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( Starting out! ) A small chill English/Japanese server for anyone who wants to make friends, post art, chat about anything, or play games!

❃Custom xp roles
❃Separate role for Japanese speakers/people who would like to learn!
❃No strict rules (except for being a non-nsfw server!)
❃Since we're a relatively new server, we are very open to suggestions as to how you would like to customize it to your tastes!
❃ Although we're still small, everyone is very friendly! Give our server a try, who knows, you might enjoy it here 😄
Tokyo filth is a *NEW* chill server. We don't have a ton of rules or anything like that. We have Self role assignments, Gaming updates, music channels, Partnerships, NSFW, Great bots and *MORE*
In modern-day Japan, humans think they are alone, but that Illusion is shattered when they realize that the supernatural exist! Play as a human or a Youkai, a vampire, a werewolf or any number of other beings in this PVE focused RP where PVP is also permitted! Play as a rookie working thier way up as a Hunter or a police officer or even do your own thing in a creative world in this community RP!

-Friendly Community RP
- Not a ERP, no NSFW
Uchu is a new japanese themed chill out place for all to have fun and have a great time! It mainly focuses on gaming and anime! But everyone is welcome to have fun :)
こんにちは!This is a cozy little community server looking for active members to liven it up a little! We have VCs, bots, emojis, and other fun stuff!
A community focused on learning Japanese through video games, featuring a Quiz Arcade where users can answer quiz questions in a multiplayer learning environment.
Japanese Themed Server Based on Japanese spirits and legends.
We have many things :
-Many Roles
-awesome bots
- movie nights
-jam sessions and more!
(New server so lets get it up there!!
The ultimate server to satisfy all of your weeb needs! Centred around anime, manga, Japanese culture, gaming, cosplay, music, NSFW stuff and more. Join us or Saitama will keep staring at you.
Welcome! I cordially invite you to the server: Land of Cherry Blossoms. This server was created for Japan. The server is served in English, it is designed for everyone.
Its a server for people interested in learning Japanese, people who want to move to Japan, and people who just like Japanese culture. I wanna make it a tight knit community, hope you guys join!
• The year is 1451. An Imperial Force, once a decent mass of populus clans, grew together to become an actual force of political power and structure. They would go on to conquer and puppet other clan areas, killing all resistance against the Empire. The Emperor, Inoue Takeyori, led way for a new idea of politics and urbanization.
However, clan warfare is not the only threat in this already unforgiving land. The Akuma are demons in the Japanese lands. They are birthed from a ring of fire in the southern mountains. They have been roaming Japan for centuries at the least. They can be tiered from simple demons with other, smaller purposes (such as succubus and imps), or you have the fire-y, hellborns that are bred to remove all of humanity.
Now it is up to you to fight with us or against us, you choose your fate. •
Hey du!
Schön, dass du dir das hier durchliest.

Wir sind Kitsu, eine kleine fuchsliebende Community hier auf Discord! :3
Du kannst dich austoben, zusammen spielen, Anime schauen, kreativ sein in unserer #kreativecke oder einfach nur so mit uns reden :)

Wenn du möchtest, schau vorbei, du bist willkommen!
Welcome to the Japan Station! , this server is for people who like anime and want to chill.
We are a small community that's trying to grow.
Wir wollen eine Community erschaffen, wo jeder, der Anime liebt, willkommen ist.
Bei uns soll es sich jedoch nicht nur um Anime drehen, sondern auch um Japan und dessen Pop-Kultur, sowie allgemeine Themen, wie das Weltgeschehen.
Anime Eternal, un sympathique discord qui s'articule autour d'anime, de manga, de jeux mobile et de dramas !
Jinja is a spiritual community which focuses on contemporary religious, philosophical, and esoteric traditions that are rooted in ancient Shinto practice, with a particular focus on Jinja Shinto.
Under Construction server

New server, trying to create a chill place to mess around, talk, drink and make friends with people, expats or local. Make a Full Moon Party of Discord.
Kleiner, relativ Neuer Otaku-Server!
Jeder ist hier Willkommen!
This is a server where anime-lovers can come together and talk about anime and manga. We have a universal love for Japan and all of it's culture, people, and, of course, anime!

We also have ERP, NSFW, bots to mess around with, and a few other features. Join the server now and find out.

(please, note that at this time, the server is still under partial construction)
In 1947, following the end of World War II, and the Allied occupation of Japan, people never before seen started to present themselves to the world. The supernatural had made itself known, although people had wondered and murmured for centuries. Their reasoning was unknown, despite the many questions. Some of their kind resented this, but, in time, started to accept it. Some still resist, though....

The year is 2018, politicians have come and go, the emperor has changed, and technology has marched on. The supernatural people, Yōkai and westerners alike, question their place in a world where humans don't necessarily fear or acknowledge them anymore. If these tensions are left to boil, and they are already simmering quite hot, it's safe to say the results would be nasty. For the people in the small city of Kōchi, they risk getting caught in the crossfire...

Flower in the Dark is a new server looking to get started!
This is a Feudal Japan rp I’ve been working on. If you’re interested, please join!
(13+) Welcome to Sakura Chaos! We are a combo of a roleplay server and a general hangout community server! We have (18+) content that can only be unlocked when you verify yourself.

Sakura Chaos is a feudal japan era themed server with a empress and emperor who rule over the server together. We are a growing community and would love for you to join in on our kawaii fun!

We offer roleplaying, We have karaoke night every Tuesday 10pm PST, We do not tolerate any harassment, bullying, or anything hurtful to someone, We allow 13+ , We offer NSFW 18+ ONLY if you verify yourself, Community, Special roleplay roles, Music channel
A new Touken Ranbu roleplay server!
Has oc creation option and nsfw channels
(TR is a show/mobile game about Japanese history and swords so if you don’t know the show it may be difficult to understand)