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This is a Star Wars roleplay server - (Obviously) - that is based in the Clone Wars era of Star Wars. We are a brand new Discord server, so sorry if we’re a bit of a mess at the moment. If you join and nobody is online, just stick around, an admin will almost definitely be on to rank you and get you started! All are welcome!
4 hours ago
**Currently still very small. Looking for active members**

This server plans to be a roleplay sever based around the star wars universe. With plenty of races to choose from, along with factions, create your character to your likes with us!
9 hours ago
Join the Imperial army and fight against the rebels in weekly events. Customize your own character, plan battles, and co-op with others to rule the galaxy.
1 days ago
A friendly social discord server which runs several other discords most being for Roleplay!
4 days ago
Welcome to Star Wars Roleplay, feel free to join for some fun, just join ask for a member role and create a character and you are in, have fun!
4 days ago
Welcome to Star Wars Role-Play. This server's events take place during 7 BBY, the era within the Empire's rule over the known galaxy. Members are allowed to create their own faction or sub-factions within the Role-Play. Members can also choose to be apart of the Empire or Rebellion. The server is welcome to most Role-Players new or old.
4 days ago
This server is dedicated to ERPing in a laid back and welcoming environment!

Here, you can roleplay out all your Star Wars fantasies with others! Maybe you want to start as a lowly slave to a crime lord, or start as a crime lord yourself? Perhaps you’re a member of the Empire or the Rebel Alliance? It’s all up to you!

There are, of course, some rules set in place. The biggest thing is that this is an NSFW server. If you are under 18, you’re not legally allowed to be on this server.
6 days ago
A new community created by GamingBanana8 (Banana on the server) for Star Wars fans to share their love for Star Wars. A place where everybody happily can talk about Star Wars and also some off-topic stuff. With fun additional features like bots, a variety of chats, nice staff and the Force.
9 days ago
In a galaxy far far away where the Imperials rule the entire galaxy and cannot be stopped and will murder anybody in there path.

Ranks:Most of them are pretty accrute and what not im pretty picky about them who gets them and which people tend to try and be unrealistic and add very small bios and expect sith. And are mostly earned

About The Server:The admins are good and we got a good team of developers online most of the time and i feel like this server will do good
19 days ago
A Star Wars themed role play where you can play out as a part of the Galactic Republic, The Sith Empire, or anything in between.
21 days ago
If you love Star Wars, the prequels to be specific then this is the server for you. We are very little at this moment but I want to create a big prequel era Star Wars Roleplay server. My reason is simple, I like reading.

At this moment I am currently working on new servers and I may take suggestions, I might give you ARC, ARF, or Mandalorian armor if you're lucky.

The timeline is set shortly after the Phase 2 clone armor was created. We have major events such as Order 66 sometimes and we may do some of the most suicidal battles for even the Republic Commandos and ARCS combinded such as Umbara. If you don't know much about the prequels I suggest watching Geetsly's or other Star Wars Lore Channels on YouTube.

Follow the rules or you will be restricted of speaking in any channel.
24 days ago
The Hammerhead Fleet

Rank up, choose a faction between rebels and imperials show your strength and power between forces over power your enemys with the men u have

Battle System
We roleplay are battles out one by one depending on who wins and fight and murders each and other to kill another commander or a person u must have there permission so they don't get mad and leave so it would be respectful for u not to

Staff Team
Our current staff team is wonderful we pick great candidates for a staff team and whats good for it if your up for the task Sign up and become one
Co owner: Grand Admiral Thrawn#7607

We have a pretty good organisation here the owner set that stuff up i help along the way, we teach the staff team when needed we help people when they join introduce them to thr roleplay when were online were friendly at the most part and if people need help with roleplay i help them when needed

Military System
In our server ranks matter make sure u listen to higher ups if u do events and fight along with your commander you will be eventually promoted if u get there respect and if they think you earn only Capains+ Can Promote

Ship system
When u start off when your a rebel or imperial we will allow you to get a fighter until rank Captain+ This is where u can have your first ship and fight bigger enemy's but as a bounty hunter it stays as Fighter reason being bounty hunters shouldn't need a ship at all there alone great shooters

When you first join
When u first join u will become a MAKE A CHARACTER ALREADY This means You need a character to see other channels etc, along the way once your done making your character you get a choice, either to aboard a friendly person or make a fighter now these are difference when u have a fighter u can fight but when your aboard a ship u cannot
36 days ago
A Star wars Clone RP, where you take the role of a cadet, rising through the ranks, develop your characters story, while taking place in a larger one.
38 days ago