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Hey Are You Looking A Server With Everything?
Then This Server Is For You!!:hugging:

1◾️Giveaways/Creating Giveaway
2◾️Gym Battles
3◾️Pokemon Bots
4◾️Can apply for staff and gyms
5◾️Elite fours/Pokemon League
6◾️Johto & Kanto Adventure
7◾️Invite Contest's of Legendary 100levels
8◾️New Friends & All Friendly
9◾️Feeling to Stay Here whole life & Partnership's
10◾️Are you Ready to Go to Dimension of Pokemon?
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Bonjour à tous , je me présente , je suis le créateur d'un Discord FR. ( +150 Membres ) Sur le jeu Roblox . Notre but est de réunir tout les joueurs Francophone jouant à ce même jeu et pouvoir nous entraider pour créer une communauté active et sympatique entre les joueurs . Merci de votre compréhension

Hey! You should really join this server. This server is AWESOME!!!
We have:
-Nice Community
-Bubble Gum Simulator
-Twitch Streamer
Join now, you won't regret it!
We count on YOU to help this community grow as a family.
This is a server where you can talk to all different kinds of people
Friendly and accepting of everyone!
Coming Soon:
Cool giveaways
Neat events
And much much more
Go ahead and press join, we would love to have you in our server!
Come meet new friends and be the life of the party!

*We are a Nitro Boosted server!*

We have self roles, and colors roles!!
—Nitro Giveaways after hitting level 5 in Amari!
—Cards Against Humanity
—Uno Bot!
—Partnerships open!
—Yggdrasil (Userphone)
—Tons of memes!
—Make new friends!
—Question of the Day!
—Accepting community!
—Advice from our “therapists” for when in need!

450+ people! Come join us and have some fun!

**Looking for Partner Managers!**
Welcome to Poke Paradise! :D

A place where all people and pokemon are welcome :)

▶️ Cool invite Rewards - Want some credits? Join and help other people join too! 💸
▶️ DAILY Giveaways - Lots of regular as well as interactive giveaways in this server! 🎊
▶️ One of the cheapest and fastest daycares - trusted, quick and effective daycare levelers! 🍼
▶️ Cool, Active Memes Channel - cause Wynaut? 🤣
▶️ Competitive Gyms - Have fun battling with our gym leaders! ⚔️
▶️ Pokeverse Bot - Another way to collect and catch pokemon 😎
▶️ Auction Channels - A fun wait to collect them all and earn credits ⏳

Join today!
Brand new Trading/Giveaway server with 700+ Members!

•Daily Giveaways🎁
•Middle man service👤
•Taxi service 🚕
•SSD Builders🔨

•Weapons & Materials Trade Chat💎
•Battle Royale Chat

•STW Materials Price Bot💰
•Daily Item Shop Bot
•STW Daily Llama Bot
•FNBR Patch Notes Bot
•Rank & Reputation System📈

Friendly Mods & Users. Don’t Be Afraid To Talk In Chat!
Hello i hope you are having a great day, evening or night, i would love to keep this short so you don't have to read that much.

Our server is here to help bring people together as a community and listen to one and another also get help on anything can be about our custom bot or even other bots etc.

We also are looking for Bot Developers to who can help DJextinct work on the bot, must know Discord.js well also we are looking for Website Developers and Discord staff.

thanks for taking the time to read this,
Staff team
- Aesthetic/cute themed community server.
- Welcoming staff.
- Looking for active members.
- Shitposting channels.
- LGBTQ+ friendly.
- Active nitro giveaways!!
- Movie, game and VC events!
a laid back server here to make america great again
• ┊~ roles + colors
• ┊~ nsfw channels
• ┊~ giveaways n events
• ┊~ offensive humor
• ┊~ thighs n hands channel
• ┊~ wholesome n shitpost channel
• ┊~ active chat n vc
inv ya sick ass friends
Welcome to Slateport City where the beach is fun and the sun is warm! Here we have a number of activities for people:

Self roles
Shadow Lugia auctions
Frequent Giveaways

And more to come!
We Are A Growing Community With Free Minecraft Accounts
Heres A List Of Invite Rewards :-{Minecraft invite reward}
-3 inv = full data {متاح}
-20 inv = 1 full access {غير متاح}
-10k credits = 1 full data {متاح}
-100k credits = 1 full access {غير متاح}
We Are English And Arabic We Are Excited For You To Join
We have active text channels for you to express your inner-creativity, friendly users, our own bot with currency, shop, gambling, roles, events and use bot currency to purchase games from available list in #redeem Channel (Steam Games, Epic Games, Blizzard clients)
Welcome to Frost Bets 👋. Join us for Runescape 07 & RS3 gambling. We also do massive giveaways daily and you can earn millions just by being idle in our server💸.
A discord server built on Fortnite save the world community. We have trading channels, rep channels and much more come join our server and grow with us!!!
Hello, we are a new, friendly kpop community dedicated to many different kpop groups :D we hope you will join us on our journey and will help us to excel as a server and a community.

Just a server to chill in. It's very active and the community is nice to each other. Not too strict rules and it's a good place to be in. We don't mind a lil bit of toxicity either.

We have:

-Lots of bots 🤖

-Games and Nitro Giveaways 🎉

-Fun & Active community 🎆🍿

-And much more!🎐
We are an active server looking for new members and also talented moderators who are willing to apply for the staff team to help us out, we do active giveaways and are always here to help if you need any.
La Nouvelle Communauté Discord est un serveur tout nouveau qui vient d'ouvrir ! Ce serveur à tout le nécessaire (bots fun, différents salons et catégories, ...) sans surcharge (il n'y pas 20 catégories avec 40 salons dedans).
Mais il y a aussi des exclusivité comme un bot développé par le fondateur ainsi qu'un autre bot de monnaie virtuel développé par un administrateur.
Le serveur est actif ainsi que le staff très présent !
Il y a aussi des évents et des salons pour faire de la pub. Nous recherchons aussi des partenariats (si vous êtes intéressés rejoignez le serveur et contacter le fondateur (alexixi) en mp)
We are a growing community with friendly and welcoming staff who always ensures the well being of the server. We always ensure that our users get the best out of us. We ensure people enjoy our service and return back satisfied and happy.
We spend for the prizes from our own funds, and it takes quite a lot of dedication to do that. We want to keep the community active and interactive; thus, we have bots to ensure that the community does not go dull and giveaways are being held regularly.
Hello this is Army World, the ultimate BTS server!! Our community's main task is to provide an active and non-toxic community to it's members.

What we offer:
★A non toxic community!
★Friendly and helpful staff!
★24/7 radio Voice channels with kpop and more!
★Weekly events!

★Everyone can join whether you are an army or not!★
An 18+ server

Active and Rapidly Growing Community
Custom role colors, level roles, and self assignable roles
Music, Game and Economy Bots
Many NSFW Sections, for all kinks!
Art, Photography, Sefies, Memes...and much more
Events & Giveaways
We play games. I think. Mostly pokecord lol. We host giveaways, fun events, and more! Giveaway prizes can include Robux or Pokecord (Pokemon OR credits)!
**Dark Fantasy**

⚜️**Levels based off Creepypasta characters, cursed images, always open to suggestions!**

⚜️**Active and helpful staff, to help keep out the toxic ones.**

⚜️**Many self assignable roles to express who you are from the start. And level roles based off Creepypasta characters.**

⚜️**Dank memes to satisfy your dark sense of humor.**

⚜️**Music, Voice, Gaming, and Venting channels.**

⚜️**Social media channels to advertise and gain followers.**

⚜️**Share your art, photography, writing, pets, and much more.**

⚜️**Looking for Partner and Event managers. And always looking for new partnerships.**

**Server Link:**