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İngilizce, Arapça ve Türkçe Sunucu.
Müzik, oyun ve konuşma.

الإنجليزية والعربية والخادم التركي.
الموسيقى والألعاب والحديث.

English, Arabic, and Turkish Server.
Music, gaming, and talking.
This is a scrim and creative discord. We would like players of all skill levels and ALL regions to join and enjoy our scrims!!!
We Are The Ace Family An All Platform Clan Which Recruit Both Competive & Casual Players From The Following Regions
° Middle East
° Asia
If you are interested in joining the Clan you have to take a tryout.
Hope you like our clan.😊😊
Welcome players, to Araban. this is a middle eastern fantasy rp centered around a people called the Tana, humans that have become one with magic, and seek to become stronger, gifted with beautiful fairy wings and grimoires at the age of 12, and sent on a Journey to become the strongest Grim Master, and Rule as King of Araban. are you up to the task?
اهلا بك في سيرفر
افضل سيرفر عربى للجيمينج و الدردشة
!والميمز و الدردشة العامة
Welcome to the Greater Middle East Discord!

The Greater Middle East Discord is the discord of the role-playing community primarily focused on the Middle East, but has grown and evolved to include the rest of the world as well, that is based out of nationstates.

All are welcome to join to debate politics, religion and everything in between!
*This server is for the everyone but ^specifically^ the middle-eastern teens who want to express themselves well and freely with no judgement and true freedom , or complain about politics or world issues*
The server is still starting up but you are welcome to join (pls join)

-we got:
-Custom roles
-Channels for anything and everything
-Funny Staff
-Supportive community
-Active VC
-All kinds of bots
A middle-eastern themed server where you can chill and debate about politics and religion. Topics like Syria, Palestine and Saudi-Iran. For both secularists and salafists.

85 self-assignable roles, memes, aesthetics, polls, tier lists and vc-debates.
Ahlen wasahlen, we welcome everyone to this amazing world of arabia. If u want to explore about the arabs in this place. Marhaba fe al khuttar.
We are a mixture of a casual and serious discord server. We discuss politics in Palestine and the Middle East, and have regular conversations. Everyone is welcome 😄
This is a Syrian Community server!

Here we discuss a wide variety of topics, including discussion of news, politics, etc.

Nearly all non-Syrians are welcome!

Join Today!
نحن هنا العثمانيين

الجمهورية العثمانية لكن الملكية
نحن خادم عربي جديد مع مفهوم البلد.
لدينا العديد من الميزات على النحو التالي.

- دردشة حصرية وقنوات نصية للأعضاء الذين تزيد أعمارهم عن ثمانية عشر عامًا
- القوائم حيث يمكنك الحصول على الأدوار من خلال الرد
- غرف خاصة ، صفوف خاصة ، ساحات التجمع
- بوتس القرآن
- غرفة تسجيل السكان
- نظام الحكومة الإلكترونية لعرض الزواج ، التبني ، شجرة العائلة
- الدستور والصحيفة الوطنية
- خادم الفتنة مع شكل من أشكال الحكم الحكم

ملاحظة: لا يدعم الخادم أي أحزاب سياسية.

Hi there! :)

The Iraqi discord server that we've created over 6 months ago has been going well with members from all over the Arab world.

That being said, we are looking for even more people to join us! We are a friendly bunch and usually active around UTC+3 afternoons and evenings. We have interesting discussions, gaming, voice channels, and music!

People from all racial, political and religious backgrounds are more than welcome to join our server.

Talk to you soon!
Endless Waves Esports is where loads of crazy gamers come together for one awesome gaming experience! LOADS of games

- Fortnite channels
- CS.GO channels
- Rainbow Six Siege channels
- Black ops 4 channels
- PUBG Steam channels
- PUBG Mobile channels
- Apex Legends channels
- League of Legends channels
- Battlefield 4 & 1 & 5 channels
"The middle east was always a very dangerous place, wars were a very common thing between nations in the area and for the outsiders, the middle east was the place that had the most effect in the history of humanity, alot of nations wanted to controll the holy land and free jerusalem when some others wanted to spread christianity, helenism, jewdism and the islam.
Empires fall and rise, people suffered from conquerors, especially the jews.
Now most nations decides to stay friendly with each other, but nobody knows whats coming next for the middle east, no one can be sure whose going to get vanished and howse going to survive, the most important rule is to stay loyal to the nation they serve and learn how to make new friends that will always back you up when needed. The choice is yours, your choices will have consequenses no matter what, always think before you do somthing which might effect your life and you nation exsistance...." (yehuda, the new king of israel)
The official Discord server of r/Phoenicia on Reddit. The place to talk about anything which relates to the ancient Phoenician people, and their modern legacy.