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This is a server for role playing your own character in the old republic era.
Sith Empire
Galactic Republic
The Hutt Cartel
Mandalorian Clans
Star Wars: Life focuses on writing a new story. One where Bane had not succeeded in Rule of Two. One which the story is CONSTANTLY evolving! Feel free to join and share your story!

[Basic Lore]:
Once upon a time, you heard a story about a boy on a desert planet, and then you heard the story of his father.
Now what if you took that concept, and wiped it away?
What if Anakin was never found?
What if Darth Bane never succeeded in the rule of two?
What if Clones and Droids were used due to war calling for more arms, more weapons, more barring's?!
Well in this Universe, that's exactly how it is. Qui'Gon Jinn, never died.
Obi-Wan never cut Darth Maul in two! Count Dooku, never turned to the Darkside, and Darth Plagueis never fell to the hands of Darth Sidious!~ In this Universe, Mandalore was never taken by peace, it was plunged down into the center of the war between Ashla(light) and Bogan(dark)!
Thus, the Mandalorians had to rise, or else they would be destroyed!
The Galaxy, is in pure, turmoil.
Who are you?
Is this your Legacy?
What is your tale, what is your role, where... are you?
We are a group of Star Wars fans who come together to socialize! Join us!
A rp server I made for fans and so people can have fun
A Star Wars community server that people talk about stuff in. It’s cool
A roleplay where you play as a Jedi We have friendly staff and easy character templates
An Rp server based on the times of Mandalore
Trying to invite some people from here to a space themed, mash everything together discord rp,

erp is allowed for sure. but its not a huge thing.. yet. ;D
Its in space so i guess all characters you can come up with would be accepted aslong as they're not edgelords! We are a small server looking for some extra friends and souls to sacrifi- Uh, I mean, Roleplay with!
just a star wars roleplay server, nothing to see here, keep scrolling
Do you want to explore the Galaxy? Be a Jedi? Sith?
In this server you can be about anything! Explore the world of Star Wars, forge your own story, have fun!
We're friendly and always open for new people! Come join us!
the 22nd Infiltration Battalion roleplay takes place on its venator
Star Wars: Galaxy Enthralled: This RP is set between the time periods of 3636 BBY and 16 ATC. The Sith Empire has re-emerged from its absence, and is more powerful than ever. The Jedi and Galactic Republic one again fight for their place in the galaxy as peace keepers, working to stop the spread of oppression via the Empire. In this haste, the Republic and Empire are training more soldiers, and Force Users than ever, crime also springs into action full time, Bounty Hunters and Smugglers coming into use more than ever. Sith Emperor Vitiate was killed by a Jedi Knight known only as "The Hero of Tython", leaving the Imperial Throne open. The mysterious Eternal Empire has emerged from Wild Space, and has started war in the Core Worlds. Conflict with the Eternal Throne has left the Republic and Empire with a moral ground to stand on. But the choice is up to you. What role will you play in reshaping the Galaxy?
Role play as a storm trooper or a officer on a star destroyer have fun here and have daily missions
TSO-Planet RP is a server with a roleplay based on the Star Wars universe, Originally Old Republic era styled, the roleplay has progressed into its own version of star wars, with non star wars canon items being added in moderation to keep it interesting. Anyone from Star Wars masters to younglings are welcome.
We are a group of Star Wars fans who come together to chat and do stuff! Join us today!
A startup server in alliance with a bigger server! Kind group that loves to roleplay! Join us and become a member of the Star Wars Rebellion!
A fun Star Wars RP where you can be anybody! A nice, kind body of people!
A stat wars rp server between episode 3 and 4. For balance, jedi and sith are banned from character creation.
Star Wars Türkiye Discord Sunucusu açıldı. adresine takılarak sunucumuza katılın.
Herkese iyi oyunlar :)
My Empire is a place of friends, laughter and a togetherness. It is a place which has been founded by former Twitch streamer FizzWad Gaming. He crated the First Order Troopers for Star Wars fans and gamers alike to come and join as one. We accept you for who you are and provide a place to be yourself, so long as it doesn't hurt anyone.

As the Galactic Emperor of the galaxy and Supreme Leader of the First Order Troopers, I invite you to join my great cummunity and introducing yourself and walking through my doors of the First Order Troopers. Even if you are unsure as to whether this place is for you, or feel anxious in joining a new community, we shall welcome you into the ranks ....

Myself and other members with the Elder Council role in the First Order Troopers (Moderators) only aim to provide the best and meet the needs of our community.

You are welcomed to leave should you feel it is not for you however you will be missing out on a great cummunity of great people.

Active staff. Active community.
Unser Server bietet aktiven Star Wars Battlefront 2 Spielern eine Plattform auf der sie mit Gleichgesinnten Reden, Diskutieren und Spielen können.

Wir würden uns Freuen wenn du mal vorbei schaust.
U.S.S. Enduring
A fleet owned and operated by Starfleet Personnel. It is headed by Captain Kitar and his first officer (of which is open)
You **do not** have to know anything about star trek in order to participate! It's easy, fun, and engaging!