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The Rift is an ambitious roleplaying community set across the span of 6 years, encompassing an entire planet. If you're looking for a place with in-depth lore and roleplayers who can handle lengthy posts, this may be for you. You're going to have to put in a little effort to join, but it'll be worth your while (or your sanity back!*)

You can read more about the Rift here if you're interested.

We're always looking for new people to join our community and share in the adventure.

*The Rift is not responsible for any lost sanity as a result of reading the lore.
A discord server where you can share your Characters and art!
Hello whoever is reading this! My name is Claudia and I'm the co-owner on The Lewd Hotel. The Lewd Hotel is an NSFW Rp server that allows anyone 16+ to roleplay, not all rps have to be NSFW we also allow SFW if that's what you'd rather. At the time I'm writing this we have 136 members, we would be higher but we have just gotten rid of some of the people who have been on for a long period of time and never made a character. I hope to see you on the server if you ever choose to join!
- Claudia (C l a u d i a#4425)
A Discord RP all about Nation building and character building.

Many years passed, and the legendary Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke passed on, continuing the Indra and Ashura reincarnation to the next century. In this world, Boruto and Kawaki never existed to destroy the Hidden Leaf. Tensions have begun, however, as a new group named Kara have taken shape and plan to activate the Infinite Tsukuyomi similar to how Madara did many years ago. Instead of a world of peace, however, they want to annihilate everyone within it, and rule the Earth. Their presence has caused the 5 Hidden Villages to be uneasy with one another, and a 5th Great Ninja War is brewing...
A roleplay server about the shadow world, a world filled with darkness.
This server was made for art and you can share images
make original characters and more. We accept Anyone, And use any software you like.

The 5th Great Ninja War has ended as peace has been restored again but new threats have to come with many dangerous new people that will save this world and new villains that will destroy it with New Tail beasts appearing and the Uchiha clan has been restored again as well as the uzumaki clan.
Ready to fight?!
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*Welcome to Ansarian Academy where
2000 years after the war of Ansaria, which surprisingly ended quickly, the community has become one of the most advanced civilizations in the known universe. Darkness and still lingers the area and most heroes from back then have fallen, retired... even died. So students are now here to become the next heroes to continue the fight. Megami watches over the students with a smile while Yami still makes more monsters to harm the universe that Megami has created... so was this war really over? Or was it just the beginning? The answer... you’ll find out soon enough young ones...*
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We provide...
•**Great Staff!**

•**65 RP Channels!**

•**Every Channel for Every Topic!**

•**LGBTQ Friendly!**
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And Soon to be added...
•**Fun Bots!**

•**A great community!**

***Come join Ansarian Academy! Do it so we can grow and we can all have a fun time!***
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A small group of people who play "Neopets" and enjoy various aspects of the site, from coding, character creation, writing, gaming, and other aspects. Come join us, we don't bite.
Bounty is a planet found far away in the universe. In the year 2136, humans had built sophisticated hyperdrive modules for interstellar spacecraft. This means they could travel to any part of the universe within 2-5 seconds. They traveled around the universe, discovering planets and solar systems alike. But they found a new planet, much like Earth. It had oxygen in its atmosphere, it had lakes of water, but most importantly... it had life. But when a team of astronauts, named Bounty 36, went to investigate the mysterious planet, the spacecraft failed, and they lost all forms of communication with Earth.

As one of the astronauts, you must survive on Bounty, avoiding the planet's mythical creatures. Find communications, create a shelter, discover a new species, do whatever your heart desires! Just remember one thing: Stay alive!

As one of the creatures, you already know how to survive on Bounty; Unfortunately, there’s now a group of newcomers that crashed down, and who knows their REAL motives?

Good luck, Bounty 36.
Welcome to a Hazbin Hotel Discord Server! We have art channels, roleplay, and other shit! If you don’t like the show, that’s okay! Come and join!
Basically, its set in an alternate universe with three fandoms, Marvel, D.C., and the X-MEN. THOUGH. Don’t be discouraged to create your own organization! It is all oc based and any characters that normally existed don't, just the same themes. We are quite new but we are nice and have quite an organized system. You are allowed to make suggestions and don’t even have to be in one of the main groups! Once enough people join, you’ll be able to make your own ranks with groups of people of your choice! There will be hero’s and villains, so don’t be afraid to make your character and go all out! Please give it a shot!
This is a place where you can chill and make a naruto character and become hella strong!
Trials of Strength is a combat game, where you can make your own character, develop abilities for that character and duke it out against others. We have a visual battlefield, and an arena kit available if you'd like to create your own arena. We have an advanced but easy to learn combat system that let's you create and evolve your abilities. You can climb the ladder of contestants and one day become a gladiator. Join us and you can go through your Trials of Strength!
Have you ever wanted to find a place to sell your adoptables and buy adopts? We'll you've stopped at the right cafe! Adoptable Cafe is a server solely based on the purpose of advertisement. You can advertise your adoptables aswell as artwork and art social medias. The main aspect of the server is art. We also host adoptable design contests and give away adoptables created by the server owner. Come join in on the fun and help this server grow to a wider audience!
Looks like you've came across my roleplay server, this isn't the biggest server but I'm hoping the server grows!~
I give out custom roles, just dm me or @me in general
Always happy to promote other servers (whether it's your own or a friends)
Welcome.. War has raged over the Imperium now for 49 millennia. However... it has ended. Every opposing race has been pushed back to the far reaches of the galaxy, and are going to be licking their wounds for a long, long time. Now? We must learn to live with ourselves again... (Ask to be a WH40k character or make your own!)