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The time of when this rp is happening is mere years before order 66 is used. You, can be a Jedi, Sith, Bounty hunter or pretty much any Star Wars character. There is also a Tier System that is in this server for characters in the rp.
Hello! We are a Star Wars roleplay community set in the year 329 ABY.
Here is what you can expect from this community:


• A very active and friendly community.
• Very helpful staff who are always willing to help you.
• Giveaways!
• Advertisement friendly!
• We are always on the lookout for partners.
• We have cool bots!
• A well set up economy where you earn money for being active!
• And, of course, our roleplaying system. You may make your own character and roleplay as your character! You may also pick a faction or go own your own. You choose your destiny here!


If you wish to partner, Direct Message Vyyron#7337.

Join today and may the Force be with you!
Sides have been drawn: begun, the Clone War has. Set immediately following the Battle of Geonosis, the Clone Wars server will progress through the course of the entire war, with both major battles and events from the shows and movies, as well as the opportunity to add your own mark on the war! Join the Republic and fight for unity, or join the Separatist cause and fight for freedom. Can you survive the Clone Wars?

🔘Over 100 unique locations with dedicated channels for roleplay
🔘Unique player clone battalions and groups
🔘Great staff that’s dedicated to making the server fun and active
🔘Dedicated music bot and channel
🔘Templates to help you make your characters and items with ease
🔘An active community that loves Star Wars
🔘Casualty list so we remember those who have fallen in the conflict

And much much more!
Kingdom Hearts: Time/Line is a longform, literate roleplaying server following the events of Kingdom Hearts III. As such, we will be making note of spoiler-related plot lines.

The guardians of light have succeeded in their battle against Xehanort, and ended the threat of Kingdom Hearts and the x-Blade. However, Sora journey is far from over as he seeks to find Kairi. As our other heroes attempt to return to normal lives, the Lost Masters rise once more....

Assume the roles of familiar Kingdom Hearts heroes and villains, or choose from a wide range of characters never before seen in the series. Partake in missions that evolve with the storyline, including an original tale set in the world of VERUM REX!

* An evolving storyline based on events after Kingdom Hearts III
* Literate, long length RPs
* Plenty of roles available across franchises like Final Fantasy, Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars!
Do you wanna use the force as a Jedi or Sith?, Serve the Empire or The Republic as a Soldier?, Be a Bounty Hunter? or Explore the Galaxy? Well, in this server you can do that and more!
Star Wars: A New Empire is an Roleplay Server based in the Star Wars Galaxy. It features:
A new fanmade Lore
Ship submissions
An active staff member
And more
Join Star Wars: Republic Trooper for the most fun and realistic war role play set in the clone wars universe!
-Specialized character abilities, equipment and weapons
-Fun role play
-Daily missions and tasks to do in the lore universe
-Many Role play channels places to go to
-Join the battle to defeat the separatists!
Star Wars: Renegades is a server to fill a role of a smaller scale and more personal star wars roleplay that builds from the ground up, as players work together through a story from rags to riches.

The server includes:
-Interactive and helpful staff
-Fun star wars and various other discussions and chats
-A creative and newly imagined economy
-Bots, and channels to use them
-Engaging and driven roleplay
-Music bots in muteable channels (if and when they are requested)
-Meme channels, art sharing, suggestion channels to make the server a better place for the members, and far more both here and in the works!

Roleplay starts on a small corvette in posession of the players, a rag tag group looking to make a buck and live to tell about it. From there, through all sorts of jobs from merc work to hauling cargo and clearing out pirates, (or perhaps dabbling in a bit of piracy themselves), the server will slowly amass some other ships and eventually become a formidible small scale force.

Check us out, and help make our community that much better! Glad you found us, and we hope you enjoy.
One of the more active SWRP servers that take itself seriously, we stick to a combination of Canon and Legends ( for a better user experience. ) The RP takes place after the events of Episode 8, but veering off from the current timeline.
Hey there!
Do you enjoy fun, bubbly, and enjoyable Star Wars roleplay?
Do you enjoy being able to make your own faction for all of your friends to join?
Do you enjoy being able to craft your character with a simple, elegant template?

If so, Star Wars: Legions is the place for you, where you can enjoy all of those amenities and more, if you don't enjoy the whole roleplay thing that's fine too, we're looking for partnerships and are hosting multiple giveaways once we fully release the server!

Take over the galaxy with friends by your side at Star Wars: Legions!:
*Even if you aren't familiar with Star Wars or even roleplay, come on in to take a look and meet our wonderful community!*
The year is 6ABY. The Empire has fallen. Battles have come and gone. Scarif, Yavin and Endor, the Empire still stood. But Jakku, well, The Alliance now known as the New Republic, has dealt the final blow. But war is very much not at its end. Many Imperial Generals, Admirals and Moffs have decided not to conform to the Galactic Concordance; these so called warlords have decided to defend what they still have left. But the New Republic continues to eliminate them one by one. What was an Empire, is now just fragments. Meanwhile, whilst these Imperial rebels are struggling, an Imperial Remnant led by Admiral Rae Sloane has fled to the Unknown Regions.

Will the scattered Warlords rejoin together to create a new strong Empire, or will the New Republic continue to hunt them down? And will this mysterious Imperial Remnant ever return from the Unknown Regions? Only time will tell what will happen to a broken, and volatile galaxy.
A time of upheaval, a time of change, a Time of War. Star Wars: Time of War is focused around the Clone Wars period, focusing right after the Battle of Geonosis. We offer a open roleplay server that's 16+, with an awesome combat system and experienced, veteran RPers. See you soon friends, and may the Force be with you!
Shattered Worlds is a Star Wars OC server, that is based on The Old Republic. You create your own story, will you help the sith with their rise to power? Or will you side with the Jedi to thwart their plans? The choice is yours.

Lore Sample:
Star Wars: Shattered Worlds

1021 BBY

Fear sweeps through the Galaxy. With both the Republic and the Sith Empire severely wounded, treachery and despair reign supreme throughout all worlds affected by conflict. After thousands of years of fighting, the Jedi and Republic forces are nearly exhausted, with barely a glimmer of light and hope being seen through the darkness of extinction. Meanwhile, despite their losses, the Sith Empire strikes with brutalizing damage, conquering planet after planet in their Eternal Siege. The entire Galaxy has been plunged into a Dark Age for all things good, and Hope is meaningless. The Republic, unable to expand their reach beyond the core worlds, are stuck defending what they barely keep, while the Sith wage war against them, despite their own Empire crumbling. Decades of infighting and betrayal have brought the dominating Sith Empire to a standstill against the Republic, though it seems like both sides will lose. The Mid-Rim, stuck between the Empire controlled Outer Rim and the Republic controlled Core Worlds and territories, has become a vast battleground for conquest.

And remember, may the force be with you.
Welcome to Star Wars: Galactic RolePlay, any and all are welcome. Be a Jedi, Sith, Clone or droid. You decide your side and your story.
The CORUSCANT GUARD is a MILITARY SIMUlATOR server that affiliates itself with the video game STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II.
Its 8BBY and the new Republic has returned, and has regained control of the Inner CORE And the Outer Core Worlds, they are politically divided on how to deal with the remaining warlords, some call for war, others for peace. While the new Republic is divided, the Reformed Jedi order!

But now the Warlords imperial warlords begin to fight amongst themselves for whats left of the Empire, in the Outer rim! The New Sith Order hides on the ancient home world of sith themselves, Korriban. With growing threats what shall be your destiny?

What we offer:

-To be a warlord! (Warlord spots are still open)
-Player lead wars
-Story driven
-Alternate universe experience!
-Friendly Community

The Galactic Faction War is a Star Wars Roleplay based around Fleets and Characters of your own making. With four primary factions and several minor ones, there's a playstyle for everyone! Utilizing a point based fleet system to track numbers, GFW is one of the most unique Star Wars RPs around. With over 150 people in the server, we'd be happy to add you among them!
We've been running for more than a year now, and the server is always active. Feel free to take a look!
Welcome, to a Star Wars The Old Republic role play. We are a custom lore. Branched out server. New, fresh off the block. Trying to create role play for our community and new members.

Now. There are many other Star Wars servers. Especially Old Republic ones. So what do we have to offer?
-Simple Approval System: So you can get started A.S.A.P
-No Canon Characters: This is your story. Created by you.
-Be What You Wish: Smuggler? Bounty Hunter? Jedi? Sith? Soldier? Civillian? Gray Jedi? There is no real end to what you can accomplish with us here.
-Player Driven Events: Events are coordinated by our staff team. We merely give each side an objective, allowing the role players to attempt to complete it. Unpredictability at its finest.
-Friendly and Helpful community: We always attempt to treat people fairly. New or experienced.
-Natural Progression: Want to become a galaxy renown Bounty Hunter? One of the most powerful Sith to ever tread the dirt? A civilian who rose up in defence of his planet? This is your story...

We hope that if you do choose to join us. We can make your stay as fun and full of action packed or relaxing passive role play. Whatever your choice. We hope we can make your stay pleasurable and as close to the galaxy far far away, that you know and love.
``` Hello and welcome to My Star Wars rp, this Rp takes place a few years before the Destruction of the first Death Star, in this rp you take command of either a Rebel or imperial force and work your way up the ranks, This rp is currently in beta and so changes may be made where need, in this rp we have

>Every planet in the known and unknown regions
>working money system and bot
>Full explanation for all parts of the server
>Even more coming
>Shop fleshed out with Both imperial and Rebel ships

All are welcome so don’t worry if you feel awkward, if so just ask me for advice, hope to see ya here ```
This server takes place in an alternate continuity where Order 66 was thwarted. The Clone Wars continue to rage across the galaxy between the CIS and the Republic, the Jedi Order is dealing with reforms and an identity crisis, and a resurgent Sith Order lurks in the shadows. Take a side (or not) and have fun.
The year is 849 BBY. The Galactic Republic has ruled the galaxy peacefully for over a century. This era has been designated as the Great Peace of the Republic. Though not all is quiet. Over the years while the Republic has been growing and branching out colonies into the outer rim the system of Mandalore has been in quiet chaos. With planet after planet slowly losing the Mandalorian cultures that used to be so prominent. With dark forces operating on the fringes of the system, and Republic colonies and influence branching as far as the planet Mandalore itself the Mandalorian way of life is at risk of being overwhelmed and exterminated. Due to a few heroes who fought back against this the Mandalorian way of life has been given a chance but with those heroes time passed it is time for new heros to arise. With no legendary Mandalore to rally the clans, the last bastion of the Mandalorians has sent out its last and only fleet. In hopes to restore order to the Mandalorian worlds. Saving their way of life as they know it. Join the fleet and rise through the ranks, prove yourself as a true Mandalorian and leave your mark on the galaxy forever.
We boast. . .
-Active Staff
-Unique Systems
-Equal opportunity playing field(Staff did not start in high positions. Every one earns their way to the top!)
-Music, Moderation, and overall fun Bot's.
-Balanced Combat
-Weekly Events
-Friendly Community
Have you ever wanted to live in the Star Wars universe? Here’s your chance! Our server offers:

A friendly community and place to discuss all things Star Wars
The ability to play as an Imperial, a Rebel, a bounty hunter or smuggler, and even just a normal citizen
Dozens of planets to roleplay on
Canon character auditions
Game masters to play NPCs in solo role plays
Character sheet templates to help you make your character
Did we mention our awesome community?

We look forward to building stories with you, and may the Force be with you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of our mod team after joining.
[Star Wars: The Awakening]:

In an alternate universe set just after the events of the Battle of Endor, the Galaxy finds itself submerged in a time of turmoil as the Alliance to Restore the Republic rebels against the tyrannical rule of the Galactic Empire to restore peace throughout the galaxy once again. Numerous systems flocked to the Rebellion after the Empire took a severe blow and their second Death Star faced destruction, eliminating the Emperor and other high ranking officials. Welcome to Awakening.
This server was created in hopes of providing and delivering a quality roleplay experience, which is bound to include something which you enjoy! Not only do we focus on intense battles which revolve around both strategy and brutal fighting, we offer an inclusive experience for mercenary and peasant characters too! Striving to deliver that true Star Wars magic is definitely high up on my agenda. Why don’t you join and check out the server yourself? We all can’t wait to see you there!

-TheMintyToaster (Server Founder)
Star Wars: Empire's Dawn [Alternate Sequel Timeline]
It's been 34 years since the battle of Endor, the empire was never destroyed or fractured. The battle of Jakku never happened, they lived on and fought the rebels for years. They were forced to recruit aliens later in the war, to keep their numbers steady. They were losing planets, and support after the second death star's destruction. But they continued to fight, they gained and lost ground till this very year. 34 ABY, the empire has been pushed back to Hoth and Jakku..They've lost too much ground and the rebels now are pushing to surround them. But little do the rebels know, the empire isn't finished yet. Times may be dark for the empire but their comeback is coming, and they will seek to rise again. Can the rebel forces hope to stop the rise of the empire? Or will fall, die trying? You choose your side in this new story, this new episode 7. Will you be on the dark side, or the light? Will you bring peace and security with the empire. Or will you fight for a justice the rebels proclaim they fight for..For the return of the Republic? This is Star Wars: Empire's Dawn
This is a Star Wars related stuff server.
If you are a Star Wars fan please go ahead in.
You can post all kind of stuff here from movies stuff, games, roleplay, discussion,...
and yes there is a nsfw section if wanted.
Have a nice day.