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Hogwarts RP is a harry potter themed rp server based after the main timeline all characters will be oc there are teachers and will be classes. I want the server to be a fun rp setting for everyone involved. It is a new server so will hopefully grow with time. It has multiple areas for people to rp in including classrooms, dorms, common rooms, the forbidden forest and more!
Pecan is a strange dimension that sucks in a traps beings from all different universes in a single place. Most of them end up in the town of Pecan, although there's a ghost town and what looks to be an abandoned city... There's creatures from robotic animals to divine angels to normal humans. This server is like a slice of life, only... it needs more life. That's why we're looking for people. You can do literally whatever you want in Pecan from have a normal day to commit complete acts of anarchy! You can have more than one character and play as literally anything- a persona, yourself, a fan oc, a normal oc- Whatever you want! You can also use whatever writing style you want!

Looking for more reasons?
Well we've got:
-a place to openly promote yourself (ex: if you want to share your insta)
-a nsfw channel
-dnd nerds (like everyone there likes it i promise, myself included) -weve even had furries
-an all ages environment
-so many robots dude
-scheming plots
-a place to chill in the vc
-multiple places to vent if you need
-somewhere you can spam the heck out of everyone if thats your thing
-an entire species of clowns, like seriously they arent human at all

You can find a getting started message pinned in the #pecan-lore channel!
Welcome to the Dark Prism Nightclub! We hope you enjoy your stay, even if you are not here voluntarily. From the filthy rich, to the dirt poor we accept all. There is no need for money, when you pay with your soul! So come and stay a while!
Who's gonna ride the train tonight?

You, apparently. You wake up upon the ghost train with fuzzy memories and likely a headache. There's no conductor up front, but the train runs on its own. The forestry outside is just endless pine trees in a misty fog. As you watch the trees, you find your memories repair themselves as the fog in your head clears. Once you come to a stop and step off the train, you realize that you're no longer home anymore...or alive.
Arugenia- A universe far from ours, where gods, demons and all kinds of species cross paths, leading them to one world brimming with magic and endless possibilities for adventure
We find ourselves in 16XX, with four famously contrasting kingdoms situated nearby eachother. What will your tale be?
Will you choose to conquer and fight under the might of Orxousa, or aim for peace and happiness in the fields of Fystherion?
Perhaps you'll even train yourself to ultimate perfection inside the ever-holy Evimeria, or live a life of thrill and discover on the shores of Revnisi?

Whatever you choose will surely lead to an interesting story- one that is entirely yours to tell.

-[we currently have a demon apocalypse event running, led by the seven deadly sins and overlords of the underworld!]
birds of a feather, fantasy-themed roleplay

~ Land of Many Skies ~

Lands stretched beyond, deep, blue waves of the ocean, forming a vast landscape further than the eye can see, tall mountains just barely blocking the limit of one’s sight with their peaks in the clouds. Avros is a vast continent with varying biomes and landscapes, from dry, scorching deserts, all the way up to dense, vivid jungles and rainforests. Each of the various biomes hosts a variety of fauna and vegetation that corresponds, the inhabitants of such biomes often section the areas into regions based on their own heritage.

The inhabitants within the land of Avros are rather peculiar, being of a humanoid structure, donning large, feathered wings of different patterns to fit a specific species of birds. They have the feet and claws of a bird would, often feathered and covered with small patches of scales, while usually having a feathered tail sticking out from behind them. Otherwise, they seem rather human in appearance aside from all the feathers and bird-like appearances.

based in an original world named Avros, where the dominant race is harpy-like people, gathering in various tribes based on the bird species they most closely resemble. all types of literacy and experience are allowed. if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, come check out the discord! it has all the lore and background information you need to join us!
Hello everyone! come join the fun in this server! this server is 15- and you can make your own character or cannon a creepypasta character. Everyone will be treated equally and the server will be kind to all. so come join the fun in this server!
Anime Artist Here
the server is more focus on Anime Style
[but other style are also welcome :3]

[We Have Alot Artist Looking Foward To Do Commission Anime/Cartoon/Furry/Etc SFW n NSFW]

the server is for artist/artist for many kind +w+
beginners and experienced artis
buyers and sellers
OC artist or Fan art artist are vary welcome :3
Join in if you want to see some lewd art too <3 !

we have sum role for
-commissionartist , for those looking to sell
-customer/comissioner, for those looking to buy
-artist level 1- 5, level up as you get better UwU
-role for fun [say like what name you like =3=]

and me also sharing sum random ppl contest at the server
[there a chanel to it]

is 18+ server so hentai art is welcome
[have chanel for it]

we do have RP chnl SFW n NSFW for OC/random
but you gotta folo. a bit of a little RP street

not artist is also welcome
[like writer/info person/gamer/streamer/etc]

we are very super cute frenly n vary play full :3
The borders between the multiverse is fading. Characters from anywhere and everywhere are bumping into each other, OCs and canons alike. They all decided to hang out with each other and have fun instead of going back to their own worlds.

A short list of universes we have as of now:
- Disney
- Pixar
- Dreamworks
- Marvel
- DC
- Pokémon
- Rick Riordan
- Narnia
(Even more inside!)

More fandoms can be added, along with characters. If there is a character that always has one person playing them, no matter! Multiple people can have the same character!

This server may be may be dead...but I hope the variety of fandoms and characters can help you to stay.
Welcome to OC Central!

This is a server made exclusively for writers and artists alike who own their own characters! But if you just like to support or watch other's art, this place is open to that as well.
Here you can share, advertise, get help for your ideas and of course socialize with other fellow artists!

We have...
-Self assignable roles! Including roles to openly show you have open commissions/adopts/species and more!
-Advertising channels to advertise yourself and your species and adopts
-Weekly Drawing prompts/challenges to spark that creativity
-And role-playing channels~

We look forward to seeing you there!
Is... is this working? Hello. My name is not of importance... I am here to invite you to a Project... Project Despairbox. Don't let the name fool you... it's just a simple school Semester researching talents of students... Seize this opportunity. Its once in a lifetime...
(Be prepared for a surprise... a new KG concept made up by me... atleast the host is very Special. Looking for help and active people, as we will be starting up soon.)
Hello there everyone, and welcome to the Pine Cafe! This is a server for those interested in a friendly, user-oriented space where you'll be free to interact with friends and content creators alike. So grab a seat, and come say hi!
We welcome all potter-heads who love to roleplay! Here you can become a student or professor at Hogwarts. You can roleplay in the shops at Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, on the train to Hogwarts or Platform 9 3/4, or in a classroom or common room in Hogwarts. All OCs and canon Harry Potter characters are allowed! Canon characters are first come, first server.
⠀—﹙2 years ago, the clouds brought both rain and disaster. bacteria so small you can’t even see it has infested most of the earth’s water. it brings death to any who ingests it or has the misfortune of being in the rain with open wounds. once it’s entered your body, you’re screwed. there’s no possible way to kill the bacteria, nor can you boil it to make the water drinkable. in this apocalyptic world, not only is water your enemy, but the people who wish to bring harm to others as well, be it for the sake of surviving or just for fun. it’s a dangerous world, one of which you are now apart of. tread lightly.﹚


♤ ... what our server has to offer

... 30+ role play locations + location requests
... oc’s and adapted canon characters are both allowed!
... active participation from staff
... non-player characters! (only to be played by staff ;))) )
... bots (tupperbox, mee6, groovy, etc) bot requests are accepted
... writing prompts and a section to share your writing!
... no character limit! create as many characters as you wish!
... updates on the server and new threats/events
... a realistic apocalypse setting managed actively by staff
... an overall friendly and welcoming environment!
This server is a SFW roleplaying place for those in the Undertale/Deltarune fandom!! Though it IS directed towards those two, other fandoms are all welcome here as well!
Art, writing, and all other forms of creativity are welcome!!

Note!! This server is strictly SFW!! NSFW content is not allowed under no circumstances! Not even RP!!

You’ve heard of it before. A lone flyer you stumbled across, a pamphlet handed to you by some nondescript stranger, a story when you were young, or a footnote of a conversation. Perhaps you’d never known it existed, but now you’re here, and suddenly, memories seem to appear in your mind, though you could have sworn the name unfamiliar.

Some people seek out the manor, needing a place to stay, a place to hide, a place to relax. A place to call home. They all find it here, somehow right in front of them, right beneath their feet when it wasn’t there before.

And others? Sought after. It knew what they needed before they did. It draws people in, relentless. You don’t have to know where you need to be. It’s here.

Wingwood Manor is set in a massive estate that exists between dimensions. It exists as a crossroads, for characters to come and go, be it as they please or not. The setup is to allow writers to use their original characters in a completely unmodified format, keeping their stories intact while still being able to interact with other characters. Fantasy, sci-fi, modern, historical-- any type of OC is welcome!

Our features:

🌼A 17+ server, not NSFW-centric, but does have an NSFW channel and roles for the adults. 

🌼RP is driven solely by those involved, so writing style and length is based off of how those in that particular thread wish to write.

🌼Daily OC questions for folks to answer and discuss.

🌼Multiple channels for individual RPs, but group RPs are welcome.

🌼An exclusively original content server to both avoid fandom-related confusion, and celebrate creativity and originality!

🌼Two active mods available to answer any questions

🌼No activity checks, but highly encourage replying to threads in a timely manner or they'll likely be dropped.

🌼Events that can be created and ran by members - not just moderators!
《 Towa Central 》

Towa Central is a new non-despair AU Danganronpa server, allowing OC’s and canon characters from the first three games, anime, manga, and several fanganronpa series. As previously mentioned, it’s a new server, thus meaning it has a lack of members!

So, what do we include/how are we here?

🌺 A roleplay spot for anyone that joins from any of the canon games, etc.
🌺 Bots such as Mudae, Unbelievaboat, Rhythm, etc for messing around or.. Any other use, really.
🌺 A LGBTQ+, kin, and mental health friendly place.
🌺 Tons of social and roleplay channels.
🌺 A spectator role for people who simply just want to talk about the game and make friends.
🌺 Tons of canon characters

..What don’t we include here, though?

❌ Killing Games. This might change in the future, though.
❌ Haji Towa.

If you want to join, feel free to do so! I hope to see you there.
2 Wars....both fighting to restore a long forgotten peace. Noble men and women sacrificing their lives in an effort to stop those who would wish to control the known universe.
On one side, a heroic group pilot 5 special and ancient robotic lions that combine into one of the greatest forces of good in existence, fighting against the Galra and their leader, Zarkon.
On another, a group of sentient robots known as Autobots fight to retake their home from the tyranny of the Decepticons and their mad leader, Megatron.
What happens when these two sides find themselves colliding together?
Battle lines will be drawn, bonds shall be tested, and perhaps, just perhaps, new families will be formed.
This is the birth of Heroes on Two Worlds.
This RP takes place Mid-Season 2, after the episode "Blade of Marmora." If you haven't watched up until at least that point, turn away!

As for TFs, there's no set continuity, so any TF is welcome!

We are a brand new server just starting out, so if you like:

Freedom to be a canon or original character!

A fresh server with a new story!

A staff section that is always happy to help out and take suggestions!


Then give us a try!
Welcome to RWBY RP: Divided! We are a growing roleplay server in the setting of the RWBY series created by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth. This is a non-canon roleplay so none of our favorite characters/factions (minus the kingdoms/academies) will be in the world and all the characters will be OCs.

We offer:
-Friendly community
-Helpful staff
-The chance to be a Maiden/Silver-Eyed Warrior
-Custom lore

⟡ Hello there, young one, welcome to New Hyrule! ⟡

New Hyrule is a roleplay server revolving around the Legend Of Zelda series; taking place one year after the series’s latest entry, Breath Of The Wild.

In New Hyrule, you can create an original character or play as one of the many characters from the Zelda series in over 200+ roleplay channels such Hyrule castle, Castle town, the Gerudo desert, lake Hylia, the lost forest and many, many more places for your characters to venture and explore!
New Hyrule is an imagining of what Hyrule would be like after the defeat of Calamity Ganon, so new and original lore with updates on a regular basis is one of the server’s main features!
We also have more traditional roleplay elements integrated such as quests, formable guilds, a currency and events whose outcomes are entirely decided by you!

In addition to theses awesome roleplay elements, we also have a small, ever-growing, fun and friendly community for you to be around with, weekly rupee giveaways and self assignable colour roles; we respect your right to look fancy.

Come, my child, do not be afraid...
Welcome to the Spooky Fettuccine server!
A roleplay server focused on the favoured pastas we know and love. OCs are allowed!

There are loads of places to role-play in and a lot of great role-players looking for some fun.
We have loads of bots and a great community filled with amazing people. Our staff is super friendly and we are always looking for more ways to make our server better.

Join us for a bunch of fun!
Site-07 is a brand new SCP RP server hoping to make the best experience you've had in a while!


You were approached by a man at your previous site, offering you an opportunity at a brand new site. You were not told the number nor the purpose. The only response to where you got was "Canada." But sewn lips were nothing new in the Foundation. You accepted as it seemed like a chance to climb the ladder.

After hours and hours of sitting in the back of a dark armored truck, nothing but cold steel getting colder and colder. Lucky for you you were given a single blanket to cozy up in. One of the MTF transporting you opens the door as an onset of cold wind floods the back where you reside. A blue-suited man steps forward, a quite average Caucasian male with the Overseer symbol embroidered into his suit, dark blue blindfold wrapped around his head. He smiles warmly, not typically creepy but somewhat so given the blindfold. "Welcome to Site 07. I'm sure you'll like it here." He nods and motions for you to come out.
Taking place in a small town.. the apocalypse has arrived. Zombies.. undead.. whatever you want to call them, they're everywhere. Try and survive the apocalypse.

This is a small roleplay server! Run by lovely admins, we take suggestions from the members for anything you want added! Put your OCs into the apocalypse. >:)