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This is a server in which things like Star Wars and Fallout can be discussed. We also have several different sections for RPers, as well as a place for currency. It is a small community, but with your help, it can become great.
We are a brand new server with a dedicated staff. We are looking to grow our community and be the best server we can be
=== STAR WARS Plot-Heavy Roleplay Server ===
- Fair ranking system with feats and skills to unlock, developed by roleplay
- Bi-monthly events influenced by player choices
- Mission board
- Multi-paragraph literature responses
- In-depth character sheets
- D&D-based stat system

252 ABY, two hundred and fifty-two years after the legendary battle of Yavin, a battle that defined an era in the galaxy, showing that even the smallest trickle of hope could rise up against oppression, but never destroy it. After the fall of the Empire several years later the galaxy endured a constant succession of copycats the First Order, the Phoenix Alliance, The Khaun dynasty, The Fell Monarchy and the 7th Enclave, each occupation unifying the galaxy with hope, only to turn into the tyrants they’d hoped to destroy.

Over the past 40 years the former 7th Enclave, now ‘Empire’, has maintained control over the galaxy and its people, like its predecessor, suppressing democracy in exchange for a unified galaxy, destroying heresy with their ruthless Sith agents. The Empire's influence strong, slowly weakening on the fringe of its territory along the outer rim where crime and liberty thrive.

It’s hidden amongst these worlds where the last small spark of resistance, a collection of activists and last Jedi to make up the Rebellion who opposed the Empire, to bring liberation to the oppressed, one planet at a time. The Edge of the galaxy is the forefront of the conflict between the Empire, Rebellion and the Criminal cartels an endless clash of treachery and deceit where the lines of morality are blurred, no good or evil … only survival.
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Galaxy at War is a Star Wars Roleplay server that I just started up, it is a mix of Star Wars Canon and Legends. You can be anything you want in this server, with some exceptions.
From a Wookie to an Ewok, and a simple Civilian to the best Imperial Admiral you've ever seen!
Come, fight in the Galaxy!
This is where your adventure starts!
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Der offizielle Discord Server zu meinem YouTube Kanal:
Hauptsächlich geht es um das Spiel SWTOR.
Auf diesem Server kann man zusammen über vieles aus dem Star-Wars-Universum unterhalten uvm. Channel für Star Wars Spiele wie Battlefront 2 gibt es auch. Musik kann man wenn man lust hat auch hören. Es gibt dazu auch sehr viele Ränge zum Thema Star Wars the Clone Wars.
star wars rp, im just the disboard buy idk anything about star wars
The year is 849 BBY. The Galactic Republic has ruled the galaxy peacefully for over a century. This era has been designated as the Great Peace of the Republic. Though not all is quiet. Over the years while the Republic has been growing and branching out colonies into the outer rim the system of Mandalore has been in quiet chaos. With planet after planet slowly losing the Mandalorian cultures that used to be so prominent. With dark forces operating on the fringes of the system, and Republic colonies and influence branching as far as the planet Mandalore itself the Mandalorian way of life is at risk of being overwhelmed and exterminated. Due to a few heroes who fought back against this the Mandalorian way of life has been given a chance but with those heroes time passed it is time for new heros to arise. With no legendary Mandalore to rally the clans, the last bastion of the Mandalorians has sent out its last and only fleet. In hopes to restore order to the Mandalorian worlds. Saving their way of life as they know it. Join the fleet and rise through the ranks, prove yourself as a true Mandalorian and leave your mark on the galaxy forever.
We boast. . .
-Active Staff
-Unique Systems
-Equal opportunity playing field(Staff did not start in high positions. Every one earns their way to the top!)
-Music, Moderation, and overall fun Bot's.
-Balanced Combat
-Weekly Events
-Friendly Community
This is a new sever, which this server has custom lore to it. But also follows the Legends and Cannon lore as well, so hop on if you wanna join in.

During the clone wars, there was a legion called the 37th legion, which their colors were of Navy Blue. They were lead by Jedi General Lethillia, who they had high respects and were very loyal to the general. Some may call her a close ally, and a excellent leader. During the war, the Jedi counsel sent her and her clones to a remote planet on the edge of the outer rim. After they entered the sector of where said planet was located, they lost contact with her and the legion, but in actual truth, they were fighting CIS Forces at said planet. This whole battle lasted even after Order 66 was launched. Due to their connection severed from the galactic republic, the whole legion was labeled Killed in Action. After the Battle Lethillia, by herself, head out to return to the temple. Only to later find out the truth of what has happened while she was fighting. When she arrived back, she had her clones remove the chips in their brains, carefully, and told them everything. during the 18 year reign of the empire, Lethillia has made desperate efforts to make her army grow, and make new weapons and armor for her clones. Though, during a combat mission, lethillia was later captured, currently Clone Commander Strafe, is left in charge. Assisting rebels as much as he can, but also keeping a low profile. When he rescued his Jedi general, she was oddly different but was still the same her when she was found. He had help from a Mandalorian group and some batch of rebels to raid the science facility. Now its 2 years before the battle of Yavin, this is a large start for the Return of the Fallen Legion.
We have a star wars military role play or for the less die hard fans, just some general chat channels.
STAR WARS:Empires is a large, Original Trilogy Roleplay server dedicated to all of your Star Wars Fantasies! Fight across the Galaxy as a Stormtrooper, Rebel, Sith, Jedi, or Bounty Hunter or command Fleets as a Naval Officer and conquer worlds for your Faction! Join us! You’re all welcome!
A Star Wars RP set around the end of the Clone Wars. Play as any lore character or an OC, make divisions, participate in combat events or help change the course of the galaxy to prevent Order 66 and the return of the Sith. Every choice has a consequence.

Looking for staff members that would coordinate or create events.
It is 34ABY, General Leia now realizing the threat of the First Order. She starts a resistance campaign, formalizing the "Resistance". This is before the First Order unleashes their weapon against Hosnian Prime and the New Republic.

The First Order now begins ramping up their military, propaganda, and war machine, preparing for the finalization of Starkiller base. War is imminent, on the verge. Leia begins weaponizing her resistance, in case the First Order begins to fire upon innocents.
Hey, I am a Founder of Phoenix Networks, We are currently Starting up a CloneWars Roleplay Server In GarrysMod. We are looking for active members, Staff and commander positions are open, if interested please look into joining the discord for more information.
`Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away.`

Past the time of the Empire, and the First Order, a new governmental force has been introduced into the scene. The Sectors.

The Sectors, with the help of a commandeered military via the First Order remnants, have succeeded in unifying the galaxy through warfare and politics.

As the Sectors steadily gained control, they began enacting many changes to the current galaxy, making sure to utilize every resource given to them. They constructed large cities on virtually every planet before the Outer Rim, and some even beyond that.

As cities were built, populations and numbers grew. The galaxy had seemed to find a unifying force, as well as a golden age.

Now, all is well. People live in a free, democratic world where they are able to do virtually anything they wish to do. Explore the galaxy, pursue a job, build a home.

At least, all was well.

Not everyone agreed with the changes. Some systems found the Sectors presence as a nuisance and a threat to their sovereignty. And they chose to do something about it. An opposing force known as the Syndicate, a terrorist-esque force has revealed itself in the galaxy, working at anything to overthrow the Sectors and give the galaxy back to it's people.

And now, the galaxy needs you more than ever. Will you join the Sectors, working to create a safe galaxy?

Or will you join the fight against them, and band with an opposing faction?

Of course, you could become an everyday citizen. Live your life, start a family, whatever you want.

`Hope to see you soon.`
The Galactic Empire is a server where you can be yourself without discrimination! We have really chill staff team and have a channel for every topic you desire. From shitposting to roleplaying G.E. Is the number one place to be! Don't forget our other spicy meme chats! We hope you will find here what you seek to your interests and make amazing new friends.
One of the more active SWRP servers that take itself seriously, we stick to a combination of Canon and Legends ( for a better user experience. ) The RP takes place after the events of Episode 8, but veering off from the current timeline.
Friendly Undertale/Star Wars Roleplaying Server.
A new update coming soon will be our own specialized bot with pre-crawl memes, memes, and music!
The best place to chat, relax, crack a cold one and just hang out!
Hidden Sabers: Allied Stand || A Star Wars AU RP


My name is Caps,

For the last month I've been running a Star Wars RP set five years after Order 66 (8 BBY). I am happy to announce that Hidden Sabers has moved into its second phase known as Allied Stand. The first phase which shared a name with the RP itself lasted about a month and was divided up into 14 summarized chapters detailing how we arrived at the point we are now.

Allied stand follows a major event in this AU called Zero Week, a week long period in which two major slipups caused three major lies (The Clone Wars, Order 66 and the Sith) to be revealed to the people of the galaxy. In response to this a number of Star Systems left the Empire and formed a government of their own known as The Republic of Free Systems. Due to the lies of the Clone Wars and Order 66 88% of the Imperial enlisted clones deserted and joined the RFS military and now a war is waged for control of the galaxy. The people against the empire.

What we offer:
-A wonderful community
-A fun take on the Star Wars Universe
-A pretty decent plot
-Dedicated RPers
-A place to express your Star Wars Creativity

What I need:
Jedi Knights/Masters
Inquisitors (Low level Dark Jedi in service of the empire now used as sergeants in the military)
Imperial Commandos
Clone Commandos
RFS Soldiers
Shapers of Kro Var
The War Between the Empire and the rebels have finally come to the end many of the Empires fleets run to the far reaches of the galaxy will they come to join together and bring back the empire or will they die out.
The Javelin an Imperial cruiser left without a crew drifting in space with its captain alone. Come join its crew to help its captain bring back the empire or make a new one.

-We Accept anyone (One liner, anyone is welcome)
Hello there! New Je’daii Order is a unique server that offers an array of Star Wars content. We are an information resource; a discussion platform, a base for a forthcoming Star Wars lore YouTube channel, and even offer roleplaying on the side.

In this server, you will find:
- Extensive, carefully crafted lists for the best Star Wars Fan Films, Fan Fiction, Fan Trailers, Compilations, Game Mods, Wallpapers/Art, informative & funny Star Wars videos, and more.
- Complete listings of all pertinent Star Wars behind the scenes videos, gifs (integrated with MEE6 to command within the server), trailers, and game cutscenes. If you're searching for particular Star Wars content, there's no need to scour Google for hours any longer. We already have, and can present it to you in an accessible, easy to navigate format.
- Organized, convenient and relevant RSS feeds pertaining to Star Wars news, memes, and lore discussion. Allowing you to stay completely up to date with Star Wars.
- Interactive trivia, meme, collecting, polling, and game matchmaking channels.
- Discussion channels for an immense variety of Star Wars content, including the films, animated shows, live-action shows, novels/comics/sourcebooks, and games.
- Roleplaying which, while not a main focus, is facilitated by several channels that exist for decentralized roleplaying that can be arranged by anyone, at anytime.
- An environment designed to be friendly and respectful.

This is just the beginning, and we would be honoured if you would join us!
Starwars Factions | Legacy, you can create your own faction, and rule over them with Power and Authority, or Peace and Tranquility.You can be a pirate, that seizes no one alive. Or, a peace loving democrat, that protects all under its wings. You can choose from a few classes of factions, just make sure you read the INFO channel.
The Empire is at the Peak of its Power in the Galaxy, majority of the Galaxy have accepted their fate, where a few minority have banded together in hopes to spark a rebellion to try and overthrow the tyrannical Galactic Empire. Set 12 Years after Revenge of the Sith, it is up to you to spark the beginning of the end of the Empire or to become a hero to the Empire and crush the still small rebellion. What side will you choose, the Fate of The Galaxy is in your hands.
An Rp server based on the times of Mandalore