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**Looking For People to play with?** Join TGaming __**Discord Server**__

*We offer the following:*

News | Request something you want! |
Content Creators
Free advertising
Active Admins | We'll come as soon as possible |
Custom Server Emotes
People you can play with | They'll Come if interested |

|soon| Events
|soon| Giveaways

We're a Gaming Community Looking For more People to join us and have some fun! You're all Welcome!
38 seconds ago
Welcome to Glitch!

We are searching for active members, but everyone is welcome :)

We have:

- GₐMₑᵣs
- Gᵢᵥₑₐwₐys
- MₑmₑS
- Stₑₐm gᵢfts ShₐᵣₑS
- ₐnᵢmₑ

(yes, the weird letters are intentional, it's a glitch effect)
14 minutes ago
Hypixel Community Discord (Unofficial)! CURRENTLY HOLDING INVITE GIVEAWAY! ($50+) Help & Support for all Hypixel/Minecraft needs. Hypixel based text & voice channels. Custom Hypixel based ranks, Hypixel Staff, invite rewards, shoutouts, leveling rewards and much more!
54 minutes ago
Delta Hub :fire:

We are a Discord that mainly focuses on ROBLOX gaming.

A fun, socializing server with some of these features -

:robot: ➺ Bots, to your enjoyment! :white_check_mark:
:musical_note: ➺ Small Music Community :white_check_mark:
:spy: ➺ Friendly Staff :white_check_mark:
:cheese: ➺ NSFW :white_check_mark:
:tada: ➺ Role Giveaways :white_check_mark:

Be sure to Join Delta Squad today!

1 hours ago
Partnered Discord Server for gamers seeking their new online family - We're a laid back bunch with a stupid sense of humour and bizarre personalities! Welcome!
2 hours ago
We're a laid-back community with tons of fun, loving and vibrant people! Talk about gaming, media, music, or anything at all!

Our goal is to provide a place where people can hang out after a long day of work or school, a place where people can interact with each other and meet new people who share common interests, and enjoy their time.

We offers many cool and fun attractions like unique bots, wolf emojis, giveaways, 100+ self assignable roles, and much more!

So come on over, and check us out!
3 hours ago
Welcome to Chillzone!

❆ Chillzone is a gaming server that runs strong with activity, nearly 24 hours a day! We offer many fun bots such as Pokécord and UnbelievaBoat! VC activity is very common, so feel free to stop by!


❆ Daily giveaways! We have role giveaways, server currency, and more on the weekdays, and even more valuable things on the weekends!

❆ Weekly Events! Anything from board games, card games, game events to ROBLOX, we will have weekly events planned for those who wish to participate!

❆ Self-Assignable Roles! We have 9 games our server participates in most for you to look into and join if you'd wish! We will be more than willing to welcome you into parties!

❆ Progressive Ranks! The more active, the more you level, the higher your rank! Race to the top to beat all others to the highest allowed role!

❆ Server Merging! Worried about your server dying? Merge with us! You'll be able to bring part of your server with you into Chillzone, with a role to represent you!

❆ Partners! Want to partner? Contact us! The bigger your server, the bigger the perk! We'd love to have you!


❆ We await your arrival with open arms! Hope to see you here!

❆ Permanent Invite Link ❆
3 hours ago
Hi! Welcome to The Slurm Project! Our goal is to teach users how to code and develop. You can share inventions, your discord bots, javascrapts, and so much more! We do large and awesome giveaways too! Interested? Join us today!
3 hours ago
New members welcome. We are the politest, smol-growing, welcoming community with a passion. Gaming, Anime, Music, Memes, Giveaways, we have the lot. Join and have fun with our friendly community!
Visit our new community site:

🎪 FIFA World Cup Russia event started!

🍆 Growing Community
😄 Friendly Community and Staff
🎳 Regular Events
🎮 Game Channels & Statistics
🎶 Music Chillout
⚡ Fun & Clever Bots
✋ Suggestion welcomed
4 hours ago
-Meet new friends!
-Find gamers to play your favorite game!
-Meet youtubers!
-Recieve rewards by inviting your friends and people to this discord server
-Win giveaways and many more...
6 hours ago
**Currently a Discord Nitro giveaway (9hours left!)**
Freaks is a fresh ACTIVE community made by everyone and for everyone! Security at its best, Custom Emoticons (Freaks Pack), Custom bots, clans! and much more!
7 hours ago
FREE GIVEAWAYS ARE HERE! Come join us today! Brand new! Better chances! Currently giving away 3 STEAM KEYS for 3 WINNERS! (3 EACH!). Join today for better chances!
11 hours ago
Enter a gaming community focused on connecting gamers with game developers and content creators across the world.
15 hours ago
Welcome to the Advertisement Plaza, a server dedicated to solely advertise your discord servers, YouTube and Twitch channels, social media accounts, and whatever else you can think of. Our top priority at the Advertisement Plaza is to help grow popularity in what you’re advertising!

Our server includes:

:newspaper: Countless channels to advertise :newspaper:
:cop: 24/7 Friendly Moderation :cop:
:tada: Weekly Events & Giveaways :tada:
:arrow_up:️ Level up system :arrow_up:️
:robot: Music, economy and other fun bots :robot:
:art: Self-assignable roles :art:
:speech_balloon: Meme discussion channel :speech_balloon:
:dancers:‍♀️ OVER 570 MEMBERS & GROWING! :dancers:‍♀️

:dollar:Would you like to have immediate results in what you’re advertising? Try Paid Advertising! ONLY $1 / 100 ROBUX FOR 24 HOURS + AN EVERYONE TAG! :dollar:

Discord: ‭‬
Twitter: ‭‬
Website: Coming Soon!
15 hours ago
Aurora is a fun light hearted server that's meant for everyone. We don't discriminate and we're all here for a good time. Join us for weekly events, including movie nights, gaming nights, ect. We offer an exclusive discord community experience. We love getting people involved in new activities! We'd love to meet everyone of you lovely's in our server! I hope to see you there!
17 hours ago
Welcome to the unofficial Questland Discord server! Meet other players from the game and have your questions answered by top players!

Questland is a mobile RPG, be sure to download it if you haven't already :D
17 hours ago
Come have fun with us! Female Owned. Giveaways, Roleplay. Voice channels. Gaming Chat. Of course all the Lewd fun!!
18 hours ago
Welcome to Puzzle! A multipurpose group for gaming, music and bots. This group is currently in development and may seem inactive but it will expand in the future. Join now!
22 hours ago
Fascinating features, breathtaking builds and powerful plugins. Does this sound like a server for you? Then look no further than DedicatedMC...

Our server brings Minecraft to life, giving you the greatest experience imaginable. Every day we work incredibly hard on listening to community suggestions and regularly improving our servers. This is our ethos... We want you to have fun. We want you to have a great time, but most of all...

We want you to enjoy yourself on DedicatedMC, a server that is revolutionising Minecraft gaming.
1 days ago
A cool discord with about 40 members which includes bots like Pokecord, Dank Memer, Dyno, Mee6, Aki and Rythm! We also giveaway roles a lot! :)
1 days ago
The Cheerio Squad is a fun server with a small but kind community! It’s filled with a lot of different bota and different games to play with. There’s giveaways, a roleplay, and many more! Join the Cheerio Squad today~!
1 days ago
Welcome to the Advertisement Center! A server where you can advertise your own server, or partner with us! We used to be a gaming community but we have changed now. We have giveaways, and if you help us reach 2000 members, we will giveaway 500 USD to a random member who was helping us reach those numbers! So what are you waiting for, join and have fun!
2 days ago
We are professional discord server makers with a ton of moderating experience. We can provide you a splendid server for your community, business, or personal medias (Twitter, YouTube, etc.)!
2 days ago
Odin's Hangout server is a great and chilled community It's still growing though, we have 100+ people. It was made with love. We may make a bot for this server.This server offers ya:

◦ Peaceful & active chat

◦ Many channels!

◦ No nsfw or abusive content

◦ Events

◦ Various kind of custom roles! :

◦ Giveaways & much more!
3 days ago