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Welcome to A New Hogwarts!
This roleplaying server, set in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter universe, takes place years later. It has been designed so that those who wish to join us can experience a custom storyline!
It's been over 30 years since the Battle of Hogwarts. The world has recovered, Hogwarts is up and running. Those who backed Voldemort still come about but are captured quickly. Other "cults" like his have appeared and are not yet known well.
Perhaps you could influence the Wizarding World in some way. Could you make it better? Train to control your magic? Fight against or with the dark? Make your own Hogwarts story.
This server offers the following features:
~ A dedicated staff team, ready to help
~ A large selection of creatures (vampires, animagi, etc) to play as
~ A player-influenced storyline
~ A section for adults (NSFW) to enjoy
~ A caring, loving community ready to help

Come join our Potterhead family.
This server is a fun, safe place for fans of Harry Potter. Anyone who doesn’t know much about Harry Potter is also welcome to learn more and to hangout.
⚡ We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. ⚡

Hogwarts School is a one-of-a-kind Harry Potter themed social server where witches, wizards and muggles from all around the world can connect and bond over their shared love of Harry Potter. We are a fun community, looking to share and spread our love for Harry Potter with others.

》* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚《

Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment:
⚡ Friendly House rivalry through our monthly House Cup!
⚡ Daily Trivia & Games and weekly Movie Nights!
⚡ Weekly Audiobook Club and Script Reads!
⚡ Book Club to read and discuss the books we all love together!
⚡ Optional Classes based on the actual curriculum students studied in the books!
⚡ Active VC, including VC Events!
⚡ Harry Potter themed Werewolves/Town of Salem Mafia games!
⚡ Weekly team building activities to promote friendship and camaraderie within your chosen House!
⚡ Hidden channels & features unlocked through purchasing roles from our custom, interactive bots for more fun!
⚡ Attentive and caring Staff!

》* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚《

Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

"Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home."
- JK Rowling
A low moderation server based on the Harry Potter Universe, Come Join our world and have loads of fun time
Ihr vermisst immer noch euren Hogwarts Brief? Wir auch!
Wir sind zwar nicht Hogwarts, bieten euch aber trotzdem die Chance auf eure eigenen Erlebnisse in den Gemäuern des großen Schlosses.
Nehmt an spannenden Live-Events teil, wie die ikonische Fahrt mit dem Hogwartsexpress von Kings Cross nach Hogsmeade, den Hogsmeade Wochenenden und vielen mehr!
Durch unsere besondere Regelung keine feste Story vorzugeben, habt ihr alles in der Hand und könnt euer eigenes Schicksal bestimmen!
Werdet Schüler, meistert den Schulalltag und nehmt an mitreißenden Unterrichtsstunden teil. Erforscht Hogwarts Geheimnisse alleine oder mit Freunden!
Oder ihr werdet selber Lehrer und erteilt diese Stunden!
Findet euren Platz in der magischen Welt des Harry Potter D-Roleplays!
Euer Brief ist endlich hier:
I’ve tried so many discord servers and so many of them were toxic, unfriendly or over the top. My aim is to make a generally enjoyable server which attracts nice people who will have conversations that are longer than a few words. I’m going to be looking for staff, probably for a while, so if you feel like you can responsibly take something on come join! We welcome all, young and old (over the discord age limit). This is not a Role-Play server.
Bonjour à toi !
Je te présente notre serveur Harry Potter. Ici tu pourras trouver pleins d’activités : des cours, des quizz, des énigmes, du Quidditch et quand il y aura du monde on organisera un escape game, le tout sur Harry Potter.
Je ne t’en dis pas plus car si tu veux découvrir tu n'as qu'a nous rejoindre ;)
Petite précision : Ce n'est PAS un serveur rp
(The rooks is a mixture of Harry Potter and Assassin's Creed. It is a 16+ Role playing server)
~{Radio Transmission incoming}~

Hello? Hello-
My name's Shadow Drake, or that's how the public should know me. Aside from that- it's likely you know me as the Sentry to the public eye. If you are getting this message, Welcome to the Rooks.

We're an international organization that's based in the protection of mankind. From potential mass enslavement from unknown artifacts, or trying to right the injustices that have plagued the inhabitants of this planet, it's our duty to try and aid those who cannot aid themselves. Magical or nonmagical.

While on the field are our scouts, combatants, and informants, we are comprised of many more positions. Medical staff, hackers, and ward breakers, researchers, and many more people who are valuable to the team. While we are known to be fierce warriors, we're also philosophers and scholars. We try to learn as much about the world as we can while trying our best to protect it.

Yes, we are both based in the muggle and mage worlds, we work on both sides, and we do have mixed safe outposts and enclaves. However, many are abandoned from past events...

We have eyes and ears everywhere, and we are more than proud to have you on our team. While we cannot offer you wealth, we can offer you comrades, and a part in the fight to keep humanity kicking and in the fight for peace.

A few rules to follow, though. We focus on staying to the shadows and working for the light, working behind the curtains of the world's stage. We do not aim to harm the very people we protect and do not ever, and I mean ever, compromise the Sentries.

That's all for now, keep in touch.
This is Shadow Drake signing off.

~{Radio Transmission fades out}~
Bonjour à tous /*
⚠️ Ce n'est pas un serveur rp
⚡ Petit serveur communautaire sur le thème d'Harry Potter qui espère s'agrandir.

Si tu le rejoins, tu peux y trouver:
🙋‍♀️ des membres actifs
💬 des salons de discussions pour discuter de sujets variés avec d'autres fans
🧙‍♂️ un club de duels
📚 un salon d'aide aux devoirs, pour s'entraider
🏆un système de maisons et une coupe des quatre maisons
🎮 de nombreuses animations et jeux pour gagner des points (duels, quiz, cours...)
💭 des salles communes pour chaque maison

Nous sommes ouverts à toutes suggestions de salons et de rôles, pour l'améliorer !

⚠️ Ce n'est pas un serveur rp

A bientôt !

Du möchtest mit echten Hexen und Zauberern in einer Schulstunde sitzen und Zaubersprüche lernen? Oder vielleicht lieber ein Vielsaft-trank brauen um dich bei den Lehrern im Lehrerzimmer herumtreiben zu können? Oder stehst du darauf in Hogsmeade ein Butterbier zu trinken?
Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig!!!


Was wir bieten:
 Einen gut strukturierten und organisierten Server
 Aktives und nettes Serverteam
 Verschiedene Userränge
 Selfroles um unnötige Pings zu vermeiden
 Auch Offtopic-Channel für Muggel
 Gute Regeln
 Tolles Roleplayerlebniss ohne mühsame Charaktererstellung
 Viele verschiedene Channels für Rollenspiele zum Thema Harry Potter
Und vieles mehr!!!


Komm doch mal vorbeischauen, wir würden uns sehr freuen!

Freundliche Grüsse

A community server to make friends with other fans of the Harry Potter genre. An LGBTQ+ friendly server with RP channels and the ability to chose your own house in Hogwarts!
We are a Hogwarts roleplay server for people who don't want too many people to remember by name. Come join the friendly community! (Mostly GMT times as of now but we are evolving) We have to offer:

-House points!

-Over 100 roleplay channels! (Open to suggestions)

-Real-time classes! (Teachers are volunteers and you can join in if you want to! No need to make a student character if you want to be a teacher!)

-Tupperbox bot!

-Special events!

-LGBTQ+ friendly community!

-Fun in-roleplay social media posts!

So come join us and check it out!
Był to zwyczajny dzień twojego życia. Siedział *ś u siebie w pokoju i oddawałeś się swojej pasji. Nic nie wskazywało na to, że ten dzień odmieni twoje życie...Nagle zauważyłeś, że na parapecie przy otwartym oknie siadła sobie sowa trzymająca w dziobie błękitną kopertę. Zabrał *ś sowie kopertę, otworzył *ś ją i zaczął/ęłaś czytać: " Cher Monsieur/ Chère Madame,
Mamy przyjemność ogłosić, że zostałeś przyjęty/a do Akademii Magii Beauxbatons! Dołączamy listę niezbędnych książek i wyposażenia. Rok szkolny rozpoczyna się 1 września. Oczekujemy Twojej sowy nie później niż 31 lipca.
Z wyrazami szacunku,
Madame Olympia Maxime
Właśnie w taki, dość niepozorny sposób otworzyły się przed tobą drzwi do zupełnie innego świata...
Serwerów RolePlay o Hogwarcie jest wiele, ale czy marzył *ś kiedyś by wstąpić do szkoły, o których jest mniejsza mowa w książkach J.K Rowling bądź filmach "Harry Potter"? Jeśli tak, dobrze trafił *ś! Stworzyliśmy serwer o tematyce akademii Beauxbatons, lecz nie przychodzimy z pustymi rękami. Co oferujemy?
-Bardzo miłą i pomocną administrację. W razie problemów lub sporów z innymi użytkownikami od razu spróbują załagodzić spór
-Rozbudowany serwer, dużo kanałów do pisania wątków
-Kanały offtop, na których możesz się zintegrować z innymi osobami na serwerze, może z kimś się bardziej zaprzyjaźnisz
-Kanały głosowe, jakby ktoś chciał pogadać w większym gronie osób
-Miłe spędzanie wolnego czasu z innymi ludźmi poza RP
-Stworzenie swojej unikalnej postaci
- Możliwość grania zarówno uczniem jak i nauczycielem
- Rozwiniętą ekonomię
- Brak pingów everyone i here - są specjalne role do powiadomień
- Serwer wciąż się rozwija, dodajemy do niego coraz więcej ulepszeń
✨Hello! ✨
We are a Wizarding World roleplay community that mainly focuses on rping at Hogwarts! In the timeline, we are in 2003 (five years after Harry defeated You Know Who). All the original, canon staff at Hogwarts have spontaneously retired! Several teaching positions are available to members who want to make a second character.

Our magical features:
🤖 Tupperbox, for roleplaying; Unbelievaboat, for economy; Yagpdb, for roles.
👻 Multiple rp channels and ooc channels to have fun in!
🕯 Secret roleplay channels that become available to certain aspects of your OC! (Like Gryffindor Common room is open to all Gryffindor OC wielders)
💎 A unique way to purchase house points via the server’s economy!
🌸 A very cool, hip, and trendy staff who are eager to help!
You have received your Hogwarts letter! Pack your bags, grab your owl, because now your journey begins on a magical adventure!
𝓜𝓪𝓰𝓲𝓬𝔃𝓷𝔂 𝓢𝔀𝓲𝓪𝓽 𝓡𝓟

Witamy! Na wstępie chcielibyśmy zaprosić Was na serwer w uniwersum Harry'ego Potter'a i Fantastycznych Zwierząt. Jest to serwer RolePlay na discordzie wystarczy jak napiszecie kartę postaci i dołączycie do rozgrywki. Zapraszamy wszystkich co lubią pisać akcje RolePlay i uwielbiają fantastykę. Co jeszcze oferuje nasz serwer? Sprawdźcie:

- Pomocną Administracje,
- Mistrzów Gry, którzy pomagają w rozgrywce,
- Granie w otwartym świecie,
- Podróże pomiędzy lokacjami,
- Zabawy serwerowe, rozmowy, kanały głosowe,
- Eventy,
- Przyjazna atmosfera,
- Możliwość gry uczniem lub nauczycielem,
- Zapraszamy również do współpracy (PW)
- Swobodną grę z innymi.

Mamy nadzieję, że dołączysz!
When Harry Potter confronted Voldemort during the battle at Hogwarts, Voldemort wasn't the only one to lay down his life.. Both lives were lost as neither side won, standing at standstill as neither of them knew what to do to win or lose. Now, years later, wizards and witches alike are learning how to adjust with the fact that the good didn't win, nor did the bad win. Death Eaters roam still while organizations still protect Muggleborns and Muggles, but are Death Eaters the main concern or will there be a new Dark Lord to take Voldemort's place?

- Freedom of speech encouraged here, harassment discouraged.
- Fanmade woods, cores here with roleplayers being able to create wandlore.
- Fanmade abilities and breeds with roleplayers being able to create different kinds of Half-Breeds.
- Fanmade classes to add a more vast and complex curriculum for students!
- Roleplayers have the chance of having characters that are Prefects, Head Boys/Girls or have a character that's a Professor.
- Classes are held frequently.
- Quidditch teams are set up!
Voici un nouveau serveur sur le thème de harry potter.
Vous pouvez dans ce serveur, apprendre les sorts d’Harry Potter, participer à des tournois de Quidditch, être le meilleur des sorciers, devenir préfet, étudier l’histoire de la magie, et
pleins de rôle spéciaux sont ajouté. Je vous laisse aller le voir ;)
Pikabu & Co invites you to continue your magical adventure in Wizards Forever! We are a Harry Potter based server that explores life as an adult in the magical world. We promote literacy and fair roleplay as well as the freedom of creativity that allows our roleplayers to pursue careers, romance and action in familiar and new settings! We have over fifty channels for open roleplay, plus the opportunity to request personal channels for your characters, such as home and work. We have brand new settings and communities of witches and wizards created completely by myself or one of our current members.

We are SFW server open to any age. (Characters must be 17+)
We are LGBTQ Friendly.
We have self roles.
A five line count minimum to ensure literacy.
Staff positions available!
A fun, simple template to fill out when presenting new characters. (No Backstory Required)
(*Please note that those transferring from Hogwarts or Beauxbatons by Lord, may use their current template and simply add in the few additions.)
Wizarding World News: Find out what’s going on with your fellow witch or wizards or submit a story yourself.

And the fun has only just begun! I am always happy to take new requests or ideas from our growing community.
🎓~Welcome To Mornasow University~🎓

Ever want to continue your Hogwarts love into college? Well now you can with a simple click! Welcome to Mornasow University here students prepare to enter the wizarding world fully as they begin to navigate responsibilities in college. Here in Mornasow you can join five different frats, Ministry Stompers, The Hive, The Misfits, Studious Owls, or The Firestones. If you prefer a more relaxed life you can live your life in the dorms there is three to pick from; the all females dorms, the all males dorms, or maybe you want to live next door to your male best friend in our mixed dorms, whatever you prefer! Can't find your favorite minor or major? Take it up with our College Facility. Welcome to the Mornasow University we await your enrollment!

Here are some things we provide:
✰ Helpful staff
✰ Active Community
✰ Hogwarts fans
✰ A complete template
✰ Pets
✰ LGBTQ friendly

Here are some things that will not be allowed
⚔ No NSFW at all(ERP in dms) banned
⚔ You muck around your banned
⚔ You cause problems banned

We Hope you come and enjoy!

Our Hogwarts Server:
Bonjour chers rôlistes !

Comme vous devez vous en douter, tenir un serveur n'est pas chose simple... Et forcément, pour qu'un serveur Role-Play survive, il lui faut des rôlistes ! Et le seul moyen d'en avoir, c'est de faire parler du serveur aux autres, de leur faire comprendre que ce serveur existe, et de donner envie à des potentiels nouveaux et futurs rôlistes de venir !

Comme on le dit si bien, le bouche à oreille a tendance à primer sur n’importe quelle pub !
Aidez-nous, si le serveur vous plaît, à lui donner vie et a propager sa pub sur divers serveur et / ou réseaux, l’équipe de la création du RP vous en serait très reconnaissante !
• - • - • - • - • - • - •

Septembre 2033, Monde des Sorciers.

Le monde se remet de la nouvelle guerre qu’il a connu bien des décennies après l’époque de Voldemort.
Le Monde est en train de changé.
L’ex ennemi public qui avait été recherché pour actes de magies noires, génocides, destruction partielle de Londres, manquement à la révélation de l’existence des sorciers au monde moldu, annihilation de plusieurs villes et villages dans le monde entier a été gracié suite à service rendu au monde magique... Ce que personne ne sait, c’est qu’il tire les ficelles.

Bienvenue dans un univers où le Monde est dominé par un mage noir. Un univers de corruptions où votre élève tentera de mener à bien sa scolarité dans les abysses des ténèbres.
Sous la direction d’Alekest Vladimir Ivanovski, Poudlard semble être le dernier rempart... Enfin... Il semble seulement. Car, lorsque la magie noire s’en mêle, tout n’est qu’illusion.
Les élèves de Poudlard entament une nouvelle année. Le cursus 2033-2034 s’annonce plutôt mouvementé.

Ton histoire, ton destin. Dessine et impose ta légende dans un monde plongé dans les abysses. Peut-être seras-tu notre nouvelle lumière ? Ou peut-être rejoindras-tu la menace ?
Élève à Poudlard dans une maison ou sorcier adulte ; auror, barman, vendeur... Ton aventure pourrait bien être inoubliable !

Bienvenue à l'école des sorciers, Poudlard ! Ou tout simplement dans le monde magique !
Encadré par un staff sympa ( sauf un, @J.Dmitriev#5858 qui ne sert strictement à rien, et qui en plus est un tyran...)
Un serveur plein de rôlistes dont certains RP depuis plus de 12 ans quand d’autres le font pour la première fois ; une communauté soudée, amicale, qui s’entraide.

💥 Duels mis au point
💥 Système opérationnel pour le Quidditch RP.

Qu'attendez vous pour rejoindre le serveur ? Votre nouvelle histoire vous attend !
ᙨ | Magiverse Büyü Dünyası Güçlü Cadı ve Büyücülerini Bekliyor!

* Hogwarts derslerine katılın ve öğrenin. Öğrendiğiniz bilgilerle güçlenin ve evrendeki en güçlü cadı/büyücü olun!

* İsterseniz Quidditch Oyuncusu olun. Dünya Quidditch Turnuvası'nda tezahüratlar sizin için yapılsın. İsterseniz Büyüzoolog olun, Newt Scamander'in izinden gidin. Tüm Sihirli Yaratıklar bavulunuzda saklansın!

* Seherbazlık yaparak adınızı duyurabileceğiniz gibi Ölüm Yiyen olarak da nam salabilirsiniz.

* Hogwarts'ta istediğiniz dersin profesörü olun ve öğrencilerinizi Dark Lord'a karşı yetiştirin.

* Hiçbir Harry Potter sunucunda bulunmayan RPG sistemi ve galleon dışında kendisine ait para birimine sahip sunucumuzda keyifli vakit geçireceğinizin garantisini veriyoruz.

* Tüm bunların yanı sıra, güzel arkadaşlıklar edinebilirsiniz. Roleplay dışı alanlarda, muhabbet edebilir, Vampir Köylü,, Secret Hitler gibi bir çok oyun oynayabilirsiniz.
Dear Mr/Ms/Mx.
You have been accepted into our amazing school, Ilvermorny School Of Wizardry And Witchcraft. Please report to the castle on top of Mount Greylock, our train can be of assistance for the climb. We happily await your arrival.

~> A realistic, immersive Harry Potter roleplay environment!!
~> LGBTQIA+ Inclusive! We accept and love everyone!
~> A friendly and great community!!
~> Over 150 roleplay and talking channels
~> Great events, both in roleplay and out of roleplay!!
~> Custom lore, extracurriculars, and many other custom things
~> The ability to be a professor, ghost, prefect, or even quidditch captain!!
Bienvenidos al Servidor Español de rol de Hogwarts. Aquí podrás encontrar:

- Un servidor con un colegio lleno de ubicaciones, y muy activo.
- Reglas para el uso de magia dirigidas por tiradas de dados.
- Un Sistema de puntos para las Casas, donde poder competir por ser la mejor casa.
- Historias y trasfondo, donde el principal foco sois vosotros, como personajes, pues esta será vuestra historia, con vuestros conflictos y logros.
- Una ficha bien elaborada con el objetivo de una mayor personalización de vuestro personaje.
-Actividades extra y minijuegos.
-Un montón de fans con los que compartir vuestra pasión por esta hermosa saga.
-Además contamos con carpetas personalizadas para los personajes en google drive, para que solo los miembros del staff tengan acceso a vuestros datos de personaje manteniendo así a los propios personajes como misterios a descubrir.