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DriveTribe is an automotive online community which features tribes you can join and show off your knowledge about cars and your love for it! Our community is friendly and active and would love to have you be a part of the server and rep one of the three tribes!

Here’s A List Of Things We Offer:-
🔸 Premium Bots and A Custom DriveTribe Bot.
🔹 Channels where you can showoff your carspots or your sexy ride.
🔸 Discord Nitro Boosted Perks.
🔹 A friendly and active community.
🔸 Advertising which includes partnerships, affiliates and even more!
🔹 You can join tribes based on the best trio from The Grand Tour!

Can’t wait to see you inside the server!
The official discord for r/GolfGTI! We are a group of car enthusiasts that enjoy hanging out and discussing everything VW, GTI, and car related. Come hang out with us!
a server for Car and Weeb People

We offer:
- Non-toxic community
- Specific Channel
- Voice Chat & Music Bot
- Level & Roles
- etc.

We welcome everyone and hope you enjoy ^^
Street racing RP set in Kanto, Japan. Emphasis on racing/social aspects: characters interact in area channels, via street racing or social events. Players buy, own, & customize a period-accurate car, usually a Japanese sports car (varying anywhere from a Civic to an Impreza). Characters can team up and make friends, even able to start street racing teams. Members are expected to have a fair amount of quality: even if you don't know much about racing, someone's always willing to lend a hand. Quantity is generally up to you; however, some degree of experience is appreciated.
This is a discord server for the new Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled game. Come join and find matches as soon you join.
Speed Weebs!
A server full of weebs and car enthusiasts combined!
Currently a very small community, we try to have a fun vibe with a side of competition in racing!

We do provide..
- Occasional racing events of various games
- 4 Music bots
- A massive variety of channels
- Roles with special access to certain channels
- A ton of emotes to use

Even if you're not a fan of cars, it's entirely okay!

We also do partnerships now, so why not?
Keep up to date on the latest F1 news. Get free access to premium content!
Have fun chatting with other people who love the sport just as much as you!
Fans from every team and sport are welcome! 😙
We're just a server for hanging out with other people who like Motorsports. With fun events and giveaways along the way.
This server is a server for Racing fans specially the F1 fans , everybody is welcome , there is race Debriefing & f1 news, the most important is to get fun
Come join us in the Mario Kart Ideas server! Our primary focus here is sharing and discussing ideas for the Mario Kart series. I created this server because it's fun to come up with concepts and ideas. So wether it's just a tiny specification or a crazy new mechanic, we'd like to see you voice out your ideas, opinions, and interests with us in our growing community!
The ISRA is a sim racing association that encompasses all types of drive, from GT3 cars running around Le Mans, to IndyCars flying around Indianapolis. We aim to cater to all leagues and racers, skilled or looking for a new challenge. Think you're good enough to win? Prove it.
The place to be for all things MotorStorm, with weekly time attack competitions, photo contests and online support for Arctic Edge.
An official discord server for Ghost Racing Formula E - a racing game where you can compete directly with real life ABB FIA Formula E Championship drivers! Join us for support, news, giveaways, contests and more!
This is the Motorsports Race Talk Fantasy Discord Server

The Fantasy link is in the server if you want to join

Plus this server is based off from the Motorsports Race Talk Server
Well hello there,this is a roleplaying server about racing that’s based on a series called ‘Wangan Midnight’. On this server you’ll have a fun experience for sure,by the way you can listen to eurobeat while racing in this server too. Have a nice day sir/ma’am.
This is the Motorsports Race Talk Server

We talk during the nascar races

It has Motorsports Bot News and any different kinds of motorsports series that you like

And It also has Motorsports Bot Twitter Tweets to keep u updated
The official Discord server for the "The Legends" team! Feel free to drop by and chat for a while :D
Stock car racing group on Roblox that features 2019 MENCS models and schemes. Join if you're interested in driving stock cars!
Official server for Bloody Rally Show - a violent 2D racing game with procedurally generated tracks, inspired by old GTA and Carmageddon.

*Regular Steam Key Giveaways!*
*Active Community*
*Everyone is Welcome!*
Drift Club is a place where drivers alike can share an interest in cars and motorsports. We also have game chats and various activities such as programming and music channels.
A community server for people interested in the various simulator games available from trucking sims to racing, flight and trains and also for people with a interest in machines in general. The server mostly focuses on community and machine based topics from motor racing to plane and other forms of machinery.
We are a great friendly racing community who not only loves F1 but loves other racing and other sports, Keep up to date on the latest F1 news and get free access to premium content!
Welcome to a Huge experience of a thing we call the Horizon, where Everywhere in the world is a spot for action and fun, Most to The people who are driven to Race around the world, But not everyone has to be in a car to have fun around here, Powers can even be allowed!