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Welcome! In this server you can play as both Ghouls and Doves, rank them up to Special Class or SSS Rate with our claim system and participate in our story. You can do what ever you wish, will it bring about a red letter day? Or will it destroy that chance, why dont you join and find out?
Welcome to our Tokyo Ghoul Roleplay server. Here you can create your own character and roleplay as either a Ghoul, Human or Quinx. As you progress, your character will level up, get stronger and more dangerous. Survive in the ghoul world by satisfying your hunger for humans and live in the human world as either a normal person or a member of the CCG, hunting ghouls. No canon characters, create your own and work your way to greatness! ^^
Welcome to Tokyo Ghoul A New world. It is based in a alternet setting where the Sunlit Garden Project was terminated and the Quinx all went Rogue a year ago as such that was also terminated. We use a stat and leveling system so you can see your character grow to becoming a powerful force to be reckon with.

We are fun and easy going server where we do not allow any OOC drama and require people to be over the age of 16 as there is very mature subjects same as in Tokyo ghoul. This is not for the faint hearted. So if this does interest you feel free to come over and join us you will be welcomed with open arms.
We add updates every 2 weeks or so to make things more interesting. I hope you hear for your guys soon.
・゚゚・:.。..。.:゚::✼✿ !Tokyo Ghoul: Dark! ✿✼:゚:.。..。.:・゚゚・*

Following a new canon with a new world and inhabited by OC's that could work to save it or rule it (up to you)
Have wide options for OC and make them either based off canon characters or completely original
Hope you have enjoy your time in this new world, however long you survive

・Everyone and Anyone is accepted !
・Friendly Staff
・Growing Server
・Active owner
・Fun bots
・Fun Events
・Voice Calls
・Friendly Members
・And Much more!

・゚゚・:.。..。.:゚::✼✿ !Join Tokyo Ghoul: Dark Server Now! ✿✼:゚:.。..。.:・゚゚・*

IMPORTANT: This server has gone through a full wipe recently, if you're to join you will be one of the few on the server as we rebuild. I expect mature and active members.

We are a server dedicated to the Tokyo Ghoul Universe, having fun and interesting role plays within the server and growing better and better as we go along.

We offer a wide range of opportunities for interesting and detailed roleplay,

As well as the chance to conquer your foes through combat roleplay!

We have a lot of things to offer, including:
-Literate roleplay~

-Fair rules

-No established PTK!

-Developing detailed stories with others!

-Detailed and interesting story events!

-And a helpful and attentive staff team!

This server is owned by: Sage #3742

Come to join us in the world of Corrupted Blood!
After Kaneki Ken's death, the progress he had made on uniting the ghouls and humans began to crumble. Ghouls eventually returned to their predatory tendencies, prompting the CCG to make a return to combat their return. As time continued to pass, ghouls and the CCG continued to clash as they once had, making tensions between the two races return to their former state. In such a ruthless and unfair world, only the strongest and most adept will survive. With each side racing to annihilate the other, will you be able to survive the onslaught?
The Bridge between three factions, humans, ghouls, and the CCG. Splitting all of Tokyo into 24 wards, going up the numbers from least (being the safest) to last (being the worst). Humans in the first 1-6 wards have no knowledge of the Ghouls unless they are apart of the CCG. Currently the Ghouls are starting to evolve, giving way to wards 24 and 23 being almost completely corrupted. But don't believe they are dumb, they keep there species a secret. The CCG is also on the rise. New research is just on the break of being discovered, who knows, it may make them stronger.

Welcome to Lumian Ghoul! An alternate universe Tokyo Ghoul server set in a fictional city named Lumios, a character-heavy story roleplay in which player characters can help mold the future of the setting. Committed players will be able to spur new plotlines across the city or intervene at key points to influence major events. With unique, custom-made lore and plenty of interesting characters, we’re opening our doors for new blood to come in and make their mark!
Two important disclaimers:
- finishing up construction but we're currently open for public testing. Helpful feedback to help improve our systems and plan for future developments would be greatly appreciated. Staff are currently working on the implementation of a bounty system and gear purchase system. This ad itself is subject to change as the server grows and is more fully established.
- This server will touch on heavy and potentially challenging moral topics and is not for the faint of heart. Intense violence, gore, torture, and similarly mature subjects will likely crop up over the course of roleplays here. Please be sure you understand and accept this before joining.
Whether it be a ravenous Ghoul, a trained CCG investigator, or anything in between… opportunity awaits. If you think you can carve yourself a place in this brutal world of predators and prey, then come join us!

◇─◇──◇────◇ ◇─────◇──◇─◇

The war has ended, life has continued. Kaneki, Touka, and the rest have lived their lives in peace. All are deceased, a new generation as begun. Everything has been alright ever since, until a sudden massacre of three young individuals. All ghouls, approximately aged teenagers. Their parents grieved their deaths, seeking for vengeance. Bringing in the ghoul race to eliminate the humans, the CCG’s. War has begun once again, calamity, destruction, pain, desolation. From all around the humanity world. Ghouls, regrouping into strong groups. New leaders, new missionaries, undeniable strength. The CCG’s, now planning new and astonishing quinque’s and tools to abolish the ghouls. Everyone seeks to survive.

◇─◇──◇────◇ ◇─────◇──◇─◇

TG: TRIBULATION is a Tokyo Ghoul roleplaying community for striving Tokyo Ghoul fans like you guys! (And anime in general.) Our staff team tries to keep the community non-toxic yet an enjoyable place for jokes and different sense of humors. We are detailed-literate roleplayers and hope you are one yourself! & We do not accept ONE-LINERS! Sorry, but we like our role players to be detailed and imagine-able.

◇─◇──◇────◇ ◇─────◇──◇─◇
W H A T D O W E H A V E?


◇─◇──◇────◇ ◇─────◇──◇─◇

We hope you enjoy our server! Please suggest anything to make our server better a better environment.
This is a server where you can meet new people who share the same interest in the series as you do! Share ideas and create crazy OC's related to the series! Catch up with the new episodes and latest manga chapters! Write poetry and fan based stories and have us read! Become friends with staff!
We also have
>Fandom chat!
>Chill lounge!
>Story and Poetry writing!
>Bots that serve you!
>Character discussions!
>active members!
>active staff!
>Character voiceovers!
>Memes :3
And more!
Walk the streets of Tokyo by joining now!
You enter the space and your world lights up. The area smells of metalic blood and damp concrete. The best you can do is try and survive. Join the Tokyo Ghoul rp. An original story line with an ever better fighting system. Start off at the lowest and emerge victorious as you battle your way through many enemies, friends, and CCG.
We Have:
-Choose your own story
-Create any type of character
-Make your own Quinque and Kagune
-Even talk about your character and gush about what you love about the show.
Come join us in this marvelous adventure. We will be waiting.
✼ Welcome to Tokyo Ghoul: Cleansed Blood. ✼
> An art section, perfect for any artsy people to show off their collection!
> Various bots for music, organization ETC!
> Grading process that insures a quality experience with other members!
> Astounding number of RP locations, both from the original universe and some custom!
> Weekly events/Constant updates to keep the ball rolling!
> Growing community and attentive staff!
Hello there, welcome to Tokyo Ghoul: Cleansed Blood! We offer a literate roleplay area for the Tokyo Ghoul universe for people who take their writing just a little more seriously than one-liners and grindy stat systems! (More info below!)

I would like to invite you to a growing and accepting community of role-players. If you're interested in becoming moderation in the server we still have a few slots open for mature members who deem themselves responsible enough for the position. We have a few requirements, however, you must be of age (15+) and be literate, the bare minimum for line expectancy in roleplays is about 9+ lines (We prefer more if possible)- if you accept these pre-requisites you're more than welcome to stay!

This server does not (And will not) have canon characters, in addition, it will run off its own timeline in the Tokyo Ghoul universe and will have no stat systems with the roleplaying aspect being paragraph based with in-depth world based systems, thank you for your interest and we hope to see you in the server soon!
・゚゚・:.。..。.:゚::✼✿ !Tokyo Ghoul: ✿✼:゚:.。..。.:・゚゚・*
Tokyo Ghoul is set in an alternate reality where ghouls, creatures that look like normal people but can only survive by eating human flesh, live amongst the human population in secrecy, hiding their true nature in order to evade pursuit from the authorities. Ghouls have powers including enhanced strength and regenerative abilities - a regular ghoul produces 4–7 times more kinetic energy in their muscles than a normal human; they also have several times the RC cells. A ghoul's skin is resistant to ordinary piercing weapons, and it has at least one special predatory organ called a kagune (Japanese: 赫子), which it can manifest and use as a weapon during combat. Another distinctive trait of ghouls is that when they are excited or hungry, the color of their sclera in both eyes turns black and their irises red. This mutation is known as kakugan (赫眼, "red eye").
This is 80 years after Kaneki’s existence. There was a very surreal peace with ghouls and humans. Until a group named Aogiri was rebuilt from ashes and dust, they began trampling civilians and CCG alike; slaughtering innocent people for nothing. They wanted war. And had thousands to back them up. Thus forth, caused another Ghoul VS human war. Sending tokyo back into a war state. However this new generation of ghouls are stronger then the last; More harsh and bloodthirsty, Can sustain more damage which only further drives their bloodlust, can raise hell to levels never seen before. They outpetrify the old ghoul society with ease and there’s no telling where the chaos will end. There are still some who want peace, however they run thinner every day as they are killed off or consent to violence. Darkness has spread through tokyo, once again... how will you take on this world?

🌸 *Chill and chat with a nontoxic community and fair staff team that is helpful and holds events!*
🌸 *We have an in-depth, unique plot with many twists designed to shock and awe!*
🌸 *Set up a character and develop them however you choose! Rise through the ranks as an Investigator or dominate the wards as a starved Ghoul! You can even roleplay as a Human and live an everyday life, just to name a few other options!*
🌸 *We don't have a stat system whatsoever, and character creation is relatively simple! Character progression and development is determined solely by how __YOU__ move the roleplay along!*
🌸 *Explore the prestigious city called Tokyo and the various wards, each one displaying a different level of character that’s unique to that location. You can even rule a ward yourself and create your own ghoul faction!*
🌸 *No enforced character limit; the limit is simply a recommended limit.*
🌸 *Giveaways for that which cannot be directly earned in roleplay!*
🌸 *Application available for those who would like to join the Submissions Team!*
Welcome to the mash up of two worlds, My Hero Academia and Tokyo Ghoul. Become a quirk user or a ghoul, or even just a plain old human who is part of the CCG and choose your path in this amazing server- Good or Evil.
Why us?
Well we have amazing mods
We are going to be doing many events revolving around the two
We also have a discussion over what is happening in the two animes
But don't you dare think the fun stops there because there is much, much more!
Years ago, Tokyo was under attack, both ghouls and humans alike. A mysterious gang, known as “Followers of the Dragon” rose to power, threatening the entire city. Then, after the great battle of Tokyo, the gang fell silent. Yet after many years, in the year 2039, the gang arose again, this time with much more confidence. They destroyed most of Tokyo, turning it into an Anarchist Ghoul city named “Anoku.” The remaining 4 wards barricaded themselves behind a giant wall, naming the new city “Neo-Tokyo.” They declared themselves as an Empire apart from Japan. The City was divided into 4 wards, the Nishi Ward, home to most of the military power and the only gate to the inside and outside, the Azuma Ward, where most residents and homeless people reside, the Minami Ward, where the Emperor, Remnants of the CCG, and the rich live. Then finally there’s the Noruto Ward, where the Noruto Ghoul Prison, or the Neo-Cochlea, resides.
The city of Anoku is a leaderless and chaotic war zone now, where the Remnants of the CCG, or the RCCG battle the many ghouls in the area.
☆ Join the largest Tokyo Ghoul RP Server! ☆
☆ Descriptive, self-assignable roles
☆ Bot & NSFW channels
☆ Diverse selection of character creation options
☆ Wide selection of RP locations
☆ Interactive server-wide events
☆ Friendly community & active staff (don't let the member count scare you!)
This story takes place years after Kaneki's existence. CCG and Ghouls have once again slipped away into combat after a group of ghoul's began to steal people's lives just for the fun of it. When the CCG ruthlessly killed a group of ghouls who originally had nothing to do with the killing for sport an all out war began between these two groups. Some ghouls still try to bring peace, but with all new generations of hostile ghouls these efforts are very futile. This butting of heads will bring new events and changes in Tokyo.

Welcome to 𝐓𝐨𝐤𝐲𝐨 𝐆𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐥 - Bloodstained Night!
We're happy to note that you've taken a look at our description, we'll keep things short so we don't use too much of your time!
Here a few of the things we have in our server:

✶ Weekly Giveaways!
✶ Canon Quinque and Kagune!
✶ A kind and respectful community!
✶ Custom color roles!
✶ Unique ghoul perks!
✶ More than a 100 different locations to choose where to rp!
✶ Loads of events and more!

Also, we are a brand new server, there fore we shall be doing way more giveaways than usual!

Tokyo 2020

    The Bridge between three factions, humans, ghouls, and the CCG. Splitting all of Tokyo into 24 wards, going up the numbers from least (being the safest) to last (being the worst). Humans in the first 1-6 wards have no knowledge of the Ghouls unless they are apart of the CCG. Currently the Ghouls are starting to evolve, giving way to wards 24 and 23 being almost completely corrupted. But don't believe they are dumb, they keep there species a secret. The CCG is also on the rise. New research is just on the break of being discovered, who knows, it may make them stronger.

We have NSFW but you must be 18+ to access the channel!!!
The ghoul and human worlds have been reset reversing and redoing all of the past events so just like it once was a peaceful place where they stay intertwined unknowing of the threats covered as canibal murders. The CCG start up finding out the truth now it's your turn to start your own story will you be a ghoul and fight with the others against the CCG or fight with them it's all your choice from here.
Ghouls of Tokyo is a Tokyo Ghoul themed roleplay server. In this roleplay, you may only have one character, and once you die, you're out until you win a revival giveaway, or in the event where the roleplay is reset and everyone can join back.

You can choose to either be a human or a ghoul and then you'll pick your kagune + the appearance, unless you want me to randomise it and reveal it for you when you unlock it. Everyone starts out as average or weak (choice) for their race unless they have a special reason not to be, such as being a halfie.

No one is special or knows anything about the world IC, so it'll be fair game for everyone and you'll need your own wit to learn things. Everything happens for a reason, so I won't just make some random ghouls/CCG appear to attack you. It happened because you slipped up somewhere along the line.

There has been a timeskip, but you will still have to unlock your kagune, the chances are just a little higher now so people can catch up, but you won't automatically unlock it after any timeskips now.

I hope you all enjoy this roleplay!
this is a fun rp server were we like to enjoy our selfs, we hope you come and join and enjoy your stay