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Welcome to Tokyo Ghoul A New world. It is based in a alternet setting where the Sunlit Garden Project was terminated and the Quinx all went Rogue a year ago as such that was also terminated. We use a stat and leveling system so you can see your character grow to becoming a powerful force to be reckon with.

We are fun and easy going server where we do not allow any OOC drama and require people to be over the age of 16 as there is very mature subjects same as in Tokyo ghoul. This is not for the faint hearted. So if this does interest you feel free to come over and join us you will be welcomed with open arms.
We add updates every 2 weeks or so to make things more interesting. I hope you hear for your guys soon.
Tokyo Ghoul:NEW is exactly what it sounds like; new!
We are a small but dedicated group of individuals who, first and foremost, all enjoy role playing, and secondly enjoy friendly communities.
Although this RP is based on the anime and manga Tokyo Ghoul extensive knowledge is not required, there will be many friendly faces to help you along!

We hope you come join us!
Long ago creature like humans appeared on the world that ate other humans, these creatures were known as Ghouls. In Tokyo, a new military anti ghoul was found, the CCG were trained to keep up against the enhanced abilities of the ghouls. The CCG is there to make peace. Humans have no idea how ghouls live they just know ghouls eat humans, and only the CCG and scientists know how a ghoul biology works. Ghouls live in fear to being found out by the CCG, they only eat to live, they have emotions just like humans do. A world where both sides fight each other to survive, if 1 lives the other doesn't, this is Tokyo Ghoul.
Tokyo Ghoul: Sunless || Partner

"Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種トーキョーグール, Tōkyō Gūru) is a TV anime produced by Studio Pierrot based on the manga of the same name.

The second season, titled Tokyo Ghoul √A (東京喰種トーキョーグール√A, Tōkyō Gūru √A), began airing on January 9, 2015. Unlike the first season, which followed the original manga, the second season was advertised as an alternate story spun by Sui Ishida for the anime.
A third season, titled Tokyo Ghoul:re (東京喰種トーキョーグール:re, Tōkyō Gūru:re) and based on the manga of the same name, began airing on April 3, 2018. It takes place two years after the events of Tokyo Ghoul √A.[2] It was followed by a fourth season on October 9, 2018, which concludes the series as a whole." - " -

The war is over the CCG And Ghouls with draw from fighting.. All but simple Ghoul named Aizen Mortomi Has broken the temporarily truce and ignited a whole bunch of chaotic events.. The CCG Finding away to Produce 2 more arata armours the ghouls remain endanger now..
What will your story be?

Join now and find out
- SpoopyJumpscare


Tokyo Ghoul : Sunless || Offers

- No Ptk

- Lots of Frequent giveaways

- Events with great awards!

- Ghoul & CCG Character submission

- Friendly staff(Currently in need of Staff That is reponsible and good with literate roleplay)
Tokyo Ghoul: Unlighted

Based on the popular anime and manga , Tokyo ghoul; Unlighted; allows players to engage in Interactive roleplays.

- frequent giveaways
- In need of FRIENDLY Staff
- Co-Owner needed ( Need to be experienced with multi-paragraph roleplaying)
-frequent events
- for the first 5 people gets artificial one-eyed ghoul
Join the newest Tokyo Ghoul RP
- Tons of Roles
- Bot's
- Large Selection of Character Creation Options
- Constantly expanding selection of rp locations
This story takes place years after Kaneki's existence. CCG and Ghouls have once again slipped away into combat after a group of ghoul's began to steal people's lives just for the fun of it. When the CCG ruthlessly killed a group of ghouls who originally had nothing to do with the killing for sport an all out war began between these two groups. Some ghouls still try to bring peace, but with all new generations of hostile ghouls these efforts are very futile. This butting of heads will bring new events and changes in Tokyo.
Server created 3/16/18.
TG:A is a literate Tokyo Ghoul RP server which requires verification before joining.
The server includes weekly giveaways, trained staff, a wide variety of RP options and freedoms, and more.
Hey there! We're an open-minded, casual Tokyo Ghoul roleplay server. Please do not use obscene language, and be kind to others. We're all about positivity and roleplay enjoyment.
Have fun! ♥
We are a server dedicated to the Tokyo Ghoul Universe, having fun and interesting role plays within the server and growing better and better as we go along.

We offer a wide range of opportunities for interesting and detailed roleplay,

As well as the chance to conquer your foes through combat roleplay!

We have a lot of things to offer, including:
-Literate roleplay~

-Fair rules

-No established PTK!

-Developing detailed stories with others!

-Detailed and interesting story events!

-And a helpful and attentive staff team!
The year is 2015, Date 2/7

A few years ago we discovered two races hiding in mutiny other known as Ghouls and Quirked humans They’ve been identified as sub races for humans some being used as a attempt to be the Symbol of peace and end the ghouls once and for all.. The ghouls are a race of humans from unknown origin like the quirked crusaders. Ghouls (喰種グール, gūru, translates approximately to eater species) are a carnivorous and cannibalistic humanoid species that are only able to feed on the flesh of humans and other ghouls. They are as close to humans as possible: they normally display the same attributes; the same physical appearance and intelligence as a human with the main exception being their inner biology, mentality, and diet.

If certain rare conditions are met, ghouls and humans may even be able to have offspring (see one-eyed ghoul and half-human), and through a successful kakuhou transplant surgery, an artificial hybrid can be created. By using airborne-transmitted diseases like those utilized by Furuta Washuu, the condition known as ROS (an overload of RC cells) can lead to artificial ghoulification.
-New server making almost the Tokyo ghoul canons free.


-We listen!

-literate server (All we ask you to do is use capitals and punctuation marks when necessary)

Join today to make a difference!
While driving past the border between Germany and Poland you happen to spot smoke on the horizon. Figuring it would only add about half an hour to your trip to Warsaw you decide to pull over and get a closer look; Christians, burning a screaming female Ghoul at the stake... this was going to be an exciting vacation.

An RP based in the Tokyo Ghoul universe, but taking place in the Polish territory. Join the small group of CCG Investigators, or seek to hunt in the snow or join a gang as a Ghoul, or even track down and persecute Ghouls as a human!
-Creative setting and local lore.
-Regular events and chances to climb your rating or class.
-open community seeking to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone.

IMPORTANT: This server has gone through a full wipe recently, if you're to join you will be one of the few on the server as we rebuild. I expect mature and active members.

We are a server dedicated to the Tokyo Ghoul Universe, having fun and interesting role plays within the server and growing better and better as we go along.

We offer a wide range of opportunities for interesting and detailed roleplay,

As well as the chance to conquer your foes through combat roleplay!

We have a lot of things to offer, including:
-Literate roleplay~

-Fair rules

-No established PTK!

-Developing detailed stories with others!

-Detailed and interesting story events!

-And a helpful and attentive staff team!

This server is owned by: Sage #3742

Come to join us in the world of Corrupted Blood!
Facade Court

Facade Court, a roleplay based off of the popular Horror and Thriller manga and anime, Tokyo Ghoul.

The roleplay is entirely custom meaning you must use your own character, not canon ones being allowed whatsoever.

The server itself is very active with a unique ranking system, based entirely off of the roleplay skill of the person.

Creativity is encouraged here for things such as organizations, quinque, and characters in general, while they should be kept reasonable.

Unlike most other servers PTK is not enabled here, so you do have a chance of dying, adding much for suspense when engaging in combat.

So to make things much more simple, our basics are:

No Permission To Kill,
Original Characters Only,
Balanced Ranking System,
Custom Organizations,
and much more to be added with your help!
This is a server to meet new people we love anime and we're weird well Atleast me (the server owner is) lmao
Welcome to RESURRECTION, an AU Tokyo Ghoul Server. Within this world, none of the main characters exists, so it's up to others to fill those roles. Will that be you perhaps? Will you be a friendly or dangerous ghoul? A powerful Investigator? Or among the humans stuck in the middle? That is for you to decide.

On the server, we have a system of which you can create your own groups, like the Aogiri or perhaps a special unit of the CCG. Hope this server sounds interesting enough to join!
The Aogiri Tree exists to create a good world for us ghouls, a world in which ghouls can live openly and freely. Our enemy are the Doves of the CCG.

-Tokyo Ghoul themed server
-Custom emojis
-Everyone is welcome
-Self advertising

We're looking for new people to join our community anyone is welcome weather if you know what Tokyo Ghoul is our community is for people looking to meet new people and make new friends we're always happy to see a new face around!
come join my tokyo ghoul roleplay server it would be fun for you to join with me my co-owner and my one mod and we worked hard on the server so plz respect it and hope you have fun :)
Come enjoy a roleplay with fellow members that enjoy eating others and killing them for humanity! This server tries it's best to maintain a good relationship with its members!
Ghouls live among the human kind. the same as normal people in every way—except their craving for human flesh. Year 2019 an operation set out by the Aogiri Tree terrorist organization founded by Eto Yoshimura. Launched an operation to seize Tokyo for ghoul reign. Failed them to stop them, CCG forces have been whittled down emincely. Being forced to retreat back over to the main lands of Korea and Russia along with hundred of broken down refugees. Several CCG investigators turn to blame Quinx squad for their ghoul traits. transforming them to the scapegoats of their lost Japan under ghoul flags. Stepping in to help are now a newly formed human organization to attempt their efforts on keeping the peace but proven pointless. Now year 2020, CCG troops have regather under one director to commence a recapture operation. Willing to lose their lives for their once broken homeland. In a post apocalyptic environment, what shall be the outcome of this war?
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《 Tokyo Ghoul 》
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Welcome to this small roleplaying server that is based off the anime and manga, Tokyo ghoul! If you've never watch Tokyo ghoul or don't know that much about it, that's alright! Our staff will help you out if you ever have any questions!

⊱─────About the server─────⊰
*In modern day Tokyo, society lives in fear of Ghouls: mysterious creatures that look exactly like humans, yet hunger insatiably for their flesh...* In this server we hope to encourage creativity as long as it is within reason with responsible and reasonable staff members. What will you choose to be. A ghoul that preys off of humans for a living? Or a CCG Member that hunts down ghouls to save humanity? That choice is upon you!

◇────What we have─────◇
This server has friendly, positive community to hang out in. A friendly, active and helpful staff team. Freeform creation with a simple lore setup! Make an original character and participate in RP events.

《 》
A Tokyo Ghoul RP that doesn't follow the canon story but rather just the concept of the Ghouls and society with them itself. Write your way into an AU of TG and help create a brand new universe for others to explore!
Tokyo Ghoul Fantasy Role Play, Create your own characters and Fight to Gain XP to reach high Ranks, Fight for your spot for One Eyed King