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Come to a new galaxy with plenty of open roles, this freshly made Star wars rp server is looking for positions to be filled as there is no one here, come and join the star wars community and join the Powerful First Order, or the freshly made New Republic, become a Sith or jedi, or server the Resistance, or you can always stay a civilian and get a normal job!
Omisis est un serveur 100% gratuit, 100% amusant.

plongez dans un univers hors du commun, mélanger entre star wars et l'imagination, la création des joueurs. soyez libre, aucune restriction par rapport à l'économie. gagnez de nombreux grades grâce à votre activité sur le serveur. plus de 100 salons pour roleplay, plus de 50 rôles disponibles. de très bons avis ont été donnés par les joueurs alors toi aussi, rejoins nous pour faire partie de l'histoire.
Join our StarWars family! We'd be delighted to have you!
-Movie Nights
-Voice Chats/Music
+ more!
Welcome to the (Unofficial) Star Wars Fan Server!

One of the coolest places in the galaxy- a new server with a purpose for discussing all things Star Wars! We have:

- Channels for all movies and the Clone Wars
- Polls, memes and unpopular opinions
- Opportunities to share merchandise and Disney pictures
- An active server and friendly staff team!

We're still working out the kinks, but the server is ready to go- and we want you! There's so much out there still to explore!
Join to talk to other gamers and star wars fans you can also talk to other people about anime or you can talk about anything.
This is a new Star Wars the clone wars rp sever, with an active player base and enthusiastic moderators we work are hardest to provide:
>fun and interesting events which will change daily with hundreds of different possibilities or even suggested plot lines by the other players of the sever.
A great community of other rpers who love Star Wars and are always willing to talk about it.
Plenty of planets and places to let your imagination run wild.
Loads of characters are still unclaimed, so join now to get your favourites which aren’t already in use.

Join today and you will get a free look of gratitude.
"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..."

Star Wars: The Old Republic. A galaxy burdened with war, the Sith Empire made a dramatic entrance back into existence. After 28 long, excruciating, years of conflict, the Republic and the Empire entered an armistice called the Treaty of Coruscant. With both sides broken and battered, they secretly skirmish with each other, looking for ways to once again openly war against their enemies. Our story takes place 10 years after the Treaty, an era that will be referred to as the Cold War. Will you bring peace, security, and justice to your empire? Or maybe restore order and democracy to the galaxy?
What do we offer?
-The server features 4 Canons, with the rest being characters YOU create!
-Staff Needed
-Semi literate to literate rpers needed here!
-Join quick to make a character with at least a 20,000 midichlorian count!
-The ability to use a prequel/sequel/original trilogy face claim in this era!

"We will be honored if you would join us, now, fulfill your destiny... and take your place within my universe. May the force be with you, always."
Star Wars rp

> Prenez pars à la guerre intergalactique entre le puissant empire sith et la grande République

> Créez votre personnage, votre histoire, et choisissez votre camp : sith,jedi,soldat de la République,soldat impérial,Mandalorien,etc...ou soyez un combattant hors du conflit !

> Un rôle play libre pour s'épanouir dans l'univers de star Wars !

On vous attend ! ✨
The Year is 20 BBY. The Galaxy is in termoil. The light is falling, and darkness is rising to meet it. The Grand Army Of The Republic is held together by their secret founder, Darth Sideous. The CIS has plans of building a planet killing weapon but has no one to lead after the death of Darth Tyrannus.

In this server, you get the experience of being a member of that war. Navy, Millitary or Jedi. It's up to you, as you venture into the stars onboard the prototype destroyer known as 'The Castellum'

What we offer-

>Friendly Staff

>OC's and Canon characters




>A chance to be a jedi

The republic is falling. Will you help stop it?
We are TGAR we waiting for the members this server is cool so I wish you will join for the Republic!

Come join Star Wars: A Rising Galaxy! It's a community star wars discord server to have a chat about everything star wars! With rewards for levelling up and notifications on the latest star wars news! Join today!
This server is a Sith vs Jedi rp that takes place during the era of the Old Republic. We have an in depth ranking system, a saber crafting system and even allow custom races! So come on and have some fun!

As specified in tags, this server is an au, there will be lots of stuff that is lore breaking, you've been warned
Star Wars temalı güzel bir sunucu istediğiniz tarafı seçip istediğiniz rolleri alabilirsiniz. Tabi ki seviye sistemi ile kazanacağınız rollerde var. Lightsaber almak için destek kanalına başvurun. Eğer ki gelmeyi düşünüyorsanız. Kısaca kanalına göz atıp neler yapabileceğinizi görebilirsiniz.
The HelloGreedo Cantina is the official discord server for the Youtuber HelloGreedo. We're the primary destination for all things Star Wars and for other entertainment. This server offers Star Wars discussions, debates, memes, and more! Whether you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan or simply a lover of all film, I think you’ll enjoy the HelloGreedo Server.
Reign of the Empire 3BBY
The Galaxy has known nothing but war for many years, and the famous Clone Wars bore no exceptions. The Clone Wars ended with the death of the Jedi Order and the rise of the new Galactic Empire. Order 66 was for the most part successful, however rouge Clones were able to fend of loyalists and extract only a small amount of Jedi. With the Republic’s transition and the Clones becoming slowly outdated, the new Empire stands at the top of the Galaxy. Under the rule of the mysterious Emperor the Sith have finally taken over, and few resist their overwhelming power. The Empire is quite young but it has seen victory in conquering all of the Republic’s prior territories and even planets that the Republic could not. As of now the Empire is only expected to grow, however so are those against it. Rebels, who oppose the new order of things, are attempting to increase their numbers and support, in fine they may have what it takes to go toe to toe with Imperial forces, but for now they must lay low if they wish to survive.

In the Galaxy, more planets are being discovered. And it is like an Arms War between the Rebels and the Empire. To control the planets and gain their support and resources. The Rebellion offers peace and freedom if they fight and destroy the Empire, the Empire offers strength, power, unity. Who will win these newly discovered planets? That is to be determined.
The year is 849 BBY. The Galactic Republic has ruled the galaxy peacefully for over a century. This era has been designated as the Great Peace of the Republic. Though not all is quiet. Over the years while the Republic has been growing and branching out colonies into the outer rim the system of Mandalore has been in quiet chaos. With planet after planet slowly losing the Mandalorian cultures that used to be so prominent. With dark forces operating on the fringes of the system, and Republic colonies and influence branching as far as the planet Mandalore itself the Mandalorian way of life is at risk of being overwhelmed and exterminated. Due to a few heroes who fought back against this the Mandalorian way of life has been given a chance but with those heroes time passed it is time for new heros to arise. With no legendary Mandalore to rally the clans, the last bastion of the Mandalorians has sent out its last and only fleet. In hopes to restore order to the Mandalorian worlds. Saving their way of life as they know it. Join the fleet and rise through the ranks, prove yourself as a true Mandalorian and leave your mark on the galaxy forever.
We boast. . .
-Active Staff
-Unique Systems
-Equal opportunity playing field(Staff did not start in high positions. Every one earns their way to the top!)
-Music, Moderation, and overall fun Bot's.
-Balanced Combat
-Weekly Events
-Friendly Community
We are a community looking for people that are also interested in play some Star Wars Battlefront 2. You can be on any platform and any age. We have a unique time based ranking system and a great group of people to make friends with. Feel free to join the discord and ask a recruitment officer to get you recruited into the community.
Owner of the Instagram the_outer_rim we have a lot of fun on the discord, come and join
Queen’s Server is a hangout server for 13+.
We include a variety of bots including pokecord kawaii and unbelievaboat
We also have a range of roles self roles and others

ℚ𝕦𝕖𝕖𝕟𝕤 𝕊𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕣
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The year is 222 A.B.Y. and the New Republic strives amongst many star systems. Following the rise to power of the New Jedi Order, Separatists have started a war with an unknown yet familiar power! This story is all about you, and your journey. We want to see your character react to dramatic and honest moments. We would like to see others thrive in our familiar yet oh so very Unique Star System. Character development is absolutely important. Change on this Server should be embraced, if you don't adapt to these harsh times in the Galaxy- you might not make it! Give us a look if your interested in a well-rounded Star-Wars experience. We're very experienced Roleplayers in a casual environment. We're very open, and here to help if you have any Questions! So stop by!
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𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗺𝗮𝗸𝗲𝘀 𝘂𝘀 𝗗𝗶𝗳𝗳𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗻𝘁?
• Unique Systems! We offer a very Unique Mission, Bounty and Credit System!
• Custom Story! We have a very compelling Plot brewing up, and everyone can bring their own ingredients to throw into the Mix!
• OC's! We allow almost full Character Customization! If you'd like to be a Scrapper working for his Paycheck, you can! If you'd like to be a Jedi Knight, loyal to the council- that's fine!
• Realism! This is a very subversive realistic experience! Meaning like other Server's, you won't get a few bounties on your head for no reason! Though it also means you need to work for Power! You can't just spring your way up through the motions!
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join a merry band of sentients on their adventures across the galaxy.

- friendly and inclusive community.
- creative plots and diverse characters.
- adam driver appreciation channel.
- unique color roles.