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Dalton's Café is a community based server which offers a huge amount of activities and fun things to do! We have dozens of different bots across the server to enhance your time on the server and make it more enjoyable for everyone. On top of that we also offer a wide variety of community events to take part in, these events aren't currently available but will be very soon once the community has grown, we will host events such as movie nights, gaming tournaments, karaoke, competitions and much more! Our community is one of the greatest and we hope you enjoy your time here.
~ Dalton
Content Advertising is a place where you can freely advertise your
server and services for people to enjoy! Our goal is to provide
our advertising and growth services free of charge which means that
everyone receives the same quality service from us leaving our members
satisfied. Not only do we provide places for you to advertise, we aim to
experiment ways of getting people onto the content you advertise unlike other advertising servers where they only provide places to advertise.
• Greetings! We are 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕾𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖙𝖘, a fun, family friendly group for all ages where everyone can come in, game, and feel at home.

• Whether you are looking for that family friendly environment or just want a place to team up and take on competitive games, you have come to the right place!

• We host giveaways often and the prizes are always good! We have areas for lots of different people, such as an art area, specific gaming channels etc etc.

• We also have an area for people who need to talk about the issues and hardships they are facing in life. That chat is a nice place to see how much the owners and others really care about you.

• The saints are a family and we take care of our family! If you are not quite a gamer, we have chats and things for movie lovers, anime lovers, tv show lovers, etc.

• Speaking of movies, we have movie nights often! So please come join us and watch movies with us!

• Lastly, The owners and admins/mods are on quite often so feel free to give a shout! We would be more than happy to have a chat!
Woah, did someone just say free Minecraft servers? I'm pretty sure they did. Oh, listen! You can get a server with 2GB Memory & UNLIMITED Bandwith. Cool! Wait, all that for free - forever? Wow, amazing.

We're providing everyone with a safe, versatile platform enabling you to create your own Minecraft server for free without breaking the bank. You can get good quality resources for as little as... well, free! And you know the best part? There's no catch whatsoever.

Interested? Join our Discord server at and head over to the get-started channel - it only takes a few seconds. ~ free minecraft servers, forever, for everyone!
Koneko is about socializing, and sharing your interest with everybody. Anime, Games, Arts, Memes and Cute pets~!!. It's also about meeting new people and having new friends.

We Offer you:
➯Leveling Bot (Mee 6)
➯NITRO Give Aways and more!!
➯Non-Toxic Server
➯Self Assignable Roles
➯Fun bots and games
➯Helpful Staff
➯Music Channel
➯We sponsor servers~!

⋆⋅ We are looking for more partner managers ⋅⋆
Vtek Hideout

Looking for an active new server to join and enjoy it? Well Vtek Hideout is your place to be, we're a new and expanding community where you can chill, have fun, play games, or maybe just share your favourite memes with others. We have active giveaways, and active staff team. Join, have fun, and make new friends today!

Offensive and non-offensive chats for different types of fun!
A ranking system with rewards along the way.
Game-dedicated channels and game-specific server roles!
Weekly & Monthly giveaways
Great and fast growing community!
Lit server emotes!
Interactive channels for everyone to use.
Welcome to my Dungeon! We have:
•nitro giveaways
•organized server layout
•nice staff
We support:
Legion Servers now with over 1000 members world wide is striving to be the best in the role-playing community. Our dedicated staff spend hours perfecting custom mods, plugins and more to provide a unique role-play experience to our members. Join today and never miss out!

We provide Role-Play game servers for many games including Unturned and GTA FiveM.

🤳 -> Self Roles
🎮 -> Gaming Roles
🎉 -> Giveaways every 500 members of up to $100
👑 -> Non-P2W Donation ranks to help us grow
😂 -> Memes Channel
💁 -> Active Moderation and Anti-Spam
📱 -> Regular Updates on Free Games
💸-> Random Game/Steam Key giveaways
🎲 -> Mini Games - Pokémon and Uno

We host giveaway every 500 members that range between $100-$200.
If our counting chat can get to 10,000 We will host another giveaway
We will randomly giveaway Discord ranks, In-Server ranks, $$$$ and games!
Just a chill server, looking for new members. Open minded people, plz respect and get along. Come join and see what we have!

We have:
- Memes
- Role Colors
-Self Assigning Roles
- Giveaways

We are growing ever so slowly! Always looking for people to come help me grow it more.
Join us on Kaldorei Empire! A small server with chill staff, few members, giveaways, and much more ! I'm waiting for you, my warrior !
Welcome to Any Advertisements!
An advertising/community based server that wants to help YOU be able to grow your server/youtube/twitch etc

We are currently in our very early stages of growth and development so please invite and help us grow so we can help you grow!
Hello and welcome to my server! Here I am going to be giving away a FREE Playstation Store Card (worth $5) for every 10 Invites you send!
We get our codes from the money that our partners pay us, so make sure to support us and our partners by inviting your friends!

▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. 🌌 Welcome to Nyctophilia 🌌 ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄

① 🌹About 🌹
➴ Nyctophilia is a non-toxic, friendly, and welcoming server for all age groups (13+). It revolves around the theme of darkness, more specifically the love of darkness and night.
⇉ 《In fact, the term ‘Nyctophilia’ itself refers to finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness》

⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ Nyctophilia is also based on a short story ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆

② 💎 What does this server offer? 💎
➴ Nyctophilia offers:

╔═════*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═════╗
♡《💗 A Friendly and Active Community》
♡《🌙 Self-Assignable Roles》
♡《🎉 Events and Giveaways》
♡《💯 Memes》
♡《🎨 Art Channels》
♡《🎵 Music and General Chat VC’s》
♡《🤝 Partnerships》
♡《🌸 And more!》
╚═════*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═════╝

③ ⚡ Extra ⚡️
➴ This server is all about meeting new people and having fun. Additionally, members are always willing to help out one another and create new social bonds. We guarantee that everyone will have a fun time in our server through events and giveaways!

④ 🌌 Join Today! 🌌
A discord server full of Fortnite players who are looking to buy, sell, or even trade their accounts! Buy RARE and OG skins for the cheapest price around here!
Friendly trading community!
No scamming!
Trusted Staff!
Support 24/7!
Invite Rewards!
Pokémon Palace is the #1 Server to be in! We are a Pokémon based server that has almost everything. We have active members, great staff, amazing spawn rates, constant giveaways, active gyms, etc!
What are you waiting for? Come and join!!
♡ bienvenidos a un servidor pequeño que desea crecer uwu
✧ contamos con bots para distintos usos, economía propia (con roles para adquirir), gente amigable, roles por niveles, autoroles y próximamente eventos y giveaways ! ✧

los esperamos ❤
Spiral101 is a server where you can request help or help others in either Wizard101 or Pirate101! We will be having lots of giveaways in the coming weeks but we need Giveaway Hosts! Feel like giving to a community? then come and join us! We'd love to have you!
Welcome to SafeHeaven
**__Welcome to SafeHeaven!__**
What are we?
SafeHeaven is a mix between a normal standard community with all sorts of fun things to do, as well as a dating servers! The community is super nice to all newcomers, our Staff Team will always come to you aid to help you with anything you need. This server is being built off of a server that unfortunately went down. We plan on making this server bigger, better, welcoming, and most importantly fun for everyone!

**__What's on this server?__**
Here's what we got to offer for you!:
💝 Dating/making new friends!
🎊 Giveaways!
🛡️ Active staff that will always help!
🎤 Lots of public rooms to meet new people!
🎯 Game Nights!
🎥 Movie Nights!
🤖 Fun bots!
and much much more to come!

We hope to see you soon and hope you will enjoy your stay!
Server Indonesia only. Server ini hanya untuk happy happy, ngajak dan main bareng dan saling sharing disini tentang game atau curhat disini dan disini juga ada sesi giveawaynya lohh :) So, join our server and enjoy the features...

What we have ? :
-Giveaway channel dari sumber yang terpercaya
-Tempat ngajak main bareng
-Support voice chat room buat game DotA 2, Mobile Legends, Apex Legends dan Warframe
-Support stat bot untuk game DotA 2 dan Apex Legends (Bot profile checker dan fungsi lainnya)
-advertisement channel
-Banyak bot game
-Role leveling yang sangat unik
-Self role assignment
-Staff yang ramah ramah
-Dan masih banyak lagi :)
An 18+ server

Active and Rapidly Growing Community
Custom role colors, level roles, and self assignable roles
Music, Game and Economy Bots
Many NSFW Sections, for all kinks!
Art, Photography, Sefies, Memes...and much more
Events & Giveaways
the server is made for people to come together and share media, memes, servers. and advertise themselves