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The Rift is a tear in the universe that exists through time, the Earth on one end, a nameless planet on the other. Every day, thousands of people disappear into the Rift. You are one of them.

You can read more about the Rift here
a server built for RP, you can rule your own faction! or be a person! have your own ship! theres no limit! we have our own lore as well! we are also growing somewhat too! we have great security too! come join us! we also have a community server too! (Akaiva)
Sixteen years ago, a civil war began in the Queendom of Maevana. Half of the “loyal” lords of Maevana turned traitor and murdered their queen in order to give one lord the throne to rule as king. He was the current lord of LAnnon. LAnnon the Fierce. LAnnon was fierce, cruel and did not truly care about his people or his country. Shortly after he usurped the throne, a small contingent of four lords still loyal to the Kavanagh line engaged in a battle where they were sorely outmatched. Lannon and his allies defeated the men and sent them running to protect their families. Lord Morgane escaped with his eldest son, his wife and daughter slaughtered. Lord MacQuinn escaped with his youngest son, though his daughter and wife were slaughtered. Lord Kavanagh escaped with his youngest daughter, Rhienne Kavanagh.

Our goal is to take back the throne and place the true queen upon it.
A Discord RP all about Nation building and character building.
Welcome to the Bleach: A New Beginning roleplay server! This roleplay is set 110 years after the fall of Ywach and the quinces. Currently a new threat has arose to try and topple the Soul Society, She is the supreme hollow, and her three supreme Espada. We encourage you to make your own OC to interact with the world we have crafted, but also feel free to claim any non-taken canon characters as well! This server is a soft reset of a server that the mods ran before, and thus some of their OC’s have been carried over.
Hello whoever is reading this! My name is Claudia and I'm the co-owner on The Lewd Hotel. The Lewd Hotel is an NSFW Rp server that allows anyone 16+ to roleplay, not all rps have to be NSFW we also allow SFW if that's what you'd rather. At the time I'm writing this we have 136 members, we would be higher but we have just gotten rid of some of the people who have been on for a long period of time and never made a character. I hope to see you on the server if you ever choose to join!
- Claudia (C l a u d i a#4425)
After the 5th Great Shinobi War, the villages were cut apart yet again, as no connections were even allowed to be made. They continued to war for years and even decades as many both brave and noble Shinobi lost their lives. Now in an age of conflict, which Village shall prevail?

Many years passed, and the legendary Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke passed on, continuing the Indra and Ashura reincarnation to the next century. In this world, Boruto and Kawaki never existed to destroy the Hidden Leaf. Tensions have begun, however, as a new group named Kara have taken shape and plan to activate the Infinite Tsukuyomi similar to how Madara did many years ago. Instead of a world of peace, however, they want to annihilate everyone within it, and rule the Earth. Their presence has caused the 5 Hidden Villages to be uneasy with one another, and a 5th Great Ninja War is brewing...
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*Welcome to Ansarian Academy where
2000 years after the war of Ansaria, which surprisingly ended quickly, the community has become one of the most advanced civilizations in the known universe. Darkness and still lingers the area and most heroes from back then have fallen, retired... even died. So students are now here to become the next heroes to continue the fight. Megami watches over the students with a smile while Yami still makes more monsters to harm the universe that Megami has created... so was this war really over? Or was it just the beginning? The answer... you’ll find out soon enough young ones...*
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We provide...
•**Great Staff!**

•**65 RP Channels!**

•**Every Channel for Every Topic!**

•**LGBTQ Friendly!**
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And Soon to be added...
•**Fun Bots!**

•**A great community!**

***Come join Ansarian Academy! Do it so we can grow and we can all have a fun time!***
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A roleplay server about the shadow world, a world filled with darkness.
One day, in a small town named Bridgeton, there was a mist unlike any other mist.
It plagued every crook and cranny.
It wouldn't go away.
Soon after, they emerged.
Enormous flying insects with scorpion-like tails tipped with venomous stingers emerge.
Gigantic six-legged, tentacled beasts emerge.
The monsters of your nightmares emerge.
As the mist spreads, so do they.
They will destroy anything in their path.
They will not stop until nothing is left.
They will find you.
A group of heroes emerge from different origins, intent on destroying the beasts.
The mist is spreading. Fast. Bridgeville is next to be infested.
Will you stop it before it's too late?
Will you escape the beasts?
Will you survive?
Mason County, Wisconsin: one of the most supernatural towns in America. Though its supposed sleepiness may trick you, don't be fooled- there's tons of unexplainable happenings 'round these parts! Some locals even claim to have seen human-like monsters roaming around in the areas near.

This server is a SFW rp server created so people can relax, create a story, and have fun messing around with their favorite myths and cryptids! We have a variety of OOC chats and fun bots, so come and stay a while!

This RP was inspired by stories of cryptids like Bigfoot, Mothman, the Jersey Devil, along with a great DnD/Monster of the Week podcast called The Adventure Zone, made by the McElroy brothers. be sure to check it out!

Welcome to our RP server.

We're currently running a Dystopian-style RP. The town of Evraso has been plunged into a quarantine - no one is allowed in or out. A curfew has been enforced, cameras have been placed in all resident's homes, and mobile phones are tapped. It's a living hell.

Will your character join the rebellion, or stick with the government?

(Multi chara, small paragraph replies. We're a super friendly group of people. The server environment is also really casual!)
✨Hey, you! Ever wanted a place to talk about all of the stories and characters you've created? This place is for you!✨

What we offer:
• Art channels to show off your hard work!
• Character discussion chats to talk about your characters!
• Worldbuilding assistance and references of all sorts!
• A kind and supportive staff!
• Bots for entertainment!
• Open and accepting to anybody!

All we're missing is you!
A small group of people who play "Neopets" and enjoy various aspects of the site, from coding, character creation, writing, gaming, and other aspects. Come join us, we don't bite.
This server was made for art and you can share images
make original characters and more. We accept Anyone, And use any software you like.

Welcome to a Hazbin Hotel Discord Server! We have art channels, roleplay, and other shit! If you don’t like the show, that’s okay! Come and join!
This is a place where you can chill and make a naruto character and become hella strong!
Have you ever wanted to find a place to sell your adoptables and buy adopts? We'll you've stopped at the right cafe! Adoptable Cafe is a server solely based on the purpose of advertisement. You can advertise your adoptables aswell as artwork and art social medias. The main aspect of the server is art. We also host adoptable design contests and give away adoptables created by the server owner. Come join in on the fun and help this server grow to a wider audience!
Looks like you've came across my roleplay server, this isn't the biggest server but I'm hoping the server grows!~
I give out custom roles, just dm me or @me in general
Always happy to promote other servers (whether it's your own or a friends)
Welcome.. War has raged over the Imperium now for 49 millennia. However... it has ended. Every opposing race has been pushed back to the far reaches of the galaxy, and are going to be licking their wounds for a long, long time. Now? We must learn to live with ourselves again... (Ask to be a WH40k character or make your own!)
Morze Coasts is located in South Rhydin. A world and realm all it’s own. Tropical atmosphere. A city for vampires among many other areas to play.