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This is a Tokyo Ghoul Roleplay Server where you yourself can create a story, doing things which change the outcome of different events to come.
Welcome to RESURRECTION, an AU Tokyo Ghoul Server. Within this world, none of the main characters exists, so it's up to others to fill those roles. Will that be you perhaps? Will you be a friendly or dangerous ghoul? A powerful Investigator? Or among the humans stuck in the middle? That is for you to decide.

On the server, we have a system of which you can create your own groups, like the Aogiri or perhaps a special unit of the CCG. Hope this server sounds interesting enough to join!

IMPORTANT: This server has gone through a full wipe recently, if you're to join you will be one of the few on the server as we rebuild. I expect mature and active members.

We are a server dedicated to the Tokyo Ghoul Universe, having fun and interesting role plays within the server and growing better and better as we go along.

We offer a wide range of opportunities for interesting and detailed roleplay,

As well as the chance to conquer your foes through combat roleplay!

We have a lot of things to offer, including:
-Literate roleplay~

-Fair rules

-No established PTK!

-Developing detailed stories with others!

-Detailed and interesting story events!

-And a helpful and attentive staff team!

This server is owned by: Sage #3742

Come to join us in the world of Corrupted Blood!
A growing Tokyo ghoul server, We have a welcoming community and fair staff that will listen to your complaints. I have experience running servers and really put all my effort here and hope you are willing to join it! Thank you!!! ~Arc
come join my tokyo ghoul roleplay server it would be fun for you to join with me my co-owner and my one mod and we worked hard on the server so plz respect it and hope you have fun :)
This is a server where your characters can’t be murdered or sexually assaulted without consent. It is for mature audiences so be mindful before joining. I hope everyone enjoys it :3
Welcome to the Tokyo ghoul re chat. Here you can talk about the game and about either the manga or anime (whichever you prefer) also you can talk about other gacha games in the future.
Hello! welcome to Tokyo Ghoul: Chaos Era! In this server every Tokyo ghoul fan is welcomed! We have many things to show
•Endless support
And much much more! What are you waiting for? Come join us!
Hey there! We're an open-minded, casual Tokyo Ghoul roleplay server. Please do not use obscene language, and be kind to others. We're all about positivity and roleplay enjoyment.
Have fun! ♥
Tokyo Ghoul: Eclipse is a roleplay server based off of the popular manga and anime: Tokyo Ghoul. In this server we hope to offer many fun roleplays and a great time for all of our members.

We do not allow canon characters, so you are free to make your own OC with whatever ghoul you please, as long as you can reach it of course.

In this server we hope to encourage creativity as long as it is within reason with responsible and reasonable staff members.

This server holds a variety of wards to go through, so feel free to stop by and check some of them out.

There are channels where you are free to vent, talk casually and professionally, and much more.
A stable Tokyo ghoul server. We try to keep this server nice and simple as possible. Come join us and have fun! ^-^
Welcome to the World Ghoul server! A roleplay server where it’s not one person’s story it’s everyone’s story! Join and live in a world of Ghouls and Humans! A world that is constantly evolving and filled with power Ghouls and CCG Investigators!Join now! Anyone is welcome!
A Tokyo Ghoul RP that doesn't follow the canon story but rather just the concept of the Ghouls and society with them itself. Write your way into an AU of TG and help create a brand new universe for others to explore!
This RP is based on the world of Tokyo Ghoul. Please take note that it isn't completely accurate to canon. If you don't like it, well, don't join.
Hello And welcome to the page of Tokyo Ghoul:Vengeance.
On this server we rp as a whole fan based community towards tokyo ghoul,Tokyo ghoul re,Root A and even the manga.Here we provide:
-A fun experience with situations you can have fun with.
-Some friends to rp with and partnerships.
-Nice staff.
-Safe rping with no bullying or discrimination.
-And loads of opportunities for other things.
Myself,The owner Own's other servers aswell.
Please.From the present and future members.I'd like too invite you too Tokyo Ghoul:Vengeance.
I hope to see you there!
👍Amazing Staff 👍
🔥Active Staff🔥
🔥Lit Anime channels! 🔥
👌Chill Owner and other Staff👌
This is a new Tokyo ghoul server that's been worked on tirelessly by me the owner, I hope you enjoy this stabilized hard worked community by me
Tokyo Ghoul: Wistful Dreams is basically a Tokyo Ghoul Discord Roleplay. What's different is how accepting our group is. We don't hate or judge and we all try not to be toxic. The only thing any of us are here for is a fun roleplay without people trying to be overpowered.
Were a fun rp server make sure to have fan and don't break rules
You walk into a dark room... all you see is a info button.. you press it.


Hello, this is a tokyo ghoul rp server! It may not be perfect yet but nothing is perfect, so we always take suggestions! Some of it is NOT canon but the storyline is. here are some things we have:

-Cool staff-
-Soon to be boss system?!-
-Always changing-
-Cool Bots-
-Did I mention we have giveaways?-
Anyways im not good with this kind of stuff so just join and you can decide...

We will be expecting you...
Welcome to Tokyo Ghoul A New world. It is based in a alternet setting where the Sunlit Garden Project was terminated and the Quinx all went Rogue a year ago as such that was also terminated. We use a stat and leveling system so you can see your character grow to becoming a powerful force to be reckon with.

We are fun and easy going server where we do not allow any OOC drama and require people to be over the age of 16 as there is very mature subjects same as in Tokyo ghoul. This is not for the faint hearted. So if this does interest you feel free to come over and join us you will be welcomed with open arms.
We add updates every 2 weeks or so to make things more interesting. I hope you hear for your guys soon.
Hello everyone! I have recently made a Tokyo Ghoul rp on Discord. It’s OC only with -some- canon npc’s such as Uta, Touka and more. It includes a majority of the wards and most of the locations shown in the anime.
We're a friendly group of experienced RPers, and we're always looking to expand. Currently we're kinda a smaller group but that just means more impact for those players that join. We have very active staff as well. Play as a Ghoul or a human! Come and Join