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✎__True Virtual Reality System
In the midst of the early eras of the year 2000, the 21st Century became a foothold of a revolutionary technological advancement. TechOmni™ discovered a way to physically enter the digital world with many experiments done on the human brain in 2029 — finally getting able to transmit the perception of human beings into a new medium. These devices were known as “True Virtual Reality Systems” — or TVRS for short.
The Digital Age has evolved.
A community that focuses around an easy to follow lore and a slice of life setting based of off modern Japan. People have a lot of freedom when making their characters, the only rule being set to restrict anything is for the character to be human and with no supernatural abilities.
Our server has:
◉ - A fun and friendly community to hang out with!
◎ - A reliable and helpful staff team — always ready to accept more members!
◉ - An economy system and game system done with the help of bots!
◎ - An easy lore to adapt to!
◉ - Freedom on making characters!
◎ - Events that occur to make the setting more fun!
Feel free to join in, we welcome everyone!
We are a community that tries to make this place the most comfortable and enjoyable place to be. We are mostly interested in the East Asian countries like China, Korea and Japan.
( Starting out! ) A small chill English/Japanese server for anyone who wants to make friends, post art, chat about anything, or play games!

❃Custom xp roles
❃Separate role for Japanese speakers/people who would like to learn!
❃No strict rules (except for being a non-nsfw server!)
❃Since we're a relatively new server, we are very open to suggestions as to how you would like to customize it to your tastes!
❃ Although we're still small, everyone is very friendly! Give our server a try, who knows, you might enjoy it here 😄
This is a server for lovers of Japanese literature of all kinds! We mainly focus on works either in their original language or translated to English, but anyone is welcome!
This is a server for Touhou fans to share their fanworks and grow their projects. Our mission is to help artists who want to create fanworks by connecting them to people with other skills, fund fan projects and merchandise, and promote artists and streamers on various social media platforms.
This server is for any anime fan to talk about anime fans and make friends!
clouded kpop is a chill server where people of all ages can discuss and listen to kpop of all types. all kpop stans are wanted :)
A friendly, fresh and aesthetic discord server themed around kyoto, come on over and you will meet amazing people and you will definitely enjoy yourself with us.
☆ This is a Feudal Japan Fantasy roleplay server! Come join us!
☆ We have nekos, dragons, ookami, oni, elves, kitsune, samurai, shinobi, and so much more!
☆ Join a clan for special perks and events! Also, possibly work up to create your own clan!
☆ We have fun bots to play around with outside of rp!
☆ We have dedicated staff and are looking for more moderators and admins!
☆ We will have server events (big and small) in and outside of RP!
☆ We welcome ALL sorts of rpers.. casual, paragraph, brand new and veteran RPers.
☆ We always welcome new suggestions for new races, classes, areas, etc!


The year is 1559. The Japanese island is divided by numerous clan territories. To put it simply, 混沌 (chaos). It's anybody's game. European traders swing by selling weapons and other valuables. There are Ninjas training in the art of the 忍 (shinobi), samurai fighting for their clans, and ronins the ones that were led astray from fighting for their clans.
Even though drama, war, honor, and betrayal are commonplace in this world, there is another threat. In this world, all of the stories and myths you heard about from Japan are real. Yokai, oni, and other monsters and spirits live in this world. Even cat-eared people roam the lands. This all lead to the humans being less and less active with their clan wars and strife. Instead, it is survival against the unnatural and also against your enemy.

Welcome to Alterative Feudal Japan. We do have some historical elements, mixed with fantasy for an alternate timeline.
Hey du!
Schön, dass du dir das hier durchliest!

Wir sind Kitsu, eine kleine Community hier auf Discord! :3
Du kannst dich bei uns austoben, zusammen spielen, Anime schauen, über die neuste Technik reden und Waifus claimen! Oder einfach kreativ sein in unserer Kreativecke und noch vieles mehr! Wir veranstalten ab und zu auch Events, bleib gespannt.

Wenn du möchtest, schau vorbei, du bist willkommen <3
In modern-day Japan, humans think they are alone, but that Illusion is shattered when they realize that the supernatural exist! Play as a human or a Youkai, a vampire, a werewolf or any number of other beings in this PVE focused RP where PVP is also permitted! Play as a rookie working thier way up as a Hunter or a police officer or even do your own thing in a creative world in this community RP!

-Friendly Community RP
- Not a ERP, no NSFW
Hey ! Si tu cherches une communauté passionnée de sur les animes/manga, tu es au bon endroit !

Il y a: *Des concours avec de l'argent à gagner
*Des rôles qui vous mettent en avant et vous attribuent des avantages
*Un channel pour les passionnés de japonais et un pour les dessinateurs
*Des quizz (deviner d'où vient le personnage d'une image, deviner de quel anime vient cet opening...)
*Des salons vocaux et textuels pour les jeux-vidéos (osu!, League of Legends, Overwatch...)
*Et bien sûr, des salons textuels sur les animes saisonniers ainsi que sur un grand panel de manga !

Hésites pas à faire un tour !
In a reality, seperate from our own, a group of international researchers began a project that would change humanity forever. In the year 1973, their project went out of control, and an artificially engineered gene was spread across the world. It altered human's abilities in a very major way. In short, it gave us powers.

Several years later, in 21st century Japan things were going back to normal... or rather, a different kind of normal. There began a social heirarchy that ranked everyone's abilities. Those that were most powerful got almost anything they wanted in life, and those at the bottom had nothing. Those that didn't have a power were outcasts, freaks, and rejects. Not even recognized as part of the heirarchy.

People choose jobs based on their ability. Some even become paid vigilantes for the police force. Others are the criminals who use their power selfishly. In schools, the heirarchy becomes a battleground. The students fight for the top, and fight other schools to be number 1. So here comes the final question. Who are you in all of this? Make your story. Decide what to become, because the grim reaper is always at the end of the tunnel, whispering, ”Tell me..."
:story: Japan suddenly had a technological boom causing a huge surge in electronic sales and advancements causing human life to get easier and people began to live longer soon the machine R.E.M was made an alternative to the government worshipped as a machine god to some people the city covering nearly all of Japan. The sewer systems had been discontinued after a infection in the water occurred causing human mutants to live in the sewers a new method of water transport is now used welcome to neon Tokyo
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Corner of Harajuku!

Are you a fan of j-fashion?
Would you like to discuss it?
Are you bored with your life and interested in finding something new?
We have all the channels you could need to eradicate your boredom!
>selfies and pictures of your clothes
>a fun Japan and Korea theme
>neverending counting
>anime and manga
>channels for speaking Japanese and Korean
>japanese fashion!!
>obscure k-pop and j-pop channels
>waifu love
Interested? Come join us! Not many members currently, but if you join that's a step in the right direction. Don't be afraid, we don't bite.


Monsters have risen and are on the prowl. Strange events are taking place all over the world. Join the children of the Shinto Gods to stop destruction of the world. Fight, live, love, survive. Wield your sword in battle, stay back and fire arrows, heal the wounded, your choice. We will have events often for you to show your strength against the forces of darkness. A descriptive RP server looking for members! Make your own OC of a Japanese god/goddess' child of your choice. We're open for partnerships with other servers as well as long as they follow the partnership rules. DO NOT JOIN JUST FOR PARTNERSHIP.
Server Rules:
1) Respect every one in the server. No homophobia or racism.
2) Few one-liners in the RP. Keep the RP detailed!
3) No Gary or Mary Sues.
4) No ERP in server. Go to dms.
5) Keep your RP to 3rd person, not 1st person.
6) Only administrators may be big NPCs like deities or daimons.
7) Do not kill people's characters without permission
8) Do not start fights in RP or with actual members unless both sides agree.
LGBTQ+ Friendly <3
Filthy Tokyo is discord **NEW** favorite NSFW server. We Would love it if you joined and came to see what we have to offer ;) Might find something or someone you like <3
Jinja is a spiritual community which focuses on contemporary religious, philosophical, and esoteric traditions that are rooted in ancient Shinto practice, with a particular focus on Jinja Shinto.
Welcome, this is Melancholy Heights, set in Kyoto, Japan. It's an everyday world, and you live here! Make friends, get in fights, steal from stores; you name it! The setting is based around the High school, but most of the city is available. I hope you have fun and enjoy this Slice of Life!
You are a student or teacher here at Melancholy Heights, a private high school. It's an average life, right? No, it's your life. Live like a criminal or an upstanding citizen. Whatever you do, have fun.
We are set in Kamigyoo-Ku district.
Die Anime Community Germany ist eine der ältesten (seit 2000) deutschen Onlinecommunities mit dem Fokus auf Anime, Manga, Japan und Games. Trete unserem Discord bei um dich mit anderen Gleichgesinnten auszutauschen und unterhalten. Besuche auch unsere Webseite mit vielen weiteren Angeboten.
you sappy, i'm happy.

we just a chill server- any fans of korean or japanese culture are welcome. we dont discriminate here uwu. just chat, have fun, and make new friends with similar interests to you.
Wir wollen eine Community erschaffen, wo jeder, der Anime liebt, willkommen ist.
Bei uns soll es sich jedoch nicht nur um Anime drehen, sondern auch um Japan und dessen Pop-Kultur, sowie allgemeine Themen, wie das Weltgeschehen.
❓❓What is Japan Racers?❓❓
Japan Racer’s is a roleplay community for anyone who is interested in 90s Street Racing / Initial D.
I had noticed the lack of overall automotive servers, and decided roleplaying would be a good idea for a server. I hope to soon gain more members, and create an active roleplay community.
All you need to do to start roleplaying is fill out the following. (Character Info Sheet, Vehicle Info Sheet, Finance Info Sheet, Business Info Sheet [Optional], and a Racing Team Info Sheet [Optional].
We have many channels for roleplaying and hope to see you join!
- LimitedStance (Owner)
Welcome to Japan. On the outskirts of the the city, surrounded by the mountains and where the cherry trees lie belongs the Famous Masamoto Dojo, or more commonly known as the school for martial arts. One of four in the provinces of japan, it is open to virtually anyone from the ages of 8-18, Male or female, whatever their background. Even the Daimyō and the Shoguns sons even train here. The Niten Ichi Ryū also known as “The one school of two heavens” the most famous samurai school in Kyoto, was founded by Masamoto Takeshi, known as the greatest swordsman, as he had never lost a duel in his whole life, and was the creator and master of the Two Heavens sword style. The school is located in the city of Kyoto.