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Welcome to the Milkshake Bar!
It’s an exclusive bar, where everyone is welcome to join!

The bar includes:
- Custom roles and emotes;
- Chilled community;
- Variety of milkshakes;
- Self-advertisement channels;
- SFW, no nsfw allowed at all;
- Bots to mess around with;
- Levels including VIP role;
- Confessions channel with 100% being anonymous;
- Suggestion channel;
- IRL milkshake channel;

Our bar just opened to the public so it would be awesome if you joined and chat with us for a bit while we get more members!

We offer you a warm welcome. So why not join and have fun!

P.S we only serve milkshakes!
ATL - Aiden Teran Lounge is a community of people from all over the world, who enjoy talking, chilling, listening to music and play games. We are completely open to everyone and everything.

We host a weekly podcast which is released every Friday.

We have our own Survival Minecraft server white-listed to the Community.

Your all more then welcome to join.
We are Knights, We are alway willing to gain more Knights to join this server. We have people who are always willing to make new friends.
Howdy! This is Mellow Nation! We strive to be the best spot for weird people and the best place to chill!

Dank memer and waifu-bot for all of your meming and waifu collecting needs!

Pokecord to catch them all!

Groovy and lofi radio bot for all your music needs!

Our Own Bot, Otonashi Bot!!

Looking for mods and admins too ;)

We may be small but hoprfully with you joining we can beccome bigger!!

Thank you for your time, and i hope to see you in here!

A chilled out and relaxed spot for like minded people to come chat about games, sports, TV and practically anything else :)

We're an active, fun, laid back bunch, who just like hanging with each other and enjoy ourselves, whilst being a multi-gaming community.

Nothing too serious here, just a place to unwind.

Come say Hi! X
Casual talking server, very active admins, VC’s actively used, small but growing! (Also has a Minecraft server tied to the server, IP on server)
Hello everyone! I would like to welcome you to our server ‘Chilled’ which is a small community of people who want to make new friends.
We offer any things in this server such as:
- Self-Roles
- Introductions for Staff and Members
- Friendly Staff and members
- Hotlines for anyone in need of support
- Fun Bots

We have any different channels such as:
- Memes
- Music
- Games
- Social Media
- Art

Plus, many more!

Please feel free to stop by for a short while or a long while, See you there!
❤❤This server is basically for people's interest and make the server better so they can enjoy it like I do. We welcome you all if you join. If you don't then, you'll miss out on all of the fun, but I hope you all enjoy our server as I said it's for y'alls interest and not mine. Thank you for joining us❤❤
Café is a social server for those who are looking for a chilled night talking to some cool people. We are a small server but no less homely!
Chilled Out is the one place where you can come relax, have a chat, share your gaming experiences and share your damn original memes!
A small server to just chill and have fun uwu
we have a leveling system as well
Have some fun and meet new people uwu
Holy Kingdom
Welcome to the Holy Kingdom, we accept you as a member of this server and will help you adapt and make you feel at home.
• Brand New
• Entertaining
• Memes
• Gaming
• Friendly Environment
• Self Promos
If you have anything to ask, just DM me.
This server is dedicated to gaming. We have a wide variety of games listing from FPS to puzzle. We are currently still expanding our server to get an even wider variety of games and are also looking for staff to controll and help us make a better server and a better community for us all.
Welcome to my discord community ❤The Hidden People❤
We are a open minded sever for anyone who would like to joke around or chill!
-idle rpg
-eco bank
We have fun roles for everyone
This Is A Garry's Mod Server, Don't Join Unless You Will Play The Server.

Upcoming JediVsSith Server On Garry's Mod

Friendly, Fun, And Easy To Play
This is a small server for people to just socialise without toxic people hanging around, and have a pleasant time, I made it hopes of hopefully meeting like minded people, Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy your stay if you join.
WhoTheFeckKnows, is a laid-back, theme less discord server, dedicated to being laid-back, having a good time, & getting on with everyone.
Excellent staff, they're chilled, laid-back, helpful, open-minded,

I'm not bothered about this being, the most popular, or active server on Discord, I simply want everyone to get on, no drama.

I should also mention, we're open to partnering servers.

We're open to partnering servers also
Welcome to hell babes. Place where you can be who the f**k you wanna be, happy to be here. Come on in, there’s hot e-boys and e-girls in here 😉😏
Welcome to DNPro A relaxing, non-serious place to chill, relax, meet new friends, and have a good time. Furs and non-furs are both welcome!

Some channels include, channels, ect
City Square is the OFFICIAL Discord of the Music Artist, Cement City.

We also monthly give away games for activity!

In City Square, you can earn roles via levelling up! As well as a diverse range of users ranging from England to Iran with primarily the same interests as you!

We are a close server and most people know everyone on the server, so it is a very Social Server! :)

However, we are not just any other Discord Server, we have dedicated teams to make sure that the chat stays drama and conflict free as it makes the server a better place on a whole :)
Chilled and Relaxed is a Friendly and Calm Server, Made for people who just want to relax and have friendly conversations with like minded people, Anybody is welcome here at Chilled and Relaxed.
Barely any rules but you’ll like it, can do whatever you want and it’s lit has emotes too active 24/7 join > this a new one we making it into a big server you get to feel at home and be yourself ❤🔥😎😜