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It has been just over a year since the Clone Wars ended with the peace accords of Mandalore. Order 66 was thwarted, Chancellor Palpatine was killed on the Invisible Hand. The galaxy is in a state of tense peace between the major superpowers and smaller states looking to make history. The CIS continue to rule the North of the Galaxy under a new council while the Republic attempts reforms to fix it's political issues. But in the darkness of the Galaxy the Sith plot their return from their hideouts in the Outer Rim.

▪A rich and in-depth economy system for those wanting to make a business and sell their creations.
▪Regimented military structure in the major factions.
▪and more...
Pick a side or make your own and have fun.
Szumowiny z Nar Shaddaa - Oficjalny serwer społeczności "HOLOCRONU" Dakanna. Zapraszamy wszystkich zainteresowanych gwiezdnymi wojnami i wszystkim z tym związanym.
Administracja Szumowin z Nar Shadaa
Star Wars: Imperial Beginnings currently takes place about half a year after the fall of the Republic and Order 66. We haven’t any custom lore, but that may or may not change depending on the canon characters’ actions in the server. (Allowing the leeway for canon characters to die early is our way of stopping anyone from abusing the plot armor) The majority of the army is still clones, however conscripts are, of course, always accepted.
The Rebellion hasn’t been birthed yet, but the Empire will face Resistance in much smaller packages. The cloning facilities on Kamino are still functional, as clones keep their training up. The majority of Independent clones either betrayed the Empire or retired from their time in the army. Of course, exceptions exist.

We noticed a certain lack of Star Wars RP servers that take place during the very beginning of the Empire, and decided that since that's a kind of server we wanted, we'd make one ourselves. Ambitious, huh?

We offer:
Active Staff
The ability to claim canon characters
OC Creation
Both canon and legends content
Well, you get the gist, we got a lot that we'd like to share with you, see you on the Battlefront.
This is an 18+ only server!

Welcome newcomer to a Star Wars 5e Universe. Set in TOR during the Cold War post-signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, you can join any faction, make your own if you want, there is no limit besides your imagination. Our server has the choice of starting from levels 1-3, and you aren't limited to waiting for a session to be announced. GMs run NPCs, and even random encounters throughout your time playing.

This is not a Westmarches server it is a Play by Post, with GMs to help facilitate the roleplay, and call rulings, as well as run NPCs. Everyone plays their characters, making their own stories as they want, and the GMs throw plot hooks at them, either based off of character backgrounds, or at random. So why not come and check us out if you want to enjoy SW5e with some ERP tossed in for good measure?

P.S. our owner is a cute femboy, so come on, you know you want to.
LONG LIVE THE SITH! Join and let us conquer the galaxy together to make one true galactic Empire! Post memes and other stuff, just don't be a douche.
So you're a fan of star wars and roleplay. Well here is something new and never seen before, just for you.

We are presenting an all-new star wars roleplay experience. Join the server as one of 8 factions from across the different eras of star wars.

Fight to make your faction the ruler of the galaxy claiming your planets, building your defences and even spying on the enemy. Yes, that's right, there is a spying mechanic in this server.

Now, although canon characters are allowed this server is not canon so canon protection is not a thing. If you die as a canon character no-one can play as them again but do not be disheartened to lose them - there are plenty to choose from.

We have:
Custom bots to help the staff as well as tupperbot and music bots.
Friendly Admins
Fun RP opportunities
Faction Leader Positions for all factions (they get to make rules for their faction too) [must be active irp]
A new variation of PTK (Reason to kill - RTK)

1: All-out galactic war
2: 8 total factions to choose from
3: No Shop
4: Spying mechanic (IRP)
5: Custom bots
6: Friendly Admins
7: Fun RP opportunities
8: Faction Leader Positions
9: RTK
10: Non-Canon (canon characters ARE allowed)
🎷 *Welcome to Star Wars: The Forgotten Era !* 🎷

Set around 3500 BBY, less than a whole century after the end of the Great Galactic War...

... But the Galaxy is far from at peace. The Republic has long started to regain its grip on Galactic power, using the instability and infighting in the Sith Empire to lick its wounds. But now that the two gigantic powers are equally-matched once more, tension is thick in the air from the Core to the Outer Rim. The Empire is eager to expand its newly-carved out territory and the Republic impatient to regain its lost colonies: the galaxy is yet again on the brink of a war of a magnitude that nobody had experienced before. Another prominent power has emerged from the internal strife, as the Hutt Cartel made its way into the intergalactic scene with armies of mercenaries and fleets bought with hard cold credits.

Great changes are to come soon, and even just a single person could entirely turn the tides of fate. Which side will you pick? Will you remain out of the grand scheme of things, making your own way in the galaxy? Will you save your people or condemn them? The choice is yours, and the possibilities endless.

We are a Roleplay server set in the Star Wars universe around 3500 BBY, more than a century after the Great Galactic War and in a period that has an insane potential for RP ! Come join us for an unique experience !

What do we offer you ?

- A Roleplay server set in the Old Republic era, allowing endless possibilities for characters and events ! 🎨
- A growing community ready to welcome you with open arms ! 🤗
- Friendly Staff ready to guide you around the server and answer all your questions ! 👥
- An LGBT+ friendly community that welcome all, no matter the origin, age, religion, gender or sexuality ! 🏳️‍🌈
- An organized system that is easy to go through ! 👑
- More than 70 channels to roleplay in, and more to come ! 💬
- The opportunity to develop your character in an unique roleplay environment ! 🌟

💫 The Staff & community awaits you with eagerness ! 💫
Chalut jedi comme sith il est temps pour nous détendre notre empire a travers toute la galaxie ensembles nous connaîtrons enfin la paix...
-un serveur accessible à tous fan de star wars ( me paraît logique en même temps)
grin il y aura éventuellement ( pas tout de suite ) du RP
sunglasses également des salons pour les joueurs de BATTLEFRONT 2, jedi fallen order, SWTOR il y aura peut-être un salons pour Star wars Heros de la galaxie, et bien entendu des salons dédiés à l'univers Étendu et pleins d'autres ( les séries aussi vous inquiétez pas ^^)

Et je suis ouvert à toutes les idées pour améliorer le serveur.
Voila voilà
"We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope."

Hello There!

Ever felt like joining a Galactic Civil War server but can never find the perfect one? Then SW:Imperial Might is perfect for you! SW: A New Order tells the story of the Galactic Civil War, told by none other than the roleplayers in this vast galaxy.

-Great staff that are always there to help!

-Super active all the time!

-Join the Rebellion and take up arms against the tyrannical Empire as a pilot or foot soldier!

-Enlist in the Imperial ranks, become a Stormtrooper or a TIE Pilot and bring peace, security and
justice to the galaxy!

-Become an infamous bounty hunter and search the galaxy for credits and fame!

-Explore an endless galaxy with hundreds of planets to explore!

-A working shop system with dozens of ships and weapons!

-Solid gaming community

-MEE6 Premium for a super cool bot experience!

Which side will you fight for? What path will you take? How will the galaxy treat you? Ready to find out?

What are you waiting for? Join now!

[Invite Link:]

Family. Loyalty. Respect. Three crucial aspects which make up our legion. We, the 168th, are an ever growing BF2 Milsim based on all platforms. Ranging from ARCs, to Aerials or Basic Marines for a chill experience, starships to an armoured division there are a variety of roles suited to each and every individual who joins us. We pride ourselves on being a place where people come together to share our love for the Star Wars universe. We hope to welcome you to our family.
This server is a Star Wars community server, for anyone who likes or loves Star Wars can join it, Please help us grow it better and make it more famous!
Welcome to the 7th Sky Corps family,
Were not just gamers here we are a family and we look forward to having you join us.

We are a 212th clone Milsim looking for more active loyal troopers. We strive in advancing all troopers skills and communication that join. Were not just gamers, were family. We hold that to the heart as our 7th Sky Corps motto. No trooper is left behind. The 7th Sky Corps focuses on teamwork not skill or kills. All members want to advance through our ranks. Activity and games can help with that, we have a discord and you can take note of our latest announcements, deployments, and YouTube Videos.

Why Join the 7th Sky Corps.

- We helping to advance players on Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017), through communication, team work, battle strategies, and Military Simulations.
-  We provide support via Discord, so you can always be up to date with our latest, news, raid deployments, and community activities.
- The 7th Sky Corps offers Reinforcement Special Forces squads, and Armored Tank Units for those players that specialize in reinforcement game plays and armored strategies.

Our #1 rule is no toxic members in this community we do not intend to have any trooper feel uncomfortable with us, brothers in arms are brothers for life.

Thank you for choosing 7th Sky Corps we promise not to disappoint,

See you on the battlefront

Xbox only
✧*:・゚✧Knights & Warriors of the Galaxy!✧・゚: *✧

✧*:Join our Galactic Empire Today!:*✧
✧*Friendly & Fun Community of Star Wars Fans!*✧
✧*Light roleplay, where you can pick a character from the universe*✧
✧- Gaming (PC) Battlefront ll, Squadrons, VRChat, Movie Battles, Among Us & More!*✧
✧*Movie Nights hosted weekly to watch shows/movies relating to Star Wars*✧
✧* Come meet some new people and play some games with us!✧

it is an age of rebellion, the rebel alliance has just officially formed and yavin iv is beginning for hold ships, the 2 flagships of the rebellion ( raddus' "profundity" and ackbars home one class mc80 "the home one") are currently being refit, and raddus' is almost completely finished.

meanwhile the empires weapon "the death star" is still being worked on in secret while the imperial fleet hunts down the rebels in a desperate attempt to to finish them off.

with a galaxy at war, who knows what will happen next...
SW Galaxy Adventure

What can we offer you?

A friendly Staff Team
Self role
Roleplaying (Star wars)
Own channel for your charcter/ OC's
(our bot R2-D2 will tell you what we need)
Artist :art:
Awesome bots
Funny bot's
Small Games
Multiple Voice Channels
And more

Growing community
Chill and meet new sweet/awesome people
We are opens over for new ideas to make the Server better for everyone
Il y a longtemps dans une galaxie lointaine, très lointaine...

Dark Plagueis, maitre de Palpatine et créateur de Anakin Skywalker, avait préparé un projet de secours si les Skywalker ne se serait pas abandonnés au côté obscur, qui consistait a créer un équivalent de Anankin qui serait aussi créé par la force mais n'aurait pas la même apparence. Seulement, l'autre enfant fut abandonnés par Palpatine qui n'avait pas été mis au courant. L'autre ne fut même pas mis au courant de la force. Le nom de cet autre branche est Nightstorm

Des décennies plus tard, la descendance des Skywalker, Ben Solo, avec Rey, furent vaincu par Palpatine et toute la résistance qui l'accompagnait décimé par les destroyers, permettant a Palpatine d'instaurer le Dernier Ordre. Ils traquèrent les derniers rebelles pour les éliminer.
Deux ans plus tard, la rébellion se reforme avec les derniers survivants, Chewbacca qui avait survécu, devint la mascotte de la rébellion. Mais le Dernier Ordre, donc Palpatine, qui avait écrasé la rébellion et possédait une flotte surpuissante, instaurait la peur dans la galaxie. Les plus courageux, arrivait a rameuter de nouveaux rebelles. Les anciens rebelles ne devait s'être sacrifier en vain ! Une nouvelle rébellion se forme discrètement , dirigée par un vieil homme maitrisant la force, car si Palpatine est tombé une fois, il pourra bien chuter une nouvelles fois!

Un serveur organisés et un staff a l'écoute et compréhensif

Un contexte Inédit et un moment dans la Timeline totalement Original
Bonjour cher partisan de l'Empire !
Je viens te présenter le serveur Discord, Empire EDF !

Empire EDF est un serveur Discord dédié à Star Wars, mais on parle aussi d’autre jeux.
Sur ce serveur Discord, il y a :
- De la gentillesse
- Des bots pour se divertir
- Du personnel a l’écoute
- Des giveaways de temps à autres
- Et plein d’autre choses
Pour l'instant nous ne sommes pas beaucoup, mais nous espérons que notre nombre va augmenter !

N’hésitez pas à venir découvrir et à en parler autour de vous !
À bientôt ^^
Come join the armed forces of the Galactic Empire,

join the Imperial Army and explore new planets and destroy threats to the empire,

Join the Imperial Navy and pilot the finest ships in the Galaxy, we have Tie fighter Tie interceptor and Tie bomber squadrons.

Join the stormtrooper corps, and hunt down criminals of the empire.


Engage in semi-literate roleplay in many different locations on different planets, with an ever-evolving roleplay environment anything can happen,


Join us and you can expect.

-Weekly events
-Awards for participation in events
-Realistic ranking system
-Many different classes/Mos’s to pick
-Realistic roleplay
The 741st Legion

The Galaxy is at war. The fearless clone army of the Republic is pitted against the destructive machines of the Confederacy in a brutal galactic-scale conflict. But there are darker forces working to influence the war...

The 741st Legion, a powerful fighting force led by clones and Jedi alike, travels across the galaxy, bravely fighting the merciless Separatist Droid Army, in the name of the Chancellor.

What We Offer

- Frequent events
- A combination of Star Wars Canon, Legends, and Fanon.
- A story revolving around the 741st Legion, a custom unit created for the server
- A rank-based unit system
- Improvements to the original 741st Legion RP (If you were on that server)
- Our own official fan comic
- Semi-literate to literate roleplay
- Knowledgable and helpful staff
- Both canon and fanon planets
Welcome to Imperial War: Rebellion! The Galaxy is under the dark shroud of the empire with nothing to stop the inevitable thousand year rule. Except you, you could make the difference and stop the Emperor! Or perhaps help him secure it under his new society.

Imperial War: Rebellion is a Star Wars server starting around 16 BBY, or soon after Order 66. Rebellions are rare and suppressed, and the Empire is growing into its prime

-> Levels that go up as you roleplay.
-> Skill and Force Powers, allowing for customization of characters without being broken.
-> Upcoming Rebel Cell System with Resources and Heat.
-> Moldable History, not everything is set in place.
Welcome to Star Wars: Old Republic!
┗╋━━━━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤ ━━━━━━━━╋┛
The success of the Sith Empire's military campaign during the Great War saw the deaths of thousands of Jedi. During the Sacking of Coruscant, six Jedi Masters of the Jedi High Council were killed along with several others, and in the time since, the Sith have started their own recruitment campaign to seek out Force-sensitive children around the galaxy.

These catastrophes have damaged the Galactic Republic's faith in its legendary protectors, but they are far from defeated. Overwhelmed but fearless, the Jedi remaining have gone into exile or hiding, or they have turned over to the Galactic Empire and joined the Sith and been corrupted. 

The Jedi are being hunted by the Sith and will be killed on the spot if found. The galaxy has lost its faith in the peacekeepers. The few and the brave still hiding or are in exile, it is up to you to save the galaxy before Jedi and republic are just legends in history!

Will you start a rebellion? Will you head the call? The Galaxy needs you now more than ever!
┗╋━━━━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤ ━━━━━━━━╋┛
We are a relatively new server, with a roleplay that takes place in the universe of the popular series; Swtor. Our server has numerous features and systems designed to make the roleplaying process more organized, streamlined, and most important of all; enjoyable!
┗╋━━━━━━━━◥◣◆◢◤ ━━━━━━━━╋┛
◘ All kinds of RP styles!
◘ Fully interactive story
◘ LGBTQ+ friendly!
◘ Active jobs & events for everyone.
◘ Dozens of RP channels!
◘ Friendly community and staff.
◘ Unique and in-depth lore.
Hello we have 200+ people and a lot of TikTok/Twitch content creators and we would love for our server to grow more than it is we have a i need a dm system where you ask for someone to dm you so you can talk about your issues it has helped me and a lot of other people so we would be happy for you to join our GAR
Star Wars temalı public sunucusu. Beraber müzik dinleyip muhabbet ediyor. Secret Hitler , Vampir Köylü ve bir çok oyunu oynuyor. Bil bakalım ve benzeri etkinliklerde yarışıyoruz. Sen de güce denge getirmek istiyorsan bize katıl.