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Una comunidad nueva, limpia y activa. Buscamos todo tipo de gente dispuesta a divertirse. Tenemos bots de entretenimiento, de música..
Introducing, The Bot Farm!
#1 Premium Dank Memer / Bot Server!

» Daily Giveaways
» Dank Memer Premium Server (fast cooldowns!)
» Binded channels for Active Pokéspawn!
» Heist / Rob Disabled
» Heisting Events
» Friendly, Active Community
» New, Professional Staff
» Much More!
For friends who like doing friend things with friends. Anyone is welcome to join. We have dank memer bot so feel free to rob us...ahah jkjk...unless?? We have IRONIC role play
this is a small discord community server. We try to keep the server family friendly as much as possible and that means no nsfw content and dating here. Our main focus is to bring people together through this though times. We also have dank memer in this server amd we giceaway dank coins. Dont forget we also have self advertise 😉
**Discord community Lounge**
-We have Custom emojis 😍
-We are a family friendly server 😉
-We dont have NSFW channel🔴
-We try to keep the server active☝️
-We are hiring staff 😎
-We have dank memer 🐸
-We hosts giveaways😃
-Robbing and heisting disabled🙌
-Daily 100k heist event🎉
-Daily big giveaways🎉
*Join us now!*
welcome to the cuties! (:

this is a non toxic, SFW server (:

we have a wide selection of things to do for fun and keep you occupied here!

~tatsumaki leveled roles
~ dank memer
~occasional pokecord giveaways

we may not have many members but we welcome everyone who joins and hope you enjoy your stay :)
The Memer Zone

The Memer Zone is a server full of nice people and many bots! We are mainly focused around Dank memer bot, of course we have other bots like OwO and Pokécord. It's also a premium server with a great staff!
I could go on for hours saying what we offer but why not find out for yourself?
The server is quite empty but it won't be as much when you join!!
The server has gyms and also a variety of bots to help you pass your time.
We got a bunch of funny emotes and various channels.
Join now!!
Feel free to stay!!
Dank Giveaways

╭━━━━━━━━ᴡᴇ ᴀʀᴇ ɴᴏᴡ ᴏꜰꜰᴇʀɪɴɢ:━━━━━━━━╮
》Weekly Giveaways, Daily Giveaways and events, with awesome rewards!
》 Question Of the Day
》 Pokecord and dankmemer (Main bots) And MANY MORE*
》 Self Assignable Role
》 Robbing/ Heisting Disabled
》Meme of the week
》 Allowing user to ask what THEY want to add to our server.
》 And So Much MORE

So Join On In!
We talk about anime, manga, doujin, hentai you name it. Very nice community with welcoming people. We are a growing community and we look forward to having you.
We have his huge event for december for mudae bot. Prizes include 1 year full nitro and some more chances for nitro full
SS_Fire siren Welcome to our server thank you for joining!!! CubChoo™ @everyonesiren SS_Fire
Here in cubchoo's igloo we offer pokecord services thisr FUN CHAT, Sniping is not allowed tho screaming
Owner: Lone#0012
DM me for a link to Dank Memer's Safehouse! Now, before you discard us as a boring empty server, read through this! We are having a 25k DMC giveaway at this very moment, as well as free OG roles for the first 100 members! No Robbing, No Heisting and a friendly moderation environment will push us to the max! Join now and help our new server grow!
Just a chill server with some friends on discord nothing much • feel free to join and invite your friends •
hello guys, do you want to try this new server? We have bots like pokecord, idle miner and dank memer... Feel free to join and i'll see you :)
You can also advertise your server in #advertising
You can play much games with us like: minecraft, dungeons and dragons and much more.
hello everyone
this community contains:
fun bots
active staff
fun and freedom
i hope you have a great time in the server.
-- chill dudes in a chill server, come expand our community
-- many fun bots with active players
-- pokecord gym battle system and rewards
-- server events and giveaways
-- entertaining text based mini games

Welcome to Charicific Valley

➼GYMS: Take on tough Pokecord gyms to take on 4 extreme Elite Fours in order to earn yourself the title of CHAMPION!

➼DAYCARE: Can't be bothered to level up your Pokemon? Daycare Workers will help you fulfil that job! Here, our Daycare Workers level up your Pokemon at a reasonable speed for a reasonable price!

➼GIVEAWAYS AND EVENTS: Are you desperate on earning rare Pokemon or credits? Then test out your luck and participate in multiple giveaways! We have a range of different giveaways planned for you! If your luck is bad, then an easy way to earn prizes is from Events! There may be Invite Events, where you have to have a certain amount of invites to claim prizes or there are interactive events, where you are required to do different things first, such as catching certain type of Pokemon in order to win the prize.

➼TOURNAMENTS: Are you one of those people that are HUNGRY to duel? Then come participate in our tournaments to be number one and win INCREDIBLE prizes!

➼SERVER SHOP: Show off your cool purchases from the Server Shop to other members with our great items. There are also seasonable, limited-time, items that can be purchased in some occasions!

➼OTHER BOTS: You can have fun with other bots too in this server, such as: Dank Memer, OwO, and plenty of others!
Hello! Thanks for passing by! We're a small friendly community with frequent gamenights and giveaways, if you joined it would mean a lot to us! You'll find more description in the server it's self though, so you should check it out! Hiring admins!