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This is a server where we wage war against a single discord user. We will do anything necessary to win.
Ever wanted to rule over all of China, as the emperor himself? Or maybe lead your nomadic brethren on the Steppes? In "Dynastic China* you assume one of the many roles in the eternal power struggle both internal and external from Rice Paddies to the Imperial Court. From humble beginnings take your place as emperor and make history in the name of your Family.
A general chat for people who like tea! Bagged tea, herbal tea, high tea, gong-fu tea, etc. all is welcome! Also includes general chat for those who just wanna talk.
______Ancient world rp_____
In a world of warriors, senators, and mythic beasts anything can happen
•rp with others!
•join a total of 4+ factions!
•build up cities
•fun emojis!
•rise to the top
•talk about ancient times!
•and much more
Hello! This is a role play focused around China and the Pacific. I won’t go too much into detail but, During the early 2000 China layed claims to much of the South China Sea, which several NATO countries refuted. When you join you will be able to choose a branch and work yourself up with promotions and earn medals. We host frenquent events and do allow diversity in the character creation.
Hello, we are the People’s Liberation Army. We are a Chinese Faction for the game Fallout 76. Please come and join our ranks today!
发起进攻(´-ω ・)▄︻┻┳══━一
Based in Han Dynasty the Three Kingdoms Period, this rp gives the players the ability to become the emperor or his trusty army and court. Conquer the relm and defeat many foes and become a conqueror and unite china under your rule.
An Imperial Chinese Palace Server for Normal Conversations with Roleplay elements such as addressing one with their Titles.