and play god.
◈2 music bots ready for you to play with them!
(In a non-sexual and non-creepy way)
◈Regular events for everyone with an OC
to participate in.
◈Get-to-gethers on the voice channels,
we are very open to music sharing.


Interested? Then what are you waiting for?! Just join!!!

Seriously. What are you waiting for? We need you in this server ASAP!

Now drop down and give me twenty...

...Lines of your magnificent OC ayeeeeeeee.

(Btw you don't NEED twenty lines of OC, we just like reading backstories and personalities)

DC: Afterbirth
In the distant future of the beloved universe of DC, we find ourselves witnessing the birth of a new generation of heroes, villains, and just about everything else imaginable. The heroes of old have passed down their cloaks, and the villains their weapons of destruction. It is time for you to take up where the last generation left off and decide the fate of this universe!
✨ Reasons to Join ✨
• Dedicated staff who are well versed in the lore of the DC world and are more than willing to assist you in anyway you need 🙌
• Brand new and just waiting for the new characters to shape and define the future of this world! 🏟
• 100 roleplay channels to explore, and more will be added as the story progresses 🌏
• Entirely OC based, though we do allow next gen characters (kids of the previous canon characters), so no need to worry about being overshadowed by canon characters. ✨
• Some pretty snazzy self assigned roles to make you stand out from the crowd and let everyone know exactly who you are! 🔊
• A fair system of balances. We recognize not all characters are equal in raw power. But we try to at least give everyone a chance if possible. As a result, the general power scale is a bit less than canon. ⚖
• Really, why not? It's just one more slot on your server and we promise we'll make it worth it (money back guarantee!) 😁
System booting up…
Check one…
Check two…
Check three…
Check four…
System checks completed booting archives…
Please enter the password...
Password: ******
Password accepted booting archives.

Error...system detection ID:*****
Opening logs 2015…
System crash....
“Heh...I knew you would try to find the history...and you know it’s illegal to do such an act yet you persist. Code XXIV I will find you. I promise that....”
Transmission end. Uploading files…
Opening 2015 data….

“2015, June 21st, That’s when it struck. You probably don’t know what I mean yet for those of you in the future, but those who were there remember it like yesterday. Some call it Armageddon. Some called it the apocalypse, but I called it a reality check. Something I will regret till the day I die. My daughter, Nocturna… She was a young girl the age of 15. She had just begun to see life for how it truly was highschool being troubling years for her. Yes sure she had just got into highschool, but still. Anyway June 21st at 15 hundred hours (3PM) She had come home distressed. I had gone to see if she was okay, but she wouldn't answer me. I heard her cursing about humanity… I had tried and tried to ask her to tell me what was wrong, but she just wouldn’t. Not long after I would hear a loud bang, and again I heard the same sound. I then heard a horrific roar as I ran to my daughters room. I had to bust the door down. What I had seen was absolutely terrifying for any man to see his daughter in front of. It was a dark figure that had seemingly walked into her before an explosion occurred. I was knocked unconscious. When I came to fire was falling from the sky, beasts of all shapes and sizes roamed the city causing destruction of unthinkable proportions. It was horrifying. The military, the country, the world was paralyzed in fear. At the same time in every country beasts roamed. I would be picked up by military vans and escorted to another place. The whole drive, no, the whole time I laid in that rubble I looked upon my daughter. She was bathed in darkness floating in the sky with dark angel wings. She was like a dark phoenix. It was at that moment I knew she was no longer human, but please. I beg you. Save her. There's still a human in her. I just know it. I beg of you. Save her ” - Professor Grimrose

System failure....crashing...crashing....crashing…crashin- *Device turns off*

Hello there, and welcome to Starlight's Bastion! We are a new server created by myself and my helpful co-founder! We are a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, and fantasy server! Yes, that's right a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and post-apocalyptic. We do hope you join us!

What do we offer?
➥ A friendly and mature community, dealing with mature topics such as blood, violence, and death.
➥ Kind and casual staff to guide you through the introductory process.
➥ Bots to make your stay more pleasant and to enhance your roleplay experience (Tupperbox).
➥ No tolerance to any kind of disrespect regardless of age, race, or sexuality.
➥ Self-assignable roles.
➥ A wide range of literacy. (one line - Novella, all of them accepted.)
➥ Looking for Staff!

Though we are new, we hope that you have been convinced to join! We put a lot of effort into it, so we hope that you enjoy it here!
Hello, welcome to the server description. Come join us to see what is happening in NieR: Our Story, a completely OC story and locations that are unique to this server. Please know NieR Automata before joining this server What we offer in the server is:
-Easy to follow template
-An active owner
-Numerous rp chats
-Some cool bots
-And more
It would be awesome if you thought about joining our small server, so we can become a booming rp server. I will see you in the roleplay, goodbye.

And remember: Glory to Mankind.
So you're a fan of star wars and roleplay. Well here is something new and never seen before, just for you.

We are presenting an all-new star wars roleplay experience. Join the server as one of 8 factions from across the different eras of star wars.

Fight to make your faction the ruler of the galaxy claiming your planets, building your defences and even spying on the enemy. Yes, that's right, there is a spying mechanic in this server.

Now, although canon characters are allowed this server is not canon so canon protection is not a thing. If you die as a canon character no-one can play as them again but do not be disheartened to lose them - there are plenty to choose from.

We have:
Custom bots to help the staff as well as tupperbot and music bots.
Friendly Admins
Fun RP opportunities
Faction Leader Positions for all factions (they get to make rules for their faction too) [must be active irp]
A new variation of PTK (Reason to kill - RTK)

1: All-out galactic war
2: 8 total factions to choose from
3: No Shop
4: Spying mechanic (IRP)
5: Custom bots
6: Friendly Admins
7: Fun RP opportunities
8: Faction Leader Positions
9: RTK
10: Non-Canon (canon characters ARE allowed)

Welcome to Danganronpa :: The Party Never Ended.


18 students have been invited to the PARTY OF A LIFETIME in the MUSEUM OF MUSEUMs! Not trademarked! After the catastrophic events of Season 1, with the whole world hating on Ultimates and the Bunko experiment- wait you dont know what all of that is? Well- time for you to find out for yourself..

These 18 lucky Ultimates will have one hell of a party.


The server itself has a welcoming community, a active staff, and you can use ocs! Wowzers!

Heck yeah! Ocs!

This killing game’s lore also differs from the canon Danganronpa universe, so there’s no Leon Kuwata and Makoto Naegi and whatnot.


Have fun at the Party of a Lifetime!