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This is a cult I'm starting up because why not. I want chill people here and even though the category is anime/manga, it's meant for gamers too. And you don't even need to become a member of the cult when you join. Now let's talk about the non cult stuff. This is supposed to be a chill server, with a bunch of game bots to use if you're bored. And I might actually do something like a movie Livestream or something, if the server ever gets any bigger.
We’re a community trying to gather up to make news friends and talk about our favorite anime’s/mangas together.
This is just a small Tokyo Ghoul Role playing server for fun and entertainment with some extra non canon special cool stuff, we may not have many members but our server is "Pretty cool" and "Seems interesting" as said by people
This Tokyo Ghoul RP is very detailed and has a points system to upgrade strength, endurance, speed and you kagune or quinque. If you are a ghoul you must fight for your life as the lore tells you there are about 400 ghouls remaining in Tokyo! If all of the ghouls die in the RP the CCG will defeat all of the ghouls and put an end to its race... You can be either CCG or Ghoul!
Newly created Tokyo Ghoul server! Come enjoy weeb's talk with us! I'm sure there's a thing you'll like. You're interested in RP? There's a channel for that! You love using bots? There's also a channel for that. We also have a OC submission channel, so you can show us your own character if you want! We are open-minded, if there's anything you want to add to the server, bots, channel's suggestion, role, etc. feel free to tell us, we'll do whatever we can to make it happen. We also do streaming nights sometimes, so we watch an anime (that we voted for) and we enjoy it all together!

We have:

-Many self-assignable and leveled roles (and still adding more).
-Many bots (and we can add more if you want specifics ones).
-A friendly community, there's almost always someone to talk to.
-A role-play channel.
-OC submissions channel.

What are you waiting for, join us already, I'm sure you'll enjoy it :P
Le serveur Anteiku Cofee est un serveur pour parler de tout est de rien mais particulièrement des animes, c'est un serveur ou passé du bon temps et ou se faire des amis
PS: je cherche des helpeurs pour cela rejoignez le serveur et déposez moi votre candidature
Based off of the popular anime and manga, Tokyo Ghoul: Endless Skies, allows players to engage in an interactive role-play session with other like-minded players.
This server includes:
-Fun Events
-Overarching and Individual Plot Lines
-An Easy to Use Leveling/Ranking System
-A Helpful Staff & Helper Board
-Active Players
☆ Bonjour ! ☆

Ce serveur est un serveur RP, dans lequel tu pourras interpréter le personnage de ton choix ! Goule, humain, ou même demi-goule, comme tu le souhaites ! De nombreux personnages de l'animé sont aussi disponibles.
Les membres sont sympas, et le staff est à l'écoute !

☆ Au plaisir de te revoir sur le serveur ! ☆
Welcome to crystal city...
Here we allow ghouls to live and prosper under the laws of crystal city
This is a rp server for Tokyo ghoul there are many things this server has to offer
```We are a friendly Tokyo Ghoul RP server! We have lot’s of things that might bring your interest!```

```Our owner is experienced as a staff member in multiple servers, and all of our staff members are chosen through applications or them proving themselves, usually both. That is why our staff won’t just suddenly start destroying the server and will keep it calm instead of insulting you and abusing their power.```

:tokyo_tower: **1.** __We have lot’s of RP channels you can RP in! And of course, if somone notices that we don’t have a certain thing that is needed we add it and we try our best to add more and more RP channels!__

:tokyo_tower: **2.** __We have custom kagunes and quinques! So, you can try to create your own one!__

:tokyo_tower: **3.** __We also have canon kagune and quinque submission, so you can try to get your favourite kagune/quinque!__

:tokyo_tower: **4.** __We have friendly staff and members that are willing to help you!__

:tokyo_tower: **5.** __We DON’T support canon characters, so you can create your OC without having to go through the trouble of somone acting as Kaneki or some other canon character!__

:tokyo_tower: **6.** __We don’t let people act like the main protagonists! Everyone is their main protagonist in their adventure and there won’t be anyone who will become the main protagonist of everyone’s adventure and get everything__

:tokyo_tower: **7.** __We have a rank’s based system where you get points by progressing within ranks. But, if you choose to progress without having your rank raised, it’s possible!__

:tokyo_tower: **8.** __We giveaway things such as the ability to become a one eyed ghoul, however those giveaways aren’t too rare and you’ll surely get a chance to become one!__

A server for anime/manga (especially jojo) weebs and even non weebs to talk and meet people. Mainly a chill server.
(Has nsfw channel)
____🔥🔥◈|𝐓𝐨𝐤𝐲𝐨 𝐆𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐥|Injustice|◈🔥🔥____
A brand new Tokyo Ghoul server! Cannon characters needed!
What we offer:
🔥An small, yet warm and active community
🔥Organized Professional yet funny and interesting role-play!
🔥OC compatibility, Make your own OC's!
🔥Friendly, yet helpful and understanding staff!
🔥Deep lore and Varieties of Role-play!
🔥Clan wars!
🔥Bots and fun!
🔥Self Roles!


CCG and the many different factions of ghouls have made no progression towards peace, raid after raid strike after strike blow after blow these powerful factions are fighting All of Tokyo is scared as the ghouls keep feasting and CCG keeps capturing, CCG as introduced some more quinques as more elite investigators take the stage and more ghouls step out to play, Kaneki and his gang still struggle to find even the slightest bit neutrality between all the different groups.. Arima was killed as Kaneki is the One eyed King, Anteiku is thriving and the ghoul population is increasing... its either the up bringing of Tokyo or the downfall of humanity..
This is a server where you can meet new people who share the same interest in the series as you do! Share ideas and create crazy OC's related to the series! Catch up with the new episodes and latest manga chapters! Write poetry and fan based stories and have us read! Become friends with staff!
We also have
>Fandom chat!
>Chill lounge!
>Story and Poetry writing!
>Bots that serve you!
>Character discussions!
>active members!
>active staff!
>Character voiceovers!
>Memes :3
And more!
Walk the streets of Tokyo by joining now!
💬 A chill, active community to chat and make friends with!

💞 Media channels such as memes, anime pics and selfies.

🎭 A variety of self-assignable roles and colours to put on!

🔱 Activity rankings and level roles!

🤖 A variety of server bots such as Dank Memer and Mudae!

🍿 Frequent community events such as and hunger games!

🧞 Fun server games such as corrupt-a-wish and one word stories!

🔮 Frequent nitro giveaways and drops!

👀 Looking for partnerships and affiliates!

⌠✧︿◈☽ Welcome To Tokyo Ghoul︱Blood Vamped ☾◈︿✧⌡
🔥 🔥
" We are a friendly Tokyo Ghoul Roleplay Server!, We have lots of things and a interesting and fun community. "
Ⅰ - "Our owner is a fun and someone who likes to make jokes and make new friends with the members, he can kind and helpful at times but he is stressed at times for him having to managing a server and create things the community wants, so please do not pester him all the time." 🔥
Ⅱ - "We have lots of Roleplay Channels you could roleplay in!, And Of course, if someone does see something that we need and do not have, we will always take time out of our day and add the channels so the community can have so much fun." 🔥
Ⅲ - "You can create custom quinques!, and possibly in the future, we will host a giveaway for someone to create a custom kagune.! "🔥
Ⅳ - " We have an amazing staff team who the owner hopes can do they're job amazingly and make the community have an amazing time. " 🔥
Ⅴ - " We DON'T support canon characters, and you are only able to create an OC, the reason why this is so we don't have trouble of someone acting as Kaneki or Touka Kirishima or some other canon character in the anime or manga. " 🔥
Ⅵ - " We of course don't let people act like the main protagonist of the roleplay, if someone runs an Organization they are of course known but they are not the One-Eyed King, no one will ever become the main protaganist of everyone's adventure or something. " 🔥
Ⅶ - " We giveaway things such as Abnormal Kagune and X-Traits or to become a One-Eyed Ghoul, however some item giveaway's are really rare to find, such as Natural One Eyed Ghoul or Artifical One Eyed Ghoul. "🔥
Ⅷ - " Our power system depends on someone's rate such as C to SSS, our ghoul info says what they can do and everything, this also works with the Investigators and other things. "🔥
Ⅸ - " They are many sort of Races to choose from, Human all the way to Oggai, Oggai and Quinx are only obtained from giveaways " 🔥

                      ୧•✧⠢╰┄─➤ welcome toˀ🍷*ೃ༄

           ⠢   ˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚   ˗ˏ✎ ༒♛ ᗩOGIᖇI ♛༒


                               ╭─ 📎,, ⟶ .·.   ⊹. ,⡠﹞⚘﹝⠢ ° .

                                ╰────── ─ ─╮

✎↷: ———————                           ┊

        started: 07.11.2020                     ┊


                                                              ་༘ .



                              ┊┊┊ ❁ུ۪۪ ━ 





                                   :   .

                                     *   ˚ ✵

          ╭┈What we have to offer.· * • ˚            

           │    i. Fun chats          ✶   : · •

          │   ii. Accepting people    .· *

           │ iii. Color roles           ✵ ˚ : ·  

           │ iv. Role-playing       *   ˚ ✵

           │ v. Friend making ˚ .

          ╰────────✬ * ˚ ✶

                                                     . · *

                                                          ˚ .
📎,, ⟶ .·.   ⊹.
Thank you for joining us

its a OC only server you can make spin off characters but they have to be a little original
This is a brand new Tokyo Ghoul Rp server. No characters of the series is canon, the story is yours to make. You can play both CCG and Ghouls and rise up through the ranks!

We offer:
- A free world
- A new story
- Fun roleplay (hopefully)
-Literacy in the server varies but we like to think everyone from Paragraph writers to simply 1 or 2 lengthy lines can have fun here. However please refrain from one-liners ^^
Join now, we accept all.
Heya! You have been accepted into hopes peak academy, but with 3 other anime realms merged into one, you'll be going on TONS of adventures and quests!

We offer, nice admin, many locations, manga spoiling, multi fandom rp and much more!
Nuestro servidor está basado en una temática sencilla de Tokyo Ghoul (es realmente solo aestético no es obligatorio que sepas del tema). El objetivo no es nada más que el poder conseguir una comunidad tranquila en la cual poder conocer gente y pasarla genial!

Contamos con;

— Diferentes bots para tu entretenimiento.
— Canales variados donde compartir con los demás.
— Staff activo y amigable.
— Canal NSFW.
— Comunidad 0 tóxica.

Aceptamos de todo, ¿Qué esperas? Unetenos!
**SOLIDARITY** is a roleplay based off of **Tokyo Ghoul**. This server hopes to allow newer roleplayers and those with more experience in so that all of them can equally have a good time. Despite the server's past members and mishaps, it hopes to someday grow with a non-toxic community and give a fun roleplaying experience for all who wish to just relax and write.

「 @everyone | @here 」

「 」
「 」
This Roleplay Server is Based on the Popular Anime and Manga Tokyo Ghoul by Sui ishida Due to the Love on the Anime and Manga we decided to make this Server and so people who love the Famous Tokyo Ghoul can Rp here! This RP server is Sticking to the Anime and Manga but this Server also Has some originality on it we added things to make the Server more Unique! Plus this Server is Currently a Rolling combat Rp that everyone will enjoy!
This is also a ERP server which is highly NSFW, 18+ required. feel free to be open within reason! We're a new server so please be patient. Come be part of the start up!

We also have Npc to fight with and RP with we also offer you level up and ability power ups plus we had Kakuja and Arata to get more so please join us in a in this New Tokyo Ghoul Server !

We Also Offer
-Semi Active Chat