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A place that contain lots of people who like loli voice, and like to acting the loli voice and having fun together.
A friendly, fresh and aesthetic discord server themed around kyoto, come on over and you will meet amazing people and you will definitely enjoy yourself with us.
-✽~Many Cute/Kawaii emotes you'd like!
-✽~Color roles and other self-assignable roles
-✽~Events every now an then such as Movie Night, Game Night, and even VC
-✽~Level roles and exp drops
-✽~Bot games for EXP and bot credits
-✽~Double Exp every now and then
We are a community that tries to make this place the most comfortable and enjoyable place to be. We are mostly interested in the East Asian countries like China, Korea and Japan.
( Starting out! ) A small chill English/Japanese server for anyone who wants to make friends, post art, chat about anything, or play games!

❃Custom xp roles
❃Separate role for Japanese speakers/people who would like to learn!
❃No strict rules (except for being a non-nsfw server!)
❃Since we're a relatively new server, we are very open to suggestions as to how you would like to customize it to your tastes!
❃ Although we're still small, everyone is very friendly! Give our server a try, who knows, you might enjoy it here 😄
Are you looking for something a little different in your rp experience? Somethings that isn’t just another vampire or magic high school? How about a nice calm experience, something more akin to that of a cup of Green Tea when compared to the Red Bull that is now a days roleplaying scene. Throw in a side of slice of life, and a dash of oregano, and you, sir or sirette have found our server. I, as an owner strive to create a calm and relaxing RP experience in which has never been experienced before. So, come on in we don’t bite.
What our Community and Roleplay has to Offer

-Friendly and fair staff. Say goodbye to the days of random bans lazy and carefree staff. Here we strive for the best, and only the best when it comes to staff. Because someone else’s mood shouldn’t effect your experience as well. At this time we are also welcoming new members of staff.

-A friendly and ever growing community. Wether color, sexuality, identification we simply will accept you for who you are. After all, we only have one another. So, wether your a memelord, green texter, or an elderitch horror we won’t mind.

-Events! Ah, what a glorious thing these beauties are. Most commonly events are regularly hosted in Saturday’s so keep your eyes peeled. Who’s not to say you can’t create an event? We have a form for that, simply type up your idea, and send it off to one of our handy dandy Admins and you’ll be merry on your way!

This is Funeral Bells once again thanking you for considering joining our server. Have fun, and I’ll see you on the other side. Stay frosty :)
✎__True Virtual Reality System
In the midst of the early eras of the year 2000, the 21st Century became a foothold of a revolutionary technological advancement. TechOmni™ discovered a way to physically enter the digital world with many experiments done on the human brain in 2029 — finally getting able to transmit the perception of human beings into a new medium. These devices were known as “True Virtual Reality Systems” — or TVRS for short.
The Digital Age has evolved.
A community that focuses around an easy to follow lore and a slice of life setting based of off modern Japan. People have a lot of freedom when making their characters, the only rule being set to restrict anything is for the character to be human and with no supernatural abilities.
Our server has:
◉ - A fun and friendly community to hang out with!
◎ - A reliable and helpful staff team — always ready to accept more members!
◉ - An economy system and game system done with the help of bots!
◎ - An easy lore to adapt to!
◉ - Freedom on making characters!
◎ - Events that occur to make the setting more fun!
Feel free to join in, we welcome everyone!
☆ This is a brand new fusion of a medieval fantasy world and feudal Japan roleplay server. There are magical beasts and yokai that can be friend or foe and sometimes the innocent looking human isn't innocent at all.
☆ Work your way up to potentially become royalty!
☆ You be whatever you desire as a character. Want to be a necromancer?
Sure. Want to be a dragon? Sure. Want to be a kitsune, neko, or a kobold? Sure! Let your imagination run wild! No gods, overpowered humans, futuristic beings, and demi gods though.
☆ We have fun bots to play around with outside of rp!
☆ We have dedicated staff and are looking for more moderators and admins!
☆ We will have server events (big and small) in and outside of RP! (Coming Soon)
☆ We welcome ALL sorts of rpers.. casual, paragraph, brand new and veteran RPers.
☆ We always welcome new suggestions to improve the server and expand the areas as we grow.
☆ This server is basically an open and vast world with so many decisions to choose from!
☆ We’d love to grow an amazing and fun community!


300 years ago, in 1260, a king, seeking to open a portal to the realm of the gods, conducted a forbidden ancient ritual. The goal was to find a fabled library that held secrets of curing plagues, prolonging life, etc in the God Realm. A portal was opened and everyone rejoiced. He stepped into the portal first and realized he was in another world. It was an alternate fantasy Feudal Japan.

The gateway warped and combined the two worlds together as fantasy creatures from the king's world and Japanese demons (yokai) flooded the lands. The combination of the worlds also unleashed a dreadful plague that either killed the humans or morphed them to give them supernatural powers. Oddly, some people weren't affected and have been seeked out to be experimented on for an antidote or cure.

Present time, in 1560, the combined world lives either in peace or at war with the various fantasy and yokai creatures that have spread across the lands. The humans are still desperately trying to find a cure to the plague but have not been successful.

Welcome to Elkmire's Blight.
A server for discussions focusing on Japanese history and topics surrounding the different time periods and events, as well as representations in media today.
In modern-day Japan, humans think they are alone, but that Illusion is shattered when they realize that the supernatural exist! Play as a human or a Youkai, a vampire, a werewolf or any number of other beings in this PVE focused RP where PVP is also permitted! Play as a rookie working thier way up as a Hunter or a police officer or even do your own thing in a creative world in this community RP!

-Friendly Community RP
- Not a ERP, no NSFW
Uchu is a new japanese themed chill out place for all to have fun and have a great time! It mainly focuses on gaming and anime! But everyone is welcome to have fun :)
A server about Shinto! Learn about the various kami-sama, traditions, rituals, history, and more! We hope to both share information about Shinto as well as build a friendly community. You don't need to be practicing Shinto to join - all are welcome!
Community of Japan fanatics. We welcome everyone to our energetic server to join us for a real party; Self assignable roles and lots of NSFW content. Hope to see you there, ようこそ !
We are a small, yet new Discord server with the theme of anime, Japan and manga. I hope for this server to reach great numbers in members so that we may make this community grow larger. We hope to see you in our server!
This is a server for lovers of Japanese literature of all kinds! We mainly focus on works either in their original language or translated to English, but anyone is welcome!
Welcome to LOLITA/KAWAII ロリータ/かわいい
✿・゚ Our server is a English/Japanese server
✿・゚ Audience is for (mainly) Lolita's and people into kawaii clothing/fashion
✿・゚ You can express your true self here
✿・゚ There is no toxic behaviour, it's a fun, all inclusive server
✿・゚ We have numerous; anime, Japanese, aesthetic channels + a nsfw channel
✿・゚ We're all very friendly and inclusive (^-^)
✿・゚ Feel free to drop by and just say hello
✿・゚ Thankyou❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
This is kinda in the style of Japan, so anime/manga people will most likely get the idea more, but anyways, its a high school role play, there are races and abilities you can select for your character, you can attend your character in classes and etc. It's all in your hands where your character goes. Races and Sub Races, owo.
Hey du!
Schön, dass du dir das hier durchliest!

Wir sind Kitsu, eine kleine Community hier auf Discord! :3
Du kannst dich bei uns austoben, zusammen spielen, Anime schauen, über die neuste Technik reden und Waifus claimen! Oder einfach kreativ sein in unserer Kreativecke und noch vieles mehr! Wir veranstalten ab und zu auch Events, bleib gespannt.

Wenn du möchtest, schau vorbei, du bist willkommen <3
Wir wollen eine Community erschaffen, wo jeder, der Anime liebt, willkommen ist.
Bei uns soll es sich jedoch nicht nur um Anime drehen, sondern auch um Japan und dessen Pop-Kultur, sowie allgemeine Themen, wie das Weltgeschehen.
This is a Feudal Japan rp I’ve been working on. If you’re interested, please join!
Founded as a Han school in 1784, Edo period, Shuyukan is one of the oldest high schools in Japan with a history of over 200 years. After the Meiji Restoration, it was transformed into an English vocational school where all subjects were taught in English. Today, it is considered to be among the elite schools in Japan with a number of graduates continuing their studies at prestigious universities in Japan.
Welcome to Naoki High School, one of Japan's most academically advanced prep schools out there. Choose the role of either a student, or a teacher and live life in Naoki High School. Form relationships with other students, join clubs and student ran organizations. Go to the arcade, movie theater, and much more! This is a roleplay server
✖ Лучший аниме - сервер рунета, англоговорящие тоже приветствуются ✖
Akihabara is a fun weeaboo hangout area. Our Moderators and Admins are here to help whenever. Our server is also moderated by Dyno, Tatsumaki,, NotSoBot, and Pancake. We take all complaints, and suggestions seriously. We also have games like Waifubot too. Enjoy!
This server is for any anime fan to talk about anime fans and make friends!