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"There's something I need to tell you, McQueen -- I have car AIDS."
"It's okay chief. So do I."
Perfectly Balanced Thanos Roleplay is an authentic and creative roleplay server where you have the freedom to be whoever you want. Choose your role and indulge yourself in roleplay of almost any kind! Current characters include Thanos, Alfredo Linguine, Gamora, Groot, Jesus, FBI Agent -- and much more! Who will you be?
This gay ass server is full of shitty normie memes that will destroy your already dead braincells into a million pieces of fucking feces :)
Welcome to Dylan's Dump! A discord server for dank teens in search of dank memes. We offer rankings, youtube uploads, memes, and more!
Real Nigga Hours 2 is a fresh meme server full of gaming and music niggas. I like art and such so pull up with that cute shit. Meet cool niggas and use the bots. Real Niggas + Dank memes + more. BITCH.
A simple server, just for memes and general chats or chaos. A server for those who wants to lose their virginity or just wanna show off your special memes!!!!!
MEMES ++ ;)

We are a community dedicated to bringing you the best quality memes! We have a range of memes from not so dank to dank af. If you are easily offended, this is the place for you!

✅ 4000+ People
✅ Chat Rooms, Voice and Text
✅ Quality Staff Team
✅ Lots of People to Hang Out With!

What are you waiting for? Join today
A server dedicated to Pepe. Pepe/monka/pepo emotes only. Over 300+ emotes on all servers !
**__The Pentagon__**
• Memes
• Server Advertising
• 100+ Members
• Art Channel
• Social media promo channels
This is the perfect server for people who just want to say whatever they want without being reprehended by mods.
No. Rules. Just don't spam
Hi! Welcome to Flipcordia Café™️! This server offers everything from venting the feels to the freshest new memays on the block. Also we have anime.
This is just a relaxed server that likes video games and memes.
Fast growing server! Appreciated if you join :>
New server run by a group of edgy 9 year olds. This server is for talking about anything and everything. Memes, chats, bots, etc. Don't join if you're easily offended
A community that grows by the second!! Join and yull meet lots of new people!! HAVE FUNN!!!
If your not in this server than you are crazy!!!
# gtrx's meme cave

Looking for a high quality server to talk about memes?

Our server has a great, growing community, many fun bots (like pokécord for catching em all, dank memer, notsobot, etc), lots of high quality emotes, meme templates, auto posting memes and much much more!

What are you waiting for? Join now!
We have a channel for every Dank Memer command thing. Fun.
Welcome to the most retarded server here. Here you can... Be a slave, be a baby chungus and work your way up to a Chunga. Chunga Chunga Chunga
A beautiful server, with cool admins and even cooler members.

(P.S. we dont support nazis)
you can't escape the gnomes

welcome to a random server, where you can chill, rp, play with bots, literally anything you want

Welcome to the F1uffy Bunnies!
- Play LoL
- Dank Memes
- In-Lane-App
- Plays Video Games
- Cool Bots
- Just a Random Server lol!
- You can be toxic just really don't say things so toxic such as K.Y.S.
- Partners!

We are a group of gamers that built this server from the ground up. We are not strict, we just ask that you do not freak out or post NSFW also don't completely curse someone out unless they deserved it. Like I said we mostly don't care if your toxic but please have some common sense before typing. We also have a donation bot where you may donate to the server! Post your Youtube channel, or twitch. There is a full stream chat. Thank you for joining The F1uffy Bunnies!
A place free of censorship to shitpost in any and all ways imaginable
Join the Shitpost Republic today
Non-aussies and aussies alike are encouraged to join but Australians are specifically needed