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Free Nitro Giveaway!!
Safe Space
Going through a rough time? We can help! :)
Active Community
Open to everyone!
Shadow Family este serverul de discord care-i aparține YouTuberului ShadowRO cu peste 270.000 de abonați! Acest server de discord este un server în care găsiți membrii prietenoși și de treabă cu care o să vă înțelegeți foarte bine!
• Avem staff matur și capabil care vă poate ajuta cu răspunsuri la întrebări și altele
• Giveaway-uri ocazionale cu Nitro și Brawl Pass-uri pe Brawl Stars
• Avem Invite Rewards de la care puteti primi grade, si poate chiar si Nitro
• Pe acest server vă puteți juca multe jocuri cu ceilalți membrii cum ar fi Brawl Stars, Among Us și multe altele
• Puteți vorbi cu diverși YouTuberi mari care sunt pe server
• Și multe alte lucruri pe care le puteți afla dacă intrați pe server
Așadar ce mai așteptați? Intrați pe server ca să nu ratați distracția! Vă aștept cu drag în comunitatea noastră!
Welcome To MrQuestionable’s Giveaways! We are a server in the making, and do daily giveaways! Join today!
Heyo, salutations and welcome to Cinnamon and Sugar Emojis
Why should you join?

. Friendly owner and staff

. Cool music bots and vc channels where you can hang out

. Nitro giveaways every 10 days and some random ones whenever the owner is feeling generous (which is pretty often)

. Fun game bots to play with such as owo, myuu, Taco shack (with customer bot)(epic rpg)

If you don’t want to see these channels you only need to react with the reaction roles and you won’t have to deal with people spamming commands in game channels.

. A kind, chill, caring, and accepting group of people that just want to spread some positivity on discord

. Cute fox themed emotes (still adding more and looking for artists)

. All ages welcome from 13 to 300
A rewarding giveaway community! ⭐Exclusive Nitro Giveaways⭐📱Make friends & talk anything 📱 🎹MEGA level rewards 🎹 Exclusive emojis & more!
Cool Community !
Rules :
➜ No spamming
➜ No trolling other users
➜ Do not bully or harm people
➜ No racism or sexism is permitted
➜ Do not advertise
➜ You must abide by Discord ToS
➜ No hacking
➜ No account selling or cracking
➜ No dark humour
➜ NSFW Images are not permitted

Have Fun !
+ ── looking for emotes? join this server ❞

﹕🥥 all brown emote server
﹕🐻 easy to find & use
﹕🤎 all credits to whoever made the emotes

、include links to 10 other colors
⌢ : dusk : pfps
・semi toxic pfp server
・community pfp channels
・hiring pms / ams
・cute emotes
・frequent giveaways

.:: +.-. join for a kiss

Hi there! Welcome to Floof realm, a server dedicated to welcoming all of it's lovely members, whether they are a furry or not. We have a wide selection of roles to choose from as well as plenty of channels for art, roleplay or just general discussion. This is also a safe place for LGBT+ individuals to express themselves as they wish, and our staff work diligently to ensure that everyone feels safe on the server. We have weekly events or even contests, the prizes will range from nitro to custom roles, how ever you will have to be active beyond the events and contests.

We do have some rules you have to follow how ever,

1. Be respectful and use common sense
Treat other members with respect and how you'd want to be treated
Don't be rude or start harassing people, it'll lead to a swing with the ban hammer :3

2. No NSFW behavior permitted
Don't be overly lewd or straight up NSFW, in any channels
we want to keep this place SFW and a safe, comfortable space for everyone to be in.

3. No unnecessary drama wanted in our server
Don't start unnecessary drama, Especially if a staff member tells you to stop, if this continues on you will be promptly muted, depending on how severe the case was.

4. Don't talk about triggering topics
Don't talk about possibly upsetting, offensive or, triggering topics, as we want to make everyone feel comfortable and safe.
(same goes for posting said content, if unsure check it with a staff member)

5. No spamming allowed
Don't spam, any kind of spamming will be met with a mute
depending on what content was spammed it could lead to a ban

6. Use channels for their intended use
Use channels for their intended purposes. means, no posting memes in general
(Unless said channel is dead, even then you should try and refrain from doing so, and a staff member will have a right to delete said imagery, etc, if they see fit)

7. No advertising of servers
No advertising of other discord servers. advertisement of discord servers without permission from staff will be met with a non-negotiable ban, any attempt to do it in DMs will be met with a ban as well, as soon as staff is alerted.

8. No ban evasion
Ban and general punishment evading is a banable offense
(especially ban evasion, shouldn't even have to say this as it Is against ToS)

9. No attempting to find loopholes in our rules
Any attempt to find loopholes in the rules, will be met with a quick and swift punishment depending on the severity

So why don't you join our little community?
gio’s pokémon adventure

Welcome to gio’s pokémon adventure! A Discord server constructed of a positive community having members from all kinds of interests. A rather cozy hangout server that just wants to discuss about our interests and aspirations in life, whilst others meet new people to socialize and talk with! It’s also centered around hobbies and games such as Pokémon! Though have no fear, you do not need to known Pokémon in order to join!

Come join and get to meet new people who possibly share your same interests or discover other new interests and hobbies!

• Tournaments & Contests: Come and join in many of our contests held by members of the Staff Team that contain prizes from ‘In-Game Drops’ to ‘Nitro Gifts’.

• Giveaways: Server-side giveaways, hosted by Staff Team members which give away a variety of things! Such as in-game items from other games to gifts of Discord Nitro!

• Staff Team: A small Staff Team comprised of receptive and easy-going individuals! From our Helpers to our Administrators!

”Good times.”
In this Server do you becom Free Nitro for Invites!

3 Invites = Nitro classic

6 Invites = Nitro Games

10 Invites = 6 month Nitro Classic

20 Invites = 6 month Nitro Games

50 Invites = 1 Year Nitro Classic

60 Invites = 1 Year Nitro Games

Join now!!!
Join this server and our sister server and be automatically entered to win the 24 hr nitro giveaway!
Join our server to enter our daily raffles!!! Make sure to read the requirements before entering a raffle!!
Hello!! We are a loving animal crossing community, that all’s enjoys other games! We like to do nitro giveaways and events like right now! Join for nitro 👀 and a great rime.
Join this server and our sister server and be automatically entered to win the 24 hr nitro giveaway!
Ever wanted fast and free nitro?
Ever wanted fast and free robux?
Ever wanted to shit so hard the world ends?
Great! Because we cover all that and more!

Join invite to earn today!

Why should you join?

1. We are very welcoming (sometimes)
2. If you bring donuts we won’t eat you
3. If you don’t bring donuts we still won’t eat you... a panda will
4. We like eating shit