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Empire is a place to socialize from all over the world, chill, hang out, talk about everything, vote polls, enjoy events, play games, win giveaways, make new friends, advertise and more!

We provide :

- Active, friendly and international community every hour of every day.
- Army level ranking and self assignable roles.
- All the fun, useful and music bots you need.
- Giveaways (everyweek).
- Games channels, play together, tips and deals.
- Media, Movies & Series, Technology channels and more.
- A non-english-talk channel (with auto-translate bot activable).
- A categorized News system linked to 100+ famous YouTube channels (music, games, movies, space, sports and more).
- Both funny and serious polls to answer to on every Sunday.
- Regular events such as game nights or movies sessions.
- FREE & Premium advertising.

Give it a try and join us, you may even like it there!
Drakon Empire
We're your average chatting community, we like to have fun and socialize.
We worship fictional gods for fun, and act like this is an empire. (sort of an RP)
We are welcoming to new guests who are willing to join us on the journey.

-Fun Channels
-Semi-Active(?) Community
-And Others

Join us in our journey!
The Galactic Faction War is a Star Wars Roleplay based around Fleets and Characters of your own making. With four primary factions and several minor ones, there's a playstyle for everyone! Utilizing a point based fleet system to track numbers, GFW is one of the most unique Star Wars RPs around. With over 100 people in the server, we'd be happy to add you among them!
Friendly and chill community server with many cool people from all around the world.
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, the fair and just Galactic Empire ruled on the galaxy and most of its star systems, making life safe and orderly for its citizens.
The Rebellion, a terrorist group, remnant of the evil and inefficient Republic, threatens to end this.

You always admired the ways of the Empire and your mind has always been set on joining the Imperial Military.

Join now and serve your Empire!
Hello. This server is based on a ROBLOX game that is still being constructed, however it will be done soon! The game will be based off of the Roman Empire and in it there is a city and also a school. Join now because we are still employing Professors, Heads of Houses, Warriors, and more!
Demonstrator, an Imperial I class Star Destroyer is what the Stormtroopers of the 161st Legion call home. Along side the 43rd Starfighter Attack Wing, they prune the galaxy of the loose organization of vagrants that call themselves the Rebellion. They serve to ensure peace and prosperity to the Galaxy. They will enforce the decree of the Emperor without hesitation. They serve as the Empire's fist, and will stop at nothing to ensure it's goals.

STAR WARS: Fist of the Empire is a literate role play based around the Galatic Empire, and follows the troopers and pilots of the Star Destroyer Demonstrator. Fist of the Empire is run by a group of friendly an experienced staff that who try their hardest to ensure every has a enjoyable and fulfilling RP experience.
It has been one year since the disastrous battle of Endor. THE REBEL ALLIANCE has been forced to escape to the Unknown Regions, heavily damaged from the battle of Endor. Meanwhile, Darth Sidious has nearly achieved his near lifelong project of immortality. The GALACTIC EMPIRE now prepares itself to face a new enemy. With the Assistance of Grand Admiral Thrawn and Grand General Tagge, THE EMPIRE will soon have a near unstoppable military. Finally, Darth Vader and his Death Squadron have been tasked by emperor palpatine himself to discover the location of the remaining rebel fleet, and destroy the rebel alliance forever...
Active • Friendly • Non-toxic community • 24/7
Army level ranking • Self-assignable roles
Fun, useful & music bots
Weekly Giveaways
Gaming • LFG • Tips and deals
Media • Movies & Series • Technology channels • And more
Non-English-talk channel • Auto-translate bot activable
Regular events • Regular polls
News system
FREE & Premium advertising
Join Anna's Empire for friendly people to talk to, good rules, and very active staff who interact with you through normal chat, as well as hosting game nights, giveaways, and stuff of the like!
It's Skyrim. It's RP, what more needs to be said. You have the freedom to do pretty much whatever you want
The Empires of Discord is a nation simulation roleplay server where the player creates their own nation, manages it how they like, fight wars for new lands, work with other players, and much more! Staff is currently needed and the server will be going live very soon!
Welcome to The Holy Abyssal Empire. Our Emperor Valtrune I invites you to immigrate to our holy empire. A place of war, hunting, religion, and peace.
The Holy Kerbian Empire is the glorious Empire, capital situated in Lancastalot.

Medieval themed server with medieval roles, channels, etc. Other than that it's a server to talk about all sorts of things from politics to gaming to memes. And hey, we don't discourage medieval roleplay.

-Medieval Roles
-6 Bots
-Always Updating
I shall welcome y'all to the Democratic Union of Catopia
This is a nation within (a) nation(s, by that I mean this is a secret nation within the Untied States, and maybe some other countries (depends on where people live in the server). This country is real. Do NOT look that up!
This server is half memes, half gaming. We have an NSFW channel, if that's your thing.
i actually dont know but i mean it doesnt hurt to join
Friendly and chill community server with many cool people from all around the world.
In a galaxy far far away, the Empire reigns supreme. In this exciting role play, you can be a stormtrooper and prove yourself in battle! Join a squadron and work your way up to the top! Events happen frequently featuring other servers where you can fight the rebellion, wipe out nations of sandpeople, or even team up with the bounty hunters!
Know the Republic of Discord? Then you'll like this. This is roleplay like the R.o. Discord, but an empire like the German Kaiserreich.
Hello and welcome to Sugar Empire! I am your Empress Sunset~!
Here at Sugar Empire we're all sweet here
We have over 20 self-assignable roles where you can be your favorite candy or sugary choice~!
We also have voice chats and even our very own spicy section~
Come join us and help this new little server grow~!
StarWars Empire welcomes you to an rp set in the time of the galactic civil war were the rebels fight to free the galaxy of the empire and as the empire tries to squash the rebel scum !
**🎧- use our music bot while Roleplaying
💶- use are economy bot to make a fleet and conquer planets
🔨- rp and build houses and businesses for a slight fee
⚔️- fight in hectic battles
🚀- fly across the galaxy!
📦- be a smuggler and deliver goods for a price and much much more !
🤝- we are looking to partner as-well !
Welcome to Star wars roleplay! We have worked very hard on this server, and are currently working hard to manage and run the server! (As of right now, we may not have many members, but we are working hard to add more and expand our roleplay community!)

(Staff Applications are being accepted, Please apply if you wish to help us out!)
Des filles , des gars , EVENT canular , des raps et plein d'autres .
⠂Une équipe de qualité, des staffs à l'écoute.
⠂Une communauté simple et sympathique.
⠂Pas d'embrouilles, uniquement de l'amusement.
⠂Une bonne ambiance constante.
The greatest chopsticks empire. It's the best thing ever.