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Welcome to NFS Underground RP, where this server takes place in mid-2001, during the middle of the tuner craze. It was originally conceived so you could live your wildest ricer fantasies, that were not possible because you, fellow ricer, was born during the wrong time period. Here you can imagine yourself in a world that resembles the atmosphere represented in the early Fast and Furious films.
Street racing RP set in Kanto, Japan. Emphasis on racing/social aspects: characters interact in area channels, via street racing or social events. Players buy, own, & customize a period-accurate car, usually a Japanese sports car (varying anywhere from a Civic to an Impreza). Characters can team up and make friends, even able to start street racing teams. Members are expected to have a fair amount of quality: even if you don't know much about racing, someone's always willing to lend a hand. Quantity is generally up to you; however, some degree of experience is appreciated.
The Team Sonic Racing Discord Server. Host races and chat with friends here for the
ultimate racing experience.
Welcome to The Forza Server, a server with all of your Forza needs. We are a friendly community that loves cars and other video games! We also host forza tournaments for in game money! Big prizes and much more await here so come on in and join!
Speed Weebs!
A server full of weebs and car enthusiasts combined!
Currently a very small community, we try to have a fun vibe with a side of competition in racing!

We do provide..
- Occasional racing events of various games
- 4 Music bots
- A massive variety of channels
- Roles with special access to certain channels
- A ton of emotes to use

Even if you're not a fan of cars, it's entirely okay!
Welcome to the world of NFS Anime Unity where people who love cars or anime can roleplay together here in NFS style. (Except it has non NFS Shit like Touge, Wangan, Dakar, GTA, etc.).
Join to the adventure of speed where you can hop in to the most exotic car in the world, drifting at 190MPH laughing your ass off.

- Your car is your weapon of choice, there's a choice of car you can put here, raging from JDM legend Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R34) to World fastest Koenigsegg Agera RS.

- Beware, the cop are not easy here, they can be a real threat to you, whether be Seacrest County's fastest force with latest tech or a brute force of corrupted Fortune Valley Police Department. But don't worry, you can join the rank of pursuit.

- If you want non-NFS style race we also included a Touge to feel the thrill of Mountain race, Highway race for high speed race in highway, or 24 Hour series if you want enter the 24 Hour LeMans, and even the most brutal rally race called Dakar, we had it too. Oh yeah if that didn't enough, we also provide a GTA RP Channel where you can do a GTA style race or you just wanna kill MrClickbaitFTL or Sernandoe's ass for fun.

- If you never wanted to drive alone, you can create your racing club whether you want, unite and working together to race into a top.

- We also provide a bilingual language both English and Indonesia because NFS Anime Unity actually start off as Indonesian Roleplay forum in FanFiction.Net. The reason now it's bilingual is to expand it's territory and keeping the charm of the original The Need for Speed Anime Forum.

So get in, because the race just getting started
Hier bei GermanSimRacing (kurz: GSR) dreht sich alles um den virtuellen Motorsport. Egal ob auf dem PC, der PlayStation oder der Xbox: Hier ist jeder passionierte Rennspielfreund herzlich willkommen.

Bei GermanSimRacing stehen Spaß, Fairness und spannende Rennen in freundlicher Runde im Vordergrund.
Falls deine Lust geweckt ist, daran mitzuwirken, dann schau dich mal in aller Ruhe auf der Webseite um und melde dich einfach zu einem der kommenden Rennen an.
Lonely Drivers Club is a Discord for any and all "Initial D" fans! Feel free to join, as we are a new and developing community. There will be some flaws in the server, but we ask that you don't abuse them.
Welcome to the Forza Racing Channel we are trying to put togheter a community or a clan around Forza and maybe even other Racing games if you have any questions dont be afraid to ask the Admin
I want to personally welcome you to an emerging Development Group Stationed in Roblox. Our goal is to create a flow of high quality products such as games, clothing, literature, and other various content.

We strive to be a point of interest for everyone. Builders, scripters, mesh designers, GUI artists, ROBLOX animators, authors, programmers, singers, rappers, SFX creators, voice actors, musicians, GFX artists, illustrators, graphic designers, animators, clothing designers, streamers, youtubers, can come here together to show off their work. We hold many events in our games to show what we can really do, we love our fans, and listen to every single one (Within rules that is).
Now sit back, and enjoy your time here

Renegade: Some Dream, We Build

©Renegade Development 2018
Welcome To Forza Horizon 4 Meets!

Here We Are A Group For People On DIscord That Play Forza Horizon 4 And Looking For
People To Play!
Forza Horizon 4 Meets, Is a New Movement Group To Let You Meet People Over The World! We Love To See People Join And Make New Friends In The Group And Have Some Fun! If you can Please provide details, Like "PC, Xbox, Or Your Country!"

Our Slogan : "Just Go Fast!"

Hopefully you and "I" can make it here and good place for you gamers out there that wanna meet new people! This Discord will be great for you.
Official server for Bloody Rally Simulator - a violent 2D racing game with procedurally generated tracks, inspired by old GTA and Carmageddon.

*Regular Steam Key Giveaways!*
*Active Community*
*Everyone is Welcome!*
*Game contains blood, therefore NSFW :)*
A Roleplay server set in 2005 in California. Players either become a boy racer on the highways or a CSHP (California State Highway Patrol) Trooper.

Locations include:

- Route 33
- Interstate 1
- Interstate 5
- Livermore
- Fort Bragg
Welcome to Wolf Gaming! Well, saying that to the people who bother to click that button below, of course.
We accept all games (mainly based around FPS, MMO/RPG, Sandbox, and Racing.
If you join now, you may have a higher chance for, oh I don't know, STAFF!
Are you staff in any servers? Other than your own? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, JOIN US NOW!
Welcome to MRG Events. We are a roblox group hosting events for all sorts of events, such as aviation, clothing, racing, and many more different types of events. Hope to see you here in the server! Remember to join our roblox group.
Hello! I'm starting a TDU discord to rally up everyone playing Tdu 1 and 2 so that people can get to know each other and have a better time playing this game! We look forward to you joining us!
This is a public racing server for ROBLOX. If you enjoy roblox and racing, join here!

Games we play:
-Vechile Simulator
-Checkpoint Racing
We’re a realistic Japanese street racing RP server with tuning shops and track events. We also have general discussion channels for other things and an economy system
We are a new community starting up for some roleplay involving racing. Bikes, cars, trucks, anything is allowed! The main story is going to revolve around European racing but, upon request, other locations will definitely be added.
Hey! we're a small Highway/Touge Racing roleplay based on the Wangan Midnight series as well as a bit of Initial D. we have members who are more than ready to help out new members, and the RP is almost always active. we do realistic racing RP as well as tuning and slice of life as well. We hope to see you on the highway soon!
Welcome to Porject D! A meme-free server for Initial D and overall car fanatics! Here you can discuss all things Initial D related, car related. gaming related and even anime related! We are brand new and hoping to grow into a healthy size.
A gaming server welcoming to anyone who wishes to join, Alpha Wolf Gaming is a small server, that you can grow with and get to know everyone in it on a personal level.
An awesome server for sports and Forza fans! Share your cars, liveries, and games with others. Awesome place to make Forza friends!