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Welcome to the Straw Hat Grand Fleet!
We are a community that loves all things One Piece and Anime, and love talking about it. We welcome any and everyone to our server and can't wait to meet you all! We hold events every week like streams of the OP movies and specials, play games, and more!

We love talking in vc and welcome any and all to join us~
Welcome to One Piece Community providing a place for One Piece fans to discuss and theorize around One Piece. Those who don't watch the show are more than welcome to join in and talk about their favorite anime.
The longest running One Piece role-play on the internet! We roleplay on a FANDOM site, not on the DISCORD! Check that out:

Immerse yourself within Oda's world. Feel as though you truly are a character living inside of the Grand Line.

We have a fandom.wikia dedicated to the server to log our characters and role-plays. We value character development and story progression before all else. If you want to role-play with the big leagues, here's your chance.

Got what it takes to become the Pirate King? Prove it.
An active gaming hub for members who want to talk about various topics, such as manga/anima. The server has an active player base with players who play Roblox, have a ranking system mostly based on the games of an anime, "One Piece," and also is for members who want to just relax and chill in general.
The community server of Brago D. Ace, a One Piece based YouTuber. This is the most active server within the One Piece community.
Welcome to Gear 5! A place for One Piece fans to discuss and theorize around the manga/anime! The chat is not restricted to One Piece talk, so feel free to join and talk about any other animes!

We do have multiple events each week.
We do also have a faction system, where you compete against the other factions.
We do have a lot of friendly people!
If you want to debate, share theories, or simply just talk about anything. Feel free to come by!
Psst... we also have a channel for NSFW. (If you are interested in that ^^)

The server is owned by the youtuber Gear 5, a One Piece theorist.
Check out his channel if you want! (Link below)

Link for Gear 5's channel:
This is JoJo World at war where No abilities are blacklisted
Yes you heard me right no abilities are blacklisted
we made the choice to not blacklsit any abilities for enhanced rp experience We also provide a story and lore that is forwarded by the players not by the main group of gangs or people
Is a discord for people who both love One Piece and DND, this is the perfect server where you can combine both with its own book and Dev team developing the game even further,
Come join us and play D20 System One Piece
This is a One Piece role play that I've created just for fun. Here you can be a pirate or marine, work on increasing your bounty, make new friends and more! Come and join the fun!
This Discord server is an RP server that uses dice rolls when in PVP, PVE, or doing something luck-based. We take heavy inspiration from the anime/manga One Piece, but you don't have to know the anime to RP here. I, along with the admins are here to help you make your completely original character so that you can fit right in here. Don't be afraid of being cringey or weird. It's your RP and we accept anything unless it's NSFW (eg; ERP, pornography. Swearing is fine as long as you don't use racial slurs.). We're glad to have you here.
Several years after the crowning of the second pirate king, Monkey D. Luffy, the world erupted into chaos as he suddenly disappeared. The marines claimed that he was rightfully executed in privacy, but they had no clue to his whereabouts. They searched the world restlessly, revealing the third great pirate era, known as the Era of Kings. Men and women alike now search for the Pirate King and his crew, but they still remain a mystery to this day. With the throne of king absent, ambitious eyes sought to shake the world. Welcome, to the Era of Kings.

Era of Kings is a One Piece server that rewards activity instead of punishing inactivity. We encourage the personal narrative of each character, and that it flows into an overarching theme which conveys a message to our players. This server is not like traditional anime roleplays, because each and every member is a distinct puzzle piece in the image we are trying to create. Enjoy your "Romance Dawn," and tell the story that you have always wanted.

What do we offer?

- A great environment for literate roleplayers to flourish and experience a personal narrative within the One Piece verse.

- A proper progression system that allows players to start from their very own Romance Dawn, to a larger scale story.

- The powerful vibrancy that is given to players who collaborate together and form their own legacy through their own words.

- An updated news article for big events, timelines, and other important things happening within our universe.

- A system for Marines, Pirates, and even Revolutionaries!

Come and join us on Era of Kings!
Wealth, Fame, Power Monkey D Luffy The King of the pirate's attained this and every thing else the world had to offer and his final words drew men to the seas "You want my treasure, you can have it i left everything i gathered in one place, now you just have to find it" these words drew countless men to the grand line in search of dreams then they had ever dared to imagine. This Roleplay takes place around 20 years after Luffy's death in the midst of a new Great pirate age
Come join an new immersive Roleplay In the world of one piece with an expanding community, Kind/understanding staff and more. Join if you feel like having fun.
A server for fans of Germa 66 and the Vinsmoke family! We have lots of custom Vinsmoke emotes and any new Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji focused fanart is posted daily. If you only care about Reiju and/or Sanji or are bothered by incest then this might not be the server for you.
Do you like roleplay? Do you like One Piece? Well then this is the place for you.

One Piece: The Future Pirate King is a server based around the worldwide hit One Piece. However, you do not need to know the series to roleplay here. Everything you need to know is already there.
Canon characters are not allowed. And canon things such as powers and abilities will be given away daily. And every milestone comes with a special giveaway for all our members.
Please come join us in our growing community!
Age of the pirates? What age?" Said the pirate king as he travelled into the grandline, clue less of what layed there, he came across an island where he decided to lay his treasure, his eyes filled with happiness at the sight of his treasure to come for many generations, but that was all layed down when he faked his death, the word spread across the sea "The new pirate king has sprouted", the pirate king layed and died peacefully with his treasure, his last words where "Oh if only the sea had mercy", the island vanished, deep under the sea, along with him and his treasure. The First mate was finally captured after forming another great fleet, a fleet men would fear, the power of a band of people with devil fruits brought him down to his demise, but the firstmate would dive with his treasure under the sea with another person's devil fruit, "My treasure? My old captains treasure, you wish to find it? Then come with me!" he said as a massive tsunami crashed into the city, killing everyone who couldn't swim, from then on people have started to set a crew of powerful people to find the lost treasures of the claimed kings, the age of the pirates have started with the seas
One Piece: Kings journey is a Roleplay that takes place in a alternate universe of sorts. No canon characters or events. You may be a Marine, Pirate, Revolutionary or Possibly a Civillian!
Welcome to One Piece: Renaissance, a One Piece alternate universe where you can begin your grand journey to become the Pirate King!

Or perhaps you'd like to hunt down those filthy rogues instead? Whatever the case, you're bound to strike gold in our server!
Voici un serveur #Discord #LGBT+ que j'ai créé qui est ouvert à toutes les personnes qui souhaitent le rejoindre, bien évidemment le serveur et soumis à des conditions d'utilisation qui sont là pour que tout les utilisateurs y soit en sécurité. 🎊♥️♥️♥️🎊
Welcome to the Anime Verse

This is an anime server where people can weeb out and express their love for anime!! We have lots of channels for gacha games, nsfw, memes and media, chatting and more to come.

Hope you have a great time. uwu
This is a brand new One Piece server where all of your pirate dreams come true! You can chat with friends on the new episodes and manga chapters! Explore in deep conversation in our chatrooms. Embrace one another, and indulge in some guilty pleasure fan art!
Rejoignez l'aventure dans le monde de One Piece emprunté pour un Discord RP 100% français! Devenez un pirate terrifiant, un marine craint par la vermine, ou encore un révolutionnaire prêt à tout pour défier le gouvernement mondial.
N'attendez plus, venez chercher votre fruit du démon!
Recrutement Admin/MJ ON
It has been 10 years since the pirate king Monkey D. Luffy had died. He had planted his treasure somewhere in the new world and said the next person to find it would be known as the new pirate king. Wars broke out between the Navy and pirates. The Navy needed to find the treasure before the pirates did to stop a new pirate king from emerging, but all pirates wanted to become the pirate king. The navy recreated the seven warlords system to try to get the treasure before anyone else. No navy soldier nor pirate has even come close to finding the treasure. And some say that Monkey D. Luffy hid the treasure better than even Gold D. Roger. The next era of pirates are legend to be some of the greatest pirates in all of history. Some predict that someone in this generation could become the next pirate king.

If you like One Piece and role playing this is the server for you!

CAUTION: server is still in progress. Join at your own risk.