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Welcome to 🎉 Wumpus Giveaways 🎉 have a great time!

{ Here at Wumpus Giveaway we have !}

⇒ A fast growing community
⇒ Loving and very helpful staff and memebers
⇒ Nitro giveaways for everyone to win!
⇒ Fun bots, and upcoming events
⇒ And much more comming
════ ⋆★⋆ ════
⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩ Come by, we are dying to meet you!
Rewards Central offers:
» Giveaways
» Invite Rewards like paypal, nitro, minecraft etc.
» Partnership
» Ads

2 Invites = NFA account
5 Invites = SFA account
30 Invites = Optifine Cape
70 Invites = UFA account

Youtube Reward
10 Invites = 10 subscriber
10 Invites = 10 Likes

Roblox Reward
15 Invites = Best Roblox MGUI
20 Invites = Random Roblox Account(maybe rich,semi etc.)

Nitro Reward
45 Invites = Nitro Classic (1 Month)
90 Invites = Nitro (1 Month)

Paypal Reward
40 Invites = $3
80 Invites = $5

Fortnite Reward
20 Invites = Minty Axe Method
15 Invites = Dark Vertex Method

Netflix Reward
25 Invites = Netflix Premium Account


Join now:
retard community server, nitro giveaways sometimes, and a safe space from heavy moderation servers Join or whatever
A server purely made for people to enjoy Discord Nitro with more emotes!
All emote slots are full. 50/50 Normal and 50/50 Animated ones!
This is a fun little server where we lend out Nitro paypal or anything else If you donate it means we can do more of these type of giveaways
What do we have to offer?
◆ 😄 Inclusivity.
We are an active and welcoming J4j
◆ ⛄Fast-J4J
We Got A Channel That You Can Do Fast J4J And Pretty Fast To Earn Too
◆ 📝 Paid Advertisement
You Can Put Your Server In Our Ads Channel But Is Paid!
◆ 🤖 Chat
Well, Some Of J4j Don't Offer Chat But We Do...
◆ 👮 Active and friendly staff team.
Our staff team is consistently active and always willing to help you with anything.
◆ 💬 Active text chats and voice chats.
For most of the day, our server is very active in both text channels and voice channels.

Join Right Now To Get Members!
This server has custom emojis for for those who have nitro and not only!
Hey Welcome to Our Server here are a few things about us that may get you intrigued in staying with us :D

✧Pokecord and gaming/chill based server

✧Monthly Nitro Giveaways with up to 3 winners (9.99)

✧Experienced duellers and a gym system to test your strength (Gym Spaces Open!)

✧Future Game nights on any console

✧Gift card giveaways and Invite Rewards that are worth it

✧Friendly staff and very relaxed rules


✧Trustworthy Daycare employees and monthly tournaments with big rewards!

✧~~A toxic channel~~ and anime/movie nights!

✧feel free to ask any questions we are happy to answer them :’)
❀ | Over 140+ high quality emojis, animated ones as well for our sweet Milk and Mocha!
A humble server which offer you weekly giveaways (Nitro , EA Subscription Keys , PayPal , Robux , Steam Key)

Join us now!
💡[Kuruluş]: 💕14 Şubat 2019 Sevgililer Günü
💡[Amaç]: 🎯Eğlence
💡[Kural]: 🤵Saygı
💡[Kitle]: 👪+425 Kayıtlı ve Aktif Üye
💡[Yetkili]: 💼Kolayca Başvurulabilir
💡[Oyun]: 🎭Town of Salem 🃏Secret Hitler 🕵Sherlock
🐲League of Legends 🔫CS:GO 🏹Hearts of Iron IV

🔥Legit Server !😄With Proofs !
Xtreme Rewards !! Join Now 🚀
💕after getting your invites make a ticket to claim (5 min and u have your reward😄)
🚀 Daily DROPS !! ✅
🚀BIG DROPS [More Thank 50 Account Special]
🚀FREE Nitro ✅
🚀FREE Steam Keys ! ✅
🔥Minecraft ✅
🔥Nord VPN✅
🔥Origin ✅
🔥Uplay ✅
🔥Netflix ✅
🔥Steam ✅
🔥Emoji Methode ! ✅
🔥Gift Card Methode ! Get Free (5$) ✅
UAD is a server dedicated to Harm reduction in the mental health community as well as the medication community. We are a friendly and accepting community that enjoys having fun and sharing our experiences with others, just as you can if you join us!
──────── Welcome to invite rewards ────────

we are a Giveaway and Community server with more than 3000 members. We believe in giving to others, and host daily giveaways and drops where everyone's in with a chance! Games, Entertainment, Accounts.
we've got it all! 100% legit server. +200 vouches.


Spotify Premium Accounts, to listen to music anywhere, at any time!

Is Minecraft your thing? Well we've got lots of accounts to give away!

Crunchyroll Subscriptions for all your anime needs!

Stay Safe on the Internet with NordVPN Accounts to protect YOUR data!

Like sitting down for a weekend binge? Well we've got Hulu Accounts with, that's right, NO ADS!

Are you a PC Gamer? Well we've got Steam AND Origin Accounts with over 40 games just for you!

nitro and discord games giveaways!

All this and more

So give it a try and hop on down to our server to get started! See you there!

invite link:

lots of giveaways, uncluding pokemon and credits
lots of dueling and talking
pokemon gyms
dank memers also! and memer Giveaways!
sometimes nitro!!
join now, updated 10/11/19
Hello there!
are you looking for a discord server that do daily giveaways and Nitro as well
we have invite rewards also
Have a great time in our server!
🚀 Are you looking for a legit nitro server? 🚀

This is your server, we are giving people Nitro Classic for only 6 Invites, also we're giving more awesome perks to Premium Users, for unlock Premium you need to invite 6 friends, and amazing perks to Nitro Booster like:

🚀 - Access to our Nitro Gen.
🚀 - Booster Role
🚀 - Private chat for Nitro Boosters
🚀 - Private giveaways
🚀 - More incoming!

🚀 So, if you want REAL NITRO for 6 invites, join now!
【𝖔𝖈𝖊𝖆𝖓’𝖘 𝖔𝖚𝖙𝖑𝖊𝖙】海洋
┆ ┆ ┆ ┆⋆
┆ ┆ ┆જ ✾
┆ ° ♡ • ➵ ✩ ◛ °

↷ ·˚ ༘ 💌 welcome! :: ꒱

🌸╰➤【𝖔𝖈𝖊𝖆𝖓’𝖘 𝖔𝖚𝖙𝖑𝖊𝖙】海洋 is a cute, anime-inspired server

🌸╰➤ our sweet and superior staff team provides our members with many different perks and activities, including...


🍒⌇level 2 boosted server
🌸⌇friendly and active staff team
🍰⌇tons of cute emotes
🍡⌇advertising and partnership channels
💌⌇nitro giveaways/events
🍨⌇50+ descriptive self roles
🍓⌇frequent giveaways, polls, and events
🍥⌇weekly game nights


↷ ·˚ ༘ 💌 so, what are you waiting for? :: ꒱

🌸╰➤ join 【𝖔𝖈𝖊𝖆𝖓’𝖘 𝖔𝖚𝖙𝖑𝖊𝖙】海洋 today!
want money, nitro or whatever? join our server!! pro discord scammers😘 we also shitpost and spam in our free time LMFAO
Do you want various premium accounts for free?
If so, Atlas is the place for you!
we offer services such as...
-✔️Nitro [drops-giveaways in our server]