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Welcome to Portentum Academy, a safe place where monsters, creatures, or magical beings of any kind can learn to manage their powers and defend themselves. Please, enjoy your stay!

We offer
- A safe server for all ages.
- 18+ role for nsfw rp
- Active staff
- Upcoming events
- Opening for mods/admins
- Friendly members
- LGBT+ friendly
hi , welcome to hope peak ! this is a danganronpa server where you can roleplay your OCs without the stress of a killing game! hope peak is completely non-despair, mind you.

we also host occasional events and have themed locations based on upcoming holidays!

i hope you'll join us :]
~ trav <3
We are a role play server called the "End Zone".
It takes place in a city where the police are struggling to fight crime and there are multiple factions all with different goals and ideas.
There are FBI, antiterrorism forces, terrorists, fascist groups, and even mobsters.
There's lots of intrigue and storyline being made. You can be a part of it with your own original character.
Join a side or don't join a side. The decision is up to you.
Also, if you're not sure if you want to get involved yet. Then you can be a spectator for as long as you want, no problem.
Welcome to College Time! Here you can engage in casual roleplay in a slice of life type rp server. We have active caring staff to help get you set up and enjoying this amazing server.

The campus offers clubs, Sports, and amazing people to hang out and chill with.

Plus exciting events like;
*Christmas Parties
*Field Trips
And many more chaotic things that we as a server can come up with!

We also encourage OC characters, no canon here folks (sorry). It'll be an awesome time with you joining us! We also support LGBTQ+ community and many other things!
This is a server for sharing stuff about original characters! Please read the rules first when you join!
Looking for new members to join our casual and diverse OC roleplaying server! We are small and operate under a small staff team, but we would love to welcome lots of new members! the server has been recently redone and is ready to hold lots of new people!!

The server gives an opportunity for roleplayers to use any original characters in nearly any situation. weekly voting keeps things fresh as roleplay storylines are open for suggestions!

we are system friendly! tupperbox is, however, to be used only for oc profiles. pluralkit is available for system usage!
Bumblebee's monthly report
These monthly reports are all the same,decepticons hunt us down,we can't do much about it and have to flee. Luckily this one will have some good news. Optimus is back and making a slow recovery and we have the Forge Of Solus Prime. We also killed Shockwave, who held leadership of the decepticons at the time. We don't know who is going to take his place,but we are hopeful that we can take them down just as easily.
Bumblebee out.

Things you can do:
*You can make Autobots,decepticons,minicons,Predacons,Maximals,Wreckers,Gobots,basically if is is in transformers lore,you can make it (The beastwars factions will be explained in the server)
*Make Spaceships
*Make combiners
*listen to Rythm
*Apply for mod
*Make ocs

Things to note:
*This is based off of G1,Prime,and IDW but is not a continuation of anything
*This is a server with ships and swearing so be prepared before joining (It's not like we ask you for ships when you first join but it is aloud)
-={ WELCOME }=-
In this server, we prioritize being fair, therefore Godmodding and Metagaming are not allowed in any shape or form. All special abilities in this server have to be EARNED fair and square. All members are super nice in this server, so expect a warm welcome! We're waiting for new friends!

-=[ FEATURES ]=-
- In this server, we are following the timeline of Shippuden, and because we have many new OCs the major events can change.

- OC creation
- Custom Doujutsu, Kekkei Genkai, and Releases
- We have dedicated staff, so feel free to ask questions any time :)
- Combat System for fair battling
- Chunin Exams & Server events

And many more! So what are you waiting for? Join now!
Whether by malfunctioning transport or death, bots have found themselves on a near-perfect copy of Cybertron... If the main cities mixed with human dwellings count. Together with friends or enemies made along the way, they just need to settle down if they can. Canon and OC welcome, this goes for canon crossover characters as well.
Imagine waking up in a new place. In fact- an entirely new town. You don't know how you got here, all you know is by some force you can't leave. No matter how far you walk- you always end up back in town, as if in a loop.

You seem to have your own place. Which might be odd depending on who you are, but hey you're all different people so it might not be weird at all. The place seems already decorated to your preference.

You also find a card with a role.
`Possible roles`
> The murderer is exactly as it sounds. You must kill someone when you own this card. If you don't there will be *consequences*

> Once a case you will be able to question one person and know if they're the murderer or not. Its up to you what you do with this info.

> You will be able to choose one person to save. Although you have no idea who will die. You can try your best.

> You're just a normal person. However- you will be able to judge and try to guess who the murderer is.

These roles will be active in *events*. You are required to participate in events. You are NOT allowed to show anyone your cards. Therefore, If you choose to share your role it is a matter of word of mouth and trust only.

When events are not in progress you're allow to just live your life in this lovely town. It has anything you'd expect from a town.

If the murderer is found- the survivors go free. If the murderer manages to kill everyone- then they alone go free while everyone else- obviously- dies.

Hope you have a lovely time here.

(( In case You cant tell. The game is a giant game of Mafia in a way. But in a roleplay setting. Hopefully this will be fun and if you have questions feel free to ask ))
Welcome to RWBY RP: Divided! We are a growing roleplay server in the setting of the RWBY series created by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth. This is a non-canon roleplay so none of our favorite characters/factions (minus the kingdoms/academies) will be in the world and all the characters will be OCs.

We offer:
-Friendly community
-Helpful staff
-The chance to be a Maiden/Silver-Eyed Warrior
-Custom lore

Rp as your BNHA oc! You will be sorted into class 1-A or 1-B in the prestigious hero school known as UA High. Be able to join in on special events like classes, villain attacks, the UA Sports Festival and so much more! We strive to create a semi-literate to literate roleplay (No one lining!), and a friendly community. Join us to start your journey to be the next Number 1 Hero.
Current Arc:
The year is 2262 and the world is as fast paced and as crazy as ever. A hero's work is never done, especially in Japan. Once again there is a need for heroes. Not because there is a shortage but because the hero's we have known so well, spent years growing up with and being saved by, have announced that they are retiring. Why you ask? ■■■■■■■quirks ■■■■■again.
Being a hero for years is a very rewarding and taxing job and they would like to live out their natural lives with family and friends.

With the announcement that many pro hero's are going to retire in the span or 2 or 3 years attention has turned to the hero's schools around japan. Specifically UA and Shiketsu. This announcement has also spiked an increase villain and villain vigilante activity. A heroes work is never done.

Will the new student heros have what it takes to fill those big shoes left behind by the heros that are retiring?

We Offer:
-Custom Quirks Only
-Friendly Staff who want to help you
-A plethora of ooc and rp channels
-Special Events
-Friendly competition between classes
My Name is Hidemi Owada. The year is 2075. We're special you and I. We're one of the 13% worldwide to still have a Quirk and that means you probably live in the utopian UA city! All most 60 years after All Might, some old pro, Destroyed half the city the global population with quirks has fallen drastically but that doesn't mean heroes are gone. In fact, we're training to be the greatest heroes that ever lived!

Semi literate to literate rp
A welcoming staff and community
An in depth character sheet
No canon characters
Exciting and opportunity ridden rp events
A fun and deep plot that allows you to be anyone and do anything you could dream of in this exciting what if take on the wold of Boku No Hero Academia

You can choose to join me and my friends and bring back what it means to be a hero!-- Or you can join the faceless Cipher Corporation. They police quirks worldwide, and have snaked their ways into every government. Their goals are still shrouded in mystery, but together we can find out what they're doing!

"The fate of all quirks rests in your hands! Will you join me?"
°.✞Welcome to Silverridge✞.°

An original character roleplay server set in the 1960's-1980's time era where vintage music, drive-in movies and landline phones exist. We open this time era with open arms to keep it as authentic as the real thing with modifying to make it much more open and safe. Different social ranks bring different possibilities and varieties of characters that live in town to make it much more lively and exciting. We're heavily inspired by the fantastic book The Outsiders so if you like that kind of set up, this server is perfect for you! Come join us to bring Silverridge up to life with a character of your own!

✞.《What we offer》.✞

• LGBTQ+ safe
• Staff spots open
• Partnerships
•16+ (you've been warned)
• And much more!

Welcome to the world of Ashita no Akuma Kari!

We are a roleplay server — based loosely off of our own unique take on a gorgeous, mystical fantasy in medieval Japan.

Come! Join us.

✧༺ You may be anything from a human, a hybrid, a kitsune or a half blood Yokai and explore a world full of lore, interaction, and monstrous creatures called Akuma.

✧༺ Create blood bonds, relics and abilities to battle it out with these monsters!

✧༺ Will you join the ranks of the valiant Red Veil and fight against the Akuma for the survival of humanity? Or perhaps you'll find yourself amongst the more honourable Cobalt Cowl, and their battle to preserve the natural world as it is?

✧༺ Perhaps you feel drawn to the progressive Viridian Rising and their push towards technology, the future?

Your fate is yours, and only yours, to decide.

✧༺ Our mods are all extremely friendly and hopefully in enough timezones to ensure someone is always up to help! We're looking to growing our small community and have fun with creativity, storytelling and world building. Come by and check us out!

┗ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ┛
【『Note: while this server is a continuation of a previous discontinued server, no prior knowledge is required to jump in. We've reworked and refined the concept as well as have a new admin team!』】
Welcome! This is a BRAND NEW bnha server! It is OC based ONLY and takes place in U.A.

Here we use social media to interact as well as lit roleplays. Feel free to join, whole bunch of open quirks.
Hell Hounds is a gang experience roleplay. It dabbles in serious subjects such as but not limited drugs, alcohol, murder, and obviously gang subjects. They use Code Names that are dog breeds to help protect their identities. They deal drugs, drink wine, and basically chill back and have a grand ol' time most of the time. They are known to delve into deeper more serious subjects though. They have people that need to be taken out, and they get the job done, effortlessly and quietly. They reside in San Diego, California. Their boss is Harper Sawyer, a 23 year old female. She founded Hell Hounds as a way to give the "outcasts" and "misfits" a home. She decided Hell Hounds would be fitting, as they are mean and lean, using dog breeds as protective code names. And everyone is bound to go to hell after what they've been through.

So tell me, are you willing to join our ranks or turn and flee?
/—/—/—/—/Welcome to Icaran\—\—\—\—\

Icaran is a fantasy RP server set in the mysterious world of, you guessed it, Icaran! We are a new server but we have a lot to offer!

/—/—/—/—/What We Have \—\—\—\—\

-Extensive lore and world building information.
-A safe and friendly environment.
-Active and friendly staff!
-In depth character creation.
-A large world to experience and rp in.
-Mature themes.
-Literate rp
-Free style combat rp.
-Multiple races to choose from.
-Opportunity for growth.
-And much much more!


The server itself takes place in the world of Icaran, a blend of medieval, 16th century, bloodborne, and many other things. The server itself takes place in the the three nations: Ostrein, Anvil, and Jasarl. Ostrein is a harsh empire based upon colonial England and some German influence. It is a harsh absolute monarchy but offers some glints of hope. For humans in Ostrein life is great, people are free and can live their lives how they want, but for other races the story is much different. Anvil is an archipelago and home to the Orcs. It is controlled by the Ostreinian empire who rule it with an iron fist, sending the Orcish population into slavery to mine the abundant natural resources of the island. Anvil itself is a volcanic, ash covered wasteland, life is hard and many people can’t survive there. Jasarl is a free kingdom which was once part of Ostrein, it is home to the elves and all people and races are treated equally under the law. However, such a melting pot nation has its problems, people rarely agree and there is immense violence between races. The world of Icaran is an imperfect balance with a lot of moral grey. The server is designed in that way to make you really think about your choices and who you are in the world.

/—/—/—/—/Please Join\—\—\—\—\

This server has been a passion project of mine and others. With our collaboration we have worked to try to give you an interesting and exciting server to rp in. I hope that you will help bring life to the world of Icaran!
Sur ce serveur, il est possible de créer tous les personnages possibles et imaginables. Des personnages de jeux, d'animes, de livres, des OCs, des personnages que vous tirez d'autres serveurs de RP... Tous j'vous dis ! Et même des objets ! On a par exemple une RolePlayeuse qui joue le modeste Grimoire Weiss ! La seule limite est votre imagination ! (elle est tellement à chier cette phrase en vrai) Mais bref t'as compris quoi c'est un serveur chill pour RP un peu ce qu'on veut.
>| Welcome to ----Tale, my third attempt at making an UT roleplaying server! |<

Here we have:
OC Templates!
Character auditions and claiming!
Bots and different chats!

|Come along and join the lore train, will you not?|

Witaj! Cieszę się, że dotarł*ś aż tutaj. Jestem tu aby zaoferować Ci serwer, który funkcjonuje już od jakiegoś czasu, więc nie musisz się martwić małą ilością członków. U nas jest wręcz przeciwnie!

Now zwiał*ś? Wciąż jesteś ciekaw*?
Więc oto fabuła:

W rozległym, odizolowanym od cywilizacji małym miasteczku Wheatview każdy gość słono płaci za to, by stać się tym, kim zawsze pragnął być, i zrealizować swoje fantazje. Jednak miasto Wheatview skrywa pewne sekrety…
Pewnego dnia w Wheatview zatrzymuje się pociąg. Wywołuje to wielkie zdziwienie wśród mieszkańców, ponieważ w mieście tym pociąg nie zatrzymał się od piętnastu lat. Okazuje się, że osobami zmierzającymi do Wheatview aż z Los Angeles jest grupka kompletnie obcych sobie osób. Poszukują oni nowego domu dla siebie i swoich rodzin. Wszyscy "tutejsi" są bardzo przychylnie nastawieni do przybyszy, co wzbudza w nich pewne podejrzenia...

Zapraszamy serdecznie i życzymy udanej zabawy!
~ Asministracja

Hello, person scrolling through disboard! Yes, you!
Do you like My Hero Academia, or Formerly known as Boku No hero Academia? I hope you do!
My Hero Academia - Roleplay is a place for MHA lovers and a bonus to people who like to RP. We have auditions for you to play a canon character or an OC sheet to play an OC in here!

In this server we have!

- (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Friendly Staff! ♥

- (◡‿◡✿) ♥ Many channels for your pleasure! ♥

- ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ♥ Active Members! ♥

- \(*^▽^*)/ ♥ Multiple Roleplay Channels! ♥

- (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ♥ Many Amazing Emojis! ♥

And last but not least!

- \(●~▽~●) ♥ No kicking due to inactivity! ♥

𝕎𝕖 𝕙𝕠𝕡𝕖 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕛𝕠𝕚𝕟 𝕦𝕤 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕓𝕖 𝕡𝕒𝕣𝕥 𝕠𝕗 𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕞𝕦𝕟𝕚𝕥𝕪!
The borders between the multiverse is fading. Characters from anywhere and everywhere are bumping into each other, OCs and canons alike. They all decided to hang out with each other and have fun instead of going back to their own worlds.

A short list of universes we have as of now:
- Disney
- Pixar
- Dreamworks
- Marvel
- DC
- Pokémon
- Rick Riordan
- Narnia
(Even more inside!)

More fandoms can be added, along with characters. If there is a character that always has one person playing them, no matter! Multiple people can have the same character!

This server may not be as active as you hope, but I hope the variety of fandoms and characters can help you to stay.
RWBY: Peaceful times
A role-play server where you can make your own story with your oc's (canonical characters may also be added). It doesn't matter how bad or good you are at roleplaying as long as you just join in. We're all about meeting people and having fun. Come and join in!