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100 years after Bnha/Mha Quirks seemed almost useless. The villains had been almost completely wiped out, and only petty crimes remained. That is until a new generation of villains was born! Crime was rampaging and causing chaos all around the world. UA reopened in hope of creating the next generation of heroes to protect the innocent! What will you do? Will you stand with us?
Welcome to the server! I'm Zeppy, the owner! This server was made to be a friendly and supportive RP server for the fans of Bnha/MHA! We welcome all people and are a free environment where you can RP, talk about the anime/manga or just chat with people! This is an OC RP, so we don't accept Canon characters. Here you can create your own quirk, character, and story! I hope to see you soon!

Welcome to RWBY: Mystic Creators! Here in our server we allow you, the people, to be part of the amazing world of Remnant! You can be your own character or RP as a Cannon Character! Right now we’re starting at the very beginning of Volume 1, but with your help we can progress the story in our own way!
This server is a SFW roleplaying place for those in the Undertale/Deltarune fandom!! Though it IS directed towards those two, other fandoms are all welcome here as well!
Art, writing, and all other forms of creativity are welcome!!

Note!! This server is strictly SFW!! NSFW content is not allowed under no circumstances! Not even RP!!
Are you in need of an actual literate Creepypasta/Slenderverse roleplay server? Look no further! Led by our crackhead leader, Natalie, we will guarantee you a good roleplaying experience with fantastic and friendly writers!
We accept:
We Offer:
-Countless AU roleplays
-NSFW channels
-Character discussion and lore
-Art and fanfiction writing
-Self-assignable colour roles
Our members MUST:
-Be literate!
-Be friendly and respectful
-Submit character applications and literacy showcases

We hope you will consider joining our family! Crackhead Natalie awaits you.
Erizon is an Island that inhabits many creatures. Those creatures lived on 7 different parts of Erizon, each place holding a magical element that was given to each of the creatures that lived there.

Erizon is a wondeful island for exploring!
♡The staff is wonderful and kind!♡
♡Plenty of fun!♡
♡a wide choice of creatures♡
♡Friendly members!♡

~We will be waiting for you in our wonderful server~

Hello there!!

First of all:
We’re an 18+ server but explicit NSFW isn’t allowed in our RP sections, we do have a NSFW chat however. NOTE: If you aren't 18+ DON'T join!

We are LGBTQA+ friendly, any hate or discrimination towards this group will not be accepted. The same goes for racism, sexism etc.

And finally:
We are a server where you can talk about your OC’s with others, as well as share art and roleplay! Our RP section is for original chars only--no fan chars! We do have a channel to talk about them though! We also have an RP advertising section that’ll hopefully allow you to find a partner for one on one RPing!

We hope you'll have a good time with us!!


-School Medic (2 Spaces)
-Librarian (2 Spaces)
-Normal Teachers (5 Spaces)
-Security Personnel (4 Spaces)

.............꧁Acacia Academy꧂............
......................1st Semester......................

Welcome to Acacia Academy! Yes yes, it's
another magical high school roleplay.

But what sets us apart is the fact that we
have no real plot, we just allow you to chillax.
Roleplay isn't meant to be boring and scripted,
it's meant to be fun and full of things from your

Also please don't be scared of
all the channels and pings, they'll
make your rp experience in Acacia
much more enjoyable :)

So, what can we offer???

◈ 11 Clubs for your OC(s) to join! They can
also create a club if it's approved by staff.
◈ Limitless creativity, as long as you don't
try and play god.
◈2 music bots ready for you to play with them!
(In a non-sexual and non-creepy way)
◈Regular events for everyone with an OC
to participate in.
◈Get-to-gethers on the voice channels,
we are very open to music sharing.


Interested? Then what are you waiting for?! Just join!!!

Seriously. What are you waiting for? We need you in this server ASAP!

Now drop down and give me twenty...

...Lines of your magnificent OC ayeeeeeeee.

(Btw you don't NEED twenty lines of OC, we just like reading backstories and personalities)

Hoi! Bienvenido! Te has de preguntar que es este server (espero que no). Como lo dice el titulo del server es rolplay....pero con dibujitos!! « Ahhh dibujo mal » NO IMPORTA!! lo importante es pasártela bien con otros artistas que solo se la quieren pasar bien!!

Estas en el vacío, un lugar que puedes entrar...pero nunca salir :] el principio es poder hacer un mundo con un lore.
An eldritch angel's petting zoo.

They say that there isn't a way out. That people from all different universes, timelines, and dimensions end up here. But who would want to leave anyways? There's hardly any law, no rent or monthly bills, the ability to do whatever you want, and many many different people to meet. Now doesn't that sound like a wonderful dream? Wouldn't it be worth becoming stranded in a pocket dimension with an ever watching, terrifying entity?

This rp is highly flexible and takes place in a large setting. There are multiple towns and quite a few surrounding areas; all open rp and free to join at any time. You are allowed to submit any oc, canon character, joke character, etc and get to have up to 25 characters at a time. You're also allowed to submit original species, have a channel dedicated to where your character(s) live, use your own character sheet, and do nearly whatever you want. There is no approval process which means you can submit and immediately jump into rping. The only two big rules involve making fights fair and following the time system, but otherwise you are Fully encouraged to go absolutely wild.

If you're still looking for a reason to join that Isn't rp, consider checking out the following!:
-infinite art
-a place to openly promote yourself (ex: if you want to share your insta)
-dnd nerds
-an all ages environment
-so many robots dude
-scheming plots and events
-a place to chill in the vc
-multiple places to vent if you need
-somewhere you can spam the heck out of everyone if thats your thing
-an entire species of clowns, like seriously they arent human at all
-a place to write your heart out
-a calendar
-partner servers
-the option to just watch instead of rp
-highly friendly and welcoming community!
-an unwritten rule where people post cute animals right after someone unsavory leaves

Please note that this server is Big, so if you are easily overwhelmed or shy, it may take some getting used to!
A fan made role play server where we make our own persona users. We mix elements of Persona 4 and 5. While the story will be character driven, there will also be nfsw rp available.

⛧ Storyline (always changing)
⛧ Rp
⛧ Open Sexuality
⛧ Dad jokes
⛧ Emojis
⛧ NSFW tab and sex scenes(ID join)
⛧ Art, memes, and photos
⛧ Games
⛧ Role rewards
⛧ Dominance

This server does involves nudity, gore, violence, drugs, and mature language. ID required to participate with cannon characters, or mature content. If you are wanting to join us in a RP we are looking for new OC submissions with newly created characters and CANNON characters. Rp and be ACTIVE! Server is designed to SEPARATE rated PG from rated R material.

We do fight for domination. That rp tabs are labled for N,E,S,W pentacle.

Don't stop laughing!

Come join, and bring your straight jacket.
Come and join the Phoenix High school!
This is a school for very intelligent and “gifted” children, here you’ll be able to create your own character to become one of the many roles listed in the server.

:purple_heart:-Ability to create your own Clubs
:heart:-Mixed double dorm rooms
:two_hearts: -Many channels in which you’ll be able to rp from school to city to wilderness
:yellow_heart:-Ability to make fantasy ocs such as demons or succubus
:green_heart:-No kinkshaming, all kinks allowed (Except pedophila)
In the land of Fiore and in the town of Tunskia, welcomes a new magic guild. The Dragon's Heart guild welcomes all new wizards of any and all skill levels. As we grow together as a guild I hope we can grow as a family as well and be one with each other. As a guild we will become strong as individuals as well as a guild. Teams will develop within as you grow close to each other going on harder more dangerous missions and jobs. But we will always make sure to have time to have fun as well. Welcome to your new home. (Fairy tail roleplay group chat)
Welcome to the Cadre of Guardians! This is a roleplaying server that is set on the theme of multiple races living in relative peace and hiding from humand, which takes place in a society based on the modern world with some medieval touches and lots of fantasy!

Will you become a magic user in hiding?
Will you become a magical being under the lord guardians protection?
Or will you become a ruthless hunter aiming to wipe magic out? Decide for yourself!

The server has many fun activities for you to enjoy! So come join us at the Cadre of Guardians!
In this Rp server we do allow Oc's and canon characters. We would prefer you to use your Oc's though since its more fun and it also feels like a brand new killing game all together.
In this killing game your all inside a Manor you have all been invited to because of your abilities as ultimates.

Danganronpa basically is about students who are stuck in a killing game. They have to kill eachother then everyone has to go to the trial and discover the killer.
If they get the killer: only the killer will be executed.
If they kill an innocent: Everyone dies but the killer. The killer then gets to leave the killing game they are confined in
This is for people who came here blind. (Basically not knowing what Danganronpa is)
Taking place around the last season of My Little Pony Generation 4. There you have an endless amount of opportunities and the ability to make your story in this vast world that could change Equestria forever.
What we offer:
Detailed RP
Dedicated Staff
Active Members
Vast Lore
Ability to make oc or canon character of your choosing
Multiple World, Races, Locations.
The choice to be a good or bad person
In regards to RP lore. Peace has been thriving in Equestria. But now dark forces are starting to remerge in the world. Old and new enemies looming around the corner and it's up to the mane six and other heroes to help save Equestria unless you decide to bring chaos to the world. Who will win good or evil?
This server is to share your art, and to meet other artists to share your crippling art pains with. Come join us, we would love to see your art! (WE ARE NOT A NSFW SERVER!)

· Art, commission and adopt channels
· Show, game, and music channels to discuss your interests
· Self-assignable color roles
New! way or find yourself in a bus filled nearly to the brim with other people, of whom you assume are your peers. Men in black outfits carrying guns sit near the front, adjacent to a screen, as if protecting it. Of course, you're confused on why you're here, but that's when the screen crackles to life, offering a display of two girls who look noticeably like they're in their late teens, if not older. Although, then again, their overall figures were shrouded in shadows, and the curves of their face were oddly was unsettling.

"Welcome, everyone, to our government’s new project!" The young woman on the left declared. The girl was a bit taller then the one on the right, sporting a paler and more serious overall complexion.

"Yeah, thank you for ~~unwillingly~~ volunteering to help your country and world!" The one on the right would add, grinning cheerily.

"I am [REDACTED], and this is [𝕣𝕖𝕕𝕒𝕔𝕥𝕖𝕕]. We both will be helping you on this marvelous journey." [REDACTED] explained. Her mouth grinned a small bit in excitement and her companion nodded in agreement. [𝕣𝕖𝕕𝕒𝕔𝕥𝕖𝕕] faltered and squinted at something seemingly off-screen for a moment before continuing.

"N-nooow, uh...oh, yeah, you’ll all be in this, like, apocalypse bunker! Until we can make sure it can withstand an Apocalypse when one does happen." [𝕣𝕖𝕕𝕒𝕔𝕥𝕖𝕕] continued, flickering her gaze back through the screen. The two smiled, and there was something...something unnatural, if you may, but it was easily missed if you were to blink for a split second.
"As you enter the bunker, do not be alarmed by the size or any mysterious contraptions you might find. Also if you encounter any puzzle...ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ᴛᴏᴜᴄʜ ᴛʜᴇᴍ ᴏʀ ʀɪꜱᴋ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴘᴜɴʏ ʟɪꜰᴇ. Thank you!" The girls continued smiling pleasantly, gazing at you through the screen so fondly it was, there was nothing odd in that were just...maybe paranoid, right?

"But! The most important thing to remember is to a s̵͐͠t̴̃̈́a̶͗͐t̷̒͂ḯ̸̗c̶͌͑*̶́̔ then uh-s̵͐͠t̴̃̈́a̶͗͐t̷̒͂ḯ̸̗c̶͌͑*̶́̔ if you- s̵͐͠t̴̃̈́a̶͗͐t̷̒͂ḯ̸̗c̶͌͑*̶́̔ and you'll be fine, to say the least!" The video shut down abruptly, flashing the two girl’s cheshire grins one last time, and the bus you were traveling in slammed shut, lurching you forward. Armed men opened a door at the end of the transport, and they barked orders to get out of the truck. And so you did. Before you and your new peers...*volunteers*...was the door to a bunker. The way down was dark and steep, the air was stale and cold, filled with dust and dirt. Everything was dark, due to the limited light of no windows, and suddenly the hatch slammed shut. You were now down in the bunker, not knowing when you would get out, but something told you it wasn't going to be soon.
What Do We Offer:
1. A Friendly Staff Who Can Help You At Your Time Of Need
2. Many Different Clans To Choose From
3. Let Your Imaginations Go Wild With Your OC's
4. Some Fairly Decent Rules
5. Me, DM Me If You Need Any Help RP Related Or Not.


A Ninja Way: This Is An AU Where All Of The Main Naruto Characters Don't Exist, Except For Madara And Hashirama. This RP Takes Place An Entire Generation After Hashirama And Madara. The Threat So Far In The World Is The Akatsuki. But, Not Anymore They Are Now Defeated. Now, There Are Your Basic Problems. But, One Day...The Akatsuki Will Get Reborn By Someone Who Becomes Indra's Reincarnation. They Will Revive The Akatsuki And Will Start The Next Great Ninja War.

(More Will Be Added To The Lore)

Note: We Are OC ONLY!!! No Canon Characters Are Allowed Or To Be Referenced To
Subnautica is a game we should all play it is very fun. JOIN OUR SEVER, all jokes aside we have fun bot, music, character creation, a nice owner, we have custom creatures,we are probably the nicest people you'll meet and the only subnautica rp sever you’ll actually like, I hope you all enjoy your stay...try not to die XD
Hey. So here is my new server. You should give it a try before you leave. We have;

-Canon and OC friendly
-Short and sweet rules and lore
-LGBTQ+ friendly
..and many more that we are working on.
If you have any questions please DM me. Go beyond!

Ever wanted to role play in a server with no weird lore, creepy fan-base, and sweaty role players? This is the place for you. The rules aren't that strict and the template is easier than roasting an 8 year old on Xbox, so you can be as creative as your heart contents. Anything reasonable is allowed in this role play. Your role play status and experience doesn't matter, because no one is allowed to judge bad grammar or short commands (for the newbies of course). Make your own lore and story! We're looking forward for your visit, here at Harmony High!
It's the year 2176... The world was on the edge of a WW4 a couple of years back, until a virus was defeated and the nations fell in peace once again. Sadly only 10 years ago another virus broke down. The virus would turn the human into a creature. A radio-active creature. Everyone was panicked and didn't know what to do. In the meantime, the drug LSD became a popular alternative. Drugs became a daily routine for the citizens of many. Prisons were full, lives were lost, and so the USA made a deal with the other nations, to send all the drug users to an island, which they then called "The LSD City". After it was created, mythical creatures finally exited the shadows and lived their lives like humans on that island. Now humans, infected and monsters work together to make the world a better place. On the island now live more than 3 million people. It is cut into four different sectors. You've been sent on the island recently. Where do you wish to go now?
We are a new server into the community, and we welcome people with a hug *huggy* and a cookie!
If you are tired of looking for a laid back server, search no more because we are here! As I said, we are a very small community and have a very small staff, but we are working to fix that! Hope you enjoy your stay! (of course, if you join that is...)
Hello! Welcome to the world of heros and villains!
Here, you can become a hero, hero in training, villain, or a civilian, and interact with other characters. Please do not enter if you do not think you can roleplay in a semi-lit style. Here is what we offer, as a server!-
-NSFW channels
-Character discussion and lore
-Art channels
-An understanding staff
-A fun and toxicity free atmosphere
Our members are expected to
-Be semi-literate or literate
-Be friendly and respectful
-Submit character applications and literacy showcases
Please come join us and have fun!