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Pandora's Box. Just as how the very first Pandora's Box changed the world, this one will too. A secret series of facilities established with only one purpose in mind. To experiment on children, in attempts to give them superhuman abilities and powers.

Some of the children went ‘wrong’ during the experiments. Ending up with abilities, but no sense of right and wrong. Some were fine, and had powers. The children that ended up having powers? They’ve escaped. And now, the other children - the ones that supposedly ‘went wrong’ are tasked with bringing the escapees back by using whatever means necessary.

This roleplay will take place after all of the experiments have escaped the labs. The reason they all escaped is that all of the experiments that were being trained to go out into the world and help infiltrate and take over the government were being tested, to see if they could escape capture. However, it seems the scientists underestimated their little monsters...

Who are you?
It's been 20 years since the Day of Despair, the foggy lands of Western America are a dangerous place, the disputes for these lands are going to end this world once and for all, may God help us all...

- 11 Factions to join
- New server looking for roleplayers
- Post-Apocalyptical
- Character Roleplay
- Post-Apocalyptic toxic fog generated by aliens covering the world and the west of the United States, also Mexico is a superpower now, after almost all world governments collapsed.
▶a sandbox-style, scifi-cyberpunk-dystopia vibe server with flexible lore
▶Up to four characters
▶your character's own quarters and com device
▶lore and character ads and profiles hosted on our website
▶We are an open-world structured roleplay group where you can create and connect however you want, as much as you want, whenever you want.
▶One post a week activity requirement.

The world of Gaia is in imminent danger. You must choose a side, and thus, the fate of the world. What will you Choose? Will you hunt or be hunted?
Hello! This is a server meant for people that are interested in original alien characters, as well as their designs and the worlds they are a part of, and are eager to find others that have similar interests! Feel free to join, we welcome new members and look forward to seeing you!
"Take this! Take that!" *He pulled the finishing blow off, slaying the dragon.*

"Hello, I didn't see you there!"
"Welcome to Crooked Dungeons of the Deep where we have our own RPG that is not very complex!"

-Fair Staff

-Easy rules compared to other RPG servers

-Simple Dice Roller

-Straight forward roleplay system and rules

"Join now to slay thy dragons together, and reign mighty against the regions!"
This is the adopts server! We are a proud server dedicated to making all members feel welcomed while everyone gets to trade and sell adopts, as well as get into some roleplay!
-We have our own currency system to get free adopts!
-We have options to get your own species a spotlight in our species channels!
-lonely? we have off topic channels to just get around and meet each other!
-our mods and admin are carefully chosen to provide a nice and fair server
» ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★«
Du suchst einen Chilligen Deutschen-Roleplay-Server? Dann bist du hier genau richtig! wir das German roleplay Team roleplayen auch aktiv! Teste uns jetzt!
**2160 - Red and Black** is the place for a far-future, Dystopia roleplay based on 1984. With the setting of a powerful Sino-Soviet Confederation in a massive cold war with the quasi-fascist, Western Federation, with some other lore perks such as the Nazi-government-in-exile Venetian Empire, it's the place for the main Roleplaying action. Based on a Nazi victory in the Battle of Kursk resulting in a stalemate, your path forward is up to you.
Ladies, Gents and children of all ages...
I shall now present to you...~

Hello!~ This is Dr. StrawBella’s Hospital for the mentally deranged! It was too long at first, so we just shortened it down to my very last name! Ahuhuhu~ For years, my family has run this hospital. Will we cure you? Or will we tear you to pieces? Who knows! Just remember...I don’t bite...As hard~

Cool Roleplay server!
Kind community!
5 Character slots!
Small reopening professional community:
-NSFW channel
-Art Character Requests
-Undertale Specifics Chat
-OC help
-Artist help
-Wider community
-New friends etc
This is a role play server meant for people ages 16+ and up. This is specifically for roleplay ONLY.

Here you can find people to 1x1 with or do a group roleplay with. 1x1 and most group roleplays will be taken to private chats. There will only be three group roleplay channels that will be available to those who are chosen to begin one.

There are many fandom channels here and many roles to choose from. The genre and fandom chat rooms are meant to discuss plots and characters.

SO lets have fun and rp !!!
This server is just as it seems: it's a workshop for any and all things related to RP. Anything goes! The Roleplayer's Workshop is a place for you to test out your characters or worlds, improve your writing, character creation, and roleplaying ability, and more!
"Minecraft isn't just a game. It's an art form."

Block World: Character Roleplay

Welcome to Block World: Character Roleplay. Here, there are many choices for you to explore, including mining, farming, allying with the villagers, taking long voyages across the sea, building a mansion for you or your basemates, and several other opportunities for you to explore. Based on the recent success of Minecraft updates 1.12, 1.13 and 1.14 Block World has adapted Minecraft's fun into Roleplaying's fun, blending the two together. There are several events planned, so you can join!

==-- Several events planned, such as the 1.14 village and pillage update, discovery of Diamonds, and etc.

==-- New mechanics such as a brand new Mining and Combat system.

==-- A mobs, biomes and ores list for those who have never played a game of Minecraft in their life.

So come on down and join the server!
Welcome to Aelburn City!! You can create a character and take them on adventures through the city!! You can get a job or you can attend school. The possibilities are endless!! There’s a lot of places to visit in the city.

LGBT friendly. NSFW friendly, but not a NSFW server. This isn’t for any anime in particular. Just random little characters having fun. Anyone is welcome, we hope you enjoy your stay!
welcome to The Museum of Stupid Characters. where you can show off your stupid characters that you made.
now we aren't calling your characters stupid.
what this server is made for is for the characters that you have made that you think are your most stupid characters that you love

now this server isn't just for the character that are just stupid, but also for the character that were just because you didn't want to make a serious character.

if you dont have any character that you think are stupid then you can just look around at everyone else's characters and maybe talk about them.

so come on down. admission is free, but outside food and drink are prohibited.
Welcome to this wonderful 'little' community that we have created! Have fun while you're here, Roleplay as much as you like, take a load off from that stressful life and relax. Talk to new people from around the globe. Being a free-form Roleplaying server, you can write a character and take their place in our ever-growing world of channels that we put together. You can make as many characters as you want. Meet new people and Roleplay together! Happy RPing!

- Lachlan, Starshine, Pepsimax; RP World Owners
The Clans Of War is a server based in the medieval era, you can be a ruthless Viking or a noble Saxon, you may chose your own path, just be careful to make the right choice...

Doesn’t everyone love IKEA? All of the showrooms make it feel like you’re playing house! Of course the house looks much nicer than yours would ever, even decked out in IKEA’s particle board furniture. The restaurant/buffeteria makes great fish and chips, Swedish meatballs, vegetables, and desert. There is every kind of furniture you could dream of, plus some strange extra stuff down in market hall.
This is literally just an IKEA. Probably. The time period is current day. The location is Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

-roleplay server
-not for murder
-out of character chats
-meme channel
-art channel
-venting and drama channel



okay, I bet you’re confused. let’s go through a rundown! you have an oc/character that competes against other people, which we call patients, by doing events and tasks. the tasks are quite simple, and easy to do. last character standing is the champion of the safe house. of course, none of this is real, but if you have any question or concerns just contact me, or another mod about it, and we’ll get to you as soon as possible! thanks :D
Hello! This is The Acres :deciduous_tree:! A friendly roleplay server for all your friends!

What do we have to offer? Well, I'll tell you! We offer:

◼️ Roleplay,

◼️ Helpers,

◼️ A wide range of character choice,

◼️ And many plots you can follow on!

Come join today, and you surely wont regret it!
The year is 2019, a full year after "The Battle of Seattle" had taken place, where 3 Conduits destroyed the DUP (Department of Unified Protection) and killed its director, Brooke Augustine. The 3 Conduits then proceeded to ravage through the Pacific Northwest with an army of Conduits they freed from a DUP prison. The DUP, the only defense against Conduits were torn to shreds, and left normal people helpless, and were easy prey for any bored conduit who happened to cross their path.

In the city of Chicago, the local government has taken action to try and eradicate the Conduit threat by ordering a mass killing of suspected Bio-Terrorists (A Term for Conduits), leaving people who were killed, many of whom aren't even Conduits in fear for their safety. Of course, with such actions taken by the government, and the recently reformed and now bigger DUP, now based in Chicago, Conduits and some Normal People have begun a fight against them, and their oppression. The DUP have Chicago secured, and any suspected Conduit activity is crushed, brutally.