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Wario trembled in fear, shaking violently. "Oh, Mama Mia." His heart beat at the speed of light, unable to look at the devil.
The Duolingo owl's face was devoid of all emotion. The butcher knife pressed closer to Lady Death's neck as the owl looked upon this forgetful mortal. With its volume dialed down now, the owl chirped out its question.
"Wario... Say 'jam' in Italian. Think, now. You don't want to lose all of your lives... Do you?"

Perfectly Balanced Thanos Roleplay is an authentic and creative roleplay server where you have the freedom to be whoever you want. Choose your role and indulge yourself in roleplay of almost any kind! Current characters include Thanos, Alfredo Linguine, Chris Hansen, Groot, Jesus, FBI Agent -- and much more! Who will you be?
El discord de memes, momazos y dank de habla hispana y de todo el mundo
Welcome to Dank Memery!

Do you get banned for posting edgy memes in servers?
Well join us!
You can post a shit ton of memes in this server!

Dank Memery is a meme based server. Dank Memery is a server where memers from all around the world, come together and share their memes. In Dank Memery, you will find one of the most EPIC memes. Now that is Epic

- We have a ranking system in which you go rank up by posting memes!
- We have active and help-full staff members, and a great community!
- All memes are allowed. Doesn’t matter if they’re offensive or edgy. If someone gets triggered they get the banhammer!
- We have a wide variety of meme channels and a lot of minigames!
- We have one of the best bots!

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us!

[Discord invite:]
Hi, welcome to Homiesexual. A server made by a bunch of retards who like league of legends and just chilling in discord. Keep in mind, even if you don't play league of legends u can join this server to just chill and do dumb shit. Homiesexual is a very lenient carefree server and we encourage u to join and help grow this server.
Welcome! I’m so happy that you are considering joining! This is a “wholesome” community that I think most people will enjoy!
gtrx's meme cave
Are you interested in dank memes? Do you want to have fun with hundreds of people like you? I have the perfect server for you! This server has a great, active community with fair rules, a clean layout, interesting channels, fun bots, giveaways and much more! You don't wanna miss out!
This is a server that i made recently,and hope to build a community.
A server purely made for people to enjoy Discord Nitro with more emotes!
All emote slots are full. 50/50 Normal and 50/50 Animated ones!
We offer the highest quality memes here!
A place that has something for everything you'd want

Like gates of autism but not gay doesn't really have weebs and isn't retarded

below you will find every chat we have and category but the server goes through many changes so some of these may not exist and others may have been added
☻ Announcements
☻Announcement Responses

Chat -
☻Bot Memes (Reddit auto posts)
☻Mortal Kombat
☻Sad Nutt Hours (for that sad stuff)
☻Music Topic
☻Comic Books And Media
☻Aki (Akinator bot)
☻Cards Against Humanity (Bot)
☻Idle Mine (Idle Miner Bot)
☻Money Making (Dank Memer Bot)
☻Groovy Bot Use
Not Christian Minecraft (NSFW unlocked by using command !nsfw)
Speaky Boi-
☻No Mic

ironic memes and rage comics
-most of the prominent people including myself love jojo so its always welcome
-art can be posted also
-no nsfw channel because we arent fags
-no real "rules" just common sense and quality control
This is the realm that resides in your local dump, please enjoy your stay.
We have:
2 meme channels
1 casino channel
4 trash/command channels
5 voice channels
And if you're good you might get something else..
Join now!
Hello Friends, this is Đ₳₦₭ ₲₳Ⱡ₳ӾɎ. Or I guess you could say, the owner of “The Lounging Area”. We have many ranks that you can get such as the regular ranks, and an auto ranking system with level-up messages. I will list them in order: Newbie, Beginner, Experienced, Advanced, Pro and Expert. We have over 40 fun channels! Next is some other ranks for vip, but I think I mentioned enough ranks for now. Next is how you level up, just talking. Pretty simple right? And you can auto rank up by getting to different levels. It even comes with a message congratulating you! Next is the welcome/goodbyes. Me and the server engineer, IMAPITBULLLOVER4LIFE and my assistant leader Whiskey Tango Foxtrot iworked hard on these messages. They say your username, and welcome you by automatically telling you to read the introduction first, which is kinda long but it’s still worth it knowing what the channels and rules are for. I will list off all of our bots here; Dank Memer
He has many functions such as telling memes, getting you a job, and helping you earn coins.
This bot can play music, choose any song ever made, for FREE.
This bot helps our server, in security. This bot makes sure no Nuke Bots or anything in that can hurt our server.
This anime bot can help you hug people, kiss people, and.. and much more....Pancake
This bot I don’t really use that much, but it has many cool functions such as a daily prize that you can claim every day.
Ahhh. The bot that holds us together. This one is the one that you can make us level up, and make welcome/goodbye messages! And does much more for us. Kinda makes it easier being a group creator (¬‿¬)
a very dank server with great people. we will play games with you
Meme Lounge

-You like memes? We got them.
-We have many channels for you to talk in..
-Self Advertising.
-Self Roles
- We have a survival Minecraft server for you to play on!
Join Today!
get in here to get the dankest memes
A simple server, just for memes and general chats or chaos. A server for those who wants to lose their virginity or just wanna show off your special memes!!!!!
We are NOT a NSFW server, but we are fine if it isn't any pictures. We're a aesthetic, family. Be nice to one another MK?
Welcome! We have communism, dank memes, and roblox.
In this server, you can find things like giveaways, events, an incredibly active chat, a leveling system, lots of different bots and more! We have an active staff team that works hard in order to ensure that the members must respecc the rules of the server, but if you ever find people breaking rules you can report them! You may have noticed there's a 5-minute timer as you join (if you are new). This timer is there to allow you to read through the rules carefully and familiarize yourself with the server! To confirm that you've read the rules after the 5-minute timer is over please go to #verify✔ and then type !verify.
We are a starting community in Discord. We offer many things like games, custom roles, leveling, etc.. and still adding!
Keistania is a place where you can post memes, worship Pepe, get jobs to make meme dollars, buy memes and food emojis with meme dollars, use funny commands with MEE6, and just hang out!
A chilling and friendly server for yall retarded dankies that like to memes and anti-butthurt. No snowflakes and thinskins. Lets have some fun and make friends. Low moderated server. Come join us.