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In this alternative universe, all canon characters do not exist. The One Piece, instead, was created by a fierce pirate captain named Morgan D. Henry after he battled the legendary marine, Fleet Admiral Nelson. The two fleets ended up being destroyed by a huge title wave near the secret island of raftel. All their belongings and treasure are said to have been washed up on the island in One Piece. This caused many to go out and venture for the lost treasure of the late Pirate King, Morgan "The Terrible" and the former Fleet Admiral, "Lord" Nelson.
The community server of B.D.A. Law, a One Piece based YouTuber. This is the most active server within the One Piece community.
-Greetings! This is a One-Piece roleplay server! We could do with some members and we want to create a roleplaying community!

-Our high ranks are often online and will approve of your custom characters and more!

-We have a functioning submitting and approving system, and templates! So that you can submit everything you need for your OC!

-We often have events that allow you to get devil fruits and more!
Several years after the crowning of the second pirate king, Monkey D. Luffy, the world erupted into chaos as he suddenly disappeared. The marines claimed that he was rightfully executed in privacy, but they had no clue to his whereabouts. They searched the world restlessly, revealing the third great pirate era, known as the Era of Kings. Men and women alike now search for the Pirate King and his crew, but they still remain a mystery to this day. With the throne of king absent, ambitious eyes sought to shake the world. Welcome, to the Era of Kings.

Era of Kings is a One Piece server that rewards activity instead of punishing inactivity. We encourage the personal narrative of each character, and that it flows into an overarching theme which conveys a message to our players. This server is not like traditional anime roleplays, because each and every member is a distinct puzzle piece in the image we are trying to create. Enjoy your "Romance Dawn," and tell the story that you have always wanted.

What do we offer?

- A great environment for literate roleplayers to flourish and experience a personal narrative within the One Piece verse.

- A proper progression system that allows players to start from their very own Romance Dawn, to a larger scale story.

- The powerful vibrancy that is given to players who collaborate together and form their own legacy through their own words.

- An updated news article for big events, timelines, and other important things happening within our universe.

- A system for Marines, Pirates, and even Revolutionaries!

Come and join us on Era of Kings!
The longest running One Piece role-play on the internet! We roleplay on a FANDOM site, not on the DISCORD! Check that out:

Immerse yourself within Oda's world. Feel as though you truly are a character living inside of the Grand Line.

We have a fandom.wikia dedicated to the server to log our characters and role-plays. We value character development and story progression before all else. If you want to role-play with the big leagues, here's your chance.

Got what it takes to become the Pirate King? Prove it.
Ce serveur a pour but de regrouper plusieurs communautés de mangas différents, pour parler, débattre, s'amuser... Vous pouvez parler de tout et de rien, même de jeux vidéos si cela vous chante. N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre si vous aimez les mangas et les animes comme nous ! Au plaisir de vous voir parmi nous. ^^
Welcome to the Straw Hat Grand Fleet!
We are a community that loves all things One Piece and Anime, and love talking about it. We are NOT an rp server. We welcome any and everyone to our server and can't wait to meet you all! We hold events every week like streams of the OP movies and specials, play games, and more!

We love talking in vc and welcome any and all to join us~
We are a Crew for One Piece games on ROBLOX! Come have fun with us! We have several bots to play with and active members to chat with, fun channels, events, giveaways sometimes and more!
Welcome to Gear 5! A place for One Piece fans to discuss and theorize around the manga/anime! The chat is not restricted to One Piece talk, so feel free to join and talk about any other animes!

We do have multiple events each week.
We do also have a faction system, where you compete against the other factions.
We do have a lot of friendly people!
If you want to debate, share theories, or simply just talk about anything. Feel free to come by!
Psst... we also have a channel for NSFW. (If you are interested in that ^^)

The server is owned by the youtuber Gear 5, a One Piece theorist.
Check out his channel if you want! (Link below)

Link for Gear 5's channel:
An active gaming hub for members who want to talk about various topics, such as manga/anima. The server has an active player base with players who play Roblox, have a ranking system mostly based on the games of an anime, "One Piece," and also is for members who want to just relax and chill in general.
Welcome to One Piece Community providing a place for One Piece fans to discuss and theorize around One Piece. Those who don't watch the show are more than welcome to join in and talk about their favorite anime.
A small friendly server full of One Piece fans! Welcome to the Thousand Sunny - the ship of the Strawhat Pirates! Full of fun games such as Waifubot, Mudae, and Pokecord, this ship is a paradise for anyone who wants to be our nakama! Join us as we embark on our quest to become the best pirate crew in the world: we won't be able to do it without you!
Monkey D. Luffy, the man closest to becoming the second Pirate King was executed. The world went wild, with people rushing to find the One Piece. Become a marine or pirate in One Piece - The New Age of Pirates.

What we have to offer:
Custom Devil Fruits, Sword Styles, Martial Art Styles
A massive array of areas to roleplay in
A fair stat system
And much, much, more
This is the Deadlift4chips community. Focused on my streams, anime, and other random powerlifting discussion.
【☀️ Thousand Sunny GO!☀️】

Hello there! We're an One Piece server focused in talking about the masterpiece created by Eichiro Oda! Here's what we have to offer:

☀️ Bots like Mudae, Rythm and Kashima!
☀️ A safe community for everyone! LGBT+, people of color, neurodivergents... Everyone is our nakama!
☀️ A friendly team of admins!
☀️ In the close future, a tumblr blog will be made especially for the server!

It will be a pleasure to have you aboard! We hope to see you around and that you shall enjoy your stay!
This role play is two generations after Luffy (presumably) became pirate king. The ongoing war between pirates, the government and revolutionaries still rages on. The decisions you make here will drastically impact the world. Do you have what it takes to be a legend? Or will you be just some nobody who is just along for the ride
The Law Marines are the World Government's military sea force, tasked with law enforcement, international security, and military operations. The Marines are one of the Three Great Powers in the world, alongside the Shichibukai and the Yonko.
Welcome to The New World!

We are a community of animeholics all gathered together by one individual reason. The wonderful world of One Piece!
One Piece is an anime about a boy named Monkey D. Luffy wants to become the King of all pirates. Along his quest he meets: a skilled swordsman named Roronoa Zoro; Nami, a greedy thief who has a knack for navigation; Usopp, a great liar who has an affinity for inventing; Sanji, a warrior cook; Chopper, a sentient deer who is also a skilled physician; and Robin, former member of Baroque Works. The gang sets sail to unknown seas in Grand Line to find the legendary treasure of One Piece.

Our community itself includes exclusive role-playing channels, creative and fun NSFW bots and interactions.
Channels to store, share and chat about fanart and merchandise!
Come check us out!
Anime Avenue is Your One Way Source for All Things Anime and Manga. Come join and talk to members of your community. Hangout with YouTubers, content creators, fans and community members alike!
ONE PIEC! Pirate's New Redemption

Pirate's New Redemption is a one piece roleplay server where the foundation was laid down by Golden voyage. Pirate's New Redemption is after the death of Gol D. Rogers, the so called 'Pirate King' that made his mark on the world, raiding and pillaging to form the ultimate pirate kngdom under himself,his last few words where "My treasure? If you want it, you can have it.
Seek it out! I left everything in my life at that place!" with this, the age of piracy began, one after another men and women alike pack up to claim the old treasure that so calls itself the One Piece. This is where your story starts, every action, word, and fight changes the story of this adventure for the one piece forever, this is the Age of Redemption for the pirates, meanwhilst, the World Government sees this activity in criminal acts, marines are being contracted day and night to stop the pirates, this is an age that both sides will lose, win, profit, or fall. This is the age of pirates!