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İngilizce, Arapça ve Türkçe Sunucu.
Müzik, oyun ve konuşma.

الإنجليزية والعربية والخادم التركي.
الموسيقى والألعاب والحديث.

English, Arabic, and Turkish Server.
Music, gaming, and talking.
Welcome to "ARABS", a server that welcomes people that can speak Arabic and English.
A server for making friends, find gaming buddies, and even events.
Giveaways, like nitro and spotify premium, even steam game gifts.
Everyone is welcome!
This server is still new so staff is still needed! Joining the community will entertain you on this boring ass days!

Hi there! :)

The Iraqi discord server that we've created over 6 months ago has been going well with members from all over the Arab world.

That being said, we are looking for even more people to join us! We are a friendly bunch and usually active around UTC+3 afternoons and evenings. We have interesting discussions, gaming, voice channels, and music!

People from all racial, political and religious backgrounds are more than welcome to join our server.

Talk to you soon!
This is a Syrian Community server!

Here we discuss a wide variety of topics, including discussion of news, politics, etc.

Nearly all non-Syrians are welcome!

Join Today!
ستجدُ هنا حياة بسيطة ولكن مُدهشة رغم بساطتها ، ولكن هي بمثابة ركنٌ تهرب فيه من الحياة الحقيقية وتتناسى .
Welcome to Middle East habibs
Join the first middle East server in discord
All who loves Middle East join here
This is a scrim and creative discord. We would like players of all skill levels and ALL regions to join and enjoy our scrims!!!
Ahlen wasahlen, we welcome everyone to this amazing world of arabia. If u want to explore about the arabs in this place. Marhaba fe al khuttar.
Welcome to Iraq, In here you get to communicate with other Iraqis and have fun with them. Keep in mind that non-Iraqis are welcome here aswell.
Welcome to the Greater Middle East Discord!

The Greater Middle East Discord is the discord of the role-playing community primarily focused on the Middle East, but has grown and evolved to include the rest of the world as well, that is based out of nationstates.

All are welcome to join to debate politics, religion and everything in between!
Soviet-Afghan War (1979-1989).

With rise communist government of Afghanistan, this had angered the population of Afghanistan since Prime Minister Hafizullah Amin radically pushed the envelope of proggress. More women's rights, more equality, more socialism. These top-down changes were very invasive on the self-sufficient rural people, who now being bombarded with tax and land reformand threats to their traditional power structures, were very displeased. Amin, even worse than his predecessor, responded to dissent with imprisonment and execution. Apprarently leading to riots in March of 1979. With this, Brehznev was anxious that the Iranian revolution that had seen country turn Islamic could spread to Afghanistan and further the Muslim areas under Soviet control meaning utter collapse of rule there. On Christmas Eve 1979, a combined air and land invasion of Afghanistan commenced where these young soldiers would face the hell hole where they are going to face Mujahideen using their terrains as their advantage and guerrila warfare where it inflicted it's morale. In the end, this invasion had changed everything where it will affect the Modern era.

"Afghan, I will never forget you".
We are a fortnite team originally from asia but is now known globally. We have a very fun and lively community that is growing very rapidly and we would appreciate if you would join and make this server bigger than it already is😀
اهلا بك في سيرفر
افضل سيرفر عربى للجيمينج و الدردشة
!والميمز و الدردشة العامة
We are a mixture of a casual and serious discord server. We discuss politics in Palestine and the Middle East, and have regular conversations. Everyone is welcome 😄
Welcome to the official Egyptian server
everyone is welcomed
a community Egyptian server that talk about Egyptian topics (politics , history , religion, or just having fun and sharing culture) and other topics that related to Egypt and its neighbors and the great history of the oldest nation on earth since the Pharaohs to modern days and sharing tourism stories and recommending advises for tourists
(the server is still new looking for mods and admins) -under construction- (you may help)
~Welcome to FNA! Find Asia and Middle East server players for games and 1v1s!~
To start please read #rules
head to #chat and make some buddies
lets find people to play with at #1v1-asia-meast , #lfg-asia , #lfg-meast depending on your server

Good Luck !
Welcome players, to Araban. this is a middle eastern fantasy rp centered around a people called the Tana, humans that have become one with magic, and seek to become stronger, gifted with beautiful fairy wings and grimoires at the age of 12, and sent on a Journey to become the strongest Grim Master, and Rule as King of Araban. are you up to the task?
Team Risky Aces is currently recruiting members!
We are looking for Asia, EU and Middle-East players!
 Requirements
- Must be 13 years old or above
- Must be playing in Asia servers or Middle or EU
- Must be able to speak English
- Must have a good mic
 Rules
- Be respectful
- Any form of racism will insult in a ban
- Don’t be too toxic
Feel free to check out our clan before you join..
Hope you like our clan💝💝
Middle-Eastern themed server where all groups are welcome; secularists, shia, salafi, kurds, turks, marxists, fascists. Debating about civil wars, religion, history and theology. A true shitpost-to-be.

85 self-assignable roles, memes, aesthetics, polls and (vc) debates.
Join our server for custom scrims and zonewars.
Hosting zonwars and custom matchmaking games.
Friendly members
Friendly staff

Servers available
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