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Sanctuary is a quiet little haven made specifically for those who want a place to chill out at 24/7. We currently offer the following.

• A verification system!
• A large number of channels for media and activities.
• 100+ self-assignable roles available. You can change these roles at any time!
• Over 100 emotes and counting.
• Multiple bots to play around with at any time.
• A variety of NSFW topics and content for your own pleasure.
A chilled out and relaxed spot for like minded people to come chat about games, sports, TV and practically anything else :)

We're an active, fun, laid back bunch, who just like hanging with each other and enjoy ourselves, whilst being a multi-gaming community.

Nothing too serious here, just a place to unwind.

Come say Hi! X
We are a small community of friendly people who enjoy memes, games, chatting and having fun. Come join us if you want to meet know people!
This Server is a Nostalgic chilled out server. This is a friendly environment you can also make it what you want by earning it by doing jobs for the owner. You can make it as your own home. If you did your job you can invite a bot nor make your own channel. When you join make sure you read the rules and type in your introduction so I know more about you. Notifications there may be 1 ping per day or sometimes 2 or 3 depends on what's going on..
We are Knights, We are alway willing to gain more Knights to join this server. We have people who are always willing to make new friends.
This is a small server for people to just socialise without toxic people hanging around, and have a pleasant time, I made it hopes of hopefully meeting like minded people, Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy your stay if you join.
WhoTheFeckKnows, is a laid-back, theme less discord server, dedicated to being laid-back, having a good time, & getting on with everyone.
Excellent staff, they're chilled, laid-back, helpful, open-minded,

I'm not bothered about this being, the most popular, or active server on Discord, I simply want everyone to get on, no drama.

I should also mention, we're open to partnering servers.

We're open to partnering servers also
Holy Kingdom
Welcome to the Holy Kingdom, we accept you as a member of this server and will help you adapt and make you feel at home.
• Brand New
• Entertaining
• Memes
• Gaming
• Friendly Environment
• Self Promos
If you have anything to ask, just DM me.
Welcome to hell babes. Place where you can be who the f**k you wanna be, happy to be here. Come on in, there’s hot e-boys and e-girls in here 😉😏
Welcome to DNPro A relaxing, non-serious place to chill, relax, meet new friends, and have a good time. Furs and non-furs are both welcome!

Some channels include, channels, ect
City Square is the OFFICIAL Discord of the Music Artist, Cement City.

We also monthly give away games for activity!

In City Square, you can earn roles via levelling up! As well as a diverse range of users ranging from England to Iran with primarily the same interests as you!

We are a close server and most people know everyone on the server, so it is a very Social Server! :)

However, we are not just any other Discord Server, we have dedicated teams to make sure that the chat stays drama and conflict free as it makes the server a better place on a whole :)
Welcome to my discord community ❤The Hidden People❤
We are a open minded sever for anyone who would like to joke around or chill!
-idle rpg
-eco bank
We have fun roles for everyone
Chilled and Relaxed is a Friendly and Calm Server, Made for people who just want to relax and have friendly conversations with like minded people, Anybody is welcome here at Chilled and Relaxed.
Barely any rules but you’ll like it, can do whatever you want and it’s lit has emotes too active 24/7 join > this a new one we making it into a big server you get to feel at home and be yourself ❤🔥😎😜
Hi There!
My names Enti, i own United League and id like to welcome you to our server
This is more of a hangout server than a gaming community.
so uh, hope to see you on the server see ya

Pale Gang is a unique group of gamers with a chilled back vibe. We have various groups of members playing various games and urge you to check us out. Currently set up for battlefield squads. We are a growing community. 18+ English speaking Server.
Not too active, laid back open server. You don't have to be really active. This is a side project of mine so don't be scared to make suggestions.
We have a bunch of optional activities such as RP, Debating, RPG, and growing. All but debating, require roles to be visible. We have a wide variety of bots and are willing to add more to our communities wanting.
We have recommendation channels. We will add game-specific channels upon popular request.
we are a small community currently but we hope to build it up we have nice caring mods and people, we like to play games talk hang out be proud of who we are and love each other we make sure there is nothing bad going on... so yeah come join us :DDD
This server was created by a teenage (13-19 year old) girl. My hope is to make this a community where people can talk and make friends! Come and see what we're all about. Stay a while, if you like. MEE6 will give you more info once you join.
It would be really nice if you came along and had a look around.


We have:
- Dedicated channels for specific topics (ie gaming, anime).
- Coloured roles for ROYGBIV. Pick your own!
- The Rythm bot for music.
- A space for venting your emotions, and also one for memes =P
- A passion to grow as a community.


Have fun, I'll see you there.
A fun server for just chilling out!
Grizzled Gamers is an online community for older adult video game players that aims to serve the needs of the 30+ crowd. We still enjoy the gaming hobby we started in our youth and have no intentions of stopping! Our main goal with Grizzled Gaming is to create a fun, casual, and civil environment for mature older gamers to connect with one another.
A server that is built upon months upon friendships being people together, chilling out, talking, anything really you make it. Join the Wolf pack for a warm cuddly welcome!
We are loving gamers who like memes and want to chill out with even more memebers.We play many different games and take suggestions from other users we also have a special level system earning you rewards and other ranks.So please come check us out.
Welcome the No Liferz Squad. We are a server that is slowly but maturely growing. We are looking for more members to join this server. You are free to join this wonderful server and we respect everyone that joins.