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Community 44
(☞ຈل͜ຈ)☞ Are You Ready, Boios?
Welcome to Boios!
Boios is a community that focuses more on entertainment activities, We have fun bots and active members to meet and greet~
Partnerships Are To Be Handled By Administration Or Higher.
This server has: Helpful Staff ! Many Memes! Music! Gaming! Events! Giveaways! Art! DuckHunt! Self Assignable Roles! (Such As..) NSFW, NSFW+, And RPG (Looking for Experienced Dungeon Masters!!)
22 hours ago
Community 70
Memes, gaming channels, music, auto roles.. and soon to come gift card giveaways! Don't be too late to join..
2 days ago
All Games 26
BROX are a 240+ international gaming community full of weirdos and fun loving people! If looking for some friends, we're the place to be! We love the more creative/fun players in BROX and would love having you with us if wish. Giveaways, contests, events and more. We're a +18 community.
4 days ago
Community 150
Edgy Cucks is a new server for all edgy teens to come together and make an awesome community!, We offer bots, music, giveaways and much more.
8 days ago
Chill place to talk about anything! We got events, giveaways, dank memes and fun, vip and music bots! We have venting, nsfw, quotes and other channels for you to enjoy! Join and be a part of The Realm Of Darkness!
61 days ago
Community 10
Un serveur ou on peut s'amuser et se détendre on dispose d'un channel nsfw et d'un channel giveaways pour gagner des jeux donc n'hésite pas et viens t'amuser !
62 days ago
All Games 84
Enter a gaming community focused on connecting gamers with game developers and content creators across the world.
87 days ago
Community 16
We are a chill and fun community that will help connect all gamers from around the world together.
106 days ago
Anime and Manga
Waifu Wars! Fight for your waifu’s honor monthly in this server!
We have a monthly contest to determine best girl (or guy!) from a given show. We’re an active community, with game giveaways, civil and uncivil discussion, and some of the best anime discussion this side of the internet! Come on in, it’s a great place!
106 days ago
Giveaways, Anime, Gaming & alot more cool stuff is going on here, swing on by? Free stuff awaits!
121 days ago
Chill ANd Hangout Maybe Giveaways
130 days ago