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Welcome to the Legacy of Heroes, a character based roleplay with with a few faction elements.
It's the year 29 ABY, the New Jedi Order has been founded 2 decades ago, and the Galaxy is at a standstill, with the New Republic deciding which Imperial Remnant to strike next, and a dark force rises in the unknown regions...

Command freighters or fight on the frontlines as a New Republic or Imperial Remnant soldier.
Find ancient holocrons as a former Inquisitor or hunt rumors of darkness as a Jedi Knight.
Do politics as a New Republic Senator or go on the warpath as an Imperial Remnant Leader.
Conduct criminal activities as a Hutt Cartel Thug or halt crime as a Jedi Sentinel.

Good luck out there. May the force be with you.
Have you ever wanted to live in the Star Wars universe? Here’s your chance! Our server offers:

A friendly community and place to discuss all things Star Wars
The ability to play as an Imperial, a Rebel, a bounty hunter or smuggler, and even just a normal citizen
Dozens of planets to roleplay on
Canon character auditions
Game masters to play NPCs in solo role plays
Character sheet templates to help you make your character
Did we mention our awesome community?

We look forward to building stories with you, and may the Force be with you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of our mod team after joining.
Hi, I'm designing a star wars discord rpg game that can be played through a bot of my own creation called ChissAllright, it'll play much like Pokecord, Discord Dungeons, etc .

This is not a pen & paper RPG system although it borrows some elements from it. With this we meant that there's not a GM dictating what you do, but you rather make your own experience as you play. It's something that aims to give you a MMORPG like experience in a text based environment with computer generated stats reacting to your inputs.

It will feature classes, leveling system, experience gain, missions, etc My idea is for admins from other servers to use this and enhance their communities with it once is done.

It would be nice to form a community around it in the meantime, and maybe some opinions on the creation of such game from star wars experts/fans for it.
─ -✩ · Based around the First Order era.
ㅤㅤㅤ ·  ·  · Now accepting Rise of Skywalker and Fallen Order characters!
─ - ✩ ་ Thirty years after the civil war and the revolutionary defeat of the Galactic Empire, the New Republic maintained peace and harmony across the galaxy. That was until the First Order rose from the ashes of the Galactic Empire with a promise to finish what they started, and they weren't going down easily without a fight...


We are a text based role-play server heavily inspired from the newer Star Wars movies, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker with the exception of adding Jedi: Fallen Order characters into a kind of AU. Needless to say, we aren't entirely following the story line, so everyone can have freedom to do what they want.

You can apply to be a canon character from the franchise or make your own original character! And don't worry, original characters get just as much inclusion as canon characters, so nobody gets left out!

We are a positive, non toxic and diverse community and welcome all ages (13+) into this server! The admins and staff are as helpful and welcoming as you should expect, as long as you follow along with our fair rules, we should have no issues and get along just fine!

We try to stick to a semi-lit or lit style realistic role-play. We have tons of channels based off the locations from the movies, you won't run out of places to visit on your role-play adventures.

We allow you to have the freedom of making any kind of ocs you like; humans, aliens, smugglers, stormtroopers, bounty hunters - you name it! We have a bunch of factions for you to take a look at. Hovever, we have put a cap on how many force users there can be in this role-play to prevent overpowered characters, so you can make a Jedi or a Sith, you gotta be quick getting those applications in though!
Welcome to Star Wars (Reconstructed)rp, where furious battles take place on almost every planet you land, no matter if it’s CIS, Republic, Mandalorian, Zygerrian, Human, etc. The server has a multi variety of options for you to choose from on the perfect thing you want to role play as From being a clone fighting for the clone army to being a smuggler trying to just get a few extra credits here and there in the universe. You can be it all.

This server includes:

A global shop.

Nsfw channels. 18+ with verification from Staff+

Quests for characters to go on when not doing anything.



Summary: This used to be a Star wars the clone wars role play server however now it has moved on from the clone wars and has entered the Galactic Civil War Era. This is a great server with huge potential and is about to kick off to a hole nother level of fun times and good vibes.

Backstory: The Republic Ruled by the Sith, but not the Sith you expect, instead of Darth Sidious being supreme chancellor, it instead his Apprentice. A OC owned by the owner named Xeno Lutix, she’s not evil only wanting to take out the CIS, she gains power after exposing Palpatine as the Sith Lord behind the CIS. Now it has advanced further going passed order 66 as we have gone five years ahead of that, with Inquisitors still trying to kill off the remaining jedi and the rebellion takes its healthy course.

Who we are Looking For: We are looking for role players who follow rules accordingly and like to let loose and have a little fun sometimes. We are also looking for Rpers who can actually stay a bit active and know they will be active in the server instead of just lingering and lurking like a force ghost...
The year is 8ABY. Four years have passed since the Battle of Endor. The Galactic Concordance has been signed and the New Galactic Republic has been established along with it. Grand Master Luke Skywalker has renovated and reopened the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, following the lessons learned from past Jedi through their Force Ghosts as he rebuilds the Jedi Order.

The New Republic has ushered in a new era of prosperity for the Galaxy. However, there is no peace. When there is light, there is darkness.

Emerging from Wild Space, the Sith Empire has returned to wage war on the New Republic and succeed where Emperor Palpatine has failed. Can the New Republic uphold its ideals and protect it's people at the same time? Will Luke and his new Jedi Order be able to combat a Sith Army? The Force will guide us.
Hello! This is Star Wars: Infinite Time!
The top-class roleplaying server there is!
We're looking to expand our server with more new members, so feel free to join!
We offer respectful staff, and a fun experience!
Disney RP: World of Magic

For eternity, the magical Disney multiverse existed in separated harmony. Peace and quiet doesn't last forever, it all changed in a second just like that. Now the world's are combined into one, unofficially dubbed Planet Disney and in the center of it, the Disney Kingdom, a land of interconnected amalgam cities and biomes from across the multiverse, now ruled by King Mickey with his master Yen Sid seemingly missing. Mickey works with volunteers from the other worlds to figure this phenomenon out while others try to get their bearings on this new world they've been thrusted into. Whatever happens not up to prophecy or fate, but the people themselves...

- Join for the chance to RP in a magical crossover with your favorite characters from properties such as Incredibles, Moana, Zootopia, or Toy Story and more from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the far reaches of a galaxy far far away.

- Make new friends and discuss your favorite pieces of Disney and non Disney media.

- Be apart of a magical land as you can traverse through the Pride Lands filled with many locations from not just the Lion King but other woodland and mythical based jungle or desert locations. Travel through New Municiberg, the combined city of Municiberg and New Urbem and other old timey places like New Orleans from Princess and the Frog just to name one.

The keys to the Kingdom have been given to you...and the doors are unlocked. We're waiting.
=Episode 1= The Rise of the Empire
The fall of the Republic and the rise of the new Emperor has just begun for the galaxy, and with the fall of the Jedi Order, and the old Republic things are looking bleak for the freedom of the galaxy. The previous Supreme Chancellor has been named the Galactic Emperor and has thus dismantled the Republic and started the Empire. Imperial orders have been met with heavy resistance across some systems, and a large scale war like the clone wars is well underway, both sides are preparing their troops and dogs of war, though little does the new rebellion know the emperor himself has something far worse than any artillery or singular weapon, a new dark warrior from the shadows hailing the title of Darth Vader has proven himself more than capable of defeating any Jedi survivors, and the galaxy is paralyzed with fear from the new dark lords feats while at the side of the Emperor. Though something is brewing and it appears that all imperial factions are gearing up for war against the rebels and might be planning an attack for their world of mandalore....

This is a new server me, a stranger and my friend have been designing. We're open to all kinds of characters and have many roles to suit your interests, and we're even open to adding some if you'd like a kind of character we don't offer.

Rp Channels: 49

Rp Categories: 6

Keep in mind that we're open to location suggestions, and are definitely planning on adding more planets in the future.
37 ABY, 2 years after the foundation of the Final Order.
Kylo Ren has defeated the Resistance executing the Final Order.
Kylo Ren murders Emperor Palpatine claiming his throne in the Sith Order.
The Armed Forces of the old Final Order now serve the Sith Empire and their new Sith Emperor, Kylo Ren, leading him to glory.
The light side seems annihilated once and for all, but there’s a hope. A new little rebel group is planning to defeat the great Sith Empire. The troopers won’t let them defeat Kylo and bring justice to the Galaxy.

A new war has begun.
Do you want to explore the galaxy? Now you can! Create your own OCs, murder people, or even collect bounties! The galaxy is yours, in Star Wars: Galactic RP.
A Long Time Ago in a galaxy far far away...

10 Years After Order 66, Many Padawan and Jedi Knights, Masters and Younglings ran to a derelict planet known as Vulgarex Prime. The empire and Inquisitor hunt these Jedi. In a a battle of light and dark which side will you choose? Help Rebuild The Fallen Order.. or Crush the rebellion!
Kingdom Hearts: Time/Line is a longform, literate roleplaying server following the events of Kingdom Hearts III. As such, we will be making note of spoiler-related plot lines.

The guardians of light have succeeded in their battle against Xehanort, and ended the threat of Kingdom Hearts and the x-Blade. However, Sora journey is far from over as he seeks to find Kairi. As our other heroes attempt to return to normal lives, the Lost Masters rise once more....

Assume the roles of familiar Kingdom Hearts heroes and villains, or choose from a wide range of characters never before seen in the series. Partake in missions that evolve with the storyline, including an original tale set in the world of VERUM REX!

* An evolving storyline based on events after Kingdom Hearts III
* Literate, long length RPs
* Plenty of roles available across franchises like Final Fantasy, Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars!
It has been over a year since the Clone Wars ended, Order 66 was thwarted, Palpatine was killed in a Jedi Military coup. The galaxy is in a state of tense peace. The CIS continue rule the North of the Galaxy under a new council while the Republic attempts reforms to fix it's political issues. But in the darkness of the Galaxy the Sith plot their return.

▪A rich and in-depth economy system for those wanting to make a business and sell their creations.
▪A city-building system which allows players to construct settlements, own them, and run them.
▪Regimented military structure in the major factions.
▪and more...
Pick a side (or none, or even make your own, once we have enough people) and have fun.
During the height of the Empire's occupation of the Galaxy, the first Death Star is under construction, the Empire is strong and ruling with an iron fist.

The Rebel Alliance is rallying to overthrow the oppressivr Emperor and his cruel rule. Join now to fight for a side of your choosing. You can be an Imperial, Rebel, Freelancer, Crime Boss, Merchant, Force Sensitive, etc...

We're new and looking for staff as well as roleplayers to help progress and keep a good roleplay.
(An Rp dedicated to Mandalorians)

Mandalorian... Not a race made for peace and negotiations, all Mandalorians who follow the way of the Mandalore are a Warrior. We will not Surrender nor be at the Emperor's Mercy!! The Empire takes us as fools and weaklings, this will be no longer... The Empire will be at our Mercy and we shall torture them, the so called Empire will be eradicated and as for us... We will prevail through and if we fail, we will die and join our brothers and sisters in the Manda!

(The Mandalorian Guild)

Mandalorian Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters all around the Galaxy will be taking missions from the Mandalorian Guild instead of the other dreadful Guilds. The guild provides the target and with each one captured or dead, a powerful reward comes with it. Soon the beginning of a new Mandalore... No. A more powerful Mandalore will rule the Outer Rims and someday even the galaxy!

Desc: A server following the lore in the comics... This server takes place in 4-5 ABY and will be slowly being pushed ahead throughout the rp. Some things that we offer are a bank system, ships and troops, and numerous planets to RP on.

As of current, our membership is low due to a disheveled co-owner who has been removed after having had kicked all the users due to system changes. 1/5/2020

Surta Incorporated is looking for Garry's Mod players

- We are a small community that have recently opened a Garry's Mod Star Wars RP server. If your interested then this is for you! Come and join us to have fun with events and friendly people

Our Discord
- We have Mee6 which will allow you to raise through our member ranks by being active in chat and discussions on the discord
- Friendly and helpful staff and players
- A Support team to help you with any issues you might have
- Role System so you don't have to see chats for games you wont play
- Dyno Bot

Our Server
- Our Server is a Clone Wars RP that opened up a few days ago
- It is a Nutscript Based Server with many roleplay elements built into it such as an inventory system, medical system, and more!
- We offer multiple Clone Units that one can join and we are actively looking for Commanders
- We offer an easy rank up system.
- We have donations for Jedi, Omega Squad, or Rank ups
- Friendly and active staff

Come on and join us to fight the CIS or to chat with people in discord!
Star wars is an amazing galaxy, so why not try to join the fun? Come in, create your character, and start rping, just listen to the rules! Don't judge us for our member count, quality over quantity!
Hello there! Star Wars Servers United is an archival server that aims to bring Star Wars server owners together, and provide members with a extensive list of communities to join! Our listings are tightly organized and regulated, and servers are labelled according to both size and type. Whether your Star Wars server relates to roleplaying, gaming, or discussion, we will provide you with a platform to advertise, network, and interact with other Star Wars fans! If you're just starting a server, we can help you grow and thrive!
We are a roblox team on ilum and we teach u how to fight with sabers and blaster ect sometimes we try our best to teach everyone! No verifying nothin much